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They continue there exploration of each others desires.

Spector threw a stun bolt, the katana lowered as the man grunted and his aura changed from rage and excitement to pain and worry and the man's head turned as he searched. Deciding to close the distance, Spector stage whispered, "Over here, big guy," and moved toward his target.
The man raised the katana to a high guard position and moved toward the sound of Spector's voice. He bumped into the end of the aisle shelving with a forearm. The man's free hand shot out toward the bumped shelf, batting packaged cupcakes onto the floor. Spector cast the spell while the man was somewhat silhouetted by the neon glow and before he entered the darkness of the aisle. The katana slipped from the man's fingers, clattering to the floor. Then the man pitched sideways clambering for purchase on the shelving but accomplishing nothing more than raking baked snack confections as he fell.

Approaching the fallen man warily, Spector holstered his guns, picked up the katana and brutally kicked the man in the chin. He saw no signs of consciousness, only flying blood and broken teeth and backed down the aisle, turned and moved through the gap that perpendicularly bisected all the aisles. Spector checked behind him and noticed the neon beer advertising on the wall, realized he might be silhouetting himself and moved down aisle 10 toward the back wall with the frozen food units.

Spector stopped just within the aisle, put his back to the shelves and squatted to take advantage of the available cover. Dropping the channeled spirit's powers he'd been using, Spector summoned a new spirit. A big new spirit. A spirit to help him exploit the advantages he was manipulating for himself. Spector told it to attack anyone who attacked him or whom he attacked then reactivated the guard and concealment powers on himself and the new spirit.

Steeling his nerve, Spector rounded the shelving into the aisle fronting the freezer cases, saw no one and continued around to aisle 8 and saw the white haired guy who had been talking to the toaster. The toaster talker held out an arm in a protective gesture in front of the toasters. The other arm held a shotgun as the man looked up and down the aisle. Spector tried recalling what he'd noticed before the robbery started. The man had not been in any strategic position, or even looking like he was casing the place. He'd looked wet like perhaps he had ridden in on one of the bikes out front. His aura was about one-third dark, evidently due to cyberware. His aura showed confusion, concern, and worry.

Past the bisecting aisle gap was the couple dressed in the synth-leather jumpsuits. One was squatting, the other on hands and knees, both moving large bags of cat litter and dog food into a makeshift defense, their auras showing fear. As Spector watched, one of them crawled onto the shelf from which they had pulled the bags. Smart Spector thought and let all of them be and moved to the next aisle.

The ork boy and his mother had made it down the aisle past the gap, so had crossed from aisle 5 to aisle 6. The boy's aura was filled with fear. His mothers was a mixture of fear and confusion, though not the same type confusion as the male figure standing near them. Spector recognized the aura of a being under the power of spirit confusion in the man by them; the man holding the gun in a slack grip. Spector approached them. The boy's eyes seemed to followed Spector. It dawned on Spector that the kid was an ork and might be able to see him in the near darkness if the kid saw past the concealment enveloping him. Spector moved the katana behind him, out of the kid's sight and dropped the spirit concealment. Spector considered the situation and tried to find a course of action that would get them out of harm's way.

There might be someone between them and the entrance doors.

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