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She catches me watching her wash her car.


The girl parts her mouth as well, and their two tongues dart out at one another, flicking along lips and exploring mouths. The brunette places her hand on the girl's leg while their tongues play, feeling the smooth skin just above her knee.

The Reverend suddenly realized that his imagination was getting the best of him, and he was becoming aroused, physically as well as mentally. He could feel his manhood swelling in his trousers as he envisioned this forbidden lust. He hoped she couldn't hear it in his voice as he questioned her.

"What happened next, child?"

"Well, that was it. She kissed me, and I said cool, and we went back to talking."

"That is all you need to confess to?" It looked as if his fun was already over.

"Um, no. Later that night, after we went to sleep, something else happened. We were both sleeping on her bed that night."

The audience of his mind cheered as the scene was quickly recast. Now he had both girls, still dressed the same, sleeping on top of the sheets, a slight sheen of sweat from the summer night glistening on their bodies. This vision did nothing to lessen his excitement, and a growing bulge began to strain against his pants.

"We must have cuddled up in our sleep," she continued, "because I woke up in the middle of the night, and we were pressed up together. Susie's head was next to mine, and her one arm was curled up on top of me, with her hand resting on my..." She froze, embarrassed to continue. He new exactly where Susie's hand had been, but he needed to hear her say it.

"Where was her hand, child. This is very important."

"Her hand was on my boob. She was asleep and all, but she kept wiggling around, and she was breathing on my neck, and every time she moved her fingers would rub against my..."

"Go on, its okay." Oh god, don't stop now, he thought.

"Um, my nipple. And between her breath and her fingers, I..." She trailed off again, but by now he had already envisioned the delicate fingers cupping her breast, her nipple hardening visibly through the fabric. He was hardening even more now, and he found himself unconsciously grabbing his growing erection, squeezing it through the trousers. It was then that he caught a sigh from the girl that sounded different from the others, something more involved. He decided to take a chance, hoping he read the noise right."

"So you found yourself aroused by your friend's closeness, aroused sexually."

"Yes, Father."

He pushed a little more. "So the combination of her hot breath on your neck, along with her absently playing with your breast, got you excited?"

"Yes." There was a pause after her answer, and then he heard it again, that gentle sigh, almost a subtle gasp. She was getting as excited talking about it as he was listening."

"And talking about how you felt, is it effecting you now?"

There was a scary second of silence when he thought she would flee the confessional, but then she answered, "Yes, it is."

The scene in his head sprung back into action as he got her rolling again. "What did you do, that night, when you became aroused by your friend's actions?"

"Um, I played with myself."

"Please me more specific, child." Once again, he knew what she meant, but he had to her it, needed to hear the words come from those pink glossed lips.

"I, uh, reached down and played... er, rubbed my..." she struggled for a non-offensive word, but blurted out "pussy."

Hearing the young girl use such language should have angered him, but instead it drove him mad with lust, his organ swelling even more as he began to massage it through the pants, unable to ignore it. He nearly choked on the excitement when he asked her his next question.

"When you rubbed it, was it wet?"

"Yes." There was no mistaking the tone in her voice now; she was definitely hot, and not trying to hide it. He had to push it further.

"Are you wet now, thinking about that night?"

There was another long pause.

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