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He did his best to press it in, but its girth stalled against at her entrance, the sharp pain causing Bree to squeal, and pull forward, the heavy cock falling free. In an instant, it was back at the door, and Bree moved her butt to align it better, at the same time reaching behind to guide it with her hand. Its thick shaft daunted her, so too the length she discovered with long strokes of her hand. She rolled her hand over the head, now recognising it from earlier in the night. This was one big black cock she had to have- every which way.

She spread her legs wider, her fingers rubbing her pussy as the cock began its invasion, stretching her slick arse walls like nothing before, until about a third of it was in, and she set about riding that amount, happy that he didn't push further until her own feelings said it was time, and she asked him to take over, to bury it in her. Impossibly, he did, until his stomach wedged against her butt, and he could go no further. Bree felt his balls slap against her slit, and took them, smearing them in the cream between her hanging lips.

In the dark world, Bree concentrated on each long incursion the hard member made into her passage, sensing each time it should end and start to retreat, and got it wrong each time as it ploughed on. Minute after minute the probing continued, the filling sensation departing as her arse channel became numb, or comparatively so as the crescendo in front built and broke under her own touch.

Almost breathless, she began the familiar journey towards the calm that came after sex- except this time it didn't arrive, and she was left craving for more of the cock that slipped from her arse. Desperately she reached for it, battling with its slipperiness as she jammed it into her cunt. Extra hands arrived from nowhere, pulling her arse cheeks obscenely apart to allow a crude exploration of her recently vacated canal. Bree felt her arse yield to three - or was it four - fingers, before the bony knuckles were arrested. Damn! She wanted him to succeed, and tried her best to help, urging him to fist fuck her arse. Her tirade was cut short by a hand that took her by the hair, and turned her face to be slapped by a semi-erect cock. And again. And once more, each blow stinging a little more as the cock hardened. Now it moved to her mouth, and she took it in, finding it free of the tastes borne by those that had already been in her. It pushed impatiently, and she gagged, almost throwing up. Its owner laughed, and pressed on, panicking Bree a little, until she got a hand to it and took over with long easy strokes that were trailed by her warm mouth. Almost immediately its head began to seep, and Bree decided he had forfeited his chance to be deep-throated. Instead she quickened her tempo, the bursts of semen immediate and powerful. She swallowed the first globs easily, holding the rest until the cock settled, before feeding it back onto the retreating shaft. As soon as it left her mouth she drew in back in, devouring the remaining discharge.

"Fuckin' awesome," said the voice in the dark.

"That's nothing to what you missed out on," came the defiant reply.

Now her attention returned to the twin assault on her pussy and arse. The giant cock was still there, working in and out of her soaked hole. The hands began to lift her on and off the pole, generating little whimpers from her with each reentry until the huge frame leaned over her, almost crushing her against the chair. A mouth sought hers, and she sucked on the oversized tongue as her pussy was pounded more furiously than ever before. The slapping noise of their contact became louder and louder, and brought cheers of encouragement as others in the room wondered how long she could withstand the assault.

Dumb shits, thought Bree, certain this would bring her no closer to another orgasm.

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