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Allie wants to pledge her heart to Terry with her virginity.

There are lots of queer women in the City of Ottawa, and the Islamic community is full of them. That's what I am discovering these days.

Ever since Nadeeya Osman and I first had sex, life hasn't been the same. I find myself craving what she does, and I've come back to her, again and again. Nadeeya Osman, the tall, short-haired, athletic Somali chick whom I used to mock for her tomboyish style and western ways because I considered myself a proper Muslim sister, never venturing out of the house without my Hijab, or my Holy Book.

Nadeeya Osman, the young Muslim woman who brought intense pleasure and lots of confusion into this carefully ordered life of mine. I am a prim and proper Somali Muslim sister. I go to school, I go to work and I go to the Masjid. I shun the company of unrelated members of the opposite sex. Those are the things that a good Muslim sister is supposed to do.

Dear readers, I am sincere when I say that I believe in following the rules of my Islamic faith. I do Saleh five times a day. I follow the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Yet I am plagued with sexual thoughts of women. As a Muslim woman, I consider lesbianism to be absolutely haram. Yet I am afraid that I am becoming a lesbian!

The only people I told about my budding relationship with Nadeeya Osman are my close friends Fatima Ali and Khadija Hussein. You see, recently, I discovered that Fatima Ali and Khadija Hussein, my close friends and fellow students at Algonquin College, are lesbian lovers. They encouraged me to explore my feelings for Nadeeya. It's good to have supportive friends, I guess.

Nadeeya and I have lots of fun together. I am discovering lots of new, fascinating things about my body, my sexuality and myself, and it's all because of her. I was once hesitant when Nadeeya brought me to bed, and we both got naked, and she spread her strong, athletic thighs invitingly. Nodding at me, Nadeeya brought her hairy cunt close to my face. I looked at Nadeeya's pussy hungrily. Slowly, I brought my face closer to it, and then, tentatively, I began to lick and finger it.

Part of me felt nervous but a greater part of me felt excited as Nadeeya ordered me to lick her pussy. I did as I was told, and I must say, it wasn't so bad. The taste of Nadeeya's cunt was absolutely wonderful. I licked and fingered Nadeeya, tasting and exploring that hot pussy of hers, and soon the tall, sexy tomboy began moaning and crying out my name. Sliding my fingers into Nadeeya's cunt, I began exploring her womanly folds.

Nadeeya Osman and I had ourselves some fun, and I was delighted to be the one bringing her pleasure. All those other times that we'd had sex, Nadeeya had been the one to pleasure me. Amazingly, I made Nadeeya cum, and the sexy tomboy cried out in pleasure. The sight of an orgasmic woman is a beautiful thing, ladies and gentlemen. Afterwards, Nadeeya pulled me close and kissed me. We're fast becoming addicted to each other, as you can see.

Nadeeya can't enough of this body of mine, and I can't tell you how happy I am about this. I'm a tall, busty and big-bottomed, curvy brown chick in a world that worships short, skinny white chicks. I wear the Hijab and the traditional long skirts that traditional Muslim women are supposed to wear not just because I'm a devout Muslim but because I know they hide my chubby body well. Nadeeya taught me to love my curvy body and I can't thank her enough for it.

Earlier, Nadeeya told me to get naked and sit on her face. I was shocked when my favorite Muslim tomboy asked this of me, but I complied anyway. Naked, I sat on Nadeeya's lovely face, and the sexy gal began licking my asshole while fingering my pussy. I was stunned, but soon found myself moaning in pleasure as Nadeeya worked her magic on me. Seriously, Nadeeya knows her way around the female body, and I can't get enough of all the sexy things she does to me.

Nadeeya put me on all fours and caressed, licked and fondled that big brown butt of mine, and then the sexy Muslim tomboy donned a strap-on dildo and fucked me with it.

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