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Man meets T-girl and enjoys his first sexual experience.

ther side of it,

"What kind of room is this lord G," she asked confused but at the same time wondering what was going on behind the door, "Are you sure its safe to go in?"

She felt the tug on her mind return as he smiled at kylantha.

"What are you worried about," he replied, "How about this, why don't you go in first."

"Okay," she said absent mindedly as she reached for the handle hesitantly.

She finally found the courage to pull the door open. The smell and sound of sex filled the air, and Kylantha felt her cheeks become warm as she looked inside the room.

To her amazement she found a woman laying on her knees being taken by two men, one in her mouth while the other one was taking her womanhood as woman was taking her ass with a strapon. While these three violated all three of her holes, the girl was gently working two other men's rods.

Next to the woman being violated was man on his knees licking at a woman as a shemale was sucking and licking his shaft while a man kneeling behind him took his ass.

The room was full of spectators of both genders and Kylantha saw Valerie sitting in the corner using three men as a chair, and another one as a foot stool

"I don't know Lord G," Kylantha said turning back to him with a look of concern, "I don't think this room is very private."

Kylantha felt the tug on her mind again, and she wanted to be used like them, but at the same time she felt scared.

"Would you like to sit down," Lord G asked her.

"Uh yes...I do," she said with a mixture of arousal and a fear "But where would you like for me to sit?"

"Would you like to kneel next to her Miss Winters," Lord G replied as he gestured to the girl taking on five people at once.

Kylantha felt the tug at her mind once more.

"Yes lord G," she said as she began to stare blankly at the two being used.

Kylantha then walked over and knelt down next to the other girl.

Valerie got up up from her living furniture, walked over to Kylantha, and knelt down next to her. She then removed the dress Kylantha was wearing, then the corset was removed and tossed the side, and G-string was pulled down to her knees. She then began nibbling at Kylantha's ear and neck as she fondled her buttocks with her left hand and her right tit with her free hand. She began tormenting her by taking her mouth to Kylantha's left breast and began suckling and nibbling at it as she pinched her right nipple. Kylantha tried not to let out a gasp, but failed.

"Oh boys," Valerie called out to the men she was using as lounging furniture, "Could you be so kind to come join me."

They did as they were asked and came over to assist her.

One took his place in front of her and began rubbing his manhood along her lips. At first she fought it, but the drunken tug came to her again and she slowly and hesitantly began opening her mouth and took his shaft deep into it.

What is wrong with me, she thought, Why can't I fight this.

She could feel Valerie's hand slide down from her breast and move down caressing her stomach with her finger tips as she slowly arrived to the apex between her legs. Valerie began making gentle, slow circles at her clit, and then entered her being with two finger. Kylantha let out a gasp as she bucked.

As this happened two other men took up position to either side of her and grabbed wrists and brought her hands to their rods eagerly tightening their hands, forcing them shut onto their manhood and began thrusting, it didn't take long for the tug at her mind to make her begin to rub them and they grabbed her ass cheeks to spread them.

It was then that she felt something odd puck at her rose bud. And then came a discomforting pressure and she realized the last one was taking her ass and he was much too big.

She shook her head no frantically as he entered her and once he was in she let out a muffled scream. Once he started thrusting her eyes began to roll back from the pain and pleasure she felt.

The three screamed out muffled sounds of ecstasy as they were poked, probed, fondled, licked, and thrust deep into.

It isn't much longer before the

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