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Steve gives Assistance In Rear.

Putting my lips close to his ear, I whispered the answer to him.

"Fuck me Darius. Take me, baby. Fuck my horny, black pussy hard and deep with your big white dick," I murmured heatedly in my husband's ear. "Oh yeah. I love it. I love the way your cock feels inside me. Oh, oh, ohhhh! You're fucking me so goooooodddd."

It was a mean and nasty thing to do, but it was also so hot that neither one of us could stand it. I didn't know that I possessed such a sadistic nature until I said those words. The moment they flowed from my lips, I realized just how maliciously hurtful they were and that I meant them to be degrading and to cause him emotional pain. The effect on both of us was tremendous. My saying those words made us both climax, my juices spilling out around the base of his embedded black shaft and his cum flooding the space at the tip of the condom.

Things between me and both men gradually changed over the next two weeks. When I would go to work, Darius would sneak surreptitious caresses of my body that grew bolder and bolder with each passing day. When I showed up for work on the day following our conversation about what he'd said about me, I was straightening some papers at a table in the hallway when he casually slid his arm around my waist and glided his hands across my belly to my side. The act caused my pussy to tingle with desire and a rush of wetness to spill into my panties. On the next day, when I didn't complain about what he had done, he cornered me in a conference room for less than half a minute. He pushed me forward until the front of my body was pressed against the wall and the front of his body was pressing against me from behind. I could feel the hardness of his throbbing cock against my back and I became so sexually aroused by it that it was all I could do not to rub myself back against that massive column of pulsing manmeat.

"You know you want it, nigger bitch," he whispered. His hand moved around to cup my breast through my dress. "You want white cock. And even if you won't admit it to yourself, your hot, black cunt is telling you just how true it is."

The next twelve days that passed were filled with similar moments between us. At work, whenever there was a moment when he saw he could get away with it, Darius would sneak a quick feel of my ass or tits and remind me that he wanted to fuck me like a nigger bitch deserved to be fucked. At home, I would tell Alex of what occurred during my interactions with Darius and make him eat my pussy while I did so.

"Just think, all I have to do is give in to his advances and whenever you eat my pussy you will know that you are putting your tongue where a white man's dick has been," I would tell him while humping my hips and grinding nastily at his lips and tongue. And I swear, when I did he would eat my cunt like a hungry boy devouring his favorite dessert, not stopping until I had cum so much I couldn't take anymore and pushed him away.

Then, on the Friday of the thirteenth week, it happened. With all of the sexual teasing between myself and Alex, and myself and Darius, my pussy was constantly ablaze so I guess it was inevitable. Still, what happened took me by surprise. It was surprising because I was the one who initiated it.

Walking into the office the first thing I saw was that big, beautiful, blond haired white stud standing near a desk talking to one of the secretaries. At the sight of him, my pussy immediately became wet and hungry, sending such a strong rush of desire shooting through me that it overwhelmed everything else. I didn't take time to think or worry about the consequences, I just walked over to him, took him by the hand and led him into his office. Once inside I closed and locked the door behind us.

"Okay. You said you want to fuck me? Well, here I am. Show me what a white boy can do with a hot black pussy," I said. Then I moved straight up to him, pulled his head down to mine, and kissed him.

And just like that my lif

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