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Time for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Nothing had ever stretched her throat like that. Nothing had ever felt so good either.

She felt Bob's cock harden and swell. She pushed forward a bit more and he slid in deeper. By this time, Bob is getting harder and harder.

"No one has ever been able to do this," he moaned.

Connie still had a about three inches of cock left to swallow and she was determined to do it. Her mouth was so wet but her passion for this cock was overwhelming. She forced her face deeper and with every push, Bob slid deeper and deeper. Her jaws ached but her pussy was flowing like Niagara Falls. She could cum just from sucking cock and she had already had a few small ones but she was so intent on doing this she didn't care. With only a couple of inches left, she forced her face onto that magnificent hose and it slid completely in.

She had Bob's cock all the way into her throat. Her nose nestled his pubic hair. She was totally lost in the lust of the moment.

"Oh God, Connie, this has never happened to me in my entire life. I've dreamed about this but I've never experienced anything like this."

Neither had she. Bob's cock was fully hard and huge and she couldn't do her fantastic tongue because there was no room inside her mouth so she did what every great cocksucker would do, she pulled out and went back down on it. Each time she did, she took more and more out and sank back down on it fully. Bob went wild. Bob, in all his 46 years had never had a true full blown blow job. By this time, her throat had fully adjusted to the size and the discomfort in her jaws was minor because the heat of the moment was too intense to worry about it. She loved what was happening and she wanted this to be just as memorable for Bob. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked at him and told him to fuck her face, fuck it hard and to give her everything he had.

With that, she took his cock, licked it completely and opened her mouth and swallowed him to the hilt. Bob started to fuck her pretty face. His hips pushed forward and his cock slid deeper and deeper. She grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in. He pulled out and went right back in. He built a rhythm and she savored each thrust. Her pussy was drenched.

She was flowing like a river as Bob's huge cock sank fully way beyond anything either of them had experienced before. Bob was in heaven. This tall, fit man had his enormous cock pounding her sweet face. He started moaning, his thrusts grew stronger. She came and came and came again as Bob's orgasm built. She knew he was going to blow and fill her stomach with his sweet cum. Her pussy kept constricting with each and every thrust of his huge cock. Bob screamed and that enormous pipe unloaded and just kept squirting deep into her eager slut throat.

Connie sucked as best she could. Feeling his eruptions rather than tasting them, his cock had grown so thick and when the first blast hit, she came so hard she almost passed out. She followed each and every drop of hot cum flow thru that pole. She felt the copious warmth flow down her throat. Every spasm, thrust and twitch felt so good. She felt like the perfect slut cocksucker and she wanted the entire world to know it. She had done it, she had loved doing it and she knew, she wasn't through yet.

Bob pulled his cock out slowly, letting her take every drop of cum from it. When the head withdrew into her mouth and she could finally taste his cum, she savored every drop. She tongued the head and loved it.

She wanted all of that cock in every orifice of her hot wanton body. She doubted she could do it but she sure was going to figure out a way before this night was over.

"Bob, I want that cock inside me. I want you to fuck my pussy and then, I want this all the way up my ass."

"Connie, no woman has ever taken this up their ass."

"That was then and this is now. I've got an idea, lets go get a drink and I'll tell you what I would like to try."

As they walked out of Bob's office, Bob yelled toward the living room, "Gary.

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