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Can fulfilling a lifelong fantasy be better than expected?

Kyle kneeled there, worshipping at the sleeping altar of his Goddesses pussy, trembling, his cock hard as a diamond in anticipation of what was to come. Gently, as carefully as touching a newly born bird, he parted the folds of the heavenly pussy with his thumb and forefinger. He took a melon ball, positioned it just at the entrance and pushed it deeply inside.

He trembled when he saw his Goddess tremble, knowing she was awakening, as she always did when he began this. He felt a velvety red painted toe stroke teasingly against his diamond hard cock, and his hips trembled forwards, begging for the attention on the straining and begging flesh.

Slowly, tenderly, he inserted each honey coated ball, pressing it deep within her even as she awakened, smiling, pleased and happy. What a wonderful way to greet each morning - with the loving and tender ministrations of her favored slave. She sighed as she felt each little ball slipped inside of her, warming by the heat of her pussy, the honey warming and coating her tunnel.

Finally, the slave was finished and backed off the bed, to his hands and knees, and crawled around to where his loving Goddess lie waiting to greet him.

"Good morning slave. You may feed me now," she instructed, as always. Kyle knew immediately what to do next. He helped his Goddess by lifting her up and placing her favored pillows behind her. Then he fed her, bit by bit, each small piece of fruit and bread.

She had only to open her mouth - he raised her cup ever so gently to her lips, knowing should he spill even the tiniest drop onto her bare breasts he would be punished beyond tolerance. A slave had made the misfortune of that once before. He was never seen or heard from again. Even as the Goddesses favored slave, Kyle knew better than to believe his fate would be any different.

Once finished with her breakfast his Goddess commanded softly, "Now slave, you may have your breakfast." And this is what he eagerly awaited. He crawled back to the foot of the bed and up between those heavenly thighs. He leaned down on his elbows, using his fingertips to gently part those honeyed dewy lips before he began feasting on his warm breakfast of melon balls.

His tongue was skilled and hungry, slipping deep up inside her hole to suck out each ball. He counted them as he ate, knowing he was only finished once they were all eaten. He licked and sucked at the Goddesses cunt, tonguing her clit, hoping to cause those wonderful contractions of her pussy walls which helped to push each ball down to his tongue. His agonized cock knew no relief - and wouldn't - the slave was never allowed to disgrace his Goddess with his filthy cum.

His breakfast buffet was wonderful, warm - honeyed - juicy. He felt his Goddess bucking her pussy against his willing and working tongue, filling his belly with her essence and his breakfast. His nose was covered in her juices, he would smell her and only her for hours after such a breakfast. He feasted like a hungry animal, grunting and licking, gently nipping, sucking harshly at the hole, starving for her.

And She rewarded him - bucking beneath him, arching, moaning, finally cumming for him - great spurts of her honeyed cum and the last melon ball sliding into his mouth and down into his belly, completing his breakfast. He finished by lapping her clean, licking her soothingly, cleaning every dewy honeyed drop from her cunt.

When he was finished he gently pushed her legs closed and recovered her, then crawled back up to the head of the bed.

"Good boy, good... you are my very favorite slave boy..." she whispered, flushed and beautiful from his 'breakfast' - he loved her, worshipped her, and felt such a wonderful rush of pride from knowing he could please her in such a way - a small smile on his beautiful sticky wet lips, the hungry ache in his cock reminding him of his service to this beautiful angel creature.

She turned over then, on her side and looked at the small clock on her bedside.

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