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The post-parade results.


My mouth travels to her nipple and closes around it
sucking gently as it hardens between my lips I nearly moan out loud
I feel myself wet now, against her thigh, slowly moving my pussy against her
and she is becoming warmer, her breathing slightly faster ... but still asleep

As my mouth leaves her nipple and makes its way down
leaving a trail of wetness my tongue travels on its journey south
kissing, licking here and there but never stopping because
It's a tongue on a mission :)

Sliding lower,
tonguing my way to sweet warm places, she begins to stir beneath me
As my warm mouth, hot breath, follows like a magnet to her warmest places
i feel her body shift, open, draw me lower...

Hands unsure--
awake, would she allow this? Would I have to beg to kneel here,
or would her legs open to my touch, the only permission necessary being
the wetness that I can see, even now, between her sweet pink lips

The hands caress her and she moans now,
my palms caressing her calves, her knees, the insides of her thighs
pressing them apart, shouldering my way in, I feel her spread herself wide
and that's all the invitation I need

Impatiently, my tongue
dips into the creases of her lips as I inhale her scent, taste her wetness,
coat my tongue with it and spread it over her, licking so softly, even
darting inside her but not going near her clit

As she groans, her arms
reach down, her fingers rake through my hair,
I see her clit so swollen and I want to take it between my lips, I need her
to tell me 'yes', I cannot take what she has not offered me
Still, she sleeps ...
I dare not wake her .. she has moaned and groaned and still not awakened,
my hand reaches down to touch the wetness that now drips down to the sheets,
feeling its stickiness with my fingers, I accidentally slip inside

Ahh... god ... her wet pussy ...
her hips raising slightly, causing my fingers to slip deeper into her,
just barely inside but so snug, so warm, so wet ... I dare not move
but her hips do the moving for us, rotating slowly in circles

Is she awake yet? Her fingers slowly twining through my hair
say yes, her eyes closed say no ... she draws me more deeply into her
sleeping self, pussy throbbing inside, I know I couldn't sleep through this
My tongue slides up ... higher ... lips almost touching her clit

My own breathing heavy
I shift and plant my own wetness over her leg, rocking slowly there
fingers push further inside her, reaching for her limits
I rock and moan ... I could cum, this way

Pushing slowly in and out,
fingers brave now, her hips rise to meet me and my tongue, still seeking as
her hips suddenly rise higher, forcing her clit between my lips
and I take it, close my mouth around it, tickling it with my tongue

She awakens groaning loudly,
my fingers twitch inside her as my mouth surrounds her clit,
sucking insistently ... wanting so badly to take her over the edge
I feel myself on the edge, falling over

Her hands press my head to her now,
her legs spread even wider, allowing my fingers to drive deeply into her
tongue working rapidly over her clit now, feeling her so swollen
and my other hand snaking downward to my own

Perfect rhythm now, her hips undulate
beneath me as I find her most perfect place, tongue like velvet stroking her
My fingers find my clit and match the movements of my tongue
on her, on me, we begin to rock together

I begin to groan, and whimper
feeling myself inside her, feeling her swollen clit throbbing under my tongue
Her pussy grips my fingers as they slide in and out of her freely now
and my fingers slipping over and over my clit ... I want her to cum

Tearing myself away for a moment
raising up I show her my wet and swollen need, and I beg
please ... please Ma'am would you cum for me? May I cum for you?
Diving back down to buzz her clit with my tongue I await her answer

She breathes rapidly moans deeply
I plunge, lick, suck, ... God she is so hard, so wet, so open, so fierce
as she grinds her hips into my face
my own clit ready to burst, I wait for an answer

Yes, cum for me, she whispers
and I am so surpri

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