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He noticed her right away.

As she pulled her mouth off him, Victoria worked some spit onto the head and worked it with her tongue. Michael tried to push himself back in her mouth, but, pressing her hands against his thighs, Victoria continued teasing the head of his penis with her tongue.

Still working him with her mouth, Victoria undid Michael's belt and pants button and slid them to the floor. Then, pulling his boxers out to slip them over his penis, she slid them to the floor as well. She stood and pulled his shirt collar out from under his tie, then, pulling him by the tie, backed to her desk and leaned on the edge.

"Now you can start giving me some birthday goodies," she said. "And remember, I'm an old lady of 40 now."

"Vicky, I don't care how old you are," said Michael, "when you give me head like that, I'm in heaven. Now, what would you like me to do?"

"Hey, it's my birthday," she said, "surprise me."

With that, Michael pulled her off the desk and reached behind her to undo the zipper on her skirt. Then, kissing her and probing her mouth with his tongue, he undid the buttons on her blouse and slid it down over her shoulders. Then, rather than removing her bra as he usually did, he slid the cups under her breasts, so the shoulder straps held her beautiful orbs firmly in place.

He then stepped close to her, pressed his penis against her belly and pushed her back on the desk. Victoria reached down for his penis, but Michael pushed her hand away. "It's your turn now, remember?" he whispered. Looking at her breasts, he sighed and bent to kiss them. As he did, she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him close.

Michael nuzzled, squeezed, kissed and sucked on her breasts and nipples in turn. Victoria's nipples were hard and she responded to his sucking with little moans of her own. He kissed his way down her belly and stopped to lick her bellybutton as he reached between her legs. Finding her panties soaking wet, Michael unhooked Victoria's legs from over his back and kneeled in front of her.

Slowly, he slid her panties down her legs, kissing his way as he went. With her panties off, he kissed his way from her ankles to her thighs. As he continued up her thighs, he lifted her legs at the knees and she grabbed them to hold them.

Moving to her pussy, Michael inhaled her fragrance and began to gently kiss her lips. He continued to kiss as Victoria moaned on the desk. Then, running his tongue along the folds of flesh, Victoria, whispered, "God, that feels so good. You really can do magic with your tongue, you know that?" As Michael began sucking her clit and working it with his tongue, Victoria moaned again, loudly. "More," she said. "I need more of that, please don't stop."

As Victoria became more aroused, she began pushing her pussy against his mouth hard. Michael then kissed his way back up Victoria's belly to her breasts and asked her what she wanted next.

Breathless, she could only manage, "more penis. More penis, please. Fuck me, Mickey. I'm ready, fuck me."

"Sure Vic, I'll fuck you," he said. "I'd be happy to fuck you, but I want it a little bit different this time."

"Anything," she whispered. "Anything, just give it to me."

"Here goes," said Michael. Then, to Victoria's surprise, he pushed her back and climbed on the desk so he was straddling her. "Now, you just squeeze those incredible breasts together." Knowing now what he wanted, Victoria squeezed her breasts together to form a perfect, pussy-like opening.

Moving up her body, Michael pushed his penis between her breasts. Victoria squeezed them tighter and he began to pump into them with long strokes. As he pumped and she squeezed, they looked into each other's eyes with longing, enjoying the sensation.

Suddenly, they both heard someone down the hall at the front door.

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