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Decades in the waiting..it takes the right man.

I held his face in my hands and put my tongue into his mouth. We started licking each other's lips. Then our tongues met and started licking each other. Then I bit his lips and moaned.

He then grabbed my breasts and started playing with them. His hands were all over my boobs. Then he slowly started to unbutton the shirt. I knew all the buttons were undone when I felt his cold hands on my boobs. I didn't stop kissing.

He then put his hand inside my bra to find my nipples. They were so hard and aching for attention. I moaned into his mouth and pressed my lower part of body closer to him. My lower stomach was now pressing against his dick. He pressed it harder against my body while pinching my nipples. I knew this was going beyond my plan and somehow wanted to stop.

Also I knew that we were not gonna stop until any one of us came. His hand went behind and unclasped the bra from back. My boobs got released from the bra and they came into plane view for him. He stopped kissing to look at my boobs. "Oh God.. they are so beautiful..!" He said.

Without missing a beat, he started licking my tits. It felt so good. His tongue was so soft on my boobs and his teeth were so hard on my nipples. He was biting and licking me. The nipples became rock hard. He kept on saying things like 'they're so hard' 'it's beautiful' 'I wanna eat them' and so on.

He was humping against my legs like a dog. His cock was rubbing against my thighs. I was curious about how his dick looked. I unbuckled his pants and put my hand inside his brief.

He had trimmed the hair down there. I could feel his dick. It was hard as a rock. I released it from the clothes. A thick 7" black cock. It was circumcised. I had never seen a circumcised cock.

It looked very muscular with thick veins running all over it. I started giving him a handjob. He started moaning, closing the eyes.

"I've never seen a circumcised cock before " I said.

"Then look closely" he said.

Then I smiled and said: "no, I won't do that."


"Because you'll put it in my mouth if I bring my face close to it."

"No, promise. I won't."

"Sure?" I asked.

"Yes! "

I then went down on my knees. I placed my knees on his feet as there was mud on the road. My shirt was open and the bra was now near my navel. I didn't do anything to cover my boobs.

He was rock hard and pulsating. The veins were so strong and full of blood.

I held his dick and started watching it closely. I held it against his belly and watched the underside. Then brought it down and faced against my face and watched it from the front. I held it in my hand and gave 2-3 strong slow wanking,looking into his eyes. I looked back on his cock. Some precum was there on the tip of the cock. I looked into his eyes. "Your precum is leaking."

"You wanna taste it? " He asked.

"No." I replied.

"Try it.." he pleaded.

"No. That'll give a bad idea to you."


"You'll think that I'm an easy girl who gives blowjob on the first day itself."

"I'll never think of anything like that."

He continued:"Also, you're not blowing me off,right? You're just trying to taste my precum. That's not considered as a blowjob. Also, I'll never think of you as a bad girl. You're an angel. And I love you."

I was happy to hear that. And he looked so cute when requested and convinced me to do so. He looked very innocent. I liked it.

"OK. Don't think that I'm sucking your cock,OK..I'm just you know.."

Saying that, looking into his eyes, I licked the precum off his cock. I started from the bottom of the glans and licked slowly till the tip where the precum was formed. It was a small distance, but I made it last as long as possible. I took some good 3 seconds to lick it off. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

"Mmmmmm" I said, tasting it in my mouth.

"So do you like the taste?" He asked.

"Actually I didn't feel anything. It was little sticky and kind of salty. That's it." I said innocently.

"Can you... Do it..Once again?" He asked.

"No. I can't do that." I answered.


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