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Woman has a second encounter with a Panty Lover.

"OK," James said, "time for a little show."

"What are you talking about?" mother asked. "We've done what you wanted not leave us alone."

"No way, little momma, we just getting started," said James. "Now, get over there and kneel in front of your son."

"No way," said mother.

James just shrugged and sat back down and drug me back over his lap and started in on my ass again, this time with just his hand. Damn, it hurt almost as much as his belt and especially on my now bare skin. I could feel he was still hard and it felt huge against my bare skin. Every now and then he would pause and just caress my ass cheeks before starting in again. I was soon crying and begging him to stop but he kept going.

"Now, little momma, you gonna get on your knees in front of sonny boy here" asked James?

"No, that's perverted and I'm not going to do it," she said.

With that, Jerome stopped spanking me and reached under me and took my balls in his hand and started squeezing. I screamed in terror as I felt my balls squeezed together like they were in a vice.

"God, mother, please do as they say. He's killing me!!!!!" I screamed.

"OK, OK," mother said, "just stop hurting him."

Jerome let me go and stood me up and said "OK, get over here."

Slowly, mother crossed the floor and fell to her knees in front of me, looking up at me pleadingly as she did. I could see the tears in her eyes along with fear as well.

I just stood there, still shaking a little, my ass burning and my balls hurting. My cock, which had been rock hard, had shriveled to nothing when Jerome squeezed my nuts like he did.

"OK, little momma, you know what to do. Get your lips around sonny boy's cock and get him hard and suck him off," James ordered.

Mother looked up at me sadly and said, "I'm so sorry Bill." With that, she reached up and placed her hands on my hip and pulled me forward and opened her lips and for the first time in my life, I felt lips around my cock. While I had shrunk from the pain of having my balls squeezed, it only took a few seconds for her lips and the warmth of her mouth on my cock and it immediately snapped to attention.

Mother slowly began to bob her head up and down my cock, sucking me and licking me. The feel of her tongue going around and around the head of my cock as well as the friction of her lips as I slid in and out of her mouth was totally indescribable. God, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt and I never wanted it to end.

I tried to keep from cumming so I could prolong the pleasure but it was no use. As I felt her lips wrap tighter around my cock and her tongue lashing the head of my cock, I threw back my head and grabbed her head in my hands and slammed my 6" cock deep inside her mouth as I screamed at the top of my lungs, "I'm cumming, mother, I'm cumming, cumming, cumming!!!!"

I could feel each spurt of my cum rush through my cock shaft as I shot spurt after spurt into my mother's wonderful, sucking mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I had had to that point, even better than the one I'd had that morning. I just kept on shooting cum until finally I could take it no longer and I pushed her head off of my now spent and very sensitive cock.

"Don't you dare swallow his cum or spit it out," I heard James say.

I looked down to see mother squeeze her lips tightly together and just kneel there, tears streaming down her face at the shame of what she had just been made to do.

"Now," said Jerome, "stand up and kiss your son."

Mother, by now a beaten woman mentally, got to her feet and put her arms around me and brought her lips to mine.

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