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Well, here I was, eighteen years later, trying to decide what to get for the girl that has everything. I had finally decided on flying to New York for the weekend and bringing back something that you couldn't get in any "mom and pop" store. Just as I was about to pay for my airline ticket, my wife calls me.


"It's me, honey. Cancel your trip, and come home."

"Is something wrong?" She sounded fine, but she doesn't usually call me when I'm traveling alone; I call her when I can.

"No. Just come home." Click.

What the hell? I had no idea what she was wanting, or why she would even think of hanging up on me; she knows that is one of my pet peeves.

"Excuse me, miss. It seems something has come up; family affairs. Thank you anyway," I said to the desk attendant as I turned and rushed back to my car. All the way home I kept wondering what was so important.


I could never have guessed. I pulled into the driveway, where my wife was waiting for me. I got out and walked up to her. She was smiling, and waited for my suspense to boil over. Within five seconds, I was ecstatic.


"Um, darling. Do you remember when we used to discuss our wildest fantasies together?" Her smile grew. My dick hardened, and my mind was in total chaos.

"Yes. Why?"

"Well, do you remember the ones that involved watching your daughter with another girl?"

My jaw hit the concrete. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My wife was trying to tell me that my daughter was bisexual, maybe even gay. She knew that that was one of my biggest turn-ons: lesbianism.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes. Kaycee's friend Monica is here. They're in the sauna. And... I haven't had the chance to tell Kaycee about our "home security feature" we just installed." She was referring to our camera upgrade we had just competed, one in each room of the house.

I had to collect myself. My daughter Kaycee and her friend Monica... together... right now... in our sauna.

"Video room. Now." My cock was aching to be released, and so it was hard to walk/jog to our home security room in the west wing.

"Have you started video taping?" I asked Linda.

"Of course. I knew you would just die," she said, and smiled even more. My wife knows what I like, and vice versa. That is why we stay in love.

I nearly broke the door down trying to get into the security room. I quickly punched the key labeled "sauna," and brought it up on our enormous, 94-inch wide projection screen.

Sounds of joy filled the air, as did a close-up picture on the screen of my luscious daughter and her best friend. Both of them were totally naked, sweating, and erotically intertwined in a passionate sixty-nine. I felt my dick about to tear a hole in my slacks as I concentrated on Kaycee pulling down on Monica's sweet little ass, burying her face in her young, virgin pussy. I nearly creamed myself. Monica was no amateur, either. She shook her head from side to side, licking, jabbing with her tongue, then sucking on my Kaycee's sweet spot. The moaning and the wet, squishy sounds were too much; I fished out my cock and began to play with it.

After a minute or so of live feed, I remembered that my wife had started the tape earlier. I stopped my self-stimulation for a minute and typed in the command "Initial Sequence." The sounds immediately changed from moaning to silence, except for the steam hissing softly. The screen displayed a white, slightly transparent cloud. Within seconds, Kaycee and Monica entered the room, white robes wrapped around their immaculate teenage bodies. A thought occurred to me, and I turned to my wife.

"Did you set this up? You did, didn't you!" My wife just grinned even more, if it was even possible. She knew full well Monica was bisexual, and had wanted Kaycee for quite some time. I had been ignorant of this fact, and my wife had just successfully brought one of my fantasies to life.

I then proceeded to position my wife in front of me, bent over the low-back leather couch, lift her skirt, and slide her thong panties to the floor.

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