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Topped by my Dom TS boss at work again.

He owns my breast, my cunt, my ass, and the rest of me. He blows on my breasts and the trail of wetness he just left is a thrilling contrast to the heat pouring out my nipples.

Finally the tongue touches my nipple as a finger touches my wetness between my parted legs. It feels like my pussy and nipples are joined by an electric current, and he just turned on the switch!

"Stay standing but open your legs wider." My Master says to me but this time the voice is behind me. So whoever is touching me, between my thighs and my breasts, is not Master. That fact almost sends me over the edge. I am his slut and he is making me prove it by doing this to me. I love it!! I have no desire to stop or know who is toucking but as long as I am doing it as his submissive.

The mystery mouth moves to my other breast and does the same thing. Both my nipples are to the bursting point when the mouth starts kissing a trail down my stomach. By now I am making the sound my Master has always given me permission to make when I started my training over the phone. I grunt and I moan with total abandon, not caring if anyone in one of the rooms beside us hears me giving into the perversion.

My head is thrown back and Master is teasing my ass with his fingers and tongue. Or is someone else there? I hope Master at my ass. Not because I don't want a third person there but because the tongue at my ass is more talented than the one on my stomach.

The mystery mouth gets to my trimmed mound and swirls its tongue where the skin of my thigh meets my pussy.

"GET IN POSITION #3" Master commands. I'm in heaven because the command comes from the mouth probing my ass.

I have many number positions Master has been training me to get into when the number is given. Number 3 is the command for me on my back with my legs on the floor, but spread as wide as I can manage. My hands must also be squeezing my breasts up so the nipples are little towers.

The floor not carpeted and the tile is cool and the contrast is very unique. But I am sure most things master has for me will be unigue.

The mystery mouth stayed with me to the floor. The tongue parts my lips but has yet to touched my clit. Fingers join the tongue to expose the deepest inner part of my pussy lips. I spill pussy juices all over the fingers and the face.

"Open Wide!" commands Master from over my head. This time he is not talking about my legs. I open my mouth and in one movement I take him to his balls. I love it as he throat fucks me like a slut should be fucked. I will do as he needs, and he needs a lot.

The person between my legs is straddling my legs and I think they are going to start humping it like a dog in heat. If so then I'll finally be able to feel the hard cock of Masters friend. I have always wanted a cock in my throat and anywhere below my waist.

Here it cums, the tongue is about to touch my clit. My chin can feel my Masters balls and I gladly take what is offered.

"ASS HER NOW" says Master and one fingers that is caressing my swollen pussy lips slides down. My juices are a river down the crack of my ass. That is all the lubrication that is needed to help the finger quickly enter my eager ass.

I can not control my moaning and animal grunts as I am assfucked. Master knows just what I need. He will never hurt me but he will push me to my limits but I trust Master with my limits.

The swirling tongue inching close to my clit.....oh god the person just lowered themselves onto my leg. I feel no cock, but a wet pussy humping my and using me to get herself off.....A woman has never eaten me but Master has done an incredible job training me to take what ever I am given. And I Do Want More. I thought my pussy was hot but hers feels molten against my leg. Her tongue touches my clit and Master knows it is going to set me off.

As he sees her burning cunt touch my leg he thrusts harder into my mouth the way I love it. He knows I was waiting for the touch of a cock but having a womans juices flow over me has put me over the edge.

The sounds I am making are so

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