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A couple discovers their BDSM Master.

My father, this time around, is a doctor, Mom is a psychiatrist. I am a professional Tennis Player and ... " Casey sighed " ... a newlywed. I got married last year."

Monica frowned. In most incarnations, she had kept herself free, so that she and Cassandra could be together as much as possible. This was a wrinkle she didn't like, not one bit. But, as was her wont, she pressed on.

"What's your wife like?"

Casey smiled, despite not wanting to hurt Monica, he obviously cared for his wife. "Sarah? You'd like her, she's a lot like ... well, Cassandra. Tall, blonde, beautiful, with long legs and a smile that lights up the room. Articulate, bright and open-minded."

"How did you meet her?"

"We met at a tennis match. By the way, she clobbered me."

Monica laughed. "Are you still a terrible loser?"

Casey frowned. "Yeah, but she's so good about it, I didn't mind. One thing led to another, we became a couple, started dating, I proposed, we got married. Then, a few months ago, I started having memory flashes. You know how it is."

Monica nodded. This is how it had always been with Cassandra, unlike Marcus who retained almost all his memories, Cass' came back in bits and snippets. His signal was usually when Cassandra's memories began to resurface, Marcus would suffer from a migraine. It was a small price to pay, he supposed.

Monica pressed on. "So, what did Sarah have to say about it when you got most of your memory back?"

"Wellll --- at first, she was skeptical. But my Sarah, she's open-minded, as I said. Then, when I began spouting off things I couldn't possibly know, historical data and the like, well, she had to admit there must be something there."

Monica smiled, a faint smile. "You must love her very much."

Casey nodded in agreement. "I do. She's special. But she's not you. There will NEVER be another you, darling."

For the first time tonight, Monica felt her heart lighten. Casey was right, if they could survive THIS, nothing would tear them apart. Whatever good she had done in her previous lives, she knew she had to continue to give back, for having the blessing of Casey's love. Casey's arms were around her, hugging her tight, not wanting to let her go.

"NOW who has the scratchy beard?" Monica said, rubbing Casey's cheek.

Casey smiled. "Don't distract me, woman. Are you wearing anything underneath that black cloak?"

"Nope, it's all me - well, me and the high heels. I know you used to wear them for me, I figured ... "

"You figured right. Come here."

Casey took Monica's hands, deftly unbuttoning the cloak. For the first time, with fresh eyes, he beheld her in all her glory. She was stunning, tall - although he was taller for the first time - with round, robust curves, beautiful breasts, a stomach flat from working out, legs that tapered into beautiful calves and feet. His love for Sarah was undiminished, but it was nothing compared to the joy he felt at seeing this spectacular creature before him.

Monica began unbuttoning Casey's sportshirt, eager to reveal his naked body. In most of Cassandra's previous incarnations, she'd been beautiful, but this was a new experience. She ached to see this vital, sensual, delicious male, she wanted to feel his cock, his body pressed to hers, to experience the new sensation of making love to the love of her life!

Casey was still beautiful. His frame was tanned, lean, muscles well rippled. He did have the figure of an athlete and the cock - oh lord, he was slender, long and Monica knew that cock belonged in her pussy. "C'mere baby!" she growled, falling to the ground and Casey falling on top of her.

"Impatient little minx, aren't you?" Casey said as he kissed his lover.

"Hmm, now where do you suppose I learned that?" Monica purred as she wrapped her delicate hand around his shaft. She stroked him gently, not believing how good it felt to have her man in her hands, his slender cock twitched ever-so-slightly as she fondled and caressed it.

"Okayyy, this is - amazing!" Casey sighed as his lover took him in her mouth.

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