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Opening chapter of wife's new sexuality.

"Unbelievable," Chloe said as she sat on a bench beside the shed.

As soon as they were in the building, Carl pushed Bree face-forward into the wall. His rapidly hardening cock pressed against her ass. His hands raked across her breasts. His fingers caught on the barbell piercings in her nipples tugging and pulling her pebbled nips. Bree hissed in response.

Carl dropped to one knee and bit Bree's spectacular ass multiple times. She squealed. Then he spread her ass cheeks and rimmed her anus on the way down to her bare cunt. He lapped at the source of her wondrous nectar until she moaned and was good and wet.

Everyone was on fire: Carl, Bree and Chloe. Chloe crossed her legs attempting to relieve an itch that was growing with every sigh and moan emanating from the shed.

Carl stood and wrapped a strong arm around Bree's narrow waist. His other hand position his prick at the entrance of her dripping vagina. Forcefully, he drove his steel rod home. Bree gasped with pleasure. Carl continued to control her, to dominate her as he pounded the hell out of her. Bree was in ecstasy thinking, "I so chose the right man". Carl was proving to be everything that she sought in a lover.

Carl treated Bree as his fuck toy. He put both hands on her hips and pistoned in and out of her tight hole. "The bitch is getting what she deserves," he said to himself. Fortunately for Bree, she was also getting everything she liked. Bree screamed announcing her climax,

"Yes! Yes!....yes."

As she came. Carl released his load and filled Bree with his hot spunk. He grunted in rhythm to the jets of his cum that coated her womb.

Chloe heard all this and was further enflamed. In frustration, she said,

"Every member of the Monroe family has climaxed today, except for me. That is going to change at 3 o'clock.

Flushed and covered with sweat, Bree and Carl, burst out of the shed gulping for fresh air. They stumbled and lay on the grass as they recovered from their orgasms.

Chloe stood rigidly and announced,

"You two are worse than animals. I have an appointment. I'm out of here."

Bree laughed and hugged Carl while Chloe headed over to find Paul, it was almost 3.

Paul was standing at the pool gate and smiled broadly when he saw her. That made Chloe feel nice.

Paul asked, "Do you want to get a drink or some ice cream?"

Chloe slipped her arm around his arm, pressed her firm breasts against him and, while she fluttered her eyelids, she said,

"I was hoping we could go somewhere private."

"Cool. I know just the place."

Paul took Chloe off the beaten path to a secluded field surrounded by trees with a nice view of the lake.

"This is beautiful," Chloe said.

"You are beautiful, "Paul said as he stepped in close to her and looked her in the eye.

Chloe blushed. Paul leaned in and kissed her. Chloe responded with a tight embrace. The couple kissed - long kisses, short ones and French kisses. As their lips and tongues explored each other, Paul's hands sought out and traversed her butt. Chloe was a full figured girl with an ass to die for. Paul found it to be toned, soft, round and wonderful.

Chloe enjoyed his touch, but she was hungry. She slipped from his embrace and knelt to taste his manhood. His 4" hand rolled cigar penis had swollen to a thick 6 inches of firmness. Chloe had never seen or handled an uncircumcised cock. She examined it with her eyes, hands and mouth. Paul let her take all the time she wanted.

Paul felt himself getting close and pulled out of her pretty mouth. He guided her to the ground and began feasting on her wonderful tits. She was blessed with an awesome set: large, spherical, firm and now available to him. His hands, mouth and tongue tested every facet of their loveliness. Chloe lay grateful for his attentiveness as the warmth and wetness in her pussy grew and grew.

Paul would have loved to spend a lifetime treasuring her breasts, but his need was growing.

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