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If finished eating while Erica and I had idle conversation and was just taking my plate to the sink when I heard a knock and the sound of the front door opening.

"Hello," said Kate's familiar voice from the foyer, "is everyone decent?"

"We're in the kitchen," Erica giggled in reply, "and we're both totally naked."

A few seconds later, Kate walked through the door laughing with her eyes covered. She was wearing her extra short cut off jean shorts and her long tan legs appeared even longer thanks to the tall heels she was wearing. She had a black spaghetti strap tank top on that didn't really cover her black bra and a silky white see through shirt, left unbuttoned, hanging on her shoulders. Her long, wavy black hair hung just past her shoulders. It always amazed me how she and Erica looked like they could almost be twins if you stood them side by side, but like yin and yang. Kate had almost olive skin, black hair and brown eyes. Erica on the other hand was fair skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed. I also thought their personalities seemed to fit the good and bad polarity as well.

Kate uncovered her eyes. "Whew, glad you were kidding," she joked.

"Are you ready to go sis?" Erica asked.

"You bet," Kate answered, "I think we should take your car and I'll leave my truck with Sean. Is that Ok with you Sean?"

"That works for me," I replied, "I'll need to truck bed to get the water heater back anyway, so I was actually about the suggest the same thing."

Kate walked over to me and handed me an envelope. "This is what I have for the water heater. It's a little more than $400. I hope that's enough."

"I'm sure it will be." I said. Even if it wasn't, I'd still get her a new heater.

"I can't thank you..." Kate started but I cut her off and said, "Enough already, you guys go have fun and when you get back, the job will be done and everyone will be happy. Now go." I pointed towards the door and feigned an angry look. Erica grabbed her purse and gave me a kiss as she headed out.

"The keys are in the truck," Kate said as they walked out the door, "make sure you fill 'er up before you return it." With a thud of the door closing they were gone. I cleaned up my breakfast dishes, grabbed a diet Coke and headed for the door myself. I knew it was close to an hour each way into town and if I wanted to be done before the girls got back, I'd need to keep moving.

It was already 11:30 by the time I made it back to Kate's place with the new water heater. I took the extra time to be sure I had everything I needed as I knew I could ill afford to run back to the store for a $.25 fitting and still finish in one day. 45 minutes later I had the old water heater disconnected, drained and outside. Another hour and half after that I had the water in the house back on and I lit the pilot light. I knew I'd have to wait at least 20 or 30 minutes before I could see if there was hot water. If everything was working OK, I could grab a quick shower and have a few hours to myself.

Only 15 minutes had gone by and there was nothing on the TV, no newspaper, no internet on Kate's computer. I tried the water and it was luke warm at best. I was confident the water heater was working, but I wasn't hopping in the shower just yet. I gave in to my urge to do a little snooping. I stared with Kate's computer, hoping she was one of those girls that had some secret pictures or videos stashed away on her hard drive, but I wasn't that lucky.

I moved on to Kate's bedroom and stared with the nightstand drawer.

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