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An erotic re-telling of the classic fairytale.

I love performing and this dance was far more exotic, erotic or anything otherwise, I'd ever done before. I pulled Meg to my nipple and ordered,

"Suck me baby, make my nipple hard and swollen. Make my pussy wet, so I can shove that tongue of yours deep inside me. I want to cum in your mouth and then share that with you."

I trained my eyes on the guys and took charge again. Meg sucked and nipped at me. Licking and sucking and squeezing me, making me cry out as the pleasure rippled out of my nipple and consumed my body. The first connection to my clit was made and the tingling came as she worked my nipple over. She took the other one and repeated the assault on it. When both nipples were pressed together and her teeth bit down on them, I lurched and shuddered then felt my pussy gush. I held her head to me and quivered through my first orgasm hit and then felt her hand cup my mound.

Her fingers were instantly coated and slippery and she rubbed it all over me, coating me with my viscous lube. The sensation made me twitch as she hit my clit with her fingers in her rotational movements. I was so worked up mentally from the seduction and now succumbing to Meg's fingers and mouth, I felt dreamy and almost out of body. Two fingers slid inside and caressed my sensitive flesh. I could feel the secretions come as her fingers lightly played over the skin.

Wet sloshing sounds erupted from me, as Meg worked me up and my opening dilated for her. Her thumb played lightly over my clit and before long, I was twitching at every flick and another orgasm built inside. Meg could feel me clenching and dilating, working her fingers with my muscles and she thrust them in quickly and sped the flicking of my clit at the same time.

I shuddered violently and gasped as my orgasm hit and radiated a blast wave through me. I knew I was cumming hard, when I heard the wet sounds get louder and more pronounced. Thank God for leather. I held on to Meg tightly for support as I lost myself in the pleasure.

I felt myself being laid back and my head rested on the floor. My legs were spread and laid over Meg's shoulders and her mouth closed on me. She sucked me in and the orgasm came back in intensity and I went rigid as I was driven back up to that euphoric level again. Her tongue drove me wild as it lavished my swollen and sensitive nub, shooting bolts of intense pleasure through me. I tingled and tensed as she drained me of my offering and then worked her tongue around to lick up the remains.

I felt her hands and fingers spread my cheeks wider and my sphincter opened to her. Her tongue worked its way there and circled in, She poked it as deep as she could and I relaxed so I could accept her more. She spread me wider and shoved her tongue deeper and I felt it touch the ultra-sensitive lining. I shivered up and down my spine and felt my nipples harden again. Meg worked her tongue around and in, back and forth between circles and poking, creating such a blissful state in me.

I looked upside down at Ken first and then Brian, both looking down at me and grinning like school boys again. I weakly smiled back and closed my eyes and went back to enjoying the talented tongue dancing in my ass. Meg's face was pressed tight to my ass and her nose was furrowed between my folds, her breath giving blasts of her warm air on my clit. It didn't take any more stimulation than that to set the next orgasm into being.

I felt my pussy clenching at nothing and in need of something, but Meg's tongue drove me on past that need and I concentrated on her tongue in my ass. I felt the surge of pressure release in my pelvis and I gushed out gooey spurts of cum. Meg left my ass and locked her mouth over my pussy and sucked on me. I bucked and cried out, wanting to push her head away or further inside. I almost felt like I passed out as it peaked and then subsided. Meg stopped all touching and helped me back up. She was kneeling between my out stretched legs and hugged me to her.

"There, there.

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