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Uncle Rob and Ryan have another go at each other and Kate.

"Thank you for showing me your machine. I feel so much better now, almost content. Yes, that's it. I feel so content now." Her words came slowly at first, as if coming out of a deep sleep.

I escorted her back upstairs to the den as Alex returned home. I put away the groceries and let the two girls have a chat in the den. I excused myself and went into my study to make some notes about the treatment I just administered to Anna. I suddenly got the inspiration for a second treatment for Alex. I wanted her to be ready for tomorrow.

After Anna left, I asked Alex to accompany me down to the basement again. "Father, are you going to change me again?"

I pulled my darling daughter close to me and gently kissed her on the forehead. "Yes, my sweet. I am going to condition you even more. You'll feel even more pleasure than before, I promise." I just needed to make a few slight alterations to my daughter in light of what I did to Anna earlier.

Later that night, Alex and I were in our bedroom. She was completely naked and resting on her knees before me. My cock was deep inside her mouth and she bobbed her head back and forth, pleasuring me. "My gawd, Daddy, I love your cock," she cooed.

I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my engorged cock deep inside her willing mouth. I pumped my cock back and forth and I felt my climax nearing. I had no reason to hold back and I shot a jet of hot, sticky cum deep into her mouth. Before I could shoot a second jet, I pulled my cock out and sprayed cum all over her face.. I jammed my spurting cock on against her cheek as a third jet plastered her face. I rubbed my cock along her lips and she flicked her tongue across my cock slit as another jet of seed hit her. Finally, I stuck my spent cock in her mouth and ordered her to clean me with her tongue, which she did obediently.

I allowed Alex to go into the bathroom to get cleaned up When she returned, I kissed her cheek softly and held her tight. "Father, thank you for giving me another treatment. I feel happier each time you condition me. What did you do to me this time?"

I patted her cheek gently, "You just have to wait until tomorrow, my sweet. You'll know soon enough. Now get some sleep." I ordered.

The next morning, we had breakfast together. Alex fixed bacon and eggs for the both of us and we exchanged some small talk but I could tell she had something on her mind.

"Daddy, I don't want to go back to college. I need to stay here with you. My place is here and I want to take care of you. Daddy, I love you so much."

I smiled broadly. My beautiful young daughter was now completely in my control and she was happier than she had ever been. Sex with her was incredible and I had her in my control.

"Alex, I love you too. Of course you will stay here with me and be my lover. You know I have control of your mind, don't you?"

"Yes, Father, I know that but it's what I want. You just brought out feelings that were inside me for a long time and I'm so happy to be with you."

Just then, the doorbell rang and I told Alex to answer it. A few moments later, I heard Anna's voice as the two girls walked into the den. Anna had a suitcase on wheels with her. Alex looked at the suitcase and then at me, puzzled.

"Alex, Anna is going to join us here. She will live here with us from now on." I intoned. "Now take Anna upstairs. Put her things in your old bedroom, dear. Then I want you both to come downstairs and meet me in my study," I ordered.

Sitting at my desk in my study, I hit the web page for the social network site my daughter and her friends used. When the two girls entered, I motioned for them each to pull up a chair and browse the site and find their girl friends. I wanted to add two or three more girls to the household. I planned to choose among the most desirable of Alex and Anna's friends then lure them here for treatment. Fortunately, this ranch was just big enough to give me all the privacy I wanted so I could enjoy my bevy of submissive beauties without any outside interference.

The girls took their time and assembled a

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