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A young teacher falls prey to his adventurous students.

"Well then, I guess I better buy them, shouldn't I? How much?"

He gave me the price tag. It was a hundred dollars. Well, there went the heels. I almost felt like bursting into tears. Stephie came by and saw that I wasn't too happy.

"What wrong dear," she asked concerned. "Are they actually out?" I showed her the price tag. Her eyes widened at the expensive price. She looked up at the guy. "Why the hell are these so expensive? They're cute, but this is ripoff!"

The guy looked really nervous now. "Well...they are heels and very popular...I don't make the prices."

"Oh, so there's nothing you can do about it huh? Look at this poor, beautiful woman," Stephie pointed at me. "She saw these shoes and when she found out you actually have her size, she was happier than I've ever seen her while shopping."

The guy seemed sorry and I told Stephie that it was ok. I put the heels on the counter and started walking away. Stephie wasn't done though. "You know, I saw you looking at her too when she came in. You think she's cute, don't you?"

I turned around in shock. I knew what was coming next. Stephie had a way of making men feel guilty. The guy's face was flushed in red and he was acting extremely nervous. "Tell you what there boy," Stephie said slowly. She came up closer to the counter and leaned down. She barely could have her arms on the counter with her shorter stature. Her boobs were partly showing from her top. "If you lower the price down to seventy five, I will let you touch something you've been spying on us for."

The guy stood up and seemed to almost be considering it. Then Stephie go on the counter and put her legs out. Rubbed flats back and forth in front of the flabbergasted man. "You see these pretty shoes? I bought them here. I remember you even sold me them, right?" The guy only nodded, seemingly too dumbstruck for him to talk. "I also remember you were staring at my cute, little feet the whole time...weren't you, pervert? I wanted to stopped her, but she put a hand up when I proceeded to stop her teasing. "Well, you little foot freak, I wonder how your boss would feel if he found out, huh?"

"Okkkkkk!!!! I'll pay for part of the shoe." The guy wasn't defeated though. "But only if I can do more than touch. You have no idea how fucking hard it is, working at a store like this."

"Oh, I can imagine," Stephie replied. "I guess you can play with my feet....now let's go somewhere private huh?" The counter guy put up a closed sign on the front door. We were the only customers at that point, so he didn't have to kick anyone out. "Wait here Taylar, I'll only be back in a few minutes." Stephie took the guy and went back. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Yesterday was different enough, but this was insane. I decided that I had to make sure that things were going smoothly back there, so I snuck back.

The back room wasn't as well lit as the store was, but I could see Stephie on the middle table with the man. I put my back against the corner and stuck an eye out. I didn't think they would notice me. Stephie sat on the table, while the guy pulled up a stool. He took Stephie's waiting feet. He took of the flats of, revealing my best friend's feet. Like I've said, Stephie's feet are a little bit larger then the rest of her body, making her trip over them if she wasn't paying attention. Stephie alway preferred brighter colors on her toenails, this time being a light orange color. Leave it to her to choose a very different color. Her feet are shapely like the rest of her body. The soles were wrinkled, but looked soft nonetheless. I guess Angela's lovely feet were another thing passed down to her only daughter. The counter guy took her feet up to her face and started licking them. His tongue feverishly covering as much sole as they could. I felt sorry for Stephie, because this guy didn't seem to know what he was doing. It was my shoes and I wanted them, so I had to earn them.

I moved out from my hiding spot.

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