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Rosa reveals her bizarre fantasy.

James jumped at the sensation but Chris held him down with one hand "be good pet and it wont hurt as much..." James whimpered but stopped struggling and Chris proceeded to fuck his ass with the device for a little while before pushing it all the way in so that James' ass could close around the base...James let out a mixture between a yelp and a moan at the final push, his body quivering and his cock hardening. Chris reached down and began fondling James' cock and balls, stroking and rubbing him, a soft moan escaped James' lips. "hmmm... A bit turned on are we slut?" he laughed and moved back to the box, James bit his lip, not sure of what to do or say.

Chris pulled out from the box now a pair of white cotton panties, a black short skirt, a nice white blouse, and black fishnets "lucky me that you keep your hair and fingernails long... And that you can do your own little Goth boy makeup... Get up and get dressed"

James blinked, confused a moment. He got up slowly, the presence in his ass making it difficult for him to move... he felt so filled. When he saw the clothes his jaw dropped, and he simply stared for a while

"get dressed slut... Now." Chris' tone was harsh and James obediently went for the clothes, he was frightened by Chris, and would not dare challenge his word. James pulled on the white panties, they were small, very small, and his erect cock wouldn't fit in them. Chris flicked the head of James' cock and James yelped, but his erection died down, letting him stuff it into the panties then he pulled on the fishnets, then the skirt, and finally the blouse. He looked at himself in the mirror and shivered.

Chris moved up behind him and put his arms around James' waist, rubbing his crotch against James ass, putting pressure on the plug making James' cock strain again against the panties. Chris then forced James to sit down, putting more constant pressure... and told him to do his gothy make up. James complied and by the time he was done, except for having no chest, he looked like a gothic slut girl.

Chris smiled proudly "absolutely delicious freak... Mmmm..." he set down a pair of black leather healed boots "put these on, then lets get outta here..." James put them on and looked down at the floor as he stood. Chris completed James' outfit by attaching a collar around James' neck along with a leash...and then led him out of the bathroom.

James climbed into the passengers side of the old dodge car Chris had parked out front, and Chris got in shortly after, started the car, and began driving off down the road. James just sat there staring out the window for a while until he felt Chris pulling him down towards him. He looked and found that Chris and let his cock out of his jeans, and he was hard as a rock... James didn't need to ask, he knew what Chris wanted. James took Chris' cock into his mouth and started to suck him off while Chris drove.

At the first stop they came to, Chris motioned for James to look up... The driver in the truck next to them had been watching James suck Chris' cock... James blushed with embarrassment as the truck driver smiled and winked at him, the guy surely thought James was a girl. As they started to drive again Chris pushed James mouth back onto his cock, and James got right back to sucking on it.

Chris pulled into a parking lot with great timing s he felt his orgasm build... He parked the car and sat back, watching James work over his member. Before long Chris was pushing on the back of James head and thrusting his cock against the back of James' throat until he came, moaning out a few times loudly... James swallowed all the cum he could and when he sat up he could see several people had been watching him work since they'd parked, a few began clapping, others whistled. When James looked up to see where the were he saw it was some kind of sex shop.

He couldn't believe he was dressed like this, and how others had just seen him do what he just did, he whimpers softly and Chris kissed his ne

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