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Ricki surprises Lucy with a new shower toy.


"I have a very open mind, sweetheart. Just tell me and we can down to business here, okay?"

"I have a fetish."

I laughed. "I have a dozen of them."

"A lot of guys are turned off by mine, though."

"What is it, Sarah?"

"I love cum."

"You really managed to find a guy that is turned off by that? I mean, I believe you, but it just about makes my dick explode just hearing you speak those words!"

"No, I mean I really love it. I love the taste of it. I love the musky smell--oh God, it's just so masculine. I love the feel of it on my skin and between my fingers. I like to play with it and to rub it all over my body. I can't help it, Ed. It makes me feel like I've pleased my lover, like it's my reward for being good. My ex called me a submissive slut. He said he couldn't believe he married such a low-class whore."

"Dude should seriously be committed," I said. With soft, slow strokes I brushed the skin of her inner thigh. She squirmed and sucked in a quick breath as though my fingers were made of feathers. I reached higher up and found her sweet pussy warm and so wet that it was already oozing out and moistening her skin below and spreading down the crack of her pretty ass. I played with her juices and rubbed the luscious lubricant further up on her ass. "I want to be covered in your juices, and you want to be covered in mine. Sorry, but I'm just not seeing the problem here, sweetheart." I took one breast into my mouth, softly sucking while running the tip of my tongue around the nipple.

She giggled. "Well, it might get messy. There may be some, um, transference between the two. The thought of tasting even their own cum makes most guys uneasy."

I thought about it for a second or two. "Well, I've always kissed my girlfriends after an enthusiastic blowjob, and I've tasted myself on them before. I just think that a thank-you kiss makes the act seem less degrading and more like the wonderful present it is. It's such an intimate way for a woman to give herself to you, you know?" I kissed my way down her stomach while I gently massaged her clit. The scent of her arousal grew stronger the closer I got. I longed to taste her. Hell, who am I kidding--I wanted to devour her.

She reached down and urged me to position my legs toward her head. She kissed her way down my legs and her warm mouth engulfed my cock even as I parted the lips of her pussy and placed my mouth upon it. I ate at her hungrily as she sucked and licked my dick, occasionally removing her mouth long enough to rub the head all over her face, worshipping it, adoring it. We lay locked in a sixty-nine position for as long as I could stand it. "Oh God, I am going to come a quart!" I said.

"You better!" she said, taking my eight inches completely into her mouth and sucking frantically.

I released the tension from two months without sex in an explosion of warm, sticky desire. She sucked it down greedily. She had the thirst of a woman staggering out of the dessert after being lost for a week; she was a vampire tasting first blood. Still my cock spasmed, six or seven ejaculations of enormous volume that eventually backed up in her throat, ran down her chin, and dribbled down toward her chest. She removed her mouth to catch her breath and pointed my spurting dick at her breasts, the last two ropes splattering against one pink nipple.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed. "I've never seen a man come so much in my life!"

"I've never come that hard, either. The weight training program I'm on raises my testosterone level and my recovery time between ejaculations has dropped down to that of a teenager's, but I've never come that hard or that much." I kissed my way up her lovely body until I found her lips. "You turn me on so much it's unbelievable."

She attacked my mouth with her hungry tongue.

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