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Offer from a Sister of Mercy can't be refused.

My cabin is well outside of the city on the edge of the mountains. Deb sent me with strict instructions to not come back until Monday. Smoke is coming from the chimney. I assume that whoever Deb plans to use to get my mind off Stacy is already in the cabin.

Inside toking the fireplace is a fully nude, blue haired, tattooed from head to toe, Annabelle Rhide.

When I first met her she had brown hair and was only somewhat tattooed. Anna was in school for art when I found her in a dive bar in queens. She dropped out to start her own motorcycle bar with money that I may or may not have loaned her. The investment paid off, Anna is only 27 but she has made a life and a name for herself running one of the most recognizable motorcycle bars in the state. We both still find time in our busy schedules to spend get together. I've known her since soon after the divorce and if I'm honest, she has gotten me through some rough times.

"You cold?"

She looks up at me "I like the fire"

I take a step toward her

"No clothes allowed."

"It's my cabin."

"It's my rule" She stands up casually displaying her nakedness. A red dragon snakes it's way from her left knee across her bikini line, between her perfect B cup breasts to her left shoulder and up the side of her neck.

"Good enough for me." I remove all of my garments and toss them in a pile near the door.

"Not good enough." She scolds and points at the fire.

"Do you have any idea what that suit is worth?"

"More than a weekend with me?" She pouts.

Naked and defeated I pick up my clothes, thankful that I left my sport coat in the Porsche. "You know you're crazy, right?"

"It's what keeps you interested."

I toss each article in, one by one, her smile widening at its destruction. She's right, I'm not really upset. I like playing her games, they always end with me feeling stiff, sore, satisfied and with an incredible story to tell. "What now?"

"Now? Now you gotta catch me."

She squeals as she bounds over the couch and to the kitchen. I chase her into the kitchen with each of us on either side of the island. Anna grabs a champagne glass from the shelf and tosses it to me. I catch it as she hurtles past me and out the front door giggling. Undeterred I continue my pursuit. She leads me around the house and scales the second story patio. I take the stairs making up the time. She reaches the second story entrance moments before I do but it's locked. Got her. She cries out in mock desperation.

My erect cock is pressed between us. Anna slowly parts her legs and smiles. "Go ahead Daniel, claim your prize." I align myself between her puffy lips and surge forward into her wetness. Anna just looks me in the eye. "That all you got?" I fuck her with a fury, my adrenaline already pumping. She rakes her nails across my back. I stand and lift her to the edge of the balcony to re enter her from behind. I fuck her in front of an incredible view of the forest leading up, into the mountains. She lifts her leg to give me more clear access and I bottom out on her cervix. The foreplay has me ready I can feel my legs begin to shake under the weight of my first orgasm. She notices too and twists her head around to lock lips with my own. I withdraw myself and streams of cum launch up her back. She smiles, "You're not done yet, lets find somewhere to wash off so that I can get mine." She leaps over the balcony coiling as she lands. Here we go again.

I follow her up a trail to the small stream and waterfall near the back of my property.

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