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Nora Ch. 01

He undid her scarf and the room was lit only by firelight, the bed was huge and piled with pillows and there were candles and magnolias everywhere.

"What is this Billy?'

He pulled her up and slid her dress over her head, leaving her in small black panties, a garter belt, nylons and tousled red hair. He pulled his shirt over his head and unzipped his pants allowing them to drop on the floor leaving him in black silk boxers.

She reached out to touch his already hard cock, as he bent and softly kissed her eyes.

"This is ours, for tonight anyway. This freedom from everyone and everything follows us most days and nights. There is the music, he reached and pushed a button that set soft smoky blues wailing quietly through the room.

There is touch, he reached and pouring warmed oil into his had massaged her breasts taking special care of her nipples.

There is passion and he bent his head and cupping hers searched for and started by kissing one lip then the other then both and continued it until she opened to his searching mouth and tongue and abandoned herself to nothing but the feeling of possession that he brought.

There is you and he kissed down her body allowing his tongue to take and ravage her belly button and tease at hollows of her hips before finding its way to the center of her femininity.

She arched into his hands when his tongue found her center and he cupped her ass and drew her to him then followed the curves of her body down each leg one by one until he found her feet and worshiped them. She was as he had hoped a willing puddle in his hands when he had down the circuit of her front and gently turned her over on her stomach.

He started on her neck and worked his way down her spine. He kissed each vertebra and licked behind his kisses then blew warm air across the wetness.

He found himself at the apex of her rounded beautiful ass and pulled it apart, as he kissed down it and around her most special of places and back to her center now wet and smelling of arousal and sucking her clit into his mouth, he bit it gently.

She screamed out, and his fingers found her openness and she came for him. When she had relaxed, once again, he pushed her up on her hands and knees, and then kneeling behind her pushed into her waiting center.

As he fucked her slowly, deeply taking each stroke as if it was the last one that they would share, he paddled her ass gently and felt her clench around his cock with each stroke of his hands.

He wet a finger and played with her sensitive opening teasingly dipping into and out of her ass as he moved deep inside her. He felt her ring clench on his finger and it made him even harder thinking of when they would share that particular pleasure. It was something women had to be pleased and teased into but if done properly it was something they pleaded for afterwards. He was determined she would be one of those women.

He felt himself climbing toward orgasm and heard her soft cries of wonderment as she repeatedly climbed that hill of passion crested and returned under his relentless driving cock. Finally, he could hold no longer and pushing deep remained there as he vented his juices deep inside her pussy and pulled out, collapsing as he pulled her into his body.

They slept until almost daylight; the windows were pale gray when he awoke to the smell of melting chocolate and coffee.

Kathy had gotten up and washed sometime during the night, then wrapped in one of the extra quilts had taken to the rocker which sat before the fire and was roasting marshmallows placing them on the squares of Ghirardelli chocolate from the basket that sat on the table and eating them with all the enjoyment of a six year old.

"Did you save some of that for me?" He asked.

She turned at his voice and pulling one loose, smiled. "All it lacks is the graham crackers how can they not remember graham crackers?"

He walked over and stooping he opened his mouth.

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