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Two women rediscover love

"It's a little dry. Maybe you could give it a little moisture," he continued pushing trying to see how far she would go.

Melissa looked up defiantly at him. I couldn't help but think that if he didn't keep opening his big mouth, she might have given him what he wanted without asking. Instead in obliging his request she crudely spit on his cock a couple of times then rubbed it down his length roughly.

"Show him girl!" encouraged Yvette. All the girls were staring at the scene before them, some with mouths opened wide in disbelief.

"Yeah baby," groaned Jason, evidently he liked the rough treatment. Evidently a little too much; Melissa twisted her hand around the head of his cock and suddenly I saw a look of panic in his eyes.

"Wait, slow..." he tried to get out but it was too late, a stream of white cum burst from his cock hitting Melissa right on the cheek.

"Shit!" she exclaimed why trying point his spewing cock away, but this only resulted with him spraying her hair. "Oh my god!" she screamed as the girls shrieked with both shock and amusement. "Holy shit! Sorry. I didn't know..." Jason frantically tried to apologize. Melissa, obviously enraged, quickly jumped up and hurried to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

"Get a little too warmed up there?" Maria taunted him causing the rest of the girls and myself to howl with laughter.

Jason was so red he was almost purple. He pulled up his pants and as fast as he could ran out of the backroom.

"Thanks for your help!" yelled Maria unable to resist taking one last shot at the poor guy.

Once everyone stopped laughing, at least a minute later, Maria matter of factly turned to me and said, "Okay Lance, looks like its your turn."

Now on the spot I instantly became nervous. Maria handed me the already opened condom wrapper and suddenly I could feel all eyes on me.

"Don't be nervous," called out Beth. I kind of just stood there with the condom in my hand.

"Look I don't even think he is hard," pointed out Rachel causing me to realize that I wasn't hard despite being in a room with drunk half naked girls.

"Great! One guy can't last longer then a second and the other can't get it up. Why don't you help him out Yvette? You know you've been waiting to," Maria called out.

"Why don't you shut up, Maria," yelled back Yvette.

"I'll do it," suddenly submitted Beth's perky voice.

"Beth!" reacted Yvette.

"Go Beth! I'll even help you," added Maria.

"Maria!" again reacted Yvette out of what seemed to be more jealousy then surprise.
"Sit down on the couch, Lance," Beth's bubbly voice ordered. I followed her direction nervously. I began to unbutton my pants, but Beth placed her delicate hand on mine to stop me, "Don't worry, we'll do all the work," she said in a seductively cheery voice.

Maria joined Beth on her knees before me. She whipped off her top and I was confronted with the image of two sets of young perky breast in front of me. I could already feel my cock grow hard as the nervousness faded away.

The girls looked genuinely excited, a perception that only fed my arousal. They giggled as Beth unbuttoned my pants and undid the zipper. Maria tugged my jeans off and Beth just as rapidly drew my boxers down to my ankles.

"Looks like someone isn't so shy anymore," Beth remarked like she was teasing a child as she stared at more erect cock.

"Nice and thick," Maria cooed supplying me with a little bit of ego, sadly needed after being exposed to the monster between Jason's legs.

"Yeah, I like it," Beth stated simply while lightly petting it.

"I think we should play with it a little before we put the condom on," said Maria taking my cock firmly in her hand.

"So do I," Beth purred, "But Lance you have to be good about it. We don't want a repeat of your friend," she lectured me.

"I'll try," I replied, "Though you girls are already making it pretty hard."

"I can see that," Maria joked making Beth laugh.

Maria finally ended the anticipation by gently kissing the head of my cock.

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