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A painting lesson goes very differently than expected.

"I use the Keurig and the dishwasher mostly. I eat at the hospital and occasionally I sleep here," she informed him.

She led him into the dining area which opened back up into the living room. The large wooden table was set with a white tablecloth, candles were lit and large dishes of chicken saut__ed with vegetables and garlic, pasta with meat sauce, and something that looked rolled up and covered with sauce were in serving dishes.

"Slaved over a hot stove all day?" He jokingly inquired

"Took me forever!" she kidded back. "No, I'll admit it, I order it all, and if you don't behave, there will be no dessert," she smiled swaying her hips just a bit.

The two of them sat and ate and talked about each other's lives and families. Michelle wanted to know about the women he had dated and the story of how he came into the hospital.

David graciously supplied all of the details of his life and asked about hers genuinely wanting to know as much as he could about this girl. They finished eating and sipped some wine and continued talking.

David finally asked, "how many guys have you been with where you did what you did with me? I'm not judging, I was just curious," he added.

"To be perfectly honest, none." she replied

"Seriously? You seemed to know what you were doing." he pressed for more information.

"Well, I am a doctor, and I have friends at the hospital and have heard them talking about liking a prod in the ass during sex, so I figured I'd go for it. Truth be told I was taking some frustrations out on you, but, I'm glad you liked it." she told him.

David was glad to hear that he was the first guy she was with like that, and curious that she was so bold for her first attempt. He didn't care he liked it.

"You look absolutely stunning tonight." he told her honestly.

"Thank you, that's sweet." she said in reply.

David decided that he had enough small talk and figured he would make a move. He figured if she protested, then he'd sit back down, so, he got up from his seat, walked over to where she was seated, brushed her hair aside and kissed her gently on the neck. Instead of protesting, she tilted her head, giving him plenty of room for access. He stuck his tongue out slightly to lick the soft skin up near her ear as he moved his mouth up her skin. She tasted as good as she smelled; he was drunk from her instead of the wine.

Michelle reached up to run her hands through his hair. Gripping and relaxing her hands in his dark locks. She breathed heavily as his mouth drank her in. Instantly, she felt her pussy get wet with anticipation.

David wanted her so badly, while his mouth continued to explore her neck, he moved a hand up slowly to caress her arm, curling his fingers around her skin, allowing the back of his hand to make the slightest bit of contact with the fabric covering her breast.

A chill went up Michelle's spine feeling his touch on her breast. She stood up, without breaking the lock he had on her neck, and moved around the chair to where David was standing. She pressed her ass into David's groin, not wanting the moment to end. As she rubbed her ass into him, she could feel his cock growing harder, he was moaning into her neck now as he kissed and moved his mouth up and down, reaching her shoulder and the base of her ear, it drove her wild.

David kept right on suckling her skin as she stood up and moved around the chair. So long as she didn't protest, so he wasn't going to stop. He thought he might have found heaven when he felt her ass pressing into his crotch. He continued his tongue and mouth play up to her ear and down to the base of her neck. He could tell that she enjoyed the feeling by the way she ground her butt into him with a quickening pace. He was getting harder, he needed release, but he definitely didn't want to rush this with Michelle. There was no threat of someone knocking on the door, so he could take his time.

David broke away from Michelle's neck; he heard an audible whimper escape from her as he did.

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