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I learned about the etiquette of tipping the hard way.

Deak brought each one up, and kissed the inside of their wrists. "This way, ladies," he said, as the two women moved down the hall he indicated.

Debra knew this was wrong, but she was so wet and needed it so badly. She knew, if she didn't let Mandy be involved, then Mandy would tell the church, and Debra would be in a lot of trouble. She also had wanted to bury her head in that pretty pussy since she had seen it last year, when the women of the church had all shared the community showers at the pool. She had seen the soft red trimmed bush, and had almost cum, just from the fantasy of running her tongue over the pink clit.

Deak followed behind the two women, his eyes taking in the tiny ass of Mandy. He stroked his cock a few times as he imagined sliding his dick in between the nice crack, and slamming her ass with his shaft. Deak couldn't believe his luck. He had really thought these two would have left a long time ago, but he was willing to ride the tide, and see what he could do to help Ms. Debra with her obvious pent-up needs.

As Debra found the bedroom, her sex was aching for many things. She wanted a cock, a tongue, or a nice red pussy pressed against it. As Mandy followed in behind her, and then Deak, she looked over at the red-haired young woman. "Mandy, are you sure you want to do this? You are 18, so you don't have to worry about getting into trouble."

Deak's mouth dropped. He knew she was young; but, 18! He almost backed out, but thought, "Hell no!" He was going to enjoy having a young thing in his arms, and if he could convince the blonde to let him sample that ass of hers, he'd bury his cock deep into the 18 year old's hole. His cock was aching and pleading to have one or both of these ladies. Deak stroked it again as he looked at the two women. He observed, "I think you two are a bit overdressed."

Mandy giggled, and Debra rolled her eyes. "I think I can handle that," she said. Debra slowly worked the buttons from her blouse and exposed her strapless bra. It was white with a small red ribbon weaved through the cups.

Deak groaned as he watched her fingers free the clasps, and her large breasts fall free. He heard Mandy's whimper and saw her tongue snake out across her lips. "God, she is sexy when she does that," he thought. He moved behind Mandy and pulled her against his cock. She jumped, but then quickly relaxed against him, while she watched Debra undress.
Debra slipped her bra and blouse down and let them fall to the floor. She smirked at the low whistle she heard pass from Deak's lips as he took in her thong, now wet with the juices that she had been releasing since she saw his naked cock. Stepping from her heels, she made to move the thong from her pussy.

"Wait, babe," Deak said, as he moved his hands up Mandy's blouse and cupped her breasts. Looking at Debra, he said, "Rub that pussy through your thong while I take the clothes off our young friend here."

Debra grinned wide, and soon her fingers were stroking her wet cunt though the silky thong. She moaned as she saw Deak lift his hands around Mandy's bra, and she knew the nipples were hard and wanting to be touched.

Mandy moaned softly as Deak teased her breasts, then moved his hands away. Her shirt was lifted from her body, and he unhooked the back of her bra. Debra gasped as the perky little breasts popped free of their confinement. Deak laughed. "Want to suck those tits, don't you Deb?"

Debra nodded yes, and stroked her pussy harder. Deak's cock bounced back and forth against the ass that was hiding from view. His fingers slipped over the band of Mandy's skirt and hooked around it. He slowly maneuvered it down, and slid his calloused hands back up her trim white thighs. Mandy shivered at his touch, as he pressed his palm against her panties. "Oh Mandy," Deak groaned. "You, my love, have made your panties all wet."

Mandy whimpered and moaned, as Deak slipped his finger inside and slowly teased the red bush.

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