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Charles and Charlene cut a wide swath through the crowd.

With a wet sounding pop mom releases my dick from her warm mouth replacing it with her thumb right where my head meets my shaft and drawing tiny circles in that area. Looking me in the eyes she says.

"I need you to fuck me baby, I woke up so horny and you were already hard. I couldn't help myself."

Who needs more of an invitation than that, from a beautiful woman no less. I nod, as if the fact that I was rock hard wasn't indication enough. Mom lays back, as she does her breasts jiggle, and I can see her tiny nipples making their presence known from under the t shirt. This seems to put me in a trance, I grab for them and begin to pinch and twist them through the fabric of the shirt. Lightly at first, but slowly increasing the pressure applied. While all that was happening mom took it on her own to rub her clit and finger herself at the same time. Moaning and grinding into her own fingers, making a sloppy shlicking sound. I lean in for a kiss and I can feel her hands grab for my dick.

"I need you baby, I need you to fuck me. I need to cum so bad, please."

Any other time I may have teased her a bit, maybe made her beg me to fuck her a bit more. Not this time though, this time I could see the desire in her eyes. It was more than just simple desire, it was an actual need, I could see her pleading with her eyes to be fucked. As if she would die if it wasn't me that made her cum, and with that I shoved the entire length of my dick into her not before kicking off my shorts. Mom threw her head back with her eyes closed and let out a loud gasp of relief, as if to say Finally!

I enjoy the feeling of her warmth enveloping my cock for just a second, then I begin to fuck her like she wants. Slamming into her with enough force as I think she can take. I place one hand at the back of her neck and the other around her waist so I could control the speed and depth with each thrust. Mom grabs the back of her knees and pulls them back towards her, to give me even better access. Between her panting and moaning, and my grunting we manage to catch eyes and smile, we even let out a little laugh. That only lasted for a second, because I grabbed her ankles and put them on either side of my head, leaned forward and placed both of my hands on her waist. I started to fuck her as hard as I could.

"Oh shit yes. Faster" She screams

Now fucking her as fast and as hard as I can, the sound of my hips thrusting into her has barely faded before you can hear it again. She grabs my hips and I can feel her try and pull me into her harder and faster, but that would be impossible. I just can't move any faster. Her tits bounce in time with my rhythm, and her nipples are even harder than when we started.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me fuck me." She cries out

She abandons the hope of trying to help me fuck her faster and harder and concentrates on her clit, rubbing it as fast as I'm pounding her, licking her fingers after every couple of minutes. I hold her knees together and push them down to her chest so I can try and fuck her just a little bit deeper. As I look down I can see how swollen her pussy is; if her pleading and moaning isn't an obvious sign of her desire the fact that her lips are red and puffy is a dead give away.

"Oh God baby I just want to cum. I wanna cum so bad."

At this point I'm running out of gas, my pace isn't as quick as it was when we started, and I think mom can tell. She's slowed down rubbing her clit to match the rhythm of my thrusts.

"Lay down hun, I think I can take it from here."

I lay down with my head at the foot of the bed and mom straddles me then inserts my dick into her waiting pussy.

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