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A contract is made for Mike's wife to enter sub training.

You are already completely naked and standing before me with a grin on your face. You lie down next to me on the bed. I drape my arm across you chest as you kiss my forehead and pull me closer to you.

I slip my leg between yours and snuggle up to your neck, inhaling the wonderful scent that is you. I love that soft warmth of our skin pressed up against one another and the feel of your heartbeat against my cheek and the sound of your slow, steady breathing.

You tell me about your day and in exchange, I tell you about mine. As we lie next to each other, limbs intertwined, you lightly run your fingertips up and down my spine, giving me goosebumps all over. I shiver and you pull me even close, pulling my face up to yours.

I lean closer, feeling your warm breath on my face, I kiss you slowly, not yet wanting to explore your mouth with my tongue. I place small, tender, moist kisses on your lips, with you constantly reaching for more. Finally, you reach up suddenly with your hand and hold my face close to yours. Pressing your lips to mine, you slip your tongue between my lips, insistently probing my tongue with yours, while your free hand traces the path of the generous curves of my body.

The kiss seemed to last forever and was so full of passion, it left both of us out of breath. You make a trail of kisses from my lips to my earlobe and down the side of my neck until you reach the crook where my shoulder meets my slender neck. You kiss me roughly and bite my neck gently until once again I am covered in goosebumps and I inhale sharply from the pleasure you're giving me.

I try to climb on top of you, but you make your move quickly. You push me onto my back with your arms still wrapped around me. You forcefully and passionately kiss me until I submit to you, allowing you to do what you will with my body.

As you press up against me, I can feel how fully erect you are and so completely turned on. As I look up into your face as you linger above me, your bright blue eyes are filled with wild lust and desire. You inch up my body, straddling my chest, placing yourself at my lips. I reach out with my tongue and run the tip of it down the underside of your penis, all the while maintaining eye contact with you.

Your eyes roll back as I take you into my mouth, engulfing your entire length and slowly lowering my head, allowing you to slip out of my mouth. A small whimper followed by a deep, long sigh escapes from your lips.

You reopen your eyes and, without saying a word, lean quickly toward my face, kissing me deeply, pulling my long red hair gently back, letting me know just how wonderful that small action felt.

You swiftly move down my body, licking, kissing, sucking, biting, and scratching any part and every part of my naked flushed flesh.

You stop suddenly just below my waist and sit up, watching me wriggle in protest. You then reach between my legs and feel the warm wetness that has seeped from deep within me. You smile devilishly and slowly push my thighs apart. Tilting you head slightly and peering at me, you take the sight of me in. Sprawled in front of you, naked, trembling in anticipation, soft curves of naked flesh lain before you as if a feast.

You lean down again and quickly flick you tongue over my swollen clit, just wanting a taste of me. You then lick your lips in satisfaction and bask in the moan of ecstasy that pours from my lips.

Picking my legs up, you place my knees on your shoulders, pulling my hips closer to you. I cross my ankles around your neck as you slowly enter me.

As you gently thrust completely into me, filling me to the brim, you don't move for a few seconds, allowing yourself to enjoy the involuntary muscle spasms and the all-encompassing warmth inside of me.

Slowly, you pull out of me, quickly thrusting back into me with full force, causing me to cry out in the perfect combination of pleasure and pain to be called ecstasy.

Now both glistening with seat, we continue to move in rhythm with one another.

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