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Son loves women's undies.

After I had secured her hands above her head, I pulled the butt plug out of her ass. She was either glad to have the plug out or was anticipating having it replaced with my cock. Her ass cheeks tightened and flexed every couple of seconds.

While she faced the wall, I kissed her shoulders and reaching around tweaked one of her nipples. It immediately protruded farther than I thought possible, but brought a moan as I pinched it.

She was squirming, grinding her ass into me as I played with her nipples and rubbed her skin gently. I felt something pulling me backwards and looked over my shoulder. Sally was on her knees behind me pulling on my belt. I moved back from Beth and turned around.

Sally undid my belt and pushed my pants down to the ground. Stepping out of them, my cock bobbed right in Sally's face. She grabbed me with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. She ran her tongue around the head of my cock a couple of times before sucking me deep into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around my cock, I realized that the events of the past couple of hours was going to prevent this from lasting very long.

Sally evidently understood too. She stopped and told me to finish with Beth. I turned back to Beth and felt Sally spread the cheeks of my ass. I pushed my ass back toward her and I felt her tongue on my asshole. As she probed with her tongue, she reached around me and started jacking me off. She continued pushing her tongue in as far as she could while slowly steadily jacking me off. I was having a tough time concentrating on anything, but continued to run my hands over Beth's skin.

She was enjoying the touch, and had no idea of the pleasure I was feeling behind her. Sally increased the speed that her tongue was darting into my ass, she sped up her jacking me off. When she felt my cock throbbing in her hand, she pointed me up where the first blast of cum landed on Beth's back. Beth felt it too, as she moaned very loudly. I must have shot three or four times and Sally directed them all toward Beth's back.

While the last weak dribble came out of my cock, Sally turned me around. Taking me into her mouth, she sucked my deeply then held my cock up and licked the remnants that had splashed onto my balls and thighs.

She stood up and asked if I would retrieve a second bag from her car. She walked over to her purse, and handed me her keys.

"It is a maroon Escalade on the second level. If you hit the security fob, you can make sure it is the right vehicle."

I retrieved my pants, and glanced over at Beth. Her hips were slowly gyrating, evidently to the music in the headphones or the cum bath I just gave her. Sally said,

"I'll clean up things. Run along, fun is waiting on us."

When I got to her Escalade, I opened the back and there was a bag that looked like it had some sort of athletic equipment inside. When I picked it up, I thought I was going to drop my nuts on the ground. It must have weighed 100 pounds. As I lugged it back toward the elevator, I wished that I had kept myself in better shape from my days as an athlete. Just as I approached the elevator, the doors opened. I got on and stood the bag up in front of me.

Wouldn't you know, the elevator was on its way up to the next floor. When the door opened, a couple stepped on the elevator. The woman was extraordinarily beautiful, and smiled at me. The elevator started its descent and I noticed the woman staring at the bag positioned in front of me.

When the elevator reached the lobby, they started to step off the elevator, and she turned to me.

"I wish I was going to your party," she said as she winked at me.

What the fuck I thought to myself... Did Beth leave a mark on me? As I got on the elevator that would take me up to the room, I saw a reflection of something written on the bag. BONDAGE AND FETISH, INC. was embroidered on the bag. Shit! had I known this goddess was into...oh hell, I think I have more than I can handle waiting on me!

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