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Ensuring uranium supplies by pleasing an African general.

As if she was sitting on a toilet, Elizabeth leaned forward on her seat on the couch to stare at her daughter's blue eyes with her blue eyes.

"Why would you do that? Why would you invite your uncle to the dance without even asking me? You know that your uncle is no longer welcome in our house. You know that your father wants nothing more to do with his brother," said Lydia's mother. "Why would you antagonize your father and put me in the middle by inviting his brother to the father and daughter dance? Your father will be livid with you."

As if she was assessing the damage she was doing, Lydia nodded and smiled before speaking.

"I went to see him today to see if there was anything I could do for him to earn a few dollars to buy a dress and shoes. With him being divorced for years and with him not having a woman in his life, I figured I could do some gardening, cooking, or cleaning for him," she said.

If only her mother knew what more her daughter was thinking.

'While imagining myself wearing a sexy maid's uniform, I went to see Uncle Bill to ask if he needed me to be his upstairs maid. I could draw him a bath, wash his back, or reach my hand down in the warm, soapy, bathwater to stroke his cock. I could give him a full body, naked massage or be his sexy bitch and have incestuous sex with him,' she wanted to say all of that to her mother but she didn't.

She had already antagonized her mother enough by telling her that she invited her uncle to escort her to the father and daughter dance. Besides not ready to stick a knife in her mother's chest, Lydia wanted to build the sexual suspense as if she was a character in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. As if she was May Welland played by Winona Ryder and her mother was Ellen Oleska played by Michelle Pfeiffer, she wanted to see her mother squirm. As if she was suddenly struck mute, Elizabeth looked at her daughter without saying anything.

"If money was the only reason why you felt compelled to ask him, I would have given you the money to buy a dress and shoes. You didn't have to go to the dance with him. We could have gone to the dance together," she said. "We can still go. Call your uncle, thank him, tell him that I'm taking you to the dance, and cancel going with him to go with me. I'd be happy to reimburse him for the dress and the shoes. Trust me, he'll understand," said Elizabeth with a wave of her hand as if she was swatting away a fly.

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As if punishing her mother, Lydia gave her mother an empty smile. Wondering about her mother standing naked before her brother-in-law in the way that Lydia stood topless in front of her uncle, she wondered if her mother was an exhibitionist in the way she was. She wondered how many times her mother had sexually teased and/or flashed her husband's brother for him to come upstairs while she was changing out of her bathing suit. She wondered what her mother did to seduce her brother-in-law into crossing the incestuous line to have forbidden sex with her, his brother's wife.

Like mother like daughter, maybe because they were so much alike was why they were so far apart. If only she knew she had deliberately loosened her bra straps to show her uncle a down blouse view of not only her cleavage and bra but also of the shape of her breasts, her areolas, and nipples, she wondered what she'd say. On the pretense of pulling weeds, if only she knew she had already flashed Uncle Bill her panties when alighting from her car and continued flashing him her panties when squatting in front of him with her skirt raised and her knees spread.

If only she knew she gave her uncle a full body hug and kissed him full on the lips twice, she wondered if she'd think her a whore in the way she thought her mother was a whore.

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