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A fantasy come true delivered right to her door.

He moans gently as he feels the soft, bald, moist skin of her cunt.

"About whether or not you want some of this," she says grinding into his hand, then dropping his hand away.

"Damn it is true," he says as he brings his hand to his mouth, licking and sucking his fingertips so he can taste her. Smiling she walks away, knowing if he wants her he will follow. He gets up after a second and follows her slowly, as she heads out a side door marked ' Emergency Exit'. He is surprised to see it leads to an enclosed employee parking lot. He holds the door looking for something to keep it from locking them out.

"Don't worry about the door its keypad entry, and I have a code," she whispers, turning in her heels and licking and sucking gently at his neck, grinding her body against his.

"I heard you were a party girl, it looks like that's true," he says as his hands pull her closer to his body. "How come you have never talked to me before?"

"You always have some pretty thing with you, don't want to cause you any trouble, but tonight your alone" she says as her hands roam over his cock, gripping at the zipper of his pants and pulling it down. Stroking at his cock gently as she continues to move her mouth on his neck, his hands find her ass below the skirt and he gropes and squeezes it.

"Damn you don't waste time do you?" he whispers into her ear as her mouth and hands tease him to nearly a full erection. Suddenly she squats in front of him, her hand pulling his cock out and towards her mouth. She takes it all in, sucking hard as she pushes her mouth further down. He leans back against the wall as she works on him.

"Uhhh fuck yeah, damn girl!!" he moans loudly then asks, "You always like this?"

"Only when I want something, and right now I want you," she whispers after pulling off his cock a moment. She goes back to fucking his cock in and out of her mouth quickly, sucking hard. He gets harder in her mouth as she works on his cock.

Reaching back she pulls out the two pens holding her fiery red hair in a bun, letting the curls fall down around her face and over her shoulders. She looks up at him with a mouth full of cock and smiles. Pulling back slowly and stroking the shaft with her tongue, she starts to focus on the purple head of his cock. Licking all around it like it's an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, flicking her tongue over it again and again. He looks down at her face, lit by the dim lights of the parking lot. He can't see much but he can tell she likes sucking his cock, he sees it in her eyes. His hand rests on the back of her head, fingers woven in the curls. She moans suddenly, and he looks down past her face, noticing that she's pushed up her black skirt, giving her fingers access to her bald cunt. He is shocked as he listens to her abusing her cunt with her fingers, fucking hard and loud as she sucks his cock harder and harder.

"Oh yeah, finger that hot little cunt" he moans as he watches her. He pulls her mouth deeper onto his cock, throbbing in her mouth as he releases a small amount of pre-cum. He watches as she starts to rub her slit harder, pinching at the clit. Then he hears what sounds like someone peeing on the pavement as she gasps into his cock. He is both shocked and aroused that she could cum while sucking his cock and fingering herself. He gasps as he watches her wet fingers moving over her cunt. She takes him into her throat each time his cock moves into her mouth, then without warning she pulls away and stands up, bending over a black mustang, she looks over her shoulder at him.

"FUCK ME NOW" she moans out as he stares in shock of what he sees. Stroking his cock as he looks at the perfect bald pink lips of her cunt, pressed against the cold black hood of that car, her own creamy white cum dripping out of her and onto the hood of the car. He reaches out and rubs her cunt with his hand, grinding his palm into her.

"I don't have any rubbers and don't want to knock you up," he moans, aching to be inside her.

"You ca

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