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College lovers celebrate graduation together.

All the guys I knew and partly knew when I was in cadets were there. The fat guy and two others who were dual citizens and died in Vietnam. Dennis who drowned in a swimming accident. There was even a few Indians who were offended because I worked as a security guard at a water treatment plant built on their burial ground. Eventually the drugs wore off and I was alone in a very sterile room. The door opened and Anthony and Lady Fantomyia walked in; so what else was new.

"Hey guy how ya doing," said Anthony looking more concern and not conceded.

"Stupid question from you," snapped Fantomyia, "he looks like he was drinking Ancient Jungle Juice."

"You would not believe the trip I was on," I gasped. "Am I a junkie now?" Then I laughed, "I guess it's off to a spanking for me I said a bad word."

"No," said Fantomyia, "your reference to drug addiction is a good question. Can you trust us."

"Sure Lady Sharp-Teeth," I slurred as I slowly went to earth. "Can I kiss your tail?"

"Would a Sober-Up© work," she asked Anthony.

"Can't see why not," he said taking out what looked like a fountain pen from his pocket. He pressed he metal base on my neck above the metal collar and the stuff washed into me.

"Agg," I screamed and tried to pull my hands to my head. That stuff went right to my brain and suddenly my blood was rushing faster than a nitro pill could ever do to you. I wrestled with the restraints that held me on the hospital bed and broke them.

"Oh shit," cursed Anthony as he tried to hold me down.

"What was the setting," asked Fantomyia as she tried to hold me down.

"Fifty percent."

"That's too little, he shouldn't be like this."

"I'm going to puke," I gasped. Fantomyia brought a bucket to my lap while Anthony held on to me as I puked into it.

"Oh gawd," gasped Anthony. "What have they been feeding you."

"Junk food," I spat. "Where the hell am I, and what time is it?"

"You're in the High Commissioner's private rest area," explained Fantomyia, "Free Zone. The Planetary Governor had to take over the investigation. Can you still see a ghost?"

"No," I sighed, "maybe he left."

"The question is Al Jones," said a new voice entering the room, "can you trust us?" It was the Governor Prince Otto in the flesh.

"Bill believes in you," I said remembering the loyal Starship Engineer. "I think I can too."

"Can you be patient with me," he asked.

"How patient?"

"Patient like waiting for a group of people to walk into your ambush."

"That patient," I said. Only Marty painfully took the time to explain that to me. Very few Wizards can talk to ghost. Was Prince Otto that kind of a Wizard? "Okay," I sighed, "but I was supposed to be home hours ago, I'm in deep shit."

"I'll write you a note," Prince Otto smiled and helped me off the bed.

"Ouch," I gasped as I could feel something up my ass. "Do I have another butt-plug up my ass?"

"Nope," said Anthony who waved a Star Trek salt shaker over my ass. "It's a medical plug. Somebody had some surgery done."

"According to his medical charts," said Fatomyia holding a mini-computer pad, "they did some interesting things to him."

"Really," said Prince Otto taking it from her and reading it over quickly. He started to laugh and handed it to Anthony.

"Oh dear," chuckled Anthony.

"Let me see it," I said taking the pad. The writing was in gibberish but I could make out words like "the" and anal, but nothing more. "What is this?"

"Freedom Basic," laughed Anthony.

"What did they do to me," I had to ask.

"Non-consensual surgery," said Prince Otto as he walked towards the next room. "You waved that right," he added. "You waved that clause figuring they would make you look better and you do."

"What did they do," I asked.

"Well you don't have to shave anymore," added Anthony. I checked about the room and found a mirror. I still had a full head of hair. "Not there," added Anthony.

"Just every place else," added Fantomyia as she put on her leash and acted as a slave pet again to Anthony.

"Everywhere," I asked lookin

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