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Young woman has an interesting encounter.

...made my dick start swelling before she even got to her bar stool!

For me sex appeal has always been a combination of attitude, physical shape, but mostly openness and willingness to experience new and exciting things...Call me crazy but I find it far more exciting to spend an evening with an openminded woman who is a size 10 or 12 than a perfect physical specimen of a smaller size who has a cold demeanour....

When I stood up to give her a hug, Heather flung both her arms around me and hugged me nice and tight, kissing me on the cheek playfully. We had a couple of drinks then made our way to the dinner table.

Over drinks we discussed a few subjects, but over dinner Heather steered the conversation towards modern women, their wants, desires, difficulties in the new age etc. She had the opinion that it was difficult for a woman to find a man who would accept a woman shaped like she was...a found this hard to believe as I fould Heather rather yummy to look at...and I told her so as well. This brought an immediate response, Heather grinned broadly and her foot started sliding up my thigh, heading for my crotch.

As her foot found my almost rigid dick, the expression on her face changed to a lusty one, almost winking at me as we continued eating our main meal....while the balls of her foot rubbed gently but insistently over my heavy nuts and now throbbing cock....

Sitting across the table from this gorgeous curvy woman, listening to her complain how men her age don't want to know about women her size...her foot rubbing my stiff rather difficult. By the time our waitress collected our plates and enquired whether we wanted dessert she had figured out what was happening under the table and gave me a sly I enjoy these situations....

We had a banana split each for dessert, Heather making a bit of a show of licking the ice cream from the segments of banana, popping the fake cherry into her mouth and licking it clean, making it emerge squeaky clean and then sucking it in between her lips again....damn this woman was getting us warmed up!!

When I paid for the meal Heather tucked her arm under mine and simply asked; Which way to your room then young man? As I led the way she said something about her not normally doing anything like this, but she'd been watchign my tight butt for long enough from a distance...she wanted a closer look...

The door closed behind us and Heather just melted into my arms, her head resting on my shoulders while she ran her hands over my back slowly. I was doing pretty much the same, occasionally caressing her buns, then running my hands up her spine and onto her shoulders. The way she just pushed herself against me, her big breasts jutting into my chest...yummy!!

As our lips touched the first time I felt a sharp tingle run down my spine, almost electric. Heather had an insistent, yet gentle way about her, she was determined and at the same time relaxed in how she went about things. Hell, she knew what was going to happen in my room, but she was in no hurry to get to the finale. Grinding our bodies together as we kissed, I could feel her hips thrusting at me, feeling my rigid shaft trapped between us....

It took us about half an hour to slowly and tenderly undress, caressing and kissing all over in the process. Her breasts now hanging a little lower, pressed against my chest, nipples hard as steel, hot pussy aroma wafting from between her thighs....this wqs a hot woman, she knew it and she knew what she wanted done to her to bring her to orgasm.

As we tumbled around on the bed, Heather wasn't afraid to roll me onto my back and place her closely trimmed fanny right onto my mouth, the way her lips were parted and now oozing lube was just delicious. She knew I wanted to tongue her hot little snatch and she didn't ask if she could sit on my face, she just did it!! Man how I love a decisive lover!!

She must have enjoyed m

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