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He also felt calm now, and just enjoyed the beauty of space around him. A part of him noted the very thin protection around him, plus of course the EM field he couldn't see, but that nervous part of him calmed, it was all virtual.

He smiled and squeezed her hand, when Mia planned a date she didn't stint on the details.

They made it to Saturn, which was amazing to look at. There was a large saucer like structure in orbit close to the rings. First he thought it odd, it was positioned perpendicular to the rings, and he didn't see any windows on the structure. Then he realized, as they came to the side of the disk he'd been looking at the bottom of the space station. The top of the station was pointed toward Saturn.

The top was a large clear dome, which meant when standing inside people could look up at Saturn. He was quiet, and a bit awed with the idea. When they got closer he realized the disc was much thicker than he'd thought at first, maybe the size of a twenty story building, and at the bottom there were several tubes. Most just a bit larger than the size of this spacecraft.

They flitted through the tunnel and stopped at a dead end, and he turned to her questioningly.

She answered, "There's a door that just closed behind us, and their filling it with air, then the door in front of us will open. Yes, it's not real and we don't have to breath, but we still designed it all with reality in mind. Well, not me but you get the idea."

He leaned over and kissed her softly, and whispered a bit awed, "This has been a hell of a date so far my love."

She blushed, but was obviously extremely pleased, and they broke their loving gaze and looked forward as the door in front of them raised. Then he looked around as they floated into a cavernous space that looked very familiar. It was an underground parking garage. They pulled into a spot, and the screen retracted. They climbed out and walked over to the elevators.

There were only two levels. The parking garage, and a large area up top. The height of the dome was probably about sixty feet. There were several lounge type restaurants, dance clubs, and other entertainment venues. He smiled as she took his hand and pulled him towards the jazz club.

Who didn't like jazz?

The place served genuine creole food that had his taste buds dancing, and his body quickly followed as the live band played some music. It was a great time. At the end of the night he took her home, and then made love to her before turning in for some sleep.

All in all, he couldn't remember having as much fun, or being so in love, in all his forty-three years. It had been a hell of date, the question he had to ask himself though, was how the hell was he supposed to top that?


Chapter Twenty-One

Jennifer's sweet smile was almost surreal as she said in a happy voice, "Ted! Welcome back to the dungeon," she bit her lip, and looked him up and down a bit nervously.

"Hey Jen, it's good to see you too," he smiled, but he wondered if the android body made her nervous, or was it something else?

That morning over breakfast he'd finally gotten the email from Dr. Trent, and she indicated he should log in and show up in his lab. He just needed to remember to return to his charge station in Silvia's lab before one pm. It would remind him as well of course, when his power core reached five percent.

Jen looked just as adorable and sweet as he remembered, long brown hair, doe eyes, and a cute face. Her body was average, but fit, trim, and attractive. It took him a minute to track down the difference, the last time she'd seen him he was nineteen years older, and she was checking him out.

It was weird almost, and startling to realize his younger fit body attracted her, after being friend zoned for so long.

Her eyes made it back to his face and her complexion was a little flushed, but her voice was pure cheerful Jen, and very familiar to him, "I've missed you around the lab, it was kind of extra boring with just me and Trud

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