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Ben rescues the girl and gets his reward.

The catering hall of Robert and Ellen will not be available on any weekend until the first Saturday in April."

Ginny looked crestfallen. "That's seven weeks away," she said

"Yes,"said Jonathan. "I know. But, Robert and Ellen promised something special for the display portion. Let's talk about limits."

Jonathan went over what we had previously discussed. "Ok. Let's see. No marks that won't fade away in 2-3 weeks. Multiple partners but no gang bangs, no more than three guys at a time and no more than 2 groups of three, let's say, every 12 hours? Ginny if you agree to that, you could have six guys up your ass in a day."

Ginny thought a moment and said, "I'm ok with that." She was smiling when she said it.

Jonathan continued. "Well, golden showers are in but nothing else in that area of activity, correct?"

"Correct," said Ginny.

"No limits as far as women go?"


"You have agreed that if requested of you by the winning bidders, the only exception to the permanent marks would be to have your nipples and clit pierced."

Ginny said yes to this but added a proviso, "They jewelry must be removable."

"Yes, good point." Jonathan said.

"Ok, unless there is anything else, that should cover everything. There will be 45 people in attendance. Most are couples, a few single men and women. More women that last time."

"We do have one request," I said. We have a neighbor who you may know, Grace Carlson."

"Yes, I know her. Her late husband and her sometimes came to our get togethers," said Jonathan.

"Well," Ginny said, "I would like her to attend, if possible. I think it would add to my humiliation if someone I knew was there. She's as old as my mom, so I think it would be a bit kinky."

Jonathan said, "that it shouldn't be a problem."

Ginny excused herself.

Jonathan took her temporary absence to let me know that there should be no problems with any bidder not following the limits and the rules.

"I think that Ginny will come home sore, but very satisfied. In my preliminary discussions with potential bidders, they all plan some type of group scene and one or two had really outstanding humiliation scenes worked out."

"You know," I said, "that is important for Ginny. Being humiliated is really a strong kink with her. 45 people. That seems like a lot. The bidding could get interesting."

"Yes, indeed," said Jonathan."You may get upwards of $100,000 for Ginny's services. I was surprised that one couple dropped out once I began to circulate the brochure with Ginny's pictures in it. Thought for sure they would be interested because they have always been keen on the kinky things the group does. Oh, I almost forgot. The group would like you and Ginny to join once this sale is over, if your interested."

"I think we would be delighted," I said.

Ginny came back into the room and sat on my lap. I rubbed her back and told her about being invited to join the club that Jonathan kept referring to. She was excited. So excited that she got of my lap and unzipping my fly and wiggled her ass in the direction of Jonathan. He didn't need any other hints. He was naked and deep into Ginny's pussy as she continued to suck on me. Jonathan began to really pound Ginny's pussy. He groaned as he came and and Ginny had my cock all the way down her throat and gagged when I began cum.

When we had disentangled, Jonathan said that the next he would be lucky to have Ginny, he was going to have her ass. "That would complete the trifecta!"

The next seven weeks passed slowly for Ginny.

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