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I try to move but she holds me tighter.

"I do love you, and I love Audry...I love the both of you, but I don't think that means I get to be holding you like this."

The room is cold on my skin as she turns, and I slip from between her cheeks. Suddenly I'm looking down into my sister's face, her eyes soft and wet.

"Why not? Why the hell not? Just because you're my brother? I love you. You're the only man in the world who has given a shit about me since Dad died."

She pulls at my shirt and buries her face in my chest. "I'm so tired of being used by men who say they love me. First one, then another, lying to me again and again till I can't tell who's who and what's what."

She holds me to her face, and I pull her in tighter as I hear her cry. I bring my hand to the back of her head and gently caress her hair. She looks up at me with red eyes.

"Then I came to you, my big brother. Dead broke, a suitcase of clothes to my name, and little Audry about to pop out at any time. You're working on commission, have a run-down house to your name and too many bills, but you didn't even hesitate. Just took me in, put up with my shit, gave me the best bedroom in the place."

"That's not saying much," I say in a whisper.

She wipes a tear from her cheek and sits up till she's looking down at my face.

"Did you not spend the first weekend I was here painting that room? You rewired all the plugs and the wall switches. You hung that ceiling fan in there. Did you even sleep for the first month I was here? You painted little Audry's room with all those beautiful murals on the walls. I've already seen her looking at them. You got the heat working somehow."

"Not the air-condition yet though," I say with a half shrug. "And all that's beside the point. Nothing you've said earns me the right to hold you like I was. Sis... I was inches from being inside you!"

Her hand comes down to my face and brushes through the slight stubble.

"Then I wish you had moved those few inches," she says.

I would love to know what my face looks like. Judging from her smile like I've been hit with a hammer must be close.

"Richy... Audry needs a father in her life. Now the men I have met all wanted one thing from me. A place to dump cum...

"No!" She pushes my mouth closed when I go to speak.

"I know what I've been doing for the last few years, and that is what I've become. Now I don't want any one of them to be in her life. Not a one of them! Most certainly not that sperm donor that told me he had a condom on when he didn't!"

I go to speak again and she covers my mouth. "Let me finish."

After a moment I give a nod and agree. She moves her hand.

"I want her to have a good life. We had a good one for a while then everything fell apart. I hope that doesn't happen to her. If it should though, I want her to have had a happy childhood. I want you to be in her life. Not her favorite uncle... but her father. If we don't tell her, and Aunt Jean can keep her mouth shut about it, well maybe she won't find out till she's old enough to handle it."

I can't stand silent for that.

"Why? Why would you want to lie to her like that? I will be there for her. I will be all but a father to her. I will always be in her life. She doesn't have to call me Daddy for that to happen. I can be her Uncle Richy that loves her more than anything. Why, Sis?"

"I don't want her to have to understand why...Uncle Richy... is sleeping with Mommy."

She places a finger on my lips. "I want you in my life as well. In my life, in my my bed. I...I really don't care what the world would say about us, not even Aunt Jean but the truth is I don't want to have to explain to my little girl why..."

She sniffles. "Why I fell in love with my brother."

She looks at me, and then closing her eyes, sinks her head down on my chest. Listening to the thunder rage, I hold her as she cries. I try to wrap my head around what she's just told me. I try to make it fit into the shall do's and shan't do's that we were taught, and I can't.

The idea of it goes full into the face of th

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