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A new mission.

He seemed reluctant, and when he finally stood from his blankets, it was obvious why. His boxers were tented out by what appeared to be a rather sizeable erection. I just stared at it, as he tried to hide it by twisting his body away from the other two.

Kristi said, "Wow Joey, if I wasn't with Rob I might be tempted to see what's in those shorts." He blushed more than he already was and took a photo of me, lying on the couch, covered only by a blanket to my waste and with my hands pinned under my back. I realized as he took the image that I was still looking at his boxers, wishing that he would just pull them off.

Joey sat the camera down on the low table in front of his couch, and Kristi drew the blanket up above my chest to right under my chin, covering me completely. She tucked it in between me and the back of the couch and smiled, "Try not to squirm too much gorgeous," leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead."

She said, "Come on Pandora, I'll show you to your room. Joey, I'll get the lights." Pandora stuck her arm through that of Kristi, and the two thumped upstairs whispering and laughing. Joey and I stared at each other, me looking, I think, a bit nervous, but also dazed, and him looking nervous, sheepish, and hopeful.

After a minute he seemed to snap out of it, got up and turned out the lights.


We started talking then, and spoke for at least an hour getting to know each other. We didn't talk about the nudity and kissing and all else from the night, but instead about our past and our hopes and dreams. And he asked me out, "Susan, I mean, Susan, would you like, um, sometime, if you don't it's ok, but would youliketogooutwithmesometime?" It was a rush at the end, and the silence after seemed to stretch.

It wasn't that I didn't want to say yes, but that I couldn't take a breath...when I finally did, I gasped, "Yes, I mean, I would like to go out with you anytime."

He said, "Really," and started me giggling. "What?"

I was able to speak this time, "I'm still pretty drunk, but it strikes me as funny that you here we are, and I'm naked before our first date."

We both laughed, and as that settled into a comfortable silence, I whispered, "Goodnight Joey. I'm looking forward to our date."

"Goodnight Susan, so am I."

I listened to him breathing just a few feet away, and eventually I noticed it change. In the dim light of the room, I was able to make out his shape on the other couch. He was on his back, his blanket around his waste, and hands on his stomach as he slept.

I didn't sleep that night, instead fantasizing about how he could come over and stick his penis in my mouth, in my pussy, anywhere he wanted. I was helpless, but definitely not unwilling, and regretted not being able to reach and caress myself. I tried clenching my thighs and squirming, but didn't find relief.

As the sun started to come up, I again looked to my side toward Joey. His blanket had fallen to the ground and, again, his boxers were tented. From this side, though, his fly was parted as the fabric was lifted, and I could see the pale outline of his hard cock. I longed to touch it, to taste it. I was feeling so wonton, and I realized, I was loving it.

I could see the clock across the room saying it was 6:48 AM. I was still covered, but started to wonder, as I looked at Joey, about what I might do.

I used my feet, quite easily, to pull the blanket down my body to just above my nipples.

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