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I took off my jacket as she waited there before me naked, then my shirt came off baring my muscular chest, and emitting a sigh from her as I teased her back for the tour. We both knew what she wanted to see, but I was in charge here and she knew it.

"Ready to pay homage to your new master?" I asked, slowly lowering my trousers zipper, then unbuttoning the waist. Then, without waiting for her reply, I lowered my pants and underwear down, "There he is slut, now show him your appreciation."

Her eyes went wide as all ten semi erect inches came into view, and both of her petite hands reached out to take hold of it, heft it, as if incredulous of its magnitude.

"I've never....It's so...." she stumbled over her words, never quite finishing a sentence, but her meaning coming through nonetheless as she brought the uncut head to her lips, and pulling back on my foreskin unwrapped her prized possession, and kissed my dick gently, even reverently. Her painted red lips parting as her face moved forward she slowly slid her mouth, ever widening, over my thick black cock.

"That's a good slut, suck that big black dick," I breathed, barely containing my excitement, "show me just how much you prefer it to that pimple dick your husband offers you." I reached down and took her right tit in my left hand and squeezed, not enough to hurt just yet, but to let her know who still was in charge. "Get it nice and hard, cover it in your saliva for that little white pussy of yours, cause you know it's gonna be breaking that Nigga cherry of yours."

I watched fascinated as that white mouth, and hands pumped up and down the length of my black cock for what seemed like ages as she could in no way take all of me into her mouth. I was just too big. However, when I'd had enough of that, I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. I would have her shave all of that pussy later, but for this first fuck, I wanted her the way her husband had had her so that she would know with a certainty that I was indeed the better cocks man, and of course the one to whom she would owe her fealty from this point on.

"Spread'em bitch! You're about to get an education in race relationships of the internal kind."

Now normally when I'm seducing a woman, I'll take hours eating her pussy, but this wasn't a seduction, and her pussy couldn't have been any wetter if she'd just come from the pool outside. It was obvious to me that she'd been cuming already just from sucking my big black cock, her first black cock at that, so as she lifted her legs up in the proper pose of a whore awaiting her John, I moved in between her smooth sexy thighs and over top of her. My dick steel hard, and throbbing at 11 inches now moved right up to her wet slit, those wet lips already parted in anticipation as two sets of eyes stared raptly at the color contrast. It was Nigger dick's finest moment.

I nudged forward with my hips. At first my prick bent some as her pussy resisted the thickness, then slowly the head eased inside, and as it did Sable suddenly went ballistic. It happens that way when the first black dick enters a white woman's pussy, they just can't help climaxing. Whether it's the contrast in colors, the breaking of a taboo, or something else entirely in their own mind it never ceases to amaze me.

"Oh Shit! Shit! Shit!" she cried as my black cock entered and pushed on into her white cunt, "I'm cuming! I'm cuming! I'm cuming on your big black dick! Can't help myself! Feel like such a sluuuuuut!"

"That's it bitch," I wailed, "show me what a trashy white slut you really are! Cum all over my nasty Nigga dick, baby!" I pulled at her nipples, and she went in epileptic fits right before my eyes as I bottomed out in her tight pussy.

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