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Sometimes she would be doing an assignment, but other times she would just surf teen sites on The Net. More often than not, she would be dressed 'normally' in a T-shirt and shorts, frequently and obviously without a bra, but sometimes she was wearing a lot less. Feeling somewhat guilty, The Geek would stop the schoolwork and start studying his sister and stroking his hard-on. He liked it best when Cute Sister was only wearing a sweatshirt and panties. Then he could admire her lovely legs. And when she leaned forward on the chair, or moved around otherwise, he would catch exciting glimpses of her beautiful little white cotton covered ass. It was extra good when she was wearing a nightie as well, because the glare from the screen would outline the pink-tipped shape of her breasts through the thin material, but The Geek wasn't really a tit man.

Occasionally Cute Sister would screw something up and she would ask for The Geek's help. He would hurriedly try to make his erection less obvious and go, kneel on the floor beside her, and talk her through the solution. He would feel the glow of her body heat and catch her scent and his mind would spin so badly that it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. It was those times she was dressed in the sweatshirt combination that really blew his mind, because he would inevitably sight the white triangle at the fork of her thighs and imagine that he could see the pouting outline of her pussy behind it. Occasionally, a stray blond pubic hair protruding from behind a leg opening would almost give him a heart attack. The Geek was truly in a bad way. And there was that least one time, when she was wearing a nightie, that he clearly detected that Cute Sister wasn't wearing any panties at all!

Of course, as soon as she left him, The Geek would jack himself off frantically with lurid fantasies about Cute Sister streaming through his mind.

Then, one day whilst I was looking for something else on The Net during a free study period; I found Literotica. That blew the rest of the afternoon away until Em came home. Of course, given my fantasies about my sister, the incest stories grabbed my attention more than any of the others did. Quite by chance, I came across one about a brother and sister sharing a bedroom by a guy called Jack Dayton. It was a bit farfetched I thought - hey, how many 18 or 19 year old girls do you know who would share a room full-time with her similar-aged brother? And the "Ooooh - Ahhhh" dialogue when they got it on was kind of over the top. But the initial build up reminded me so much of my feelings about Em that the story really struck a chord.

I had just finished reading when I heard Em come in the front door. Then I suddenly remembered hadn't got the shopping that Mom left a note for me to go and get. So, because Mom would be home real soon, I dropped everything and left my room in a rush. I was in such a panic that I quite unintentionally left that story sitting on the screen. When I got home, beating Mom by about five minutes, Em was on the computer. The story was gone and she didn't say anything. But she did give me this kind of disgusted look.

Em didn't use the computer while I was in my room for almost a couple of weeks afterwards. In fact, she was pretty-damned cool towards me for the whole of that time. In spite of that, Yours Truly still carried on his wild imagining of doing all kinds of exotic things with her and he was in dire peril of building up calluses on his dick. Then one evening, Mom and Dad were both at off duty at the same time on a Friday evening and he decided it was a good idea to take her out to dinner.

The house was sort of quiet after Mom and Dad went out.

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