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A man out for a run gets a real "Runner's High".

His kiss is like an attack, all heat and strength and barely restrained violence. An eruption of animal passion explodes in front of you, that you can only sit and witness.

As his lips cover mine, and his tongue forces it's way into my mouth, my arms wrap up and around, across his shoulders and onto his head, my fingernails pressing in deep, to hold me onto him.

I growl low in my throat as our tongues duel against each other for primacy, teeth scraping, his arms tightening, almost cutting off my air supply.

I use my arms and legs to wrap myself around him, hunched over me. I try to pull him down, but of course, I have no leverage.

You can feel your heart pounding as if to escape your chest as you watch the battle. You are watching this man handle me as you never could, you just don't have the physical size for it.

He'll win if I fight for what I want on purely physical levels. I know this. I have no chance. So, I let go. I go limp. I'm bent backwards in his arms, draped across him, open to him, waiting to see what he'll do with me.

He's startled for a moment as my mouth leaves his, then he snarls. You can see his nostrils flare as he leans over me, taking in my scent. My ear, my neck, moving down my body.

Your body and mind seem to settle into calm, now that the heat of battle has subsided. You focus on us, and the story unfolding in front of you.

He slowly lowers me back to the couch, his hands running along every inch of my body, as he tests my scent. I wait, enjoying this primal, erotic behavior, watching to see what will happen next, and his nose traces my nipple.

He explores my body as you watch.

"Mine!" your mind howls. The body, the curves that you know so well, the scent that sends you flying over the edge every time. Is now all in his hands.

My nipple tightens up with him over me, and I arch my back slightly, pressing forward.

His hand covers my other breast, his huge thumb and forefinger rolling the nipple, just hard enough to make me gasp.

Hearing that familiar sound of arousal sends your excitement levels soaring.

I can see you out of the corner of my eyes, stirring on your bed, even sitting up slightly to get a better view.

He continues moving down my body, his nose leading the way. His teeth nip at my belly, making me gasp and moan.

His hands have slid down my side to my hips, grabbing them tightly, and scooting me down on the couch, so that my legs are spread, and my ass is on the corner of the cushion, exposing me even more.

You're feeling restless and confined by the boundaries of the dog bed around you. You're used to having a lot of leeway with me, to roam and explore where your passions take you, and you're getting impatient.

You know your place. You stay on your doggie bed, just turning and sitting up to see better. You don't want to disappoint me, tonight. You don't want to disappoint Sir.

Sir's sunk to his knees, to bring himself closer to my body, and the sight of his immense body between my legs is driving you wild.

Everything about the scene in front of you is captivating, and you can't look away. You try to catch my eyes, but they are focused downward on Sir.

Closer and closer he moves, until his nose hovers just over my panties. There is something on his face that you can see. Something you recognize in yourself. Something that is missing in you right now in your state of utter submission.

The beast.

The predator.

That look on his face, with his body crouched hungrily between my legs is a scene so hot that your hips are moving and grinding against the fabric of your bed as you sit.

Sir inhales deeply. You know what he scents. You were there, not long ago, but it's hard to understand the passage of time right now. He inhales the scent of your woman, and you see his body react.

He presses his face deep into my crotch, inhaling loudly enough for you to hear it, and turns and looks at you, his eyes boring into yours, as he looks over my leg.

You know what he's experiencing

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