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MMF threesome turns into a power game.

"I'm just waiting till you get in the bath before I drown you!" Wanda takes the bottle from her and waits as she begins to get undressed. Becky at 45 is still as beautiful as she was at 18. Her soft blue eyes hiding so much, her firm breast with their quarter size pink tips, and her voluptuous body with soft curves. "hmmm..." Wanda watches as Becky lowers herself into the tub. Becky smiles as she notices Wanda watching her.

"Why don't you join me?" Wanda snaps out of her daze at the sound of her friend's invitation. "Come on. I bite, but not hard." Becky pulls a wet rag over her shoulders and down her chest. "It'll be like old times. Before kids, before husbands." Wanda reaches behind and unzips her skirt letting it fall as she kicks off her shoes. Becky rests her chin on her elbow as she watches Wanda undressing, she lets her hand run along her friend leg. "Do you remember the night by Oakbridge pond?" A mischievous grin spreads across her face her blue eyes lighting up. Wanda steps into the bathtub over her friend as she flings her bra to the floor. Becky runs her hands along her friends legs, over her thighs and behind her ass pulling her closer. Wanda spreads her legs giving her old friend a view, she closes her eyes as Becky uses two fingers to open her up and sticks her tongue just to the side of her clit.

Wanda pulls her friends face into her groaning as Becky uses her tongue expertly to bring her alive. Becky reaches up and rubs a nipple between her fingertips as she sucks Wanda's clit into her mouth nibbling gently. "Oh shit!"


"Are you saying someone knows about us?!" Nick pulls his shirt over his head and grabs the note from Vanessa. " I see you too. What the fuck?" Vanessa sighs and heads out fo her room, Nick on her heels.

"Look Claire is the only one who was hear last night. She's probably the one who saw us." Nick opens his mouth to speak but the doorbell interrupts him. Vanessa goes downstairs and opens the door. "Claire..." her mouth opens but she can't find the words. Nick walks down stairs and sees his sisters friend in the doorway a smile on her face.

"Shit." Nick turns and walks into the kitchen. Claire walks into the house, Vanessa shuts the door and turns to her friend.

"You look like you had a good night." Claire raises an eyebrow. Vanessa goes pale, Claire steps forward. "Relax. I'm into it."

"What?" Vanessa looks her friend in the eye. Claire reaches over and takes Vanessa hand pulling it close to her skirt.

"DO you know how hot I got watching you two? It's soo..." Vanessa watches as her hand disappears under her friends skirt and between her legs. "Forbidden." Vanessa's breath catches in her throat as she realizes her friend isn't wearing any panties, and she's very wet.

"Oh my god. Claire-" Claire kisses Vanessa as she guides her friends hand under her skirt. Vanessa resists at first but Claire sticks her tongue between her lips, as she squeezes her ass. "Mmm." Vanessa rubs her friends' clit as she begins to return the kiss pushing Claire into the wall. Nick comes out of the kitchen with a beer and stops cold watching his sister finger and kiss her best friend. Claire opens her eyes as she sucks on Vanessa tongue and looks over to Nick. Vanessa moves down kissing her friends neck, cleavage over her skirt and under it. Vanessa tastes her friends nectar for the first time, letting the taste linger before licking for more.

"Yea...suck me Vanessa." She leans her head back against the wall and slides on top the stairs. "Come here." Claire motions for Nick to come closer, a huge tent popping up from his pants. Nick moves closer putting the beer down as he unbuttons his pants and freeing his member. "Oh wow...you're big." As she reaches for it Vanessa stops her wrapping her own hand around the prick.

"No you have to earn this.

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