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The pit was waiting for its occupant, the hoist was at the ready to transport the girl to her new home, and the little concrete pad located a few meters away was now available to constrain the girl's movement when she was allowed from the pit. Returning to the house I discovered Neleema berating her cringing daughter about her failure to properly remove all the stains from the sheets. I suggested that since Sayali would be spending the night in her new home outside, and Neleema and I would be sharing her bed, a leap of faith on my part, the sheets could be washed by the girl tomorrow while I was away having lunch with her teacher. Neleema avoided my eyes for some time after I spoke, mulling over the significance of what she had just heard. When she looked up her face was impassive, leaving me hanging. It was critical to my success in taming Sayali that she and I resume our relationship. With a very faint smile, she nodded her head, and I began to once more breathe.

To seal our new relationship as lovers and co-owners of the girl, I suggested that we spend some time together punishing her for failing to meet her wishes when it came to properly cleaning the sheets prior to washing them. Neleema nodded her head enthusiastically at this suggestion. Sayali seemed to grow smaller as she realized that last night was not an isolated incident. This time I had the girl lie on her stomach with a piece of rough burlap beneath her bare body to protect the mattress by absorbing her sweat and any blood that might be generated by the beating she would receive. I cuffed her wrists and anchored them to the bedstead, then assisted Neleema in fixing her ankles to the bed corners with sturdy lengths of scratchy rope. When I produced my other new toy, the special paddle, Neleema smiled and took up my flogger that she had hidden away beneath the bed. The girl looked back over her shoulder at what we were preparing to use on her and began to wail. That did not last long as Neleema shoved a pair of her soiled panties into Sayali's mouth and warned her of the consequences of trying to spit them out.

Neleema motioned for me to begin and her face lit up as the first blow from the special paddle exploded against Sayali's firm buttocks, flattening those rounded mounds and bringing a muffled shriek from the girl. I quickly followed this up with a salvo of blows; the paddle singing as it cut through the air with cruel force and speed thanks to the holes and weights that had been carefully designed into its construction. I was astonished at the damage these few smacks produced. The girl's bottom started to swell before my eyes and she screamed almost continuously into her gag as her blistered buttocks sent wave after wave of terrible pain through her body. I stepped back to allow Neleema to deal a few blows to the girl with the beaver-tailed flogger. She was unfamiliar with the proper technique for using the leather piece, but what she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. She aimed the flogger down upon the crevice between Sayali's blistered cheeks, a super sensitive area that was difficult to strike properly. As my paddle continued to pound those mounds into a pulpy mass of twitching flesh, the swelling finally closed any entrance to that crevice. Neleema then decided to shift her attack to the backs of Sayali's legs, and dealt her daughter a number of satisfying blows that brought muffled yelps and screams from her.

Every time my paddle smashed into the girl's brown flesh a spray of sweat flew from the area which was flattened.

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