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Bob goes home to Jennifer.

The waiter arrived with the main courses. It took two trips to bring the pasta side dishes that went with her shrimp scampi and my veal piccata. Sitting so close and eating was going to be fun.

After cutting several pieces of veal, I put my hand on her thigh and began to gently stroke the top of her leg. Stephanie slowly finished cutting a piece of shrimp and deliberately put it in her mouth. Then, she moved my hand to the inside of her upper thigh as if to say, stroke here.

After a few caresses, I continued eating and the conversation meandered from topic to topic, with no specific direction. Only the occasional touching of hands that resulted in mutual caresses were of any note. Being a fast eater, I was almost finished with my veal and halfway through the pasta, I slowed to let her catch up. My hand dropped to her thigh and I began to caress the top as well as the inside and Stephanie. As opened her legs slightly inviting my hand farther up. Before taking advantage, I looked over at her and was greeted with a radiant smile that said "please continue..." The pleasure of stroking Stephanie's thigh made it difficult to talk.

So after a few minutes of stroking the inside of her thigh, just above her skirt, I resumed eating, only to feel her hand on my leg. The same smile implied what is good for you is also good for me. The gentle movements caused my blood to rush to my head and I could feel the impact. It was very hard to concentrate on the conversation that is something that Stephanie, from the look on her face, already knew.

All four hands were back on the table and we continued to talk and eat, finally finishing the main course.

"Dessert?" I'm not a big sweets eater, but if Stephanie wanted some, then I wouldn't let her eat alone.

"Not yet... Let's wait awhile and think about it..."

"OK..." The tone in her voice told me that Stephanie was interested in something else. "Dance?" Our conversations weren't monosyllabic, but that is all that came out of my mouth. Her vertical nod suggested that I move out from the booth so that she could get up. I held her hand so that could get to her feet as gracefully as possible before she led me to the dance floor. The band had just started playing several themes from well know motion pictures, but my focus was not on the music, but on the beautiful woman standing in front of me.

As I led her around the dance floor, her eyes were just below mine and out of the corner of my eyes, I could see men at dinner tables admiring the woman in my arms. As we twirled and moved, we seemed to get closer and closer until our bodies were pressed together, my leg between hers and likewise. I could feel the throbbing in my groin that was being aggravated by the pressure from her thigh. It felt so wonderful.

I looked down as the music ended and saw a gleam in her eyes and before I knew it, our lips were touching. The smooth texture and warmth encouraged me to press a little harder. After a few moments, which seemed like an eternity, the music started and our lips parted.

"We'd better dance or we'll make a spectacle of ourselves."

Somehow we moved, but now her head was buried on my shoulder and each time she came up, we kissed slowly, enjoying the sensation. Coming up for air, we continued to move hindered only because it felt as if our bodies were locked together. I sensed she was tired of dancing so we walked back to the table at which time she disappeared toward the ladies room. Stephanie's shoulder length hair caressed the side of my neck and tickled my ear. And, pressing my cheek against her head, I could enjoy the pleasant scent that was a mixture of shampoo, perfume, body odor and sweat.

While she was gone, the waiter emptied the wine bottle into our glasses and cleared the table.

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