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"Guess I've just been too busy studying."

Emily didn't look up to meet Brandy's eyes. She just murmured what might have been a response, or might have just been an unrelated observation. Brandy had never met anyone she had so much difficulty understanding. "Um, yes, absolutely," she replied, hoping that her answer made some sort of sense. "Um, as I was saying, I normally trim, but you know what? I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of down there. I think my body is naturally beautiful and sexy, and I'm sick of changing it to suit some man's standard of beauty." Brandy hadn't realized how strongly she felt about it until just now, but it was absolutely true. She was tired of trying to make herself look pretty for men.

Emily muttered something vaguely affirmative, smiling for the first time. Brandy shifted position to display her body a little better-whatever it was she was saying or doing to make Emily relax, she definitely wanted to more of it. "Yeah, I...I just get frustrated with guys, you know? I swear, sometimes I think I'd be better off going lezzie. Guys are always so controlling, like they're trying to make me over into something I'm not."

Emily reached over and put her hand on Brandy's knee, whispering something softly to her as she did so. Brandy was astonished at just how nice Emily's touch felt against her skin. "I mean, I don't want you to get the wrong idea," she said, trying to regain her train of thought. Just because she was naked, her pussy completely exposed to the other woman's stare...and just because she was letting Emily run her fingers up and down her didn't mean that, um...that...

Emily said something too quietly for Brandy to catch. "...I don't want you to think that I don't like the idea of giving up control," Brandy said, finally getting back to what she'd wanted to say. "Because that can be absolutely hot." She ran her fingers through her bush, luxuriating in the sensation of the stiff pubic hair against her hand, before settling onto her vulva and beginning to gently tease her labia. "I mean, absolutely smoking hot. But not with a guy. They just get the wrong idea. If I was going to give up control like that, it'd have to be to a woman."

Emily nodded without ever looking away from Brandy's cunt. She pulled her shirt over her head and took her bra off, revealing a pair of surprisingly sexy tits, then returned her hands to Brandy's body. She said something again, but Brandy still couldn't make it out even though Emily was speaking at a conversational volume now.

It didn't matter, whatever it was. The important thing was that Emily's shyness clearly didn't extend to clothing. That was good, because Emily had the most beautiful body Brandy had ever seen. She felt a liquid rush of heat in her pussy, and her stroking intensified into rubbing. "Because,, Emily. You're, um...I mean, I don't want to, you know, pressure you or anything, but...I mean, I don't normally do this, but...oh..."

Emily looked her in the face at last, and Brandy was astonished at the way her glasses magnified those big green eyes. They looked so striking and powerful when she finally did fix that gaze on you, especially when you weren't expecting it. Brandy felt like she was the shy one all of a sudden, like she wanted to look away from that hungry, intense gaze. But she couldn't. Emily's stare was almost magnetic...and strangely familiar. Brandy didn't quite remember seeing them before, but she almost remembered not remembering. It felt like an echo in her mind, a sense of d__j__ vu that almost took her breath away. She blinked, trying to figure out why it all felt so familiar. Then she blinked again, trying to figure out why it felt so hard to blink. Emily's lips moved, but Brandy was too busy staring at those eyes to hear what the other girl said.

Then Emily's fingers slipped into Brandy's cunt, and whatever it was that Brandy was trying to remember slipped clean out of her head.

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