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"Then maybe you won't enjoy very much what is coming now. My father has arranged for a fight between Knights. Do you want me to have them cancel it?" answered Oner with a doubtful look on his face.

I had misread his expression, but I recovered from my stupor just in time to say, "Please, don't do it. In my world Knights are things that only exist in fiction. For many people it would be a dream made true to be able to see them in real life."

Oner sighed before answering, "What a relief. Do you know, little brother? Exhibition fights between Knights are very expensive. You not only have to offer a prize big enough to pique the interest of the fighters, but you also have to give them an opening pay enough to make them feel sure they can pay the repairs to their armors even in case they lose."

A thumping noise like that of giant drums started to be noticeable. Not long after that, it acquired a metallic tone and finally the outer doors of the Arena opened and I was able to see them both walking side by side. Armors seven meters tall that walked like armored giants. Obviously they didn't move fast as a normal person would, but their moves seemed to be faster, more precise and elegant than one could imagine by their size. They knelt in front of the honor seats and their chests opened with the hissing sound and the white clouds of the pressurized steam to show the cockpit inside them and the pilots who stood up to pay their respects to us.

A little later than everyone else, I stood up to greet both fighters. One of them was an Elf with blue hair standing in a stylish Knight painted in a faint blue tone, while his opponent was going to be a dark red knight piloted by a tall and muscular man with twirling horns at the sides of his head. Maybe noticing my curiosity, Oner whispered, "The Elf is an Undine. His opponent is an A'Jin like Yalgir, but this one belongs to the Ram Kind."

I nodded my head and took the chance to ask, "Why are they wearing those suits instead of armor?" They were dressed with tight leather suits that only had metal protections on the shoulders, wrists, hips and ankles.

"Armors are uncomfortable inside the command seat of a Knight, and even though those suits may look odd they are Contact Suits. The metal plates are connected directly to some of the inner systems of the knight. For example, without the connections on the hands it would be impossible to get the feeling of how you are holding your weapon and it would be easy to drop it or have your enemy disarm you."

"It would be great if I could use one of them one day. I mean, I can barely fight on my own two feet, so I don't expect in the least that I can do it right now. But one day when I am skilled enough, why not?"

Oner patted my shoulder and looked at me apologetically. "Not everyone can ride a Knight, little brother. You must have the right amount and flow of Spirit to be able to interact with the systems of a Knight and be able to become part of it. As far as we know, people from your world have low amounts of spirit."

Did that mean that I wouldn't also be able to use any magic? I was mulling over that a little disappointed when I noticed that both armors started moving again. Each one of them moved to opposite corners of the Arena to retrieve their weapons before coming back to the middle and wait for the start of the fight. The A'Jin pilot was armed with a two-handed war hammer that had a ram head opposite to the flat side of the hammer. On the other side, the Elf was wearing a more exotic weapon. It consisted of a short sword with a broad blade and a dagger with the same shape, tied together by the handles with a chain.

Both contestants started circling the Arena, measuring their opponent's guard when Errom spoke. "Children, who would you bet for? Bran?"

It took me by surprise that he asked me first, the one that had less combat experience, but I tried to answer the best way I could.

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