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The Big Game; Carrie has a big surprise for Josh!

"Well...there was supposed to be eleven guys. Ended up being thirteen. I got there...and Cheryl, my daddy's bitchy bartender...well she ordered me to take my clothes off. So I stripped right there in front of the bar...no privacy."

"The customers were gone, right?"

"Yeah...they were gone. It was just me and her, but the windows weren't covered. Anyone walking by could have seen me."

"What happened next?"

Alicia took a deep breath and continued...

"I walked into the back room where they were going to have it. The room was filthy. They had me on an old dirty mattress on the floor. Tommy Harris and his idiot friends were there too. His friends were the other two guys they added."

"Tommy Harris!? I hate that guy! He's such a dick to me in school. I don't understand it. He comes into Bargain Mart sometimes just to give me shit! I can't believe you had to have sex with him!"

After Peter said that, she remembered all the good sex she had had with Tommy the past two days. Peter may have hated him, but she didn't...

"Yeah, he was kind of a jerk that night, babe."

She called Peter 'babe', but it didn't feel right. "Babe" was something Tommy had been calling her as if she was "his" girl or something. She didn't like it at first, but now she didn't mind.

"I'm sorry baby. Did you...?"

"Yeah, I had to have sex with him. And his friends." She answered before he could finish asking.

Peter didn't want to talk about it anymore. The thought of the girl he loved on her back or on her knees being fucked by Tommy Harris and his goons turned his stomach. He wanted to vomit.

"Are you ok? I'm sorry, Peter." Alicia asked.

He was obviously upset. It looked like he wanted to cry. Peter fought the urge to burst into tears.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I'm sorry I kicked you out Friday. I was upset."

"I know you were. This...was...is...a fucked up situation. I had to do it though. I had to save my daddy's bar."

"I know. I just wish someone else could have done it. Not you."

Alicia held Peter to comfort him. He sobbed lightly on her shoulder and held her back. She stroked his hair, like she always used to do when he was upset. When he was done, he let go of her and moved back. He noticed that she smelled different.

"Why do you smell like Jaxx body wash?"

Her brain was telling her to run. It was also asking her how she could be so stupid. She shouldn't have let Peter get that close to her, because she did smell like men's body wash!

"And that's not your shirt. That's a guy's shirt."

Then Peter started to add everything up. Alicia smelled like a man, was wearing a man's shirt, and ignored him all weekend.

Alicia's pause confirmed her guilt. She could say something now, but it was too late. Peter caught her.

"What's going on, Alicia?"

"I should have stayed at Tommy's," she thought. "I wish I were anywhere but here!"

Technically, Alicia and Peter were still an item all weekend, even after he kicked her out Friday evening. This means that she cheated on Peter, which made her feel a thousand times worse.

An unnatural instinct kicked in and Alicia decided to lie.

"It's my dad's shirt and I had to use his body wash because I was out of my own."

She looked at Peter's face. She could see from his expression that he didn't believe her. He knew her too well and knew when she wasn't telling the truth.

He wanted to believe her, but he couldn't. He knew she was lying.

"Your dad's stuff, huh? I don't believe that. That shirt isn't even your dad's size. I bought him a shirt for his birthday and he wears a much bigger shirt than that."

Not only had Peter caught her lying about her phone, but he caught her lying about this. She wished she could run out the door and leave. Friday, she didn't want to leave Peter's. Today, she wanted nothing more.

"Why are you lying to me?" he pressed.

She had to spill the beans. It would hurt Peter, but she was a terrible liar and couldn't keep it from him anymore.

"I...was at somebody's house yesterday."

"Whose house?"

"T...Tommy's...." she said meekly.

"Tommy Harris!? What were you do

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