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Mrs. Asadi gets firm with me.

"It's Dani isn't it?" I smiled back and she beckoned me into to the reception area. "I'm Robyn, I'm here to get you ready, run those tests again - make sure you haven't been too naughty in the last few weeks. I'll give you a little briefing and get you into the grounds tomorrow morning. Sound ok?"

"Sure I answered" staring at her huge cleavage. She smiled and led me to the examination room.

"Clothes in this locker please."

Once she re-ran the tests, she offered me a massage and a full body makeover. There was little hair left on me these days anyway but whatever was left she removed. Once done she disappeared and returned with my clean results.

"So tomorrow about 9:30 I'm going to open the back door and you will go out onto the veranda, I believe Devon will collect you in one of those golf buggies and drive you up to the house. The complex is about 3 miles across and walled in, there's no one for miles around." It was like she was rehearsing for the guests.

"I just have one final thing to sort. Your bottom only right? Don't top and don't do women?" she asked.

"That's right, never topped, but don't mind being blown, I've never been with a woman," my oddly embarrassed response.

She then put two tiny temporary tattoos on me, one above my right ass cheek the other just above my cock to one side.

"These indicate what you will and won't do, you'll need to learn what they mean. There's a card in your room along with clothes for tomorrow let me know if there's a problem with anything". She seemed a little put out by something, so as I thanked her I asked if everything was ok.

"Well,.." she started, "it's just that normally after the results I get to warm the guests or staff up a bit, I don't suppose you're interested in someone like me."

That broke the ice and we had a fun evening drinking a little too much and telling stories, we fell asleep in the same bed and I was surprised to find her naked next to me the next morning.

I showered and changed into what had been left for me. A cute pair of red hot pants that were soft and silky and clung to my body, my cock obvious through the material. A fishnet t-shirt that didnt quite cover my belly button, and a feather boa. I went back and put a little more make up on after seeing the boa. Robyn declared me 'sooo cute' and she led me to the door to veranda.

Whoever Devon was he hadn't arrive yet, so I sat and waited. When he did arrive I didn't recognise him at first. Tall, black, muscled but not ripped, and wearing white speedos. I was transfixed, his huge cock was bulging at the front of the speedos and the contrasting colors meant you could just about see through.

"You must be Dani," he stated with an accent I couldn't place.

Finally I dragged my eyes up to his face. The porn shoot, the guy that impaled Paulie.

Devon, it turned out, was a complete gentleman. The accent I couldn't place was a hybrid of south London in the UK and the Caribbean. He'd been in the states for a few years after being spotted as a student, modelling for some extra cash. He'd greeted me on the veranda like an old friend, a hug and kiss on each cheek. His arm around my waist, he led me to the golf buggy to take me up to the house. He claimed he remembered me from the skin flick we'd done months ago. I didn't believe him but then he rattled off details about what Paulie and I had been wearing, what we'd done, and my reaction during his scene with Paulie. The buggy was small and we were pressed together, his hot, electric skin touching me at the thigh and shoulder. I couldn't help glancing down at the slumbering beast in those speedos every now and then.

Devon told me only a few of the other staff were there so far and there wasn't much to do at the moment.

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