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A naked dare exposes more than skin.

You smile at me and ask how I set it all up and I say, it was hard but I'd do anything to put a smile on your face and then I take you by the hand and sit you down on a very thick beautiful handmade blanket big enough to cover a king sized bed, on top of it is all your favorite foods and drinks.

We finish eating, clear out all the plates and glasses and for a while we sit and laugh as well tell each other stories that only we'd understand, stupid inside jokes,., As we sit there laughing I can't help but think that you are everything I could ever want in a woman. You see me staring at you and with a grin on your face why am I staring? I say because you make me wish I could freeze time so that I could have this moment with you forever, I say I Love You, at that moment your grin goes away and I see the passion in your eyes rise and you say I Love You Too.

I lean over, put my hand on your cheek and kiss you deeply, passionately as we kiss as if we'd ever get the chance to ever again, I stop for a second just to look deeply into your eyes, and then go to kiss you once more while laying your down on the blanket and start moving down slowly, kissing your neck from your left side to the right, gently sucking on it as you softly moan my name, I continue my way down your body anxious to explore every inch of it every curve. I undo you your dress and you feel the warm air of the night make contact with your skin, causing you to moan a little more as you feel me reach your left breast as I wrap my hand around it, sucking and licking your nipple, feeling it melt inside my mouth while your hands grip lightly onto the blanket, I move over to your right breast making sure both sides get the grand treatment, gently, very lightly biting your nipple making you let out your loudest moan yet while yelling for me to just fuck you cause you can't stand it any longer,

I laugh a little, look up at you and tell you to be patient all good things in time you frown a little before accepting that I'm determined to take my time on you and defeated allow me continue to explore, I move down to slowly remove your panties, sliding them off your soft, smooth legs and I start from the bottom, kissing your feet slowly, working my way up your legs kissing every inch of them up to your thigh. I can see your juices all over your thighs, and I know you couldn't be more ready, so I slowly blow on your pussy which at this point couldn't be aching anymore for attention, I don't tease you anymore I start to lick and suck your clit which makes you moan louder and louder almost screaming for more. I'm sliding two of my fingers into dripping wet pussy as my mouth continues to work on that clit, your pussy walls squeeze my fingers as they work themselves in and out of you. I continue sucking, licking your pussy drinking all of your deliciously juices as you grab the back of my head and force me my face deeper inside you and I feel like I might drown inside you, but I risk it work my tongue like a mini hurricane inside you, I feel your body seize up, you moan and scream as you start to cum, your legs shaking violently as your screaming my name.

You slowly begin to settle down, I look up to see you biting on your bottom lip with such a lustful look in your eye, that I know your nowhere near done, but just getting started.

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