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"Carol I mean did you get laid?" she asked with a laugh.

I stepped towards her and put the cuffs on her wrists. Neither of us spoke. I put a hand on her back and guided her to my car. The sounds of our footsteps filled the quiet evening air. I opened the rear door for her and eased her into the back seat.

We drove in silence. The sun was setting, and the sky was pink. The silence between us was acute, adding to the excitement and anticipation of our encounter.

I drove to a vacant office building, a one story commercial building. I knew about this place from the some of the other cops. They used the place for "questioning the witness," as they called it. I pulled up to the front of the building and parked. I took a quick glance at my willing arrestee in the rearview mirror. She was looking at the building, scoping the place out.

I got out of the vehicle without saying anything to her and walked to the front door. I spotted the keys in a flowerpot just to the left of the front door, lifted them out, and unlocked the door. I stepped into the lobby area, flipping on the overhead lights. I walked through the lobby, down the hall and looked at the offices along the hallway. One had an old metal desk, no chair, and papers were strewn about the room. Across the hall, another room had a solid but scratched up wooden table, chairs, and a ratty couch. The chairs had metal frames and industrial green padding on the seat and back. This will work, I thought, and flipped on those lights and headed back outside.

Back at the car, I opened the door and guided her out. I held on to her elbow and walked her into the office, back to the office I had selected. I pulled out one of the metal chairs and positioned her in front of it. I unlocked the cuff on her left wrist, but kept hold of the wrist and kept hold of the cuff now hanging down from her right wrist.

"Have a seat," I told her. She sat down slowly, looking up at my face as she did. I released her left hand, then moved quickly behind her and the chair. I took her left wrist again, pulled her arms together and cuffed her again, making sure that the chain of the cuffs was looped through frame of the chair. I didn't think she would try to go anywhere, but if she did, she would be taking the chair with her. I paused for a moment, then walked out of the room, leaving her alone in there, under the fluorescent lights.

I walked out to the lobby and waited. Just for a few minutes. I figured that a few minutes would seem much longer to the woman shackled in the other room.

I went back to her. She watched me intently the minute I appeared at the door. There was some anxiety in her eyes, and she seemed to be breathing a bit heavy.

I pulled another chair over, just in front of hers. I sat down, paused, then put my hands on her knees and spread her legs apart, then pulled my chair that much closer to hers. Watching her face, I moved a hand up to her collar and unzipped her jacket, the sound of the zipper filling the room, along with her heavy breaths. I reached inside her jacket and put my hand on her side, next to her left breast. She had on a white tank top, with a bra underneath. I paused a few seconds, then moved my hand over her breast. I cupped it from underneath, applying pressure, but not so much to cause pain. I listened to her deep breaths as I moved my thumb across her tit, feeling for her nipple through the fabric of the shirt and bra.

Then I pushed her jacket apart, over her shoulders.

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