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Ragon had had to wait until five pm before he could risk leaving the house. A few times he had tried to drive the car to the hospital, quickly racing from the house, to the garage, and speeding along the back streets. Even with the ultra UV protection option he had elected for his car, it was not enough to allow him to drive during the day in this climate. On the third attempt, after making it a full five minutes in the car he gave up and decided to wait until the sun relinquished. Each attempt, though not being enough to seriously harm him, was sufficient to rob him of his strength and by the time it was finally dark, he was starving.

He had not told Clyde or the others that Bell was awake. He knew that it was selfish but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to be alone with her, to tell her that everything would be ok; he didn't want to share her with anyone. When finally his car pulled into the hospital parking lot he burst through the doors and moved as fast as humanly possible towards her room. When he was almost there, quiet voices met his ears and he paused momentarily to listen.

"So you can't remember anything?" A male voice was asking.

"No, nothing," Bell said and Ragon smiled at the sound of her voice from behind the door.

"Amnesia is common with injuries such as these," a female with a distinctively medical air said.

"I'm sorry," the man said. "It's just; you're the 10th, 24 year old female to be attacked in Brisbane city in the last few weeks and the first one to survive. I don't want to push you but..."

At these words Ragon had burst into the room, interrupting the man who was speaking. Ragon's eyes darted from the female doctor, who was standing in the corner of the room, to a tall young man who had a small note pad and pen in his hands and then finally to Bell. He was confused to see the surprised look on all of their faces, but moved quickly to stand protectively by her.

Bell, who was propped up on a pillow in the hospital bed, was looking at Ragon in shock. Her thoughts were interrupted however when a loud cough caught everyone's attention and both Ragon and Bell turned to face the police officer.

Officer Ryans, as he had introduced himself, looked to be about 29. He was tall and thin with a strong frame, wavy blonde hair, a long face and brown eyes.

"Well, if you remember anything, anything at all, please call me," the officer said. "My home phone number is on the back, so don't hesitate, day or night."

Ragon looked at the policeman with narrowed eyes which turned to shock as Bell reached out to take his business card. In a flash he had stretched out his own hand and intercepted Bell's, taking the small card quickly.

"Thanks," he said, pocketing the card.

"I will need a home address and phone number so I can reach you for follow up questions," the officer said, his eyes darting suspiciously to Ragon.

Bell made to open her mouth but Ragon cut her off saying, "We live at 34 Eagle Rd, Mt Cootha."

At these words Bell stretched her head, her eyes twisted with confusion. She didn't live in Mount Cootha; she lived in Paddington, in a one bedroom apartment. Her lease didn't end for another 10 months. What the hell was going on?

"Wait," Bell said, stopping the policeman from taking down this address. "I live in Paddington, not Mt Cootha and I have never seen this man before."

As she spoke, she saw the stranger's face fall. Instantly she felt horrible, like she had just told a small child that there was no such thing as Santa Claus. For the smallest of moments, Ragon hoped that she was joking but one look in her doubtful eyes told him that she was not.

"Bell?" Ragon said, reaching for her hand adoringly.

Before he could grab onto it however, she had pulled her hand away. A sharp stab in his heart followed this and he looked at her in disbelief before staring unblinkingly up at the doctor.

"Who are you?" Bell asked, looking up at the gorgeous stranger, an odd sense of de je vu ringing in her ears.


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