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Arousal's the key to reach her fighting potential.

Neither one of them stepped away though, and Nadine looked up and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Steve asked.

Nadine just pointed to the top of the doorway. Steve looked up and saw that someone had hung some mistletoe there. Nadine stepped closer and put her arms around Steve and gently pulled him closer. He could feel her hard nipples through her bra and sweater. Steve didn't need any more encouragement and he leaned forward and kissed Nadine. She returned his kiss hungrily and soon their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Steve tightened his arms around her and he knew that she could feel his erection pressed against her this time. He backed up just a little so that he could get put his hands on her amazing chest. Nadine moaned into his mouth as he gently kneaded her breasts.

Steve pulled away panting. "I don't know...we can't do this." He stared at her. His cock throbbed, telling him that, yes, they could do this.

"I want to," Nadine answered and moved forward, renewing their embrace and kiss.

Steve couldn't resist and he couldn't get enough of her. Nadine's full lips and hips and oversized breasts were a new sensation. It was the most amazing thing he'd ever felt. Grinding against him, Nadine sucked his tongue into her mouth and placed a hand on his raging hard on. She wasn't as sweet and innocent as she appeared. She had a little nasty side that turned him on all the more.

They both pulled apart abruptly at the sound of the lobby door opening. Nadine scampered down the hall, and Steve ran into the men's room to straighten himself out and splash some water on his face and adjust his member.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he said quietly. "What am I doing?"

Feeling like he was back to normal, and his cock deflating and adjusted, Steve took a big breath and opened the men's room door to see Beth standing there scowling at him.

"Did you forget?" she asked. "I knew you were staying late but I thought you'd be home in time for dinner with my parents. What's gotten into you? Come on." she said.

"Sorry." Steve said meekly.

"Wow." Beth said. "You look a little pale. Don't get sick on me."

Steve went into his office, shut down his computer and grabbed his coat and briefcase and followed Beth out of the office. He looked for Nadine the whole time, but she was nowhere to be found. Would she be angry at him? Should he even care? She had started it, after all. He was so confused.

Steve had completely spaced the dinner date and it was too late now. Once home Beth had decided that she wasn't angry at him any longer and tried to make it up to him. She was like a split personality some times. At home, Beth proceeded to give him a wonderful blowjob to make him feel better. He had to admit that she had the sexiest mouth and lips of any woman he'd ever gone out with, and she gave incredible blowjobs. She always swallowed every last drop of his cum. After his make out session with Nadine, he was definitely in need of some relief.

Steve looked down at his beautiful girlfriend has she worked her sexy mouth and lips up and down his shaft. She had one of her dainty hands wrapped around his cock stroking him as she sucked him deep in her mouth. He never lasted very long when she worked his cock like this and tonight was no exception. Steve tensed up and started shooting his load into her mouth. Beth moaned around his cock as she started to swallow and when he was done, she pulled her lips off of his deflating cock.

"Yummy. That was fun," Beth said smiling, and went to get a drink of water.

Steve felt like a fool. Here was a beautiful girl, who enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. Sure she was bitchy, materialistic and unromantic most of the time. On top of that she really didn't like Christmas unless she got something really expensive -- but nobody was perfect right?

Later in bed, Beth asked Steve what he was going to wear.

"Wear to what? Bed now, or to work tomorrow?" he answered, still lost in his thoughts.

"No, silly.

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