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He tried to look up into her innocent and vibrant eyes to answer her truthfully but the only response he could manage was to simply squeeze her nipples and his cock at the same time.

"I knew it," Doreen groaned as she began bucking her still clothed crotch upwards against her Father's friend.

Dropping his right hand down several inches, off the modest mounds of Doreen's endowment, Kent wrapped the material of the girl's shirt into his fist and crudely lifted it up her chest until her braclad breasts were in full view.

"UUMMMM," Kent whimpered like a starving puppy.

"Touch them ... please... touch my tits Mr. Sandridge," Doreen begged again.

For reasons he couldn't quite fathom, Kent felt a definite charge pierce his loins each time the young girl referred to him as "Mr Sandridge". Swallowing once more as he openly admired the 18 year old's beautiful chest, Kent sucked in a deep breath and proceeded to do just as Doreen had asked.

Kent immediately felt an indescribable pulse of energy shoot through his arm the instant his fingertips met the fleshy surface of Doreen's breasts. Rotating his tingling digits in small, kneading circles, Kent crawled further between Doreen's trembling knees.

Flexing his thumb and index fingers upwards, Kent closed them like clamps around Doreen's budding nipples until he felt each of the girl's legs clutch his kneeling body.

"OOHH... OOHH... OOHHHH," the youngster mewed as she grinded her crotch harder and harder against Kent's chest.

Flicking his fingers repeatedly across Doreen's jutting nipples, Kent's eyes lit up with a fascinated glow as the girl's breasts shivered and swayed in front of him.

"Damn," he mumbled admiringly before biting his lower lip to fight the urge to bend down and put his mouth on the teenager's titties through the sheer material of her girlish pink bra.

"Be patient... just be patient," Kent sighed internally as he pushed forward between Doreen's splayed legs.

Sucking in a series of deep breaths, Kent was also sure he could smell the flowery, pungent scent of Doreen's arousal wafting up from the 18 year old's churning loins.

"How long have you wanted to fuck me?" Doreen fervently gasped down to the grown man on his knees in front of her.

"Since the first time I saw you," Kent finally gulped after a very long and trying silence.

Dragging his hands off the ripe mounds of Doreen's youthful bosom, Kent rubbed all 10 of his fingers over the girl's smooth belly until they latched on to the butterfly snap of her tight jeans.

"UMMPPAHH," Doreen gasped when she felt Kent loosen to binding around her waist.

"Pull them down... pull them down and take them off," Doreen then begged through clenched teeth.

Kent's fevered expression intensified as he unzipped the girl's faded blue jeans. He could feel the molten warmth of Doreen's vagina rising up through the denim fabric of her jeans as he fought to get his hands inside of them.

"Feels like your about to stick your hands into an oven," Kent told himself as he watched Doreen's moistened pink panties come into view.

It felt as if Kent's diamond hard cock was about to rip through his dress slacks as his long trembling fingers disappeared inside Doreen's pants.

Kent's already giddy demeanor cascaded over the edge when Doreen's shaky legs began tapping him from each side. Fighting valiantly to get his hands around the waist of Doreen's jeans, Kent steadily began to pull them down the length of her long, trim legs.

"Raise up," he mumbled.

"Hurry up Mr. Sandridge... Hurry up," Doreen huskily replied as she lifted her ass slightly. "I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck me right here!"

Kent stared up into Doreen's face and for the first time since he had arrived home that night was able to sustain serious and lasting eye contact with the 18 year old and there was a clear expression in his face as well that fucking her on the sofa was just what he was planning to do.

Still, there was a hint of nervous and guilty anticipation oozing out of Kent's pores

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