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He plays doctor with two drunk Spring Breakers.

They pooled on the floor at her ankles until she stepped out of them...completely naked before me.

I could tell she was uncertain what was next. Was she to undress me? This momentary confusion gave way to my next command. "Lay down on the bed." I directed and she moved quickly to comply by lying on her back atop the covers completely naked to my eyes. I drank in this vision as a religious man looks at a cross in church, with complete devotion to the cause before him. Thankfully my cause was not about to require any vows of celibacy on my part!

A smart general always prepares a battlefield ahead of time, and I had done so as well. I pulled the first of my prepared tricks from the stand on the bed. It was a dark blue silk blindfold that I carefully fit over her eyes and gave her firm yet whispered orders right in her ear not to remove it. I dare not add any penalty to the order such as 'or I will have to give you a spanking' because I knew she found these things counterproductive and would have looked on it as a challenge instead. I wanted to put her mind on the situation I had set, not any she might wander to. She bit her lip at my order but merely nodded in response.

At a certain point the demand for physical contact is required or the buildup becomes counterproductive. It's like adding too much wood to a fire can actually smother it. Some touches were not required to move the coals around and get things burning white hot. So I let my fingertips slide along the outside of her arms, making slow and torturously sensuous circles, but avoiding anything that could remotely be considered a standard erogenous zone. Of course on Gigi every zone is an erogenous zone if you just know how to play with it! I rolled them across her stomach...half way between breasts and glory... paused as if trying to decide if I was going to go north or south, either one being completely acceptable at this point... but instead reversed course and went back to her arms creating a groan of disappointment in the process. Did I mention I am evil? That Satan comes by on weekends for pointers? Yeah.. that is me....

Finally, over the next few minutes I slid my hands down her arms and then slid her own arms back up until they were lying above her head next to the headboard. Her lower body writhed in desire but her hands did not move from where I placed them. This gave me time for battlefield plan number two! With a very distinctive 'click' the handcuffs locked into place taking her hands completely out of the game to come. While some women might suddenly panic at this and resist, Gigi flinched only for a moment but since she trusted me she relaxed after a second only and if the cold metal did anything it just turned her on even more...

I moved so that I was leaning, almost laying, over her naked body with my own somewhat clothed one. Her nipples still erect brushed against the material of my T-shirt that hung down and my sweatpants covered legs rubbed along the outside of her naked thighs. I leaned down and she instinctive puckered up for a kiss but instead I moved to the side of her face so that I could whisper in her ear. "Today I have just made you my toy for my complete sexual use." I whispered ever so softly in her ear making her strain to hear what I was saying. "I will take from your body whatever I want...use it however I want... any part... any time..." I said with a cold malevolence. Have I mention the part about tea on Sundays with Satan?

I could feel her body battling itself between two extremes.

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