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Finally, I did the old tried and true and said that I needed to use the bathroom.

Jolene interceded. "Oh here, hon, take this to the bedroom for me please," she said and handed her purse to me. She embraced me, pulling my head to her ear. "Get those damned panties off!" she warned me. I took the purse, and nodded.

When I returned, I winked at Jolene. The panties were away and I was back in good old boring boxer shorts. Jolene had poured three glasses of wine. I was content just to listen to the two women gossip for a bit but when the conversation turned to their shared celebrity-hero worship - something I found intolerable - I excused myself.

Sarah took a few phone calls, including one I guessed was from Tommy given the suddenly clipped tones she was using and the very bossy demeanor in her tone. "I'll be home later," she said snarkily. "I'm at Joles' house." The conversation ended a few moments later, punctuated when Sarah slapped the mobile down onto the table.

"It's getting worse," she said bitterly in a too-loud tone. I ignored it, but was grateful when their voices grew softer once again. About thirty minutes later I was called to the table by Jolene. I returned and sat down.

The women were into the second bottle of wine. Large glasses were poured. I saw both Sarah's and Jolene's hands tremble a little as they lifted the full glasses. Liquid courage? I could not help but wonder that.

Sarah began without preamble. "Jolene says that she spoke to you about my proposal and that you were...okay with it."

"Your...oh. You want to practice."

She sneered just the smallest bit. "Surely you grasp the concept that practice makes perfect!"

"That's what they say," I agreed using a mild tone. "But yes, Jolene asked me about it and yes, I was okay with it."

It's not like Sarah's face suddenly flooded with relief, but I sensed the release of tension all the same, especially when she resumed speaking in a far more normal tone of voice. "I'm glad to hear that. I miss doing it."

Jolene leaned forward. "You miss doing exactly...what?"

Sarah grinned. " know. A little of this, a little of that. The beauty of it is that it's up to me and me alone, right? As the..." here she cleared her throat a little, "superior?"

I traded a fast glance with Jolene. Maybe she grinned. Maybe. And maybe my cock stirred in my boxers. Maybe. Jolene set her wine glass down. "The superior, huh?"

"Well," Sarah parried neatly, "it's not like I'm going to come out and say 'Mistress'. That's a title that I expect I can earn."

"How do you just turn it on?" I asked aloud.

Sarah paused I suppose to collect her thoughts before replying. "Because most situations are the normal give-and-take, in marriage, life, friendships. Sometimes even in DS situations. But there are times when all that can be put aside to enjoy the pleasure of the moment. And pleasure it surely is," she added with a lecherous wink.

Sometimes when people make pompous pronouncements Jolene cannot help herself and rolls her eyes. The way Sarah spoke it, all puffed up and self-important, drew that eye-roll. Sarah saw it, and slowly set her wine glass down in an overly careful manner.

"Rolling your eyes at me, missy?" Sarah barked harshly at Jolene. It's not an exaggeration to saw that in an instant Sarah went from this pretty but simple friend of my wife's into a totally new and foreign demeanor. Her nostrils flared, lips pursed, and eyes flashed to express disapproval. "Come here, Jolene." And when Jolene failed to move, Sarah's snapping, barking order of "NOW, bitch!" got her moving.

Sarah pointed at the floor. "Stand right there. Insolent eye-rolling bitch," she snarled. She almost violently threw her arm at me, index finger extended fully straight, pointing right at my face. "You, boy, you get over here too!" she ordered.

Intrigued by the change, I stood and walked over.

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