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The guys continue to learn...with the help of their moms.

We were always so close. Maybe one reason was that we both had been going in a girls' school and didn't have the chance to hang out with the boys so much. Now the time had come that we were preparing for life in college. It was the first time I have had such a deep and meaningful relationship...

Then my mind got back to the beautiful dress I bought earlier and I wanted to see again how it looks on me with the right pair of shoes. I quickly got upstairs to Emily's room. So many great times for the two of us in this room to remember, but now I was interested in her closet and her shoes collection. I soon found what I'd been looking for. A pair of high-heeled sandals with Swarovski crystals on the straps which would look great with my dress. Without wasting any more time I got undressed and put it on. I looked at myself in the mirror. It's just perfect, I can't wait to show it to Emily, I thought.

Suddenly the door opened and William, Emily's father, got in. He went straight to Emily's bed and looked under a pillow, where he found what he had been looking for. I couldn't believe that. He was holding a big dildo in his hand.

- I knew I had left it here.

Then he noticed me. His face turned immediately red.

- Oh Stephanie I didn't know you were here.

- I was waiting for Emily. So what's that in your hand?

- Umm, nothing special, it's just a toy we use together.

- That's a dildo, and in fact a really big one! I said smiling devilishly... And what do you mean you use it together?

- Hasn't Emily told you? god I feel so embarrassed...

- No, what should she had told me?

- We use this toy in our family pleasure moments, you know, me, Emily and Lilly.

Lilly is Emily's mother. She's a tall blond woman and former model. She remains quite stunning in our days, even if that beauty requires some "professional" help. However, all the boys of my age think of her as an amazing milf.

- You mean, you have sex all together? I can't... I can't believe that, she never told me anything.

- We 're just having some family fun because we love each other so much, you understand that don't you sweetie?

- Umm I 'm not very sure if...

I was really stunned after hearing that. Finding out that my girlfriend had kept such a secret from me for years and that she was having sex with her family... I felt so betrayed. So much for all those forever love promises she gave me and that I was the only person she could make love with. I have probably forgotten most of my first kisses with boys, but not ours. I will always remember that night in Sloane Square, next to the fountain where she kissed me for the first time. I will always remember her cherry lips gently kissing mine...

William ended my flashback short.

- Wow Stephanie, I didn't notice it earlier, but you look amazing in this dress.

- Oh thank you, isn't it great? I bought it earlier and wanted to see how it looks on me.

- Don't think about it, you 're absolutely gorgeous. You really took after your mother. She was always so beautiful and so sexy. What a woman...

My mom died when I was about four years old. I got over it as years went by, but still I miss her sometimes. William had a long relationship with her before she married my dad, and knew her really well. He was often sitting with me holding my hand and talking to me about her. William has told me almost everything I know about my mom. You see my dad never wanted to talk about her, so William and I had come very close to each other all these years.

- Hey, Stephanie come with me.

William took me by my hand and led me to the master bedroom. He closed the door behind him.

- There's something I wanted to tell you for a long time... I look at you and I really can't stop thinking of this sexy body of yours Stephanie... You 're in my dreams, I want you so much.

- William, I...

- Call me Bill now my little angel.

He led me to the bed and lied above me.

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