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While Joel is swinging in Vegas, Jen's swinging at home.

She was obviously enjoying sucking it as much as I was being sucked and she was continually moaning which was causing a gentle vibration round my cockhead.

I couldn't last long at this rate and sure enough it was just seconds before I started to cum. She didn't back off. She just sucked gently on the head as I was cumming and wanked me gently to make sure she got all my spunk into her mouth. Obviously my cock was very sensitive after such an intense release but she kept it in her mouth and gently suckled on the head until I had calmed down.

She lifted her head to smile at me, made a point of letting me see her swallow, then gave me a wonderful open mouthed kiss to let me taste the remnants of my spunk in her mouth. It was the best blow job I had ever had and I fell in love with her there and then.

I saw her at least once a week for a few months. Sometimes after golf and sometimes during the daytime when we could both get away and meet up in some remote location where I could enjoy one of the earth shattering blow jobs or eat her glorious pussy.

Eventually she left her husband and moved in with me. It was mutual and they had a quickie divorce and before long we were married. Sandy continued on with her job, which she was very good at and I got on with mine. She went out of her way to dress to please me. She knew I was addicted to stockings and she always wore them, either genuine classic nylons with garter belt or silky hold ups and occasionally sexy pantyhose.

When we were married I enrolled her as a family member at my golf club and she resigned from her own club. Most of our golf we played on our own but we would join others for mixed events and Sandy would play in the ladies events. There were a lot single guys at the Club and I enjoyed watching them admiring her legs both in shiny hose or bare when she was changed into her golf gear.

One day I was in the gents toilet after playing, when the door opened and I heard two guys coming in. I recognised their voices as they chatted but they had no idea I was in there. Let us call them Dave and Jim, not their real names. Jim said "Dave, did you see Jay's bird Sandy today? She has great legs and always wears great looking shiny stockings." "I know" said Dave, "they look great but probably tights not stockings". "Whatever they are Dave" Jim replied, "they look great and I wouldn't mind fucking her. Do you think she is up for it?"

My cock was getting hard listening to them and I had to be very careful to keep quiet in the stall so they would have no idea anyone was there. "Maybe" Dave replied. "She is very flirty when she is on her own and she has a great smile. I hear she gives a great blow job."

My cock was rock hard by now. The thought of Sandy sucking another cock had often crossed my mind, but hearing someone talking about it nearly made me cum. How the hell did he know she gives a great blow job. I had never mentioned it to anyone. Who had told him this?

I stayed in the stall until they had gone and then left it a few minutes before I came out. My mind was racing. On the one hand I was shocked to hear their remarks about Sandy's oral activities but on the other hand, the thought of her sucking another cock had got me hard.

Over the next few weeks I checked on her very carefully to see if she had any spare time that she couldn't account for. The last thing I wanted her to think was that I was checking up on her so I had to be very careful. She certainly wasn't neglecting me and my sexual needs.

We didn't go out very much, preferring to watch tv after Dinner and rarely a night went by when we didn't have sex, usually ending up in an oral feast for us both. I loved eating her pussy, sucking on and nibbling her clit and feeling the shudders going though her body has she had orgasm after orgasm. She appeared to love sucking on my cock and balls and always savoured my cum in her mouth before swallowing it.

Eventually I dismissed what I had heard as pure speculation and mischief

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