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Returning the favor.

"Sure, take care of yourself, Lisa."

"I will. Thank you Senora Watson." I replied and hurried out the door hoping to get to his office on time. I'm not sure what I expected to happen if I was late, but for some reason I did not want to be.

Coach T's Office

Damn, 5 minutes late. It looks like no one is here, how odd. I get to Coach T's office and it's completely dark when I arrive. The door is open and I go in figuring to wait for him inside since there are no chairs out in the hallway. I turn the light on and set my book bag down next in front of his desk as I slowly sit down in one of the seats there. I take out the book I'm reading, a random romance my sister had given me for Christmas.

I promised her I would give it a try when she realized I hadn't read a bit of any of the ones she bought me. I began to read and soon time flew by and before I realized it, it was already dark outside and Coach t still hadn't arrived. Damn, 5:00, how the hell did I lose track of time so quickly? Where the hell is Coach T?

I put my book away and go to leave when I see Coach t walking down the hallway. He notices me at the same time.

"What are you still doing here?" He asks, clearly surprised to see me.

"I was waiting for you, we had an appointment." I say hesitatingly as I sling my book bag over my shoulder ready to leave and go home.

"Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry. I have the form on my desk. Why don't we get it filled out and you can go home. I apologize for forgetting."

That's okay," I say and I smile back at him as I walk back into his office and he follows me. He goes to walk around to his chair shaking his head.

"After this morning things just kind of blew up with Cory and his parents. I've been dealing with them for the past 2 hours. They wanted to press charges till I told them that I witnessed what he had done and I was willing to testify. Seems they are okay with everything now."

"I'm sorry I caused you problems." I say as I sit down again and cross my legs forgetting about the miniskirt I am wearing and the hemline slips up my thighs a bit.

"I'm sorry you didn't come to me about this in the first place." He said as he grabbed the folder on his desk and he looks back at me. He hands me the paper and I lean forward to grab it. My skirt rides up even higher and my shirt gapes open in the front showing off my bra. I realized the problem a bit too late as Coach T's eyes seemed to skim up an down my body focusing on those points.

As I sat back I adjusted my skirt as much as possible without being too obvious and then began to fill out the paperwork. I have a habit of losing myself in things and about 20 minutes later I jump as Coach T nudges my arm with his hand.

"Are you almost done?"

Yeah, just let me sign my name." With that I hand him the paper and then I stand up to leave.

"Oh, sorry, let me get that." I say because I have dropped his pen and I bend over to grab it not bending at my knees. Giving him an even better view than earlier of my legs and thighs. I rise back up quickly realizing too late what I have done and my face turns red in embarrassment. I hand him his pen, but instead of taking it he grabs my wrist.

I freeze and look up at him. His eyes hold mine and his hold on my wrist tightens. I go to pull away, but he doesn't let go of me. I try to say something and all that comes out is a squeak. I know he can overpower me very easily and it scares me to death.

He pulls me to him so slowly letting me become even more frightened with every second that passes. I try to think, is there anyone left in the building? Why did I have to stay here so late? I shouldn't have dropped that pen. This isn't happening! He turns me and pulls me against him, holding me as he did earlier out on the baseball field when I was crazy with anger. He holds me so close I can feel his every breath, I hear him breathing in my ear. My breathing that had stopped returns in a rush and my chest is moving as I gasp in air trying to stay calm.

My eyes close

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