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Wife decides to act on husband's fantasy without permission.

I asked her what kind of weekend did you expect.

She said she thought we would just go swimming, sailing / boating and sun. She did not think that this was going to be a NUDIST weekend and now that she was here she wanted it to never end.

She lay he hand on my knee and started to rub my leg towards my crotch. She just kept it up and I took my hand, which was draped over her shoulder, and lowered it to her breast and cupped it.

She did not have a bra on and I could feel her nipple pointing outward and getting harder as I squeezed gently on her breast. She moved her hand all the way up my leg and took my now hard penis in it, through the trunks. She then lowered her hand and went between the leg and trunk leg to grab my cock as it was starting to stick out the bottom of the leg. She held it firmly and pumped it back and forth for a minute. I took my other hand and reached between her legs and felt a very moist cunt and pussy.

I pushed her over and got on top of her and with both hands raised her top and took it off over her head. Her breasts very so firm and the nipples very so light pink and pointed that I just had to suck on each one as I played with the other. She somehow got her hands down between us and slid my trunks down to my knees. I took my hand and took them off and at the same time removed her skirt and panties.

There we both were stock naked and hotter than hell for each other. She took my cock in her hand and just held it as I licked and sucked on her nipples. With my free hand I got it between her legs and gently pushed them apart and started to finger her pussy lips. They were soaking wet and the sweet smell drove my cock ever harder in her hand. She could feel it getting harder and said so. She pushed me off her and said she had to look at it and feel it in its extreme hardness. She just said that this was the first penis that she had ever played with and wanted to see it and feel it before ---.

I just kissed her before she could finish her sentence and pressed my cock tight to her mound. She sighed and asked me not to screw her tonight as she wanted it to be someplace else then on the porch in a couch.

I said that is fine and picked her up and carried her into the living room and to her bedroom. I told her good night and she asked why I was not going to sleep with her. With that question, I just got into her bed and held her tight and fell asleep.

About eight the next morning Sally came into the bedroom and opened the shade. She sat down on the bed next to me and gave me a kiss "good morning." She leaned over and did the same to Jill.

She then stood up and said breakfast was ready and after breakfast the gals were going to go to the city of Lake Geneva to do some shopping.

I said I was going to mow the lawn and wash the boat down while they were in town...

We got out of bed and all walked into the kitchen; Elna met us in the hallway and was just in front of me and slowed her walk, reached back and grabbed my cock and asked if I had been a "GOOD BOY" overnight...

Steve and DD were there having coffee and breakfast. They asked if we had slept well, smiled devilishly and winked at me.

Jill just smiled back and said all was well.

After breakfast we all did the dishes and the gals went to get dressed to go to town. I put on some long jeans and a shirt, so not to get cut by branches and such when I was mowing the lawn.

Steve told me he would clean up the boat and when I was done we could go out and fish for a while till the gals got back from town.

The gals came out to leave and Elna had on a "tube" top that covered her breasts so that I could not grab a feel as she walked by. She took my hand and lowered it into her pants and I could feel only skin not panties. She kissed me good-by and said, "LATER."

DD came out with a complete bra and top on.

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