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Plots and counter plots are reveled.

Then, after she had searched the dark cabin and found everyone gone, they had all jumped out of a closet and given her a good scare. This might be her chance to return the joke on Brandy and Sabrina.

Tiptoeing to the back room, Julia had to suppress the urge to giggle. She had been trying all weekend to come up with a joke of her own. This might not be much, but at least it was something.

Remembering that the old door in the large bedroom that Carol, Maria and her had shared creaked, Julia opened this one as slow as she could. The surprise would be ruined if they heard her too soon.
Opening it just enough to be able to look in, Julia peeked through the crack to make sure they weren't looking her way before she burst in. What she saw on the other side of the door made her forget all about her little prank.

Both girls were sitting on a large bed on the far side of the room. They were more or less facing the door but Julia thought there was little chance they would notice her. They were paying too much attention to each other.

The clothes they'd been wearing when Julia had left a few hours before were scattered across the floor, leaving them naked. Sabrina had both hands on Brandy's large breasts, rubbing her nipples. Brandy's hands in turn were divided between Sabrina's legs and the small of her back. The two of them were locked in a kiss that seemed endless as Julia could clearly see their tongues reaching out for each other.

"Oh God!" Julia silently gasped as she understood why the two girls had been so anxious for her to leave. They had no intention of going home tonight.

A small part of her told Julia that the smart thing to do would be to back out quietly. Then make enough of a racket coming back in as to make it impossible for the girls not to know they had company. It would only take them a minute to make themselves presentable before coming out.

At least that was the way she had handled it when she had almost walked in on her brother and his girlfriend a few months back when she'd come home early. Harry had been stretched out on the couch with his pants down around his ankles. The big breasted brunette that he had been seeing over the summer was on her knees with the back of her head to Julia. The way that head had been bobbing up and down left little doubt as to what she was doing.

Julia had quickly backed out of the house and then rang the doorbell, saying to a now composed Harry that she had simply forgotten her keys.

Yes, that was the right thing to do, Julia told herself. The only problem was that she couldn't seem to get her legs to move. As much as she shouldn't, she found the scene being acted out in front of her totally fascinating.

Brandy was now spread out across the bed, her head resting on the pillows. Sabrina had moved to a point where she was practically kneeling on the floor. Her blond head now resting between Brandy's outstretched legs. As it had been with Harry's girlfriend, it was pretty obvious as to what she was doing.

With Julia's fascination over what her two friends were doing came another reaction that she found even more incredible. It all was actually turning her on. Her nipples were tingling as they did when she normally became aroused, and if she reached down inside of her shorts, she was sure she would find her mound wet.

Listening to Brandy's quiet moans fill the room, Julia found her own level of excitement growing. She had never really given the idea of lesbian sex much thought one way or the other, having been more than satisfied with the straight variety. Up until now, she hadn't thought any of her friends interested in it either.

"This is beginning to go way too far," Julia thought, again reminding herself that she should get the hell out of there before she was seen.

Instead, her slender hand found it's way down into her shorts and beneath the panties within. As she had suspected, she was indeed quite wet.

As Sabrina continued to lick Brandy on her way to orgasm, Julia

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