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He whimpered into the kiss as she held him, then slowly rocked upon his manhood.

Siggi was unable to do anything to stop her. The suit would not allow him to push her off or even get away from her, it had stimulated him and allowed her to mount and take him, it held him within its grip yet gave him a total sense of touch to the world around him, and the world within the gorgeous traveller.

Siggi gasped for breath as she sat up and rode him with slowly quickening strokes, his body held under her between her powerful legs, her eyes aflame with lust as he grinned in triumph down at him, her blonde tresses swaying with each movement she made.

His eyes rested on her glorious breasts and watched in fascination at how the moved. Reaching up Siggi cupped them gently and squeezed them. She smiled and gripped his hands with her own and quickened her hip movements, eliciting a groan from Siggi as he felt her heat around him.

The Traveller was relentless, and unforgiving.

After his third orgasm, Siggi passed out.


Twilight greeted Siggi when he awoke.

A cloudless night should be a cold night but Siggi was nice and warm. This bedroll does the job good.

It was when he moved a little and realised there was no bed roll that he opened his eyes and looked down.

There was no bedroll.

The Traveller was right though, he was now covered from neck to foot in tight fitting latex, as though his skin had shrunk as it transformed. Siggi realised he was laying in the grass from where he was accosted, the latex on his chiselled and muscular body reflected the stars above in its perfect blackness making him, for a moment, feel as insignificant as ever before.

Slowly he sat up he looked closer at his hands. Covered in latex and having the appearance of a glove he could now see latex webbing between his fingers, restricting his fingers as he opened them wide.

So much for wearing my fur gloves...

Siggy noticed a pattern on the back of his new gloves, it had now formed an elaborate and neat pattern of laced cords from the back of his wrist up past his elbow to the top of his arm where the 'glove' ended.

A quick examination of his other arm revealed a matching pair of new gloves.

Siggi could see at the top of the glove what he thought was a seam around his upper arm just under his shoulder. But his attempts to force his way under the seam proved fruitless; the glove was really just a melded part of his prison and not an actual "glove."

Flexing his arms it didn't restrict movement too much. The palm of the glove was as smooth as ever though, never mind the fact the webbing between his fingers made grasping a weapon all but impossible now.

Siggi slid his palms down over his stomach to his cock which was also fully encased. Hissing at the sensation after the abuse he received, the sensation of the tight latex forming perfectly around his manhood as well as the ability to still feel every touch ensured he remained hard.

Midnight black latex fully encased his legs, conforming perfectly to his muscles. At the top of each thigh was another seam and an extra layer of thick latex, laced at the front. This he saw continued all the way down to his new boots. Holding his feet and ankles tightly Siggy could barely angle his foot now.

His new boots would add some extra inches in height for him as the platforms were unlike anything he had seen before. The base of the heel had flared out slightly to ensure he didn't fall over easily.

Latex had formed a deep grip pattern on the sole of the boots to ensure a good grip on the ground. Amazingly he could somehow just feel the touch he made over it. The lacing that had covered the front of his legs stopped at his toes.

A quick flex of his calves and quads ensured he could still use his muscles, but again he could not slip anything under the seam of the "boots" on his legs.

Well since I now have nothing they will have to do for boots now.

Slowly standing up Siggy looked over his midnight bla

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