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All is revealed; reward and retribution.

I don't be carin'. Sometimes, I closes my eyes 'n sees us runnin' around all free 'n happy like. I's scurred o' snakes sumtin fierce in real life so I don't eat dat dang apple in my mind's eye, we's just be free 'n happy . . . free 'n happy.

See, me 'n Adam was runnin' fo freedom when da catcha's dun snatched us up in some place called Louisville. Folks say we wuz almost to freedom iffin we wasn't catched. T'was my fault we got catched. I had my moon flow 'n we was in de woods 'n I didn't have no cotton to swab up de blood so we jest walk 'n walk 'n walk most de night 'n durin' de day we hide. All de time we wuz walkin', I was leavin' a trail for dem ole dogs to follow. Adam dun tried to carry me but he was too tired from walkin' all dem nights. I tole him to leave me be and go on but he wouldn't. Dem ole hounds caught de smell o' my blood 'n tracked us 'n catched us right on up 'n brought us back to here to ole Massa.

Massa tell de ova'sea to do ev'rytin' to Adam ceptin' kill 'em. Well, he say not to cut him down dere cuz he need him right for breedin' 'n all cuz Adam is a good bull. He make good babies for massa to sell fo' lots of money. I kin't have no babies cuz my insides t'aint right after ole Massa dun used a broken bottle on me dere. But I'm a fancy, meanin' I's yella cuz my pa was my ole Massa, so dis here Massa keeps me round for his "musemint" is wut he be callin' it. I call it hell. See, Adam don't love me cause I'm half white, he love me cuz I got . . . wut he call it . . . a regal air 'bout me. I taint positive wut dat means fo' sho' but he say dat I be a queen where he from, a real live queen wit a crown 'n all.

Massa say not to beat me. I was hopin' to get da whip cuzin I know da pain of da beatin' be ova in a few days. Wut massa do to me, dat pain don't neva go way. Dat pain be in my heart, you know, you kin't touch it but it be dere, from de sun to da moon 'n back to da sun one mo' 'gain. Massa hurt me down dere. He make sure I know not to run away no mo' 'n he make me do awful things to make me pay. He say I need to know my place so he tell his sons to do things to me down dere too. Iffin' I wuz all de way white, I could choose who could know me in de bible way. Slave gals don't have no say in dat.

Adam been down almost 2 weeks. His fever dun broke but he tain't ate nuffin' yet. I be givin' him tea with hyssop, nettle, 'n honey in it fo' when he get his strength back. Dey's healin' roots from in de bible so I knows dey gotsta work. His wounds got 'fected real terrible like 'n I had ta clean 'em e'ry night after doin' ma chores. I knows he gunna be betta, I's can feel it in ma bones.

Sometimes, when I look at Adam, my eyes fill up wit tears and my heart feel like it wanna 'splode like a fire cracker. I loves him more dan anythin' in de whole world. I knows with e'ry bit o' my soul dat Adam loves me with e'ry bit o' his soul too. Massa say niggers ain't got no souls. He say only white folks got souls but he crazier dan a loon. Even I know a soul is what makes you 'live, a soul be da thing dat makes you sing 'n dance 'n jump around.

God dun answered my prayas. Adam is 'woke. He's still weak but da fire be back in his eyes. Ole Sadie say he pull through cuz he gots pure African blood in 'em. Well, dat 'n de love of a gud womin. She help me get fixed up nice an purty for Adam and de ovah slaves done left and let us be alone in da quarters.

I went to Adam in de night.

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