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Slutty Wife visits her Priest and learns more about herself.

With his tongue firmly soaking through her anus, and licking her deeply, left hand squeezed her thighs to his chiseled chest letting her know he had already taken off his shirt. It crept along her abs before finding her clit and pinching it hard, sending waves of both pleasure and pain through her body to mix with that he spread up through her from her ass.

Lux was far harsher to her bra, using his powerful hands to rip them off of her as a deranged rapist would in the heat of such passion. As he freed her heavy breasts swaying them about the air, his touch changed quickly from that of sheer force and power to a soft caress, gently mixing her emotions as he continued his onslaught between her legs. Lust at her anus, discipline at her pussy, romance about her heavy breasts, Lux was worth every penny and proved it every time he came to her. His powerful hands danced over the flesh of her breasts, like silk across her body wordlessly leading her to orgasm, powerful and true as she moaned like the whore she was for his black sex.

Lux pulled out of her ass and continued to assault her pussy and caress her breasts as he smiled watching her hips and the flesh about her ass jiggle and shake in her powerful orgasm. He preferred to set the tone quickly for when he worked on his clients, and Kalysta was one of his favorites. His grip loosened as he pulled away and stood over her body, she drank in the sight of him as she turned and still quivered from her waning orgasm. Over six foot two inches of muscle stood before her, and no matter how many times she saw him, his thick powerful body always made her mind fill with lust for him. His hair cut short, and the dark goatee about his lips, still glistened with her pussy juice and his saliva as she felt her ass and pussy still slick from his opening attack. As she stood there, taking him in, he smiled to her, letting his rich brown eyes gaze over her lust for a moment before pulling out and letting her gasp, as she always did, over his heavy cock.

"Mmmm why did I marry that two inch cock?" Kalysta spoke as she crawled the short distance between the two of them, forgetting completely about her birth control pills as they were strewn about the floor behind her. She wanted to savor the chocolate cock before her and feel it in her mouth.

"Cause he is stable and bad boys like me don't pay little sluts for staying home all day."

"Is that so..." Kalysta spoke briefly as she licked his long thick cock, knowing her pussy was soaked at the thought of paying this thick cocked black man to fuck her brains out three days a week.

"Mmm yeah, little sluts like you pay us bad boys to give you what you need. Cause I know your addicted to my nigger cock."

"Oh yes, that I am." She quickly deep throated the ten thick inches of dark meat taking him all the way down her throat as expertly as she did back in high school. With her husband, it was never a challenge to deep throat him, he never wanted his lovely wife to degrade herself by putting her perfect lips on his member. But, Kalysta knew early on that she loved to feel a man's cock in her mouth. The power it gave her as she sucked on his black member, she quickly reveled in as his thick head drew past her lips. Moaning more as she wrapped her slender white hands about his thick black cock, she let it all out and shoved her fingers up against her bald smooth pussy, leaking about through her thong as she sucked Lux's heavy cock.

He moaned a bit letting her suck him, as he spoke to her. "mmm yeah, you like sucking this big black cock, better than your husbands."

"Oh fuck baby, this is so much better than my husband's little thing, you fill me up so well."

"Suck it baby, get your money's worth out of my cock you little white slut."

Kalysta sucked deeper, letting him slide all the way back into her throat as both her hands came up and griped his powerful hips pulling him in deeper.

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