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A traumatised refugee finds new hope and healing.

He flipped it back over.

One minute, thirty-six seconds to detonation.

Tim closed the cabinet door and bolted out of the house, rushing back to his car. He turned on the engine and drove forward to Sally's then up her drive, blocking in the pizza-boy's Toyota.

Standing in the front door, Sally in a bright yellow French bikini, and Bethesda in her trademark black latex, were engaged in a shouting match.

Beside them and looking rather wide-eyed and slack-jawed, was Jack the tall, tanned and muscular pizza boy, holding...Frederick the ferret.

Tim tilted his head to the side in confusion. What the hell did that damned ferret have to do with anything?

Bethesda pointed a long finger at Jack. "If you're going to steal my boyfriend, then yes I do want my ferret back!"

Tim rolled his eyes. Women... He got out of his car. Ferret or no ferret, he had to get Sally back into that house.

Sally spotted him and her mouth fell open. "Tim?"

Bethesda looked his way. "About damned time you got here!"

Sally glared at Bethesda. "You called him?"

Bethesda glared right back. "Damned straight I did!" She pointed a long finger at Tim. "That's your boyfriend." She pointed at Jack. "I want mine back!"

"Jack swallowed hard. "Maybe, I should go?"

Both women turned to glare at him and snarled in chorus. "Don't you dare!"

Jack flinched back from them.

Frederick the ferret squeaked and flinched too.

Tim lifted his hands and chuckled uneasily. "Um, why don't we take this inside, eh?"

Bethesda scowled, her black eyes gleaming. "Tim, how can you be co calm about this?" She pointed at Sally. "That hussy is cheating on you, with my boyfriend!"

Tim kept his smile on and his hands up, but progressed forward, urging them back toward the open door. "I'd just rather not do this in front of all the neighbors, okay?"

Bethesda curled her lip. "I AM the neighbor!"

"Yes, but..." Tim jammed a thumb over his shoulder, indicating the rest of the block. "You're not the only neighbor."

Sally scowled at Bethesda. "Fine!" She grabbed onto Jack's wrist. "We'll take this inside.

"Hey! Bethesda grabbed onto Sally's other wrist. "That's my boyfriend you're manhandling!" She reached out to grab Jack's hand, grabbing Frederick the ferret in the process.

Sally practically snarled in Bethesda's face. "You're one to talk about manhandling! I don't fuck my boyfriends with a rubber dick!"

Tim's gaze locked on Bethesda, then Jack. His brows shot to his hairline. She fucks him?

Jack shot a quick and terrified glance at Tim, then juggled Frederick into one hand, freeing the other, and grabbed onto Bethesda's sleeve. "Ladies, ladies! Can we go inside now, please?"

Suddenly, an enormous rumble echoed all around, loud enough to shake the ground and rattle the windows.

Everyone looked up at the cloudless sky in confusion.

Well, everyone except Tim. Was that the bomb?

A bright blue light ignited inside the house, blazing out from all of the windows and the front door, casting stark shadows on the front lawn. The light pouring from the front door engulfed the two screaming women, the shouting pizza boy, and the squeaking ferret. Abruptly, the light retreated into the house, sucking all four of them with it. The front door slammed closed behind them.

Act Three


Tim blinked at the closed door. Whoa... He rushed up the steps and threw the front door open. Billowing fog rolled from the house past him. The whole house was full of it. He couldn't see a thing, not even the stairs. Batted at the writhing fog, he carefully stepped in and felt his way to the right and up the stairs to the main part of the house. "Sally?"

A deep throaty moan sounded off to his right, in the general direction if Sally's living room.

Waving his hands to help dissipate the fog, Tim walked slowly that way. "Hey, is everyone all right?"

A dark shape was sprawled o

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