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Christa tries to seduce her teacher, tries something new.

Her feet were close together, her knees wide apart in the air in front of her, her bum resting on the ground between her feet.

"Come on, then," said Jean, "you have to pee now!"

Teri hardly needed any second telling - she was absolutely busting at the moment, and started to gush out past her lips, onto the ground in front of her.

The splashing sound was enough to set Jean off too, her stream jetting out between her spread labia to land halfway between her and Teri.

Teri hadn't realised just how badly she needed to go. The relief was so great that she closed her eyes, just letting the pee flow out of her.

She opened them again as she heard the sound of her flatmate's pee change - what she saw for some reason instantly made her stop peeing mid-flow.

Jean was no longer squatting. Instead, she was on all fours, facing away from Teri. Her knees were spread, putting her pussy on show to her flatmate, even in the low light.

Her right hand was supporting the upper part of her body, keeping it off the ground. Her left hand, meanwhile, was between her legs from underneath.

Teri was astonished to see that, not only was Jean quite vigorously playing with her clit, but she was still peeing! That explained why the sound had changed - her efforts against her clit were constantly redirecting her pee, almost spraying it at times.

"Jean!" Teri whispered, as loudly as she could. It was in vain though, her flatmate was obviously beginning to orgasm, and either couldn't hear or didn't care!

Teri watched in amazement (and she had to admit, growing excitement) as Jean's labia started to convulse with the beginning of her climax.

Teri's eyes were glued to the spot between her flatmate's legs now. The first few spasms were gentle and irregular, gradually becoming more forceful and evenly spaced over the next few seconds.

Jean's finger was almost a blur on her clit as she tipped herself over the edge and into a full-blown orgasm. Teri could see her lips (and her arsehole as well) rhythmically convulsing as she came, hard. She was still peeing as well - each time her fanny tensed up, the flow would be stopped, only for more to jet out uncontrollably as she experienced the opposite, relaxed phase of her orgasm.

Teri watched Jean's orgasm gradually subside, her labia spasming less often and with less force as it did. Soon, the peak had passed, and the last of her pee flowed gently out over her clit, dripping on to the ground between her legs.

Jean's head was bent down towards the ground, eyes closed after her exertions. Teri was still too amazed to speak or move from her half-leaning back squat.

Jean's eyes opened, looking upside-down between her legs, directly at her flatmate.

"Sorry," she whispered breathlessly, "I just got carried away!"

She moved into a cross-legged position, facing Teri.

"You want to know something?" she asked, cocking her head to one side.

Teri was still speechless, and could only nod her assent.

Jean was letting the post-orgasmic glow (and the orgasms they'd shared inside earlier) take her into unknown territory. She desperately wanted to share her innermost feelings with Teri. She began to speak.

"I love peeing! Before I ever knew what masturbation was, or what an orgasm was - even before I knew what sex was - peeing has been a huge turn-on for me. When I was younger, I used to find any excuse to pee outdoors, the more people around, the better!

"My first orgasm was with a very full bladder. I can remember it like it was yesterday - I was playing in the woods with a friend, we were playing some sort of hide-and-seek game.

"It was my turn to hide, and I'd managed to climb up a big tree. I was sitting quite high up - maybe 15 or 20 feet - astride a big branch. My bladder was full because it was near the end of the day, and I was planning to pee in the woods on my way home, after my friend had left.

"So, I was up in this tree, absolutely busting, I don't think I'd ever had to go so badly in my life! So, I did what I normally did to try and ho

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