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Helping Landlords wife, and daughter.


Becca didn't know what else to say about this. Never before had she been made aware of the double standards with which men from her country, or white men in general, tend to be around blacks. This was a whole new avenue for her and she didn't know whether to feel some measure of guilt about it or shrug it off and pretend she hadn't just heard all that had been said to her.

"You've got a beautiful skin, I don't know if anyone's every told you that before," Becca observed. "Have you ever thought of modeling before?"

"I've done my bit of modeling before, I was pretty good too. But it ended when I busted an organizer's jaw."


"He was an asshole and I didn't play ball like the other models did by sleeping with him. After that I just sort of called it quits and haven't looked back since. Though I still work out to keep in shape."

"How long have you known master Shango?"

"Far too long. He was there for me at a time when I was nearly contemplating suicide. But that's another story for another time." She finished drying herself with the towel and then went to check out her hair at a vanity mirror beside the bathroom door. She came into the bedroom, picked up her handbag and took out a make-up kit which she then carried with her to the bathroom. She was looking at herself at the mirror while applying an eye pencil to her eyebrow when she said: "How does your pussy feel?"

Becca managed to sit up on the bed and felt a hand over her love zone. The throbbing sensation was still there, although somewhat dissipated. She didn't know whether to be jealous of that or not.

"My pussy still feels like it had been fucked by a cucumber," she said, and then laughed.

Nneka joined her in laughing. "I'll bet that was how you felt the first time he fed you his dick, didn't you."

"That and more. You don't by any chance know where he went off to?"

Nneka shook her head. "I didn't ask. All he told me was that you'd be here and I was to make you feel right at home. I've got to be somewhere else in an hour's time."

"So soon?" Becca finally pushed herself up from the bed and approached the bathroom door. "You've given me so much this past hour and I've yet to repay you back with anything."

Nneka paused in what she was doing to smile at her. "Don't you worry, Osun darling. We've still got time to do more stuff later on. I promise."

"I wasn't thinking about later," said Becca, who then fell to her knees and turned Nneka's body away from where she stood towards her direction with her crotch a few inches from her face. Nneka had a light landing strip-shaped bush on her pubic region; Becca could easily smell the aroma of her cunt from where she was and brought her hands to part the black mistress's legs apart, giving her an alluring view of her pussy snatch. "I can't wait for later. I desire to give you something right now."

Before even Nneka could protest, Becca pushed her head forward to get a better scent of her musky-scented pussy. She parted her pussy lips with her upper lips and thrust her tongue into the black mistress's seductive wetness. Nneka inhaled deeply and held Becca's head to her crotch.

"Ohh yeah," she shut her eyes and murmured. "Ohh yeah, you do me good with your tongue, white bitch ... go on lick that black pussy ... Uhhh ... lick it good!"

Becca licked and slurped her way through every inch of her pussy's orifice that she could, even as the black mistress's pussy juice streamed down her face like waterfall. The black mistress did a ballet stand and raised one of her legs up while Becca continued lapping her pussy. A moment later Nneka held her face and pulled her up to her feet, breathing heavily while she did.

"I always love tasting my cum on another person's mouth," she said before she then stuck her tongue into Becca's mouth, flicking it every which way before intertwining her tongue with hers. Eventually she pulled off from her, both of them gasping with excitement.

"You see what you've done now," said Nneka, laughing.

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