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Rich woman & her groundskeeper share their desires.

He had learned long ago to take advantage of that fact. But what was really going on here?

"Don't worry.: said the blonde haired girl. "I'm Anna. I help around the house in many ways."

"Nice to meet you, Anna. I assume you are aware of what goes on here in John's home?" Greg responded.

"Oh yes. In fact that's the reason I'm here." Anna replied. "Sara and I were Internet friends for almost two years before we decided to actually do what we had talked about for so long."

Greg didn't know how to respond to this and suddenly realized he didn't need to as Anna knelt before him.

"I'm here as a servant to all who enter. How can I please you sir?" purred Anna as Sara stepped forward.

Anna, please understand that sergeant Fields... I mean Greg is totally new to what is going on here. Give him a break. I'm sure that your talents will make him feel more comfortable." Sara interrupted. "Please don't worry about captain Howard being here. she turned to explain to Greg. He has been a good friend to us for quite a long time. It won't interfere with your professional relationship, I'm sure."

"Yeah, she's telling you straight up, buddy." John broke in. "We all are going to have a ball this afternoon, I guarantee it!"

Anna began to undo Greg's trousers once again as he watched Sara and his captain approach each other. They immediately kissed while they began to grope one another. This was a little unusual to Greg but he was certain he would be able to enjoy the situation he was about to become a part of.

Anna had his pulled his cock out of his pants as he stared at his captain and his new partner's wife begin to undress each other. They weren't worried about any type of foreplay in the sense of flirting first and Greg realized that this was nothing new to either of them.

"Anna, you really should try to help John out. I've already taken care of Greg that way. But I know we are all far from finished this afternoon." Sara said.

Greg suddenly wondered why Sara was trying to talk Anna out of taking his cock when he realized she was right. He really needed a short rest especially since he was about to be entertained by the rest of them in their lust.

"Don't worry Greg." John moaned as Anna took his shaft into her mouth. "It never ends around here."

Greg barely heard John. His attention was on the captain and Sara. Howard had knelt in front of her and was pulling her slacks down. Greg saw her beautiful ass come in to view and felt his cock begin to swell once again. Sara stepped out of her pants and pulled the captain's face into her crotch. He heard captain Howard sigh as he slid his tongue over Sara's pussy.

"Lick it baby." Sara told Howard. " Stick your tongue in my hole."

Greg felt a slight pang of envy as he watched the scene before him. He wasted no time in removing his own pants as he continued to stare at Sara's hot ass. He decided that it wouldn't be out of place to join the captain in enjoying Sara's beautiful body. He stepped up behind her and began massaging her hips and ass cheeks while she moaned in pleasure at the captain's attentions. His cock was already at full mast when Sara reached behind to grab his member and stroke him slowly.

"Oh Anna.

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