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Their first real date, doubt, Adam's second art show.

Whether from joy, or pain, or both, I can't tell. "Oh, Baby! You have no idea! It's been so long. So very long."

With that, she grabs the back of my head with both hands and kisses me with so much force I have to fight to catch my breath. When our tongues untangle, I realized that Laura is ferociously riding my cock, and that initial tightness has given way to a delicious friction that overcomes my senses. Soon we are thrusting and withdrawing in unison, my cock pumping in and out of her wet pussy with unrestrained fury, driven by a blind desire for orgasm.

"You're going to make me... cum," I whisper in her ear as our hips buck and thrust in a final violent frenzy.

A long howl emerged from Laura as I feel the muscles of her vagina contract around my cock in a series of magnificent spasms. My response is instant, a vibration in my balls launches a series of powerful spasms as I ejaculate repeatedly deep inside Laura.

As our orgasm recedes, Laura collapses on my chest, her lips a few inches from my ear. "No need to work on that timing," she sighs, stroking my neck with her fingertips.

I stay inside her, savoring the sensation of being wrapped in the grip of her hot, liquid cunt. At my age, a first orgasm is more like the end of the third act, than a final climax. Within minutes, I'm gently thrusting again, this time fully lubricated.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Laura gasps, her eyes wide with delight. As my tempo increases, she studies my face, a smile widening across her lips.

This time our lovemaking is slower, more tender and less frenzied. We kiss and tease and I play with her nipples while her fingers stroke my balls and flutter up and down my spine. Our tempo rises and falls and we seem to go on for hours until she whispers in my ear, "Harder, Baby. Fuck me hard... fuck me faster... Oh, god, yes..."

That takes me over the edge, and again my cock spasms wildly and I feel my cum eject in a series of violent spurts as her vaginal muscles clench my cock with a series of powerful contractions.

"Oh, Baby," she whispers, her fingers clutching my butt cheeks and forcing us together. "I think I'm falling in love."

Whether love, or lust, or some combination of the two, I find myself in Laura's bed almost every night. If Tracey is home, we are quiet and restrained. When she is out, Laura urges me on with gasps and sighs and her old bed reaches such a violent crescendo that the walls and floor groan and creak around us.

Either way, I'm alway in my own bed before dawn.

The secretiveness only draws us closer. Not that there are a lot of places we can go anyway. Within an hour's drive there's one miniature golf course, four family-style restaurants and a couple of roadhouses where my fake ID might, or might not, work. Then I have an idea. An erotic memory that's been a white-hot masturbatory staple of years.

"Meet me at the Lake Association Marina at 9 tonight," I tell Laura as I slip out of her bed the next morning.

When I arrive at the Marina a little before 9 to get things ready, I'm having second thoughts. Will what I have in mind frighten Laura? Will she be aroused? Or repulsed? I almost call the whole thing off until I realize, she doesn't need to know it's been orchestrated just for her.

It'll probably be more exciting if she doesn't.

And there'll never be a better time. The Marina is deserted. No one will notice us leaving together.

The headlights of her Volvo pull into the Marina parking lot and I watch Laura's lithe silhouette approaching. I step out from behind the gantry, catching her off guard and startling her.

"What's this all about, Baby?" she asks. It's the first time I've ever heard her sound apprehensive.

"Have you ever been for a joy ride?"

"In a stolen car?"

"Or boat?" I add guiding her down the dock to a little 21-foot cabin cruiser.

"Is this a good idea? I mean, if we get caught. I've heard of colleges rescinding acceptances for things like Grand Theft."

Wrapping her in my arms, I can feel the heat of her body against mine.

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