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He uses his position to use his friend's wife.

"So, was Kelly a good fuck?" "No, I would have had more fun fucking a dead fish," Peter said. "Hard luck, mate," Dean laughed, "I had a great time."

After climbing into bed, Peter pulled out his well-thumbed magazine, only now it wasn't faceless bodies staring back at him, it was Desiree.

"Oh Desiree," he moaned as he hand fucked his cock to orgasm.

His mothers voice cut into his dreams. "I am off to work now, so get up because Desiree wants to clean your room today," she shouted. Climbing out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom. After showering, Peter pulled on his best jeans and tightest tee shirt - the one that showed of his hard work in the gym. Making his way to the kitchen, he could hear singing. "Morning, Peter! Want a cup of tea?," Desiree asked. "Please," he replied, "But I would rather fuck you," he secretly thought to himself.

Leaning over to pass him his tea, her tits brushed against him. He could smell her scent, feel the heat as it burnt into his body. He felt the stirring between his legs as his cock took on a life of its own. "Shit, eighteen years old and I still got no control over it" he thought. "Must get on," she said. Peter watched her walk out of the room. She was wearing a dress today, cut low enough to show the mounds of her tits and high enough to show her large, tanned legs.

"I will go get my magazine and lock myself in the bathroom. I have got to take care of this," he thought as his hard on pressed against his zipper. Entering his room, he saw Desiree sitting on his bed. She had his magazine in her hands.

Looking at him, she grinned. "Like real women, do we, Peter?" she said.

Patting the bed, she told him to sit down as he sat next to her. She asked, "How old are you?" "Eighteen." "Are you a virgin?" "No" "How many girls have you fucked then?" "Oh,loads" "Come now, Peter, tell Desiree the truth!" "Two" he uttered, embarrassed. Putting her hand on his leg she said, "Would you like to make that three, Peter?" "Yes, Oh yes, please," he said.

Standing up she said, "Come here, Peter." Like an obedient puppy he made his way to her. Pulling his tee shirt over his head, she ran her hands over his body, moving them down to his zipper. Pulling it down, she removed his jeans and underpants. "Oh shit," he thought,"if she touches my cock, I know I will cum straight away." Looking into his eyes she asked, "Have you ever been sucked?" Peter could only shake his head as she moved her mouth down his body. Taking his cock into her mouth, he felt his orgasm explode from his body.

"Oh, we are in a rush, aren't we?," she said. Embarrassed, Peter could only utter, "sorry." "Don't worry, we have all day," she laughed.

Standing up, she told him to unzip her dress. Stepping out of it, she stood before him, the whiteness of her bra and panties standing out against the dark of her tanned body. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor, slowly pushing her panties down her legs.

Peter could only stand there and stare as she laid on the bed. Her hand moved down between her open legs. "You going to join me, or have I got to carry on by myself?," laughing as she spoke. "Holy shit! She really is going to let me fuck her!," he thought as he joined her on the bed, climbing between her legs. "Wow, hang on, big boy!," she said as he pushed his now hard cock against her cunt lips. "Lay back, I want to give you some lessons in love."

Leaning over him, her mouth closed over his, her tongue pushing between his lips.

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