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Colony of human breeders explored by dignitaries.

I said good night and then he came over to me at the sink and gave me a hug from behind. He squeezed me tight and his lips brushed against the top of my ear. I gripped the edge of the sink for support and trembled as he left.

The next day he called me from work and told me to wear something nice that night, because we were going out. I decided to wear my mom's red thong under my good slacks. He came home and showered while I waited nervously in the living room. My dick would not go soft, and I kept thinking about what he'd said: He'd been planning a special night. When he was ready I asked where we were going. "Salvatore's." He said. "I made reservations. After dinner we're going to do a little shopping."

"That sounds nice." I said.

He gave me a little squeeze around the waist. "Anything for my boy." He said. He was wearing cologne.

Salvatore's was a date place and the hostess raised an eyebrow at us, but then sat us in an out of the way booth. It was fancy; there were candles on the tables. Dad ordered wine. "I suppose you're wondering why I brought you here." He said.

"No, I'm just enjoying it." I said.

"I want to thank you for being so frank with me last night. It was good to finally hear the truth."

"I figured you already knew I liked guys when you gave me all of mom's panties to wear."

"Can I tell you something shocking?"

"Oh yes, please."

He leaned over and whispered, "I always hoped you were gay."

I giggled. "Really?"

"Since your mother left I've been fighting a losing battle with my urges. You see I've been slowly turning you into the perfect wife. I felt bad about it because I thought I was doing it against your will. Last night I realized you were a few steps ahead of me the whole time."

He stopped talking when the waiter brought our food. Neither one of us picked up our forks, we were looking right at each other. "You're free to leave me and go find a man if you choose, but I hope you'll stay. I think we can make each other very happy."

"You're wrong." I said. "I'm not free to leave, I don't want to be free to leave. I belong to you daddy. I'm yours, you created me, and I want to be your possession."

He reached around my waist and pulled me up against the side of his body. He leaned over and I let my head fall back. He pressed his lips to mine and I opened my mouth and felt his tongue enter. My whole body was weak against his mouth and arms, holding me close.

When the kiss was over everyone in the restaurant was staring. "Oh mind your own fucking business." My father said loudly. I laughed and we ate our dinners defiantly slowly, my daddy had his hand up and down my leg the whole time.

After dinner I couldn't wait to get home, but daddy said we had to stop somewhere first. We parked in the fancy shopping district and I followed him up the street, into Victoria's Secret. A saleswoman came up to us and asked my dad if he was shopping for his wife. "No it's for my son." He said with a smile. The saleswoman frowned at me and I felt my face go beet-red. "For my son's girlfriend." He said. "I'm just here for moral support."

She told us to feel free to look around and find her if we had any questions, and then she left us. "You can pick out anything you want." My dad whispered to me.

"Yeah but they're really for you." I said. "You should pick out what you want to see me in."

He glanced over his shoulder to make sure we were alone, and then let his hand slide down the back of my pants. He pulled me close and squeezed my ass playfully. "Baby, you have such a sweet little ass, hmm! I feel like a kid in a candy store." He said.

He picked out three pair of panties: Red skimpy, pink frilly, and purple French-cut lace. He paid for them and let me carry the bag. It was all I could do to keep from skipping back to the car.

When we finally got home I could barely contain myself.

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