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Master and sub continue with T/their journey.

"So, two things Robyn." I turn to my side and prop up on an elbow. "Yes. My sex life is pretty much nonexistent, and yes - she's gorgeous, and ya - you're right... who wouldn't get excited?"

She leans close into me. Her breast press into the thin, tight fitting shirt, inches from my face..."Oooohhh, I see. But - I'd imagine, for a guy, getting an erection while lying on your belly... might be a bit uncomfortable?" She is nothing if not direct.

"Na," I said, rolling back on to my stomach. "May be a problem for some guys. Personally, my dick's too small. Hung like a raisin," I deadpanned. Fight snark with snark I say. She laughs out loud. "Well played, sir... well played." The humm starts again and she almost falls into me, guttural sound from deep within her throat.

Again I pick my head up off the cradle. "You gonna tell me whats going on?" For once, she is slow to respond...

"I - I wasn't scheduled to provide a massage today - was to be office work only. I'm so sorry Steve..."

"Sorry for what?"

"My distraction. I can take it out if you'll give me a minute." The humming intensifies and she yelps.

"Take what out?"

"The vibrator. I lost a bet and have to wear it. When he loses, he has to wear it. Then the winner gets to play with the remote."

I laugh. Maybe too loud. "You mean to tell me you have a remote vibrator in your pussy?"

"No. It's ahhh... this is embarrassing... Its in my butt. He controls the intensity and when it's on. Its a game - winner tries to edge the loser. This is the first time I've taken it to work... on a dare."

"In your butt? Not your pussy?"

"Too sensitive - I'd never survive." She smiles. "Plus, this way when I win he has to wear it."

This conversation is way beyond weird for me. Hate to say it, but even when my sex life existed, it was pretty uninspired. I simply couldn't imagine walking around with a vibrator up my butt. Visions of latent homosexuality. I said as much. Robyn now seemed genuinely disappointed in me.

"Steve - do you really think that just because one enjoys anal, it makes them gay?"

I responded with my usual witt: "Huh?"

She leans into me, her breasts pressed into the back of my neck, and whispers "There are so many nerves down there... and - from the inside, so many other experiences to be had. Tell me", she said "If I played with your butt, you'd get hard, right?" I conceded the point. "And, I know for a fact if I penetrated you... with a toy, or my finger, or my tongue..." she paused to delicately lick my ear "I'd make you cum. Hard. So my small-dicked friend, might you agree that its not only whats being done to you, but your attraction to the gender of the one doing it that makes sex so pleasurable?"

The combination of her scent, words, tongue, and breasts had me stone hard. I had no choice, had to press into my knees and briefly lift up to make room for my erection. When I laid back down, the tip poked out from underneath my hip. No way to do this without making obvious my discomfort and intent.

"Hmmm..." she grinned. "Not so small as we were led to believe, huh" Fingers drag along the small of my back, across my ass and down my hamstring. On the way back up, she gooses my anus. It was like a jolt of electricity.

"Uhhhhhhhgh!" My god that felt good.

"See?" She seemed a bit triumphant. "And that was just a little tease. Imagine your lover teasing your cute little buttonhole with her finger... or ..." she whispered..."her tongue." Then the humming started again. She was turning into a hot mess, actually perspiring a bit, and clearly losing her composure. "Of course," she gasped, "there's nothing quite like a warm hard cock inside. The orgasm is incredible. I get it that straight guys don't want the real thing... but someday...ahhhhhg" The vibrator increased in intensity... "Ofuck... should try... vibe or strap on... Omygod...wish he'd either continue or stop..."

"Robyn, why don't you just rub your clitty and cum?"

"Oh - no.

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