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Ups and Downs of a professional woman.

I noticed the stain then, slowly spreading along my fly. I was leaking.

Sully tried to rescue me. "Jimbo," he said, using a nickname I revile. "Did you notice what nice legs Shelly has?" His hand was calming stroking her thigh.

My dick got harder still. Shelly kept glancing down at the slowly growing stain.

"You should take it out." She said at last, and I know I turned ten shades of red.

"Go on," Sully said joining her, "As long as it's not bigger than mine."

He laughed raucously at this perceived witticism. Long ago we had measured our dick's one drunken night, so he knew all about my package.

"It's okay James," Shelly said, breathing a little heavily. "This jerk told me about my birthday present last night."

"It . . . it's all right with you?" I was flustered, no doubt about it.

"Umm, I'm looking forward to, um, shall we say, my birthday present. Now, may I open the package?"

Sully laughed hard, then chugged his beer down and burped. "What a girl," he said.

"Slob," she retaliated, frowning at him. Then she started into my eyes and said, "James? May I?"

"Be my guest," I managed to croak, not believing the situation.

Without a moment's hesitation, Shelly's fingers slid my zipper down, careful not to catch my dick in the treads of the zipper, like in that funny movie, Something About Mary. Using her fingers like a tweezers, she edged it out, and clasped it in her hand.

"Look, Jack. He's got a nice thick cock," she said matter-of-factly.

I concluded they were both crazy. For that matter, so was I for being there with them!

Shelly was staring at my dick, and then she looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you mind?" It was more a purr than verbalization. I nodded, and her head dipped. I knew where her lips were headed.

Sully rose up and pulled his shirt off, then rid himself of his slacks, shoes and socks.

I just gave in to her as she moved her head further down, until it was lying on my stomach. She stayed there for several moments, staring at my blood-gorged dick; I watched her hand idly stroking it. Then she drifted down and gave me a tentative lick. I went rigid.

"Easy," she whispered, licking me again. Then she kissed it, lovingly.

"He is bigger than you Jack. Both ways."

"The fuck you say!" he exclaimed and leaned in for a closer look, holding himself in his right hand.

"Umm," she said, slurping along the tip of my cock. "I got some of his precum already. "Ummm, tastes a little different than yours. Maybe saltier, but I'm not sure." Shelly enveloped three full inches into her mouth and groaned in satisfaction. I groaned too.

Remembering my manners, I said, "Listen, if you don't want to do this, we don't have to."

There was a popping sound as she released me from where I'd been poking her cheek.

Her brow furrowed pensively. "What ever gave you that idea?" she asked, "Don't you like me?"

"No, no!" I said, "I mean, you're nice looking, and I like you, but . . ."

Sully moved closer, he was choking his chicken. It looked about done.

"It's my tits, ain't it?"

"No, no. Tits are tits. I don't care, big, small . . . whatever."

She looked at my dick and saw it was still hard and firm, and gave it a tentative suck, her eyes fixed on mine.

"Show 'em Hon," Sully said, goading her. Show him your pussy too."

"Yeah," she said, somewhat perplexed. "Maybe my being dressed bothers him," and she got up and quickly undressed. Then she stood over me; her chest was almost as flat as mine. Her hands pulled on her nipples until they were hard and taut. Her eyes were closed. Sully knelt at her feet and pried her legs apart and kissed her pussy. I got rid of the rest of my clothing, and sat down and watched them.

"Umm, I like that," she sighed.

"Get down on the couch, Hon," Sully said gently. "Suck his cock. He wants you too."

Shelly looked at me through half lidded eyes as Sully's tongue busily lapped at her. Her knees folded slowly, like a ladder being put away, Sully rolled in behind her and continued eating her as she renewed her blowjob.

Shelly demonstrated great enthusias

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