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April kicks it up a notch.

His cock was already semi-erect when he started to run his hands over his chest and down his hips and began to grasp his cock. He closed his eyes and began to imagine himself laying on the bed nude. He envisioned two black men in thier 20's standing on each side of the bed, stroking their cocks. Both were semi erect and as they watched his body, they both grew longer and thicker.

It didn't take Mark long to sport a full erection as he pictured the two ebony studs standing on both sides of the bed. Mark uttered the words "I want your black cocks" out loud and he slipped out of the robe and flung it off the bed. Now completely nude, he positioned himself on his knees and elbows, grabbing the molded dildo and put it in front of him. He had been waiting for this moment since he first laid eyes on it. For that matter, he had waited for this moment for years and he immediately began to suck on the black cock. With one hand grabbing the thick shaft and the other cupping the balls, Mark slid the head of the dildo between his lips and took a huge mouthful of the cock.

Its head deep in his mouth he desperately wanted to see how much of the huge black cock he could take in his mouth. He began to chock and spasm but it didn't deter him from continuing his torrid sucking on the toy. All he could imagine was what it would be like to suck on a real black man's cock of this size. He could feel the rush of intimidation as he sucked and licked all up and down the thick hard black cock. He even worked his way down on the balls, licking and sucking on them and imagined the stud was telling him to please his big black dick.

Mark's imagination was vivid, he could hear the man's moans and his vocal commands which he loved. "Suck that cock white boy" it made Mark suck even more feverishly. He was so taken by what he had been doing the past twenty minutes that he almost forgot there was another impressive black cock in the room wanting some attention. Mark grabbed the second dildo and began sucking on it, imagining that the second man had stuck his cock in his face demanding satisfaction. Mark was only too happy to go from cock to cock sucking one while rubbing the other on his face. His mouth produced a plentiful supply of saliva that drooled all over both toys giving them an even more realistic appearance.

He even licked both heads at the same time holding the cock heads an inch apart from each other and tried fitting both in his mouth. He realized his cock was rock hard, maybe even harder than it had been since he was a teen. He knew it was time to take one in his ass but which one?

He toyed with the decision as he kept sucking on the two toys. He knew he had to have the twelve-inch cock in him but it was probably wiser to start with the smaller one. Although it was a shorter and thinner, it was still an impressive cock much bigger than his, even as he sported the most impressive erection of his life. He took the ten-inch dildo and began to squeeze the lube on it, covering the head with the gooey, cold ointment. He then put a huge glob on his index and middle finger and proceeded to smear it all over his asshole. Looking at the toy again he decided to repeat both lubing's, as he had never had anything like this in his ass. Still on his knees he positioned the toy behind him and centered the head right over his asshole. Slowly he guided his asshole on the thick ebony head and closed his eyes imagining that he was trying his fist BBC in real life.

His lover was encouraging him in his mind, "Yeah, that's it white boy.

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