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Three friends explore the possibilities.

She made me feel at home almost immediately. She was friendly without acting awkwardly. I mean, here we were, knowing why the both of us were here, but she had a way of easing any discomfort and nervousness.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked.

I was still a bit light-heated from the drink at Killigans. "Just some ice water," I replied.

I sat down on the sofa and awaited Kim's return with the water. She placed it on a coaster in front me, leaning far enough over in the process to give a me quick peak down her bodice. She was wearing a white bra. There wasn't a lot of cleavage, but I did notice that the very top of her breasts were freckled, just like her chest. I wondered if she had caught me looking. When she sat down next to me, her face was beet red.

"I'm very nervous," she admitted.

"Don't be. I won't bite you."

She laughed. "Then why are you here. I was hoping to get bitten!"

I sipped on the water as the ice tingled in the glass. Thoughtfully, she had put a lemon in the water to give it a little flavor.

"I never bite on the first date," I said.

"Well, what do you do on the first date?" she asked.

I put my drink on the coaster and turned toward Kim. "This..." I replied, putting a hand behind her neck and drawing her toward me. The kiss seemed perfectly natural. Tentative at first, we shared each other's lips for a few moments. I wasn't wearing lipstick; Kim's lips were glazed with something that made them soft and pliable. As the kiss lingered, the passion began to build. She leaned in closer to me in what had now become a full embrace. Her breasts felt very nice against mine. I put my arm around her and lightly scratched her back. She ran her hand through the back of my hair.

Kim was the first to use her tongue. Just a soft lick at my lips, testing the waters I guess. When I moaned and opened my mouth in silent invitation, Kim wasted no time in driving her tongue, velvet-soft and saliva-filled, into me. I let her explore for while, then drove her tongue out with mine as we wrestled for territory. My tongue searched everywhere it could inside her mouth. The kiss seemed to go on forever. And I never wanted it end. The both of us were breathing more raggedly with each passing moment. I had the feeling we both were going to enjoy the rest of this evening.

When we finally decided to come up for air, Kim could hardly catch her breath. "You are a little hottie," she said between inhales and exhales.

"You are not so bad yourself. I like the way you kiss."

She smiled that beautiful smile once more. I was so drawn to her it was unbelievable. "I'm so glad we met."

"You have a way of making me feel very comfortable in what could have been an awkward situation," I said. I really meant it. Maybe it was her maturity. Maybe it just came natural to her.

"I never want you to feel uncomfortable, Beth. I want you always to feel at home with me. I promise never to be pushy."

We were still hugging. She nestled her head in the crook of my neck and I gently brushed my fingers over her left cheek. She cooed softly. Her diamond earring glistened brightly from the light next to the sofa. Every time she took a breath her breasts pressed more tightly against my chest. Her hand came to rest lightly on my thigh.

I leaned down and kissed the side of her neck. She moaned. I kissed and licked for several moments, every once in a while stealing my way up to ear. She moaned even more loudly at each touch of my lips to her ear. I made a mental note that I had found a really hot spot that called for further exploration. As I kissed her, Kim's left hand flowed through my hair. She was really messing up what I had carefully brushed into place earlier in the evening, but I didn't care. I played sweet music on her neck with my lips and tongue, goaded on by the sounds coming from deep inside her throat.

Almost nonchalantly, I let my right hand come to rest lightly over Kim's left breast, over the bodice of the sundress.

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