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Lia came to with a throbbing in her head...


"Mike, where is my titty picture," Suzanne asked. "I want to show Anne and Casey."

"It's on the coffee table in that stack of pictures," I replied. "Wait I'll get it for you," I said, but I was too late as she uncovered a shot of Casey and her titties covered in cum.

"Wow," exclaimed Suzanne, "You sure have a nice pair of melons. Much nicer than the handful I've got on my chest. It looks like he had more cum for you than he did for me." She went through a couple more pictures and found the picture of her tits sprayed with cum. "My tits are still damn nice," as she looked at herself.

"How could you do this to me Mike? I thought this was only for you and not the world to see." The pout on her face let it be known she wasn't happy.

Anne was looking at the pictures and just gave a quiet wolf whistle. All I could do was think to myself that this blew up in my face.

"Casey please sit down and I'll explain to all of you. Please sit down."

"Ladies I've hinted to all of you that I wanted to make a film and I've decided that now is the time to get moving on it. The story is going to be a tit fuck contest. There will be 8 women, then 4, then 2 and finally a winner. I want all three of you to be in the contest and help me with the making of the picture. Suzanne I had no idea that I would ever see you again until you called last night. Anne I invited you over because I wanted to sample your big titties, something I've never done. You know how I feel Casey because you were here last night and I got to more than sample your beauties. Anyhow I'm sorry it worked out the way it did. If you all want to leave I wouldn't blame you at all. This was a bad idea."

All three girls looked at each other and there was some very quiet conversation I strained to hear but couldn't. There was a giggle from Anne, a smile from Suzanne, and a shoulder shrug from Casey. Then more conversation and then Suzanne spoke.

"We'll all do it but we want to have a contest right now. We each get 60 seconds with your cock in our tits. The first one to make you come wins. Since Anne hasn't had the pleasure of your cock she gets to start. I'll go second and Casey goes last."

I couldn't believe what I heard but as I was standing there I watched all three tops come off and I was staring at 6 beautiful breasts. Anne had a gorgeous pair of milky white mounds with hard red nipples and deep blue veins. They didn't sag as much as Casey's and could have been a little bit larger. Suzanne was definitely smaller but they still looked like two ripe pears waiting to be eaten. Her nipples were hard and ready to be eaten. The flesh was alabaster white against her tan body; I couldn't wait to sample them again. Casey was still fresh in mind and as I glanced over I could see her love mounds covered with cum with a smile of satisfaction on her face. Her nipples were like little pebbles ready to be sucked. How will I be able to hold back my love juice for three minutes or more?"

"How about some baby oil for all of your titties? I get to apply it to get us all started."

When I returned from the bathroom they were all sitting on the couch waiting in anticipation. I started with Anne first because I had never felt her breasts before. Not only did she arch her back for me but she also unzipped my pants and whistled at the already erect rod she found, took some of the baby oil from her titties and rubbed it on my cock. Before I could say anything she had slid it into her mouth and took it all the way to the base making a gurgling sound as she did it. My hands gripped onto the slippery soft tits and squeezed while I pushed forward.

Suzanne said, "No fair Anne. We don't want him to cum yet."

Anne reluctantly pulled away but said "I couldn't resist, sorry" I was ready now and I hadn't touched Casey or Suzanne who had arched there backs waiting for the oil to be applied.

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