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Should he have agreed to meet her in the forest?

Yet, it had not given her thought in those settings. Of course there was the comparisons with the other girls and what they were wearing and of course the guys would be there too, looking at her, but not in her private space. In her room. No, this was different.

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to see what these feelings were about. Could she be? Surely not. But then a plot formulated in her mind. And that gave the answer that, yes, she just might be an exhibitionist. Wanting to expose herself to strangers. And this is where the plot thickened in her mind.

On a day when she know her roommate would not be home, she arrived home from class about thirty minutes before the sun would be setting. She quickly made her way to her bedroom and turned on the switch, lighting the lights hanging over her bed. A cute and simple set of bulbs hanging down from the ceiling and almost centrally directed over the pillow set on her bed. She glanced up to confirm that the blinds to her window were still open. She quickly turned and went in to her bathroom, leaving the bedroom door open. She flicked the bathroom lights on and removed her street cloths. She wanted to take a quick shower before getting ready for yoga. She again, left the door open to the bathroom and now fully nude, put her hair up in a bun. No need to wash it now. Not before yoga. And besides, it would take too long to dry.

Julia thought herself as being very naughty leaving the doors open, but there was no one home and there was no angle at which she could see her own bedroom window, meaning that there was no chance that anyone could see her in the bathroom; nude and showering.

Looking down the hall and out the living room window, she could tell that it was quickly getting dark outside and sped up her actions. The water being sufficiently hot, she got in the shower, washed her body and face, rinsed and turned off the water. Grabbing her towel off the hook, she figured that the entire shower process took only about 5 minutes. The light should be just right outside.

After drying off, she wrapped the gray towel around her body. It was large enough to completely cover her torso and trailed down past her ass. She took one last look in the mirror. She caught herself pursing her lips at herself as she turned to make her way to the bedroom. With no more thought, she crossed the hall to her bedroom and, at a slow pace, made her way to her dresser. She purposefully kept her face averted from the window. "If" in fact there was someone watching, she didn't want to give on that this situation was planned, when, in fact, it was. She turned to her dresser and faced it, meaning that her back was now to the open window.

With the towel still covering her body, she opened a top drawer, pulled out her favorite thongs and placed them on the dresser top.

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