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Wife finds a friend after class.

I picked out a lacy black bra and put it on. I rubbed my hands down over my 'breasts" and the chill came back. I decided to go all the way since my family wouldn't be home for at least another couple of hours. I took out some black panty hose and pulled them up over my black panties.

Then I went into my moms' closet and found a white blouse that was very see through. I selected a nice pink skirt and I put it on. Then I went into her bathroom and put on some lipstick. I also pulled down my panty hose and panties and I put a maxi pad on the crotch of the panties. I was so horny now that I knew I was going to explode. I laid down on the bed and I put a couple of phone books under a large pillow and I began to ride books. I imagined how wet my panties would be right now if I were my mom or my sisters. I rode the pillow for a few minutes and I rolled off to relax. Then I heard a car pull into the drive way and it was my family.

I looked at the clock and they were at least an hour early. I ran into the bathroom and listened. I could hear only one door open and close so I knew someone must have forgotten something or must have been to tired to stay. I opened the bathroom door a crack so I could see who it was if they came in. Sure enough a few moments later my mom came into the room. She walked to her open panty drawer and looked in. She must have known I had been in there I thought. She took out a pair of white satin panties that were the same style as the ones I was wearing and she threw them on her bed. She pulled off her work out pants and she was wearing no panties at all. My penis jumped but was cut short by the satin panties. My mom took off her shirt and she was wearing a white bra that seemed a little too small for her. She laid down on the bed and began to pinch her nipples through her bra. I couldn't believe my eyes. I assumed for a moment that she must have just had an itch or something but then she did it again and again and she suspended the pinching once for a few seconds and she let out a little moan. I nearly passed out.

I began to rub my penis against the bathroom counter and my mom took the panties she had put on the bed and laid them over top of her hairy pussy. She then laid all the way back and begin to finger fuck herself through the panties. I really couldn't believe my eyes know. I thought it must be a dream. I had, had many of them before and they all ended just before I got to do anything. I decided that dream or not I wanted nothing more then to get out there and show my mom how nasty I had been. I burst out the door and stood there in my moms sexy cloths.

She sat up and casually laid back down. She continued to rub her self and she told me to come and sit by her. She told me I looked sexy in her cloths and then she told me to strip till the bra and the panties. In about 5 seconds flat I was standing in front of my maturating mother wearing nothing but her panties and her bra. She stood up with her panties in hand and told me to put them on. I took off the black ones and put on the now soaking white ones. I could smell her pussy and I became even hornier.

She told me to lay down on the bed and she began to lick her pussy juice off her panties. My cock was throbbing now and I knew I couldn't take it. I told her I was going to cum and she quickly bent down and with her teeth she pulled the soaking panties down around my knees. She asked me if I wanted her to eat it or take it in her pussy and I told her both.

She took my cock into her mouth and even before her lips touched my cock I blew my load all over my moms face. She licked up as much as she could but some dribbled down onto her huge nipple. I sat up and licked my cum off my moms nipple. I told her if she can eat her pussy juice then I can eat my cum. She laughed and told me I was bad.

We sat for a while and relaxed.

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