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Jessica needs to move. The man in charge takes charge.

"Mmmm... I'm going to make sweet love to this beautiful dick Samuel..." She states with a tone that would be considered unnerving to most, running her hands up his strong thighs as she opens her mouth and pushes her head down, surprising him by going down so deep she makes herself gag when the head of his big cock connects with the back of her mouth.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh yes Brittnay... Motivate me... Suck my cock..." The former TNA Gut Check winner moans as he watches the busty beauty roughly and deeply bob her head onto his pole, her lips barely managing to stay wrapped around that thick man meat from the aggressive way she's pushing her face down as far as she can get onto his inches, showing no issue with going ass-to-mouth as she sucks on the dick that minutes ago had been fucking her juicy ass.

"Ahhhh! MMMM... Deep... Nice and deep... Yessss..." He groans again, watching her head bobbing along his rod as this forceful, sloppy blowjob from the beautiful but crazed TNA Knockout gets going, saliva now trickling down his inches as she continues to gag when she goes right down onto him, a sign that this is certainly the biggest cock she's ever attempted to suck but her powerful feelings of lust towards him refuse to let her ease up as she slobbers away all over him.

"UHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH!!" The stunning second generation wrestler gags loudly with desire, fighting through her own discomfort as she worships the fat length of the former Tag Team Champion in OVW, saliva not starting to drip off her chin from the repeated, feverish motion and making her tight top be stained with her spit as she keeps this intense bobbing motion going.

"GAHHHHH!! Mmmmmphh!! GAHHHHH!! UHHHHKKKK!!" Her eyes slightly water now but even then she doesn't stop face fucking herself onto his mighty dick, placing a hand on his wrist to keep him gripping her hair while her other hand has moved down between her legs, slowly running her fingers over her own wet pussy to really show how much she's getting off on giving this messy but red hot blowjob.

"MMMM... Oh yes Brittnay... You look so beautiful right now..." Shaw says creepily, especially considering how her make-up is starting to run from the discomfort of repeatedly, but willingly, gagging all over his cock every time she rocks her long, raven-haired head downward onto his tool, still fighting to keep her lips around his dick that's been left soaked in her saliva from the repeated nasty sucking motion.

"Ahhhhh... MMMMM FUCK!! So good... Suck that cock Brittnay..." He encourages with another intense look down at her while she keeps on running her mouth swiftly back and forth over his rod, his moans sounding out each time she pushes downward and the tip of his manhood touches the back of her warm and wet oral hole to make her gag out loud each time it happens.

"GAAAAAHH!! UHHHHLLKKKK UUUUUGGGGHHHH... GAHHHH!!" She deeply gags again as she presses her face right down, her eyes rolling into the back of her head like a woman possessed and yet it's all down to how much this is turning her own, her hand rubbing over her wet pussy with sharp motions as she deep throats the dick of TNA's resident stalker, who she herself has been targeting for weeks.

"GAAAAAAHHHH... MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH... AHHHHHH!!" The throat of the beauty named as the Cauliflower Alley Club's Future Legend Award winner for 1014 flexes noticeable as she tries to keep herself pressed down for as long as she can, but eventually has to pull herself all the way up and off of that cock. Spitting a massive wad of spit onto his dick, she gasps for air but sinisterly grins up at the groaning hunk in front of him, not caring that her make-up is wrecked from tears and spit, or that her tight top is soaked from her saliva, making it cling further against her large chest.


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