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She wants him, but he's married.

How many times had he masturbated in his cold cell fantasising about his old conquests? And with the nagging thought that he may never have the pleasure of lying between a woman's warm thighs again in his life time?

He pulled away from her mouth as he felt the stirring of an orgasm, guiding backwards to a chair he got her to sit on the edge.

"Nooo." she cried as he spread her thighs wide and knelt between them.

Melanie tried to struggle, but JD held her tight as he looked at the sight before him. Her open thighs were firm and shapely leading up to her pussy. Her pink lips were smooth and hairless; the tip of her small clitoris just visible. JD could feel her warmth and sense the scent of her sex. He slipped a finger into his mouth for lubrication, then stroked her pussy and parted her inner lips. His finger slowly disappeared inside and explored her tight pussy. He felt no remorse as she began to sob.

"Can you imagine what its like to be locked up for twenty three hours a day in a cell that's probably smaller than your walk-in wardrobe? How do you think I felt at the thought of being locked up for twenty five years? All because you couldn't keep your big mouth shut. Do you not think that it would only be fair to let me use for body for the loss of two years of my life?"

"I'm sorry. I know I've done wrong, but please don't do this. Please don't fuck me in front of Tony."

JD laughed, "He needs to see what his big mouth has resulted in."

JD then moved forward and placed his cock between Melanie's pussy lips, he rubbed it up and down before slowly pushing into her. It took a few seconds before he was in all the way, he then began to move back and forth inside her. He raised his gaze and caressed her breasts. He was right about her breasts; a small scar was visible under each breast where implants had been inserted. For the next few minutes, JD took the time to enjoy Melanie's tanned body. At first, he was almost embarrassed at his anaemic white body against hers. He lifted her thighs over his shoulders and pushed deep inside her, she lay eyes closed and motionless at his assault. He closed his eyes for a while and relished the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her, how it hugged the head of his cock near her lips and the warm wetness as it plunged inside. His eyes would then feast on her pussy, how her juices made the contrasting pinks skin of her inner and outer lips glow. How her inner lips would appear as he pulled out and then disappear as he pushed his in. He enjoyed removing his cock completely and where her entrance stayed open as if to encourage its quick return. Then, the excitement of her warm pussy began to overtake him and he was unable to stop himself ejaculating deep inside her.

Seconds later, he knelt back on his haunches and watched his cum run down her lips and onto the chair and floor. It was then that the post orgasm depression set in. He stared up at Melanie's face, her face expressionless and her eyes still closed. He felt robbed at her lack of emotion and began to search for other options. JD turned to Monty who was watching from another chair, he gave him a wink and then nodded towards Melanie. Monty smiled and stood up, making sure that Tony was not going to cause trouble, he began to remove his clothes. He stripped off his shirt leaving his dark wide shoulders, barrel chest and heavily muscled torso bare. He reached down and removed his shoes before lowering his trousers. Then Melanie opened her eyes and realised what was about to happen.

"No no. I'm not letting any nigger stick his black cock into me." she said trying to get out of the chair. "Tony, for fucks sake do something, I don't want him to fuck me."

JD held her down as Monty slid his satin boxers down and exposing his cock.

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