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Mack gets his chance.

He quietly stepped back into his room, closed the door and ripped off his boxers. He had to jerk himself off three times before he could fall back to sleep.

The next morning, Emily snuck as quietly as possible past Brad's bed to the bathroom. She tried to turn on the exhaust fan to mask the noise but remembered the electricity was out. She found a new toothbrush and got herself cleaned up. Then, she snuck back out of the room and began trying to figure out what to do for breakfast. She stoked the fire and got some water boiling. She was also able to find a device that enabled her to cook bread. Brad awoke to the smell of cinnamon toast. He rubbed his eyes, threw back the covers, and stumbled into the outer room still yawning and trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Emily turned to bid him good morning but stopped and put her hand to her mouth laughing when she saw he had forgotten his pants. Brad followed her gaze in horror and muttered, "Oh, shit! I'll be right back." He cupped his hand over his privates and scurried to his bedroom to put on a robe.

"Sorry. That's what happens when you've been stuck in the woods by yourself for too long."

Emily was still giggling. "Don't worry about it. It makes us even." Brad nodded but his face still turned bright red.

They dined on toast and jam plus hot tea, mostly in silence. "How'd you sleep?" Brad finally asked.

"Very, very well. You?"

Brad rolled his eyes toward the bedroom and smirked as if to say that he obviously slept soundly. Emily laughed again.

"As you can tell, I'm pretty uninhibited. I always walk around naked at home, so don't be embarrassed. You can whip your Johnson out any time as far as I'm concerned. In fact, after breakfast, I was going to do my yoga next to the fire, if it's okay with you. And ... I usually go through the exercises naked. Would that bother you?"

Brad felt his dick stir to life at the mere thought. "No ... why would it?" he asked, trying to sound casual. "I mean, we're just, people, right?"

Emily laughed, again, at his poor attempt at being nonchalant. "We are just people." Emily cleaned up the dishes and folded the comforter into a mat. She stripped off the shirt, smiled at Brad, and did the splits as she sat on the mat. She began by stretching from side to side. Brad watched for a few minutes, unable to tear himself away. Finally, he forced himself to go sit in front of the computer. Then he remembered he needed to start the generator and got dressed to go outside.

Walking back into the room, Emily had her eyes closed and was standing on one leg with the other stretched perpendicular to the ground with her arms around the leg and her hands in a praying position. It was, by far, the best view he'd had of her body and of her incredible pussy, and he was dumbstruck. He watched her until she broke the pose and brought her leg down. "How do you do that?" he asked, as if her dexterity was the real object of his stare.

She smiled. "Years of both ballet and yoga. I don't take ballet anymore, but the flexibility is still there."

"I guess it is." They were just staring at each other for a few moments until he added, "I'll just get the generator working." As soon as they broke eye contact, Emily tried to stifle a laugh at the outline of the huge boner in Brad's pants. She had to admit this whole experience was arousing her as well.

Brad got the generator running, checked some of the switches, and announced that they were back in business. Emily was still naked and was sitting in the big chair looking at him. "What?" he asked.

"This is really embarrassing, but I always get extra horny after yoga. It must have something to do with getting the blood pumping or something. My former boyfriend would start getting hard at the mere mention of the word."

Brad's eyes were riveted to her, and his mouth was a bit dry as he listened for the rest of the explanation.

"So ... would you mind if I used your bed to, uhm, tiptoe through my two-lips?" she asked shyly.


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