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The end of a broken relationship.

"I might be late tonight, mom. I have a date with a new girl I met."

"Harry?" She said softly, stopping me in my tracks. "If you get lucky, remember, wear a condom. James will not be back until late tomorrow night. If you don't get lucky, come to my bedroom when you get home. Wake me up if necessary."

"I will either way." I returned.

Her remarks assured me that what had not been mentioned as yet... continuation of a sexual relationship... was going to continue.

I arrived home a little after midnight. I hadn't even tried to get lucky. I went to my room and undressed and took the time to shower. I fretted over wearing briefs but decided to go to mom's room naked. Quietly opening her door, I made my way across the almost pitch black bedroom. I knew my mother slept on the right side, so I stumbled my way to the left, feeling for the covers and lifting them. I crawled in beside my sleeping mother, resting on her back, running my hand over her body, I found her to be nude.
"Did you fuck her?" I heard my mother's low whisper as I lightly sucked her right nipple.

"I didn't even try... it was only the first date." I replied, releasing her nipple.

"You wanted to though, didn't you?" She quizzed, turning towards me and seeking my erection. "You wanted to stick this rock-hard cock of yours in that sweet, wet, young pussy?"

"Actually, I'd prefer to stick my hard cock into an older woman like yourself, Janet." I said matter-of-factually.

"Well, you've come to the wrong place!" She returned in my tone, as she abruptly turned over, her back to me.

"We could compromise?" I suggested, scooting close in behind her, palming her ass. "You can't blame me for trying, can you?"

"You upset me when you say things like that." She replied. "There is nothing more I would like to to have than a stiff hard cock inside of me, but it cannot be yours. You need to understand and accept that and not bring it up, if you expect me to allow this insanity."

"Okay, okay." I acknowledged timidly, tugging at her hip to return her to her back. She did not resist and I began my journey down her belly as I lifted the covers to clear my dissent. Down her abdomen, to her belly button, her lower belly to her mound, lingering at each stop along the way.

"Where are you going?" She chuckled, helping to lift the covers. "You're so sweet to want to do that. I love having my pussy eat. Don't slow down! You're torturing me!"

Torturing her was my intent, so I did not heed her desire for me to get to her pussy quickly. I lingered, running my nose repeatedly through her bush. When I left her mound, I reached under her thighs and pushed her knees up. I kissed the inside of each thigh before finally putting my mouth to her pussy. I sucked clit strongly, causing her back to arch. I took my slow sweet time exploring her pussy with my tongue, but to my surprise she came quickly, having licked her clit but three times... and much to soon. I continued probing her pussy, as she lay quietly, tongue fucking her tenderly and repeatedly, which caused her to utter praises of my ability. Again surprisingly me, and orgasm swept over her, as I pushed my tongue deep inside her. Her body flexed briefly. Her orgasmic moan slipped away and her body stilled once morer. I was quite comfortable where I was and laid my head on her thickly bushed mound.

"How many girls have you fucked?" She whispered, as her hand brushed though my hair.

"Three." I answered.

"Was bubbled ass, Alice, one of them?"

"The best of the three!" I replied. "The girl could fuck all night. One night she came six time. I was a sad puppy when she moved."

"Did you eat their pussy too?"

"Of course." I replied honestly. "Ruby taught me how when I was 19. I made sure you never met her because she was in her 30s. I didn't think you would approve."

"Bless her heart. She taught you well." Mom said. Would you like me to return the favor." She asked, then added without waiting for a reply, "come up here and feed me."

Had Ruby not sucked my cock in a similar fashion, I might not hav

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