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A sissy rebels when his wife goes too far.

I was a little embarrassed at this point but this just made her more active as she was moaning and slurping like a crazed whole. I wouldn't care if the whole world was peaking over the top because by now I was grabbing her hair and pushing myself deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could hear her choke and she was starting to drip saliva down her chin but this just excited me more. I was slamming her face so hard I was afraid I was going to hurt her but she just sucked harder and harder. I has been so long since I had a blow-job I knew I was cumming any second. I figured if she didn't like to swallow it's to late for her now.

I grabbed her by the back of the head and I swear to God I came into her so much she choked and slightly bit my cock. I just kept pounding her and pounding her. She tried to back away but to no avail. She's going to have to swallow every last drop I was telling myself. I finally took my hands away expecting her to curse at me but she just looked up and licked the cum off her lips and smiled. She cleaned up as if nothing had just happened. She walked out and left me in the stall with my pants around my ankles. I quickly zipped up and as I was leaving a women opened the door and gasped at the sight of me leaving the restroom. I just smiled and walked on.

As we left the bar she threw me the keys. She told me she had some business to finish on the way home. I knew she had something else in store for me. We headed towards the highway when I noticed she started to rub herself through her skirt. She paid me no attention as she lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy getting her panties visibly wetter and wetter. She started to moan when she arched her back and slid her panties off. She looked in the back seat and stuffed them in my briefcase. I just had to remember that before the wife opens it.

She then turned in her seat facing me and pulled her legs to her chest. I had a full view of those moist lips as she spread them wide. She continued to play with herself. Slowly at first then faster and faster... I could see she was enjoying me watching her. Then she pointed at my side window. As I turned I saw a trucker giving me a thumbs up. I think this just made her hornier as she was rubbing harder and harder and her eyes started to roll up. I could see she was starting to shake when I noticed our exit off the highway and turned just in time. Right then I heard the truckers horn and she must have came right then because she shook and let out a loud moan. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and I licked those babies clean. She then rubbed herself again and licked her fingers also.

She said we better head to her house so she could change before dropping me off. I thought that was a good point but she had other plans as I was about to find out!

We pulled into the garage and went to the kitchen. She told me to grab a couple of beers before she took me home. She said she was going to change real quick and to just have a seat on a kitchen chair. I didn't think anything of it and slowly enjoyed a few sips.

She came out wearing some sexy outfit right out of Victoria's Secret. What a knock out! I could have came right there again!But knowing that I last far longer the second time I thought I was going to make her work for it this time.

She knelt down between my legs, pulled down my pants and took me in her mouth. Just like the first time only I wasn't going to touch her. I was just going to kick back and enjoy. She sucked on me for a good 10 minutes. I could tell she was enjoying herself. Then she stood up and mounted me with one stroke. She was so wet there was no friction as she proceeded to hump me. She closed her eyes and continued to fuck the hell out of me. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. She obviously has done this before. She knew how to grind and rotate she was fucking me so hard I could feel our pelvic bones hit. It hurt but it was a good hurt. At one point I thought the chair was going to break but she continued to fuck.

Finally she stood up, turned around, grabbed my dick an

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