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She places it with hers on the chair.

From somewhere behind you comes the sound of a man's voice; put her on the bed, the man tells the blonde.

She speaks to you softly; it'll be fine. She guides you to the large, high poster bed and you climb up onto it.

Again you hear the man's voice; put her on her hands and knees, his voice still coming from somewhere behind you.

And so you do, you get on your hands and knees; your heart racing now even harder than it was earlier and you close your eyes to try and stop everything from spinning.

For a moment nothing happens and no one speaks and for you this seems to go on forever. Your chest is pounding. Your head is pounding. You're afraid your whole body is about to start to shake violently when suddenly you hear the unknown man's voice again; ok, you hear him say, go ahead.

She too climbs up onto the bed. You can sense her behind you. And then it happens; you feel her hand on your leg, it slowly moves up your leg. You feel her slowly pushing your dress above your hip, her other hand moving slowly up your other leg. Her touch feels soft and reassuring. From behind you, she gently spreads your legs apart while you stay on your hands and knees. She moves along side you and you feel her warm curving body next to yours, you feel her breasts lightly graze your back as she leans over you to softly stroke your hair. She leans closer, her mouth next to your ear, her breath warm and soft and sweetly scented; shhh, she whispers, everything's okay. Keep your eyes closed and just let me do everything. Ok? she asks. Unable to speak, you just nod your head slightly.

She lays her hands softly upon your back as she moves her body back down behind you. And then you feel her hands slide gently down your back, her nails digging slightly into your skin. It feels good; just the right amount of pressure, but not too much.

And now she is there, on her back, her hands pulling you down towards her; gently, slowly, controlling you. You can feel her pull your panties to the side and then you feel her breath; warm. You are still tentative, a little rigid and yet you feel a slight urge to push yourself down so that you can feel her tongue on you, but she doesn't let you. She makes you wait. And then finally she lets you and you can feel her moist tongue as it gently touches you, ever so slightly, moving lightly all around you; on you and then off, and then on you again. It feels good; it feels so good. You're warm now; relaxed and you can feel your own wetness starting to well up inside you, on you. You want more. You desperately want more, you can't wait, and she senses that, and yet she still won't let you. Her tongue is still there, just barely touching you, teasing you. You start to ache, badly. Your every desire is now pulsating and pushing you to a place you have never been before and you want her to fuck you even though you have only just begun. And then suddenly you feel her tongue; it pushes long and hard and up inside you and you moan. You almost cum, and then she pulls you down hard onto her face and she starts to gently rock you back and forth; then firmer and harder. Oh God it feels so fucking good and so you push down harder yet onto her face which you now feel around your wet pussy. And now she's right up inside you, eating you; eating you out. Oh fuck you want to cum so badly all over her, and then suddenly she stops; and then nothing.

She quietly removes herself from under you.

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