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Ellie and I must run.

I was the one who let out a surprised grunt. Amy on the other hand didn't utter much of a sound at all as she rode my cock, mabey a soft grunt but other than that nothing. I on the other hand groaned and grunted as if there were no tomorrow. I knew that I was ready to cum, I could feel the pressure building inside of me, it wouldn't be long before I ejaculated and in my present position I would empty my sperm into Amy unless she moved and as far as I could tell, she wasn't inclined to move.

It was a hell of a time for me to remember the phrase "Be careful what you wish for...", because Amy was riding me like there was no tomorrow, her body now bent foward her hands pressed against my chest, her fingers digging into my chest with each thrust of her body against my cock. It was then that I was sure that I heard a soft, "Yes, honey." as Amy placed my hand between my cock and her pussy making it move over her clitoris until I moved my hand on my own power. Amy let out a cry of delight and pushed herself on me even harder. "I'm cumming!" Amy crowed as if she scored the winning point in tennis, and I knew that I couldn't hold on any longer because my ass lifted off the towel thrusting hard into my sister's vaginia spurting my semen into her in quick spurts and each spurt elicited a happy sigh from Amy. "That feels good honey, yes!" She cried softly as she streched her body out full length against mine. As Amy slithered herself against my body like a snake she said, "My boyfriend never made me feel this good, come on lets get in the pool and cool off a bit. After all, we don't want to expened all our enery at once now do we?" I just shook my head no which seemed to satisfy my sister as she took my hand and walked with me into the pool.

I looked at my sister and came up with a rather dumb statement. "Aren't you going to put your bikini back on sis?" Amy's areolas looked like tiny goosebumps begging to be touched.
Amy laughed heartily, "I think we're way past that big brother." She moved into my arms and danced me around the shallow end trading kisses and caresses. I knew that Amy felt my sudden awkwardness as she pushed me against the side of the pool. "What's the matter, you're having second thoughts?" Amy grabbed me by the balls. "After all, it was you who started our little game honey." I never knew that my sister could be so aggressive. "Didn't you enjoy yourself?" She asked while she gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

My voice when I found it, came out rather shakey and not really sounding like me at all. I replied, "Yeah sis, I did enjoy myself, how about you?"

I saw what I must have thought was a wicked smile play across my sister's lips as she guided me to the side of the pool saying, "Do you want to see how much I enjoyed it Dean?" She sat herself on the edge of the pool and spread her legs. "Lick my pussy big brother, I want you to make me cum again."

I smiled and said, "It would be my pleasure sis."

Afterwards Amy and I sat on the edge of the pool in the afternoon sun and, while Amy swung her legs slowly back and forth in the pool I ran my eyes hunrily over her tanned naked body, I knew that she was well aware that I was looking. I guess I stared at her a little to long because she gave me a quizzical look. "What are you looking at?" she asked. She knew the answer.

I responded with a very lame, "Can't help myself sis, I see before me a body that I love to cover in kisses and good enough to eat." I felt sure that my sister was blushing.

Amy laughed out loud. "Well, you sure know how to make a girl happy," She said as she ran her hand over her damp crotch. "I like the way you made love to me Dean." Amy went on as it it were the the most natural thing in the world to make love to ones brother.

I don't know if what I said next got my sister upset or mabey it was the way I said it that bothered her. "I suppose this mean that we're a couple now?"

I thought I was trying

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