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She purred like a leopard as he stimulated her.

In less than a second, she had kicked him three kicked times.

Sakura tried to keep her onslaught up by throwing a fireball. She'd made her first mistake. Akuma quickly launched a much stronger fireball at her. It tore right through Sakura's fireball and hit her in the sternum. Sakura was sent flying at least fifteen feet. She picked herself up as waves of pain shot through her chest. She started to throw a fireball, so Akuma countered with a whirlwind kick of his own. "Ha, now I've got you," Sakura thought to herself as electricity crackled around the whirling Akuma.

"Shoryuken!!" With a yell that echoed through the valley, Sakura's body became engulfed in a force field as she sprinted toward her opponent. As she reached Akuma, she rose into the air and landed her specialized version of the dragon punch with razor sharp precision. Sakura's fist hit Akuma in the groin, abdomen, chest, and face before sending him high into the air. As Sakura's body turned, Akuma, was already re-orienting himself. Akuma fired three fireballs right into Sakura's spine, sending her crashing into the ground. He then changed direction in midair, intent on stomping Sakura's head into the dirt below. She managed to roll behind him, but before she could capitalize, Akuma kicked her in the side of the head. She attempted to get to her feet, but Akuma kicked her in the stomach. His punt sent her rolling across the grassland. When her momentum stopped, she rolled over on her stomach and vomited.

Once more, Sakura managed to struggle to all-fours. She could see Akuma's feet right next to her and attempted to hit him, but the pain was to great. Her back and stomach had taken a tremendous beating. She couldn't even lift her arms above her head. Akuma grasped a handfull of her hair and dragged her to her knees, "You are not worthy serve at my feet, let alone challenge me. I breathe death."

Sakura struggled to speak, "You killed Ryu's master... I couldn't... Gouki..."

Akuma was insulted by her use of his birth name. She had proven herself a novice in his eyes. Akuma growled, "You do not address me by name!!" He then gripped both sides of her face with both hands and stared into her eyes. He waited to see the fear. To taste the despair of a young fighter who had greatly overestimated herself.

Instead, Sakura looked him in the eye and calmly stated, "You've won, I accept death at your hands."

Akuma was enraged. He had accurately assessed her as a fighter, but underestimated her as a warrior. "You're Ryu's student," Akuma said, "and therefore, you must suffer."

With that, Akuma dropped her in the grass at his feet. Then, Akuma's gi fell to the ground in front of her.

"This asshole is going to try to rape me!" Sakura thought as she tried to scramble away through the grass.

Akuma's eyes turned bright red as he let the few shreds of humanity he had slip away. He teleported to her and ripped her gi and underwear from her athletic frame. This assault sparked a renewed vigor in Sakura, and she weakly kicked Akuma in his face repeatedly. But no matter how hard she tried to free herself, he just shrugged her off.

Sakura found herself saying "no" to herself repeatedly as she struggled against him. Akuma grabbed her shoulders and forced her onto her back. She found herself pinned to the ground, with her feet on Akuma's broad chest. She was now screaming "NO" into moonlit wilderness as Akuma's dick inched closer and closer to her pussy. With all her might she pushed him away with her feet, but Akuma was literally possessed. As the head of his cock penetrated her well-trimmed sex, she remembered having not felt that since high school. Sakura bit her lip, strained, and pushed. All the while, Akuma kept sliding inside her.

Once Akuma had fully penetrated her, he began robotically thrusting.

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