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After dessert, she headed to the toilets. I received three picture messages; one of her finger in her hairy pussy, another of her pulling her nipple and a final of her tongue and mouth wide open. FUCK! I called the waiter and got the bill paid asap. I grabbed our coats, and we drove home.

By the time we got home the house was quiet with only the murmur of the TV while Chloe sat on the sofa. I completely forgot how sexy she was. To be honest I just wanted to pay Chloe and get Jane in bed and fuck her till I emptied every drop of cum in her. Jane was feeling tipsy and suggested Chloe stay for a drink. I couldn't hide my disappointment but agreed. Chloe knew what was going on and what I wanted.

Jane gave me a bottle of wine while she went to check on our daughter. As I opened Chloe went to get the glasses but couldn't' reach the top of the cabinet. It exposed her fantastic butt in those tight black trousers. As she stretched up she asked "Could you help?" I came up behind her and accidently on purpose reached over her. She knew what she was doing and gently and slowly rubbed her big ass down my crotch. She knew I wanted her.

Jane came down while Chloe and I sat in silence drinking wine. Jane could sense my urgency to get her upstairs so began to make small talk with Chloe about her parents, uni and boyfriends. My interest in this talk was little and it was easy to see. All I could think about was Chloe's ass and Jane's pussy!

I went to the toilet upstairs and came down to some louder laughter then silence. I walked in and Chloe and Jane are cupping each other's heads and kissing! I wasn't sure what to think! Jane pulled away but wasn't embarrassed or surprised to see me walk in. Chloe was waiting for a reaction from me which didn't come. I froze. What was I supposed to say? Jane came over to me and began to kiss slowly and bite my lips and send her tongue inside my mouth. I didn't care Chloe was watching I carried on with my hands on her ass giving it gentle gropes. I pulled her little dress up to her hips and exposed her ass in all its red lacy glory. Jane's hand rubbed my hard cock. There was never any doubt I was hard. Jane finished the kiss and pulled her dress down. Chloe sat there like a good little girl not saying a word but not phased either. Jane asked Chloe to stand up and led both Chloe and me to the lounge.

Jane made Chloe and I face each other and guided my hand me to Chloe's firm ass. She wanted me to squeeze that 18-year old's ass. I didn't need any persuading. Chloe looked at me and began kissing me. Her lips and ass felt better than I ever imagined. Jane then gently pushed Chloe and me onto the sofa and sat opposite on the armchair. Jane pulled her dress up and began fingering her pussy. I carried on kissing Chloe but Jane's fingering was distracting me, and something was pulling me to her. Chloe began to get annoyed and started to kiss me more aggressively. She grabbed my hand and placed it over her tit and whispered in my ear "I want you to suck my tits". I began kissing Chloe more and unbuttoned her shirt to expose her tits in a black bra. Her tits were a lot bigger than I expected. I couldn't believe this was happening. I fantasized about doing this to her for months. I unclipped her bra to reveal a pair of magnificient breasts; big and pert with nice suckable nipples. I didn't waste any time and began to flick and lick her nipples with my tongue. It felt so good. I forgot about Jane. As I sucked on one nipple I made sure the other nipple was being rubbed, squeezed and pulled. I could tell Chloe loved a little nipple pain.

I looked over to Jane and could see her spasm as she reached a finger induced orgasm! I pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the sofa.

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