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One minute she was hanging upside down and the next she was righted. Her body was lifted once more before she was dropped slowly downward. Her legs met the fine leather of a saddle and then slid over the sides of a large animal, the fine hairs tickling her legs. In the next instant, she gasped in shock as a large solid object forced its way deep inside her pussy. Snow Whites hands were then tied to the pommel of the saddle and her legs were left to dangle at the animal's sides.

Gabriel's voice broke through her shock. "Well, girl, it pains me to do this. But because of your foolish actions you have to be punished. Now this punishment is one of our more lenient, but it will still do the trick. Remember my words throughout this punishment. You will not be allowed to escape us and you will not ever again try to do us harm. Trust me in this, you do not want me to have to give you a harsher punishment."

The horse began to walk and the object in her pussy wiggled with the motion.

Well, this isn't bad, thought Snow White. I can handle this, how they think this is a punishment is beyond me.

Then the horse began to canter sending Snow White bouncing up and down on the fake phallus. Up and down, in and out it went, slamming deep inside her pussy. Harsh gasping cries came rhythmically from her throat. Her breasts swelled up, aching to be touched.

"Ohhhh God! Ohhhh Fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah!" She screamed as the first orgasm shattered through her.

There was no reprieve for Snow White. The horse continued to canter and Snow White continued climaxing again and again, until they seemed to break on top of each other. When the horse stopped she begged and pleaded for the punishment to end. But her pleadings were ignored. Instead the phallus and her pussy were lubricated and the horse was slapped into a gallop.

This time the orgasm was never-ending. Continuous pleasure smashed through her until her body went numb to the pleasure and she was so weak she could only slump in the saddle. Only then was the horse stopped.

Warm hands lifted her down and once again over a strong shoulder. Insensible, she was carried into her room and laid on her bed, her body still twitching with aftershocks.

"Sleep, girl, you have until after dinner to recover and then your lessons will continue." His husky voice seemed far away to her overworked mind.

* * *

Snow White was scared. Actually terrified would be a better word. She was standing once more in front of Derek's bedroom door and in just a few seconds that door would open and he would be standing in front of her. He was going to be furious with her; she just knew it. Oh God, what if he wanted her punished some more. She was close to panicking when the door opened.

Snow White was pulled into the room and left to stand just inside the doorway, nervously wringing her hands, unsure what to do.

"Come here, girl." The silken voice slid over her causing her nipples to harden.

Snow White looked to where the voice had come from and found the golden god, waiting for her naked, sprawled across a much larger armchair than she had previously seen. Her eyes slid lower, widening at his partially erect penis....

"Come here now, girl." Derek ordered again. He smiled at her nervousness as she moved forward. "Turn around slowly."

She could feel his eyes burning over her skin as she turned.

"You have a lovely ass. And your lips are so full, and kissable. Turn some more. I like perky breasts. Tell me, girl, do you like when I look at you? Does it turn you on? Why don't we find out? Take one of your fingers and dip it into your pussy and we'll see if your wet."

Hesitantly, Snow White slid her index finger through the moisture already flowing from her cunt. Pink tinged her cheeks as she held the finger up for his inspection.

"What a wonderful sight. Give me a taste of those slutty juices. Come on, girl stick that finger in my mouth."

She leaned over the chair and brought her finger to his lips.

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