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"How 'bout you? How're you 'really' doing, hon?" Beth asked graciously, the question slapping me back into the real world, forcing me to leave the porno show that was going on in my mind with Beth and I.

"Doing okay," I replied honestly.

I was.

I was dealing with it all and had even made a quick trip back to New Orleans by myself, a month after I buried Jack, to say goodbye to him again, but privately this time.

"Being back at work has helped a ton," I added, "Nothing like the workplace to get your mind off of personal shit."

"Yeah, me too," Beth interjected, "That helped a lot, helped me find the path back to normalcy, including thinking about my sex life again...didn't realize how much I had missed that, to tell the truth."

I chuckled a bit.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"Thought I was being weird or something because I've been thinking about mine as well and I didn't know if that was right...didn't know if it was normal to get 'those' feelings again, so soon."

"I'm no expert but I think it to be be expected, especially if you'd had an active sex life before losing your partner," Beth opined.

"We had a great sex life," I averred.

"Yeah, we did too," Beth replied.

We were silent for a few moments, each lost in our own thoughts of whatever, my finger nervously tracing small circles on the the tablecloth.

"Want to get out of here?" I heard myself suddenly asking.

"Leave? Where to?" Beth responded.

"My place. I'm close...we could go to my place," I offered, my nervousness showing in my smile I thought.

Beth stared at me for quite a while before answering, our eyes locked with each other's, our smiles not leaving our faces, her mind working, mulling over my suggestion I was sure.

"Shari, are you propositioning me?" She asked bluntly, her smile now a bit wicked.

"Okay, let's go with that...yes, I'm propositioning you." I replied.

"I'm not too old for you?" She asked with raised eyebrow.

"I'm not too young for you?" I answered.

"Bring me back to my car? Tonight?" Beth asked.

"Or, in the morning," I answered.

Her smile broadened, her eyes not leaving my face as she signaled the waitress for our check...

Thinking it 'smarter' that she should follow me instead of leaving her car, we chose that option. Standing next to her at her car, I slipped my arm behind her back, pulling her gently towards me, towards my lips.

She didn't resist, she didn't flinch, she went with it, our kiss soft, gentle, her lips moist and warm, sending an electric shock to my needful snatch.

Driving the short ten minute route to my house, I kept checking the rear view mirror to make sure she was still following. While doing so, my right hand was under my skirt, my fingers brushing gently over the silk material of my panties, my 'little man' beginning to stir from the attention.

"Fix you something to drink?" I offered after entering the house from the garage, her car now parked next to mine, the garage door down and locked.

"I'll have whatever you're having," Beth replied as she followed me to the liquor cabinet in the den. Seating herself on one of the barstools, she watched as I whipped up a couple of Gin and Tonics.

"So, was that your plan when you asked me to dinner, to ply me with wine in order to have your way with me?" Beth teased when I handed the drink to her, clinking my glass against hers.

"," I answered truthfully, "the thought of having my way with you didn't form until after I saw you standing in front of the restaurant, looking all sexy in your skirt and blouse."

"What if I had said no, that I wasn't into sex with other women?" She asked after taking a long sip of her cocktail.

"Then, I would have stopped off for fresh batteries for my vibrator, I suppose," I joked in reply.

Probably wasn't a joke though.

"You need to know something," Beth said softly, quickly downing the rest of her drink and lifting her glass towards me in a silent request for another. Finishing my drink quickly, I took hers from her and began the process.

"What's that? What is it that I 'need' to know

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