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Daddyslave gets all 'dolled' up.

Daniel gasped as it wrapped itself around his hardening member, and slowly began to stroke along his length.

She bit her lip as she stared up at him with her glowing hazel eyes, her hand moving delicately over his shaft. The warm water still cascaded down on top of them, and Daniel opened his mouth to groan at her work. She smiled.

Slowly, she sank to her knees, and Daniel's mouth twisted into a grin. He groaned aloud as his head slipped between her lips, and reached out to place his hands on the tiled wall of the shower.

He rested there a moment as the brunette beauty bobbed her head, gently engorging his member. Her mouth sucked a wonderful vacuum around his length, and her left hand rested against his thigh as she took more of him into her mouth.

Jenny looked up at him with a glint in her eye as she pulled her head from his cock, warm water splashing down over his throbbing member. "Nice?" she teased, once more stroking her fist on his shaft.

Daniel murmured his assent, still leaning against the wall, and closed his eyes with pleasure as his lover took his cock into her mouth another time. She held the base, sucking his head repeatedly into her mouth, letting her lips caress his sensitive tip. He looked down at her with wide eyes, and she smiled up at him, licking his cock from its base to its head with long, languorous sweeps of her tongue.

"That's so good..." he whispered, gasping again as her mouth took his member between her lips. Her tongue brushed the underside of his head as she sucked down on him, her hands moving so that she held his shaft in both. There, she pumped them, the extra feeling drawing yet another groan of delight from his lungs, and he felt the beautiful girl giggle onto his cock.

He watched Jenny; watched the way the warm water ran in rivers over her trim form, the way her breasts shook as she bobbed her head. Her hair was plastered to her head now, yet she still looked magnificent; he was sure that his own had also long lost any semblance of style.

"Sucking cock in the shower... maybe I could add you to my morning routine," she murmured as she grinned up at him, before biting her lower lip and running her fist quickly over his shaft. She remained that way a moment, looking up at Daniel with barely-constrained glee, and he guessed she enjoyed the sight of him utterly under her thrall.

"Maybe you could," he groaned back as she leant forwards again, his cock slipping between her lips. She left it there again, doing amazing things to his member, and soon Daniel could take it no more.

She grinned as Daniel leant down, grasping her upper arms and gently pulling her to her feet. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could do so he had crushed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply. The water still thundered down on top of them, the noisy shower drowning out their faint moans, and her wet hair clung to her head as he ran his hands lightly through it.

"Turn around," he growled, a wicked smile on his face. A similar look swept across her features as she did so, lackadaisically spinning on the spot, making sure that Daniel's gaze took in every inch of her splendid body. She ran one finger over his hard stomach, too, clearly appreciating his own appearance, and Daniel smiled. He could only dream of how bedraggled he looked, his hair soaking and flattened in the shower, and yet still she seemed to want him.

But then again, why not? I still want her - in fact I think she looks stunning right now.

He ran one hand down her glistening back, letting it come to rest on her ass, the hot water bubbling like a spring against his palm. With a quick squeeze of the flesh Jenny bent over, looking back at him with something approaching animalistic hunger. He grinned at the sight of her waiting pussy, soaking wet but not from the shower water, and grasped his cock.

He pushed his head against her folds, then deeper, groaning aloud as he sank into her depths.

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