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Doing it in public.

Wanting to feel his skin against hers. When they reached his bedroom, he looked to be sure that she was willing to take the risk. Her response was to run her hungry hand up his chest again.

He led her in front of his expansive four poster bed and stopped. Leaning down, he kissed her again, letting his hands run over her body on top of her cloths. Her hands went to him as of their own will, pulling his shirt from his pants needing to feel the skin beneath.

His hands were mirroring her own. He pulled her blouse over her to feel the flesh. He pulled away from her to slowly pull her top over her head, and stood looking at her for a moment. His fingers ran along the top of her bra followed soon after by his lips on the fullness there.

This was going to be a long slow process of exploration and rising desires.

Her hands went to the buttons on his shirt and began undoing them one by one. He pulled back letting her see what her hands were doing. She started slowly kissing and licking the newly exposed skin as she went. When she reached the last button, she slowly pushed the fabric from his shoulders and began licking and kissing again at his shoulder. Again, working her way down his chest.

While she was doing this, her hands were working the button and zipper of his pants. She sat on the edge of the bend to push his pants to the floor. Once more, her hands and mouth were soon exploring what had just been exposed. She was careful to pay him attention, but not take him fully into her mouth just yet. There was plenty of time for that to come.

When she rose, his hands were at her waist and soon her skirt was piled on the floor. He laid her down on his bed still in her bra, panties and stockings.

He laid her over the bed and began kissing and touching her. He was kissing her exposed flesh from her neck down as his hands touched and caressed her, cupping her breast and trailing down her stomach.

When he had consumed all of her exposed flesh he reached behind her to unclasp her bra. As he pulled it away from her, her erect aching nipples were exposed. He swooped down on them without a moment's hesitation and a moan escaped her throat. She could feel his engorged manhood pressed against her, hot and throbbing and this excited her even more.

Slowly, he pulled away standing before her. He told her to lay face down on the bed. She wasn't sure what he was doing, but did as she was told without hesitation. He disappeared from her sight for a moment and came to be with her on his bed.

She heard him opening a bottle and setting it down. When he touched her, warm oil was spread across her skin. Slowly his big hands kneaded and massaged the oil into her neck and back. When he reached the swell of her bottom he went back to her shoulders and repeated the routine with her arms. After her last finger had been massaged, he slowly dragged the tips of his fingers up her arm and down her back to begin again massaging at her butt. Meticulously, he worked every inch of skin from her hips to her ankles only bushing her swollen lips with the back of his fingers on his way by.

When he was done with her back, he told her to roll over where he started the same slow process on her front. He teased her erect nipples and cupped her breasts on his way by. Again, as he passed her swollen red lips his fingers grazed by, but nothing more. This time; though, on his way back up her thighs, he moved to massage her mound. At first, he teased only the outside lips, but as her response becomes more heated, so do his fingers. As his fingers entered her, he could feel her wetness running down his fingers. He needed a taste and so bent down to lap at her bud with the tip of his tongue.

She pulled away. She had to. If she would have laid there any longer, she would have lost all control. She wouldn't have been able to share with him a pleasure similar to that he had just given her.

She told him it was his turn to be relaxed.

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