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Our coworked fucked her while I slept.

The two girls moved to the middle of the bed and hugged each other as they were so happy. They often hugged like this, but this time their heads lingered by each other for longer than usual.

Smiling, they looked into each other's eyes, wondering if they were thinking the same thing. Maybe because of the excitement of what was going on with Holly, maybe because they were both a little drunk, neither were sure at the time, but for whatever reason Christy thrust forward and planted her lips on Melissa's.

The two friends held each other and Christy's tongue prized Melissa's mouth open, the other girl's tongue responded and soon they were kissing passionately. As they lay kissing both girl's hands started to explore the others chest.

Wordlessly their mouths parted and they each removed their tops. Now wearing just panties, the girl's lips met again as their hands eagerly explored each other's naked breasts for the first time.

After a few minutes of this both girl's were extremely turned on, as well as the sensations from their hands, breasts and lips, they were both enjoying looking at each other's beautiful bodies.

Christy moved one hand away from Melissa's breasts and thrust her fingers into her own, now dripping, cunt. Realising what her friend was doing Melissa followed suit and quickly they were moaning into each other's mouths.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, each other's beautiful soft lips parted by their darting, thrusting tongues, their soft hands stroking and fondling each other's big firm breasts, their fingers running gently across each other's hard erect nipples, the girls simultaneously orgasmed, panting and squealing into each other's mouths.

After a few seconds they both got their breath back and let each other go, both laying flat on their back about a foot apart.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Exclaimed Christy softly,

"I know." Agreed a shocked Melissa with a smile.

Christy and Melissa, both now happy and satisfied, lay and talked for a while. They both agreed that what they had just done was amazing and that they would definitely do it again. They also agreed that they wouldn't tell anyone about it as although they both loved their friends Sarah and Nicky, they knew that if they were ever to fall out with them that they'd make their lives hell if they knew about this.

As both girls sat up and put their tops back on Melissa remarked,

"I still like boys though!",

"Oh yeh, totally," agreed Christy,

"I could never be a lesbian, I could never bring myself to lick another girl's pussy," Explained Melissa,

"ewww, yeh I know what you mean, I could never do that. Besides that's what boys and little lezy sluts like Holly are for!" Christy agreed with a smile and a laugh.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5: Sunday

After the long, drunken and sexually charged Saturday the girls had had, they all slept in on the Sunday morning.

At midday Sarah, who had just woken up, texted the others saying she'd pick them up at 2pm to go over to Holly's.

Nicky had been awake a little while but hadn't got up yet and the bleeping of their phones receiving the message awoke Christy and Melissa. By 2 o'clock they were all dressed and ready when Sarah arrived to collect them.

Holly had finished all the jobs she had been given before going to bed. She had brushed her teeth about ten times and had finally got the taste of pee out of her mouth and was relieved to be able to drink water all evening as apart from urine she had had nothing to drink for the past 36 hours, which meant she had a really dry throat.

The next morning she woke up at 10am and felt a bit better after getting 11 hours sleep. She was hungry though, she went into the kitchen to get herself some breakfast and remembered that the only food the girls had left in her flat were the dehydrated camping meals and Sarah had told her she knew how many were there and if she ate any of them without her permission she'd be punished.

Frustrated that even this part of her life was being controlled by Sarah, she decided as they were clearly going to

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