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Salma Hayek meets Tony Diaz.

Was Colin the man to dominate me? But what about my husband?

"Turn around," Colin ordered.

I slowly turned back to face Colin, still holding my skirt up, showing my now soaking wet pussy, something which did not go unnoticed.

"Well done Louise. Now, cover yourself up, we have lots to be getting through and it is getting late." Colin had all of a sudden reverted to his normal banking professional manner. "Sit, sit."

Instead of trying to push my skirt down to cover myself up when I sat back down, I simply crossed my legs, allowing my suspenders and legs to be on display. I focused on Colin, who was going through the terms of my "Personal Services" contract which was to be an integral part of the financial rescue package on offer. I had already read it word for word and decided it was something I could do and, if it allowed me to maintain my lifestyle then all the better.

"What about Mark, how does he feel about all this? Have you discussed this offer with him?"

"No. There is no need. I don't see why he needs to be involved, after all, it's not like he's come up with anything better." Oh my God, I just sounded like a real cold bitch.

"Louise, don't you think your husband deserves to know his wife is, to all intents and purposes, going to be nothing more than a paid whore for the next 3 years or so?"

Shit! I almost choked when he said those words. I had never considered this deal in that context before and it was all I could do to remain composed. I could barely whisper my response, "N..no Mr. Yearwood, this is my choice and I trust you'll respect that."

A small wry smile appeared across Colin's lips. He knows. He knows, was all I could think.

"Very well. Let us proceed." Colin sat in a plush leather chair behind the desk and continued, "Now I want you to take off your blouse and skirt, come to the end of the chaise longue, place your hands on it and spread your legs".

I complied, bending forward and spreading my legs before proudly thrusting my arse out. Here I was, dressed just in my underwear and heels and Colin was beginning to breath heavily as his eyes devoured my body. I had not been so incredibly turned on since my hormones got all screwed up when I was pregnant. He had now got a massive hard on and I needed him to take me, to satisfy the fire that raged within me, to use me in any way that he wanted. I just needed to be fucked.

"You have a fantastic body," he said.

"Thank you." But inside my mind was screaming at him,'Just fuck me already.'

"Your husband is a very lucky man. Has anyone else seen you like this, dressed just in your lingerie?"

"Er n-no. No one".

"Good, so I am the first." Colin continued to order me to pose in various ways, often he blatantly adjusting his hard on, which was clearly straining his pants. I obeyed, without question and enjoyed taking his orders dressed only heels, stockings, suspenders and bra, but it was time to get to the main event.

He walked over and without warning started to spank my arse again, lightly at first and then much harder. "I love the way your red bottom contrasts with your flesh colored stockings, pretty white suspenders and frilly garters."

I could not believe at how much of a willing slut I had become in such a short space of time. I had clearly wanted this type of rough treatment for a very long time and boy, it was about to get a whole lot rougher...

I gasped and then openly started to groan at the abrupt change in proceedings, but all I could do was stick my arse further out at Colin, almost willing him to spank me. My breasts were so stiff, nipples erect and protruding out of the half-cup bra he had asked me to wear. I licked my lips as I reveled in the attention he gave. This was the way I had always wanted to be treated: roughly, no regard for my feelings and utterly dominated.

"You are quite the whore, Louise"

"Oh please, stop," I pleaded for the sake of decorum as the spa

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