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What a man does in a GAP year.

He leaned forward and played with my breasts, tweaking and rolling my nipples with his fingers until they were hard.

Sarah was sitting alongside us and while he was teasing my nipples, she leaned in between us taking his cocking in her hand and pressing it down until it was leveled with my pussy and then rubbed it up and down my slit making sure she banged my clit a few times with it. I inched forward and the first inch went inside me, I could feel just that inch pulsing, which increased as he inched forward to get deeper inside me and kissing me as he did. The poor boy was already sweating before we had even started with him. With my legs over his thrusting movement was limited to just a few inches making for a long slow fuck.

In the meantime, Sarah was kissing his neck and rubbing his back and chest, with her hand making a foray down into his crotch on occasions to tantalize him even more. After about twenty minutes, I relaxed the pressure on his legs allowing him to speed up his thrusting motion for him to get the relief he wanted, and he did, firing spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside me giving me my second orgasm at the same time as his. Julio lay back onto the pillow exhausted.

"I have never lasted that long before." He said while still panting.

"And we have not finished with you yet. Let me clean you up." Sarah said as she took his flaccid cock in her mouth.

I wrapped my dress back around me and went into the main area to get some cold drinks and a bucket of ice from the kitchen area. I was met by the incredibly erotic view of Margarita laying face down on the table, her yellow mini skirt bunched up around her waist and her yellow G-string around one ankle. Ricardo was standing behind her, just wearing a T-shirt, with his cock seesawing in and out of Margarita's ass, her grunts of approval came with every thrust. Polo just sat there enjoying the show, he winked at me as he saw me watching, I grabbed some can out of the refrigerator and a bucket of ice and returned to the bedroom feeling quite horny again. It was obvious that Julio and Margarita were not quite as innocent as we had been led to believe.

Sarah and Julio were just lying on the bed talking, I passed the cans of soda around while Sarah grabbed the ice bucket, and we both had the same idea. We were soon both rubbing the ice cubes all over his naked body, Sarah of course went straight to his cock and balls, and she needed him cool and hard. After watching Julio and I at it, she was horny and needed to be fucked. The ice appeared to be doing its job as Julio rose to the occasion once again. Sarah pushed him back and removed her G-string, which was all she has left on, got astride him, and she lowered herself down on him; she was so wet that his young cock was fully home inside her without even slowing down. After the long slow fuck with me, he wanted it unrestrained now, and he was getting it. He was thrusting up to Sarah's down stroke, her slim body was being tossed about as if she was riding a bucking bronco, and she was loving it. It was obvious this was not going to last very long at this rate, but Sarah never intended to slow the rate, the bucking and fucking seemed to go down well with her. After just five minutes, the crescendo of noise from both of them signaled the end of this orgasm. Sarah rolled off Julio, and they both lay back, seemingly exhausted.

"I need a break." Julio said, as he leapt of the bed, pulled on his shorts, and headed out to the main area.

Within two minutes of him leaving, Margarita came in to join us.

"You looked fucked." She said smiling at Sarah who was still lying naked on the bed. "How did my boy do, he is not a bad fuck is he?" She asked, and then lay next to Sarah on the bed.

I asked Margarita to tell us all about herself and Julio.

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