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A break from the fire.

hat's right! Because I found a way to get her mouth around your dick! Ha ha, that's right! Do you remember her sneaking her way into our bedroom? Pulling the covers back? Taking your dick into her mouth? Oh, you should have seen it! Of course, your eyes were closed, like they are right now! Ha ha! Mmmm, remember her sucking you? She brought you off like a pro! Fuck, you shot so much, right into her mouth! And then it went up her nose, remember? Ha ha ha!! But then, she was such a trooper, she helped me lick up every drop! Mmm, she was so hot!"

I was panting in lust! Every time I inhaled, I swore I could smell her! Marisa! My daughter! This was driving me beyond crazy!

"Oh, and then, do you remember?" Karen went on. "She went back into her bedroom after and jilled off, thinking about you! Calling out 'Daddy!' as she came! Oh, fuck, that was such a fucking turn on! Do you remember?"
My head was whirling. I couldn't think straight. Maybe I couldn't think at all. I was all dick. I had never been this furiously aroused and teased before. I was practically drooling.

"Ok, Big Brother," she hissed right into my ear. "Now I'm going to suck you off. I'm going to eat up every bit of your cum. And then I'm going to drain you dry. I'm going to empty your balls. You're going to have nothing left. You're going to shoot until you're shooting blanks. Are you ready? Good. You're mine."

She dove down and swallowed my cock down in a single gulp. I called out in lusty anguish. She sucked. Hard and deep, she drew my cock in and began pumping aggressively. It was too much. I couldn't breathe. When I finally gasped in, Marisa's scent from her panties set my whole brain alight. I wailed in desperate heat, desire, and helplessness.

Karen sucked like a madwoman. She seized my balls and started squeezing. I sobbed out in agonized ecstasy, my senses of smell and touch completely overloaded. She vacuumed my dick and pumped her head up and down frantically. My whole body spasmed. I was trying to shoot, but the sensations were far too intense!! My brain was about to completely self-destruct! Every time I thought I was about to ejaculate, she squeezed harder on my nuts! This was way too much! I couldn't cum! I couldn't cum!!

Karen seemed to sense exactly what I was feeling every moment, and she suddenly grasped my testicles in an iron grip. She wetly released my rod from her mouth, and shouted at me, "This load should be Marisa's! But it's mine!! Every fucking bit of it is mine!! Now fucking shoot it!! Shoot it into my mouth!!"

She then released my balls, took the head of my cock in between her lips, and began beating my shaft at breakneck pace! I howled out, thrashed about, thrust my hips forward spasmodically, and came!!

It felt like my entire prostate and balls were being torn apart! I shot a gigantic wad that threatened to rip my dick open as it exited! Karen relentlessly jerked the shaft of my cock, gulped down the glob of jizz I rocketed into her mouth, and I shot, and shot, and shot. I couldn't breathe in. I tried to sob in lust, anguish, and rapturous release. Every nerve was jangling, utterly saturated and beyond with overpowering sensation.

I came and came. Karen just kept sucking, swallowing, and jerking me. I finally gasped and bleated out in passion. She kept aggressively fellating me.

My cock was just dribbling out now, but Karen kept up her assault. She sucked hard, flicking her tongue all over the over-sensitized tip of my dick as I desperately sought respite, needing a break from the electric shocks of stimulation that were ravaging the surface of my penis.

She just kept sucking. She began bobbing her head, drawing me deep into her throat as she pumped me mercilessly and unceasingly.

"Please, Sis!!" I managed to gasp. "Please!!"

She ignored me and continued her forceful blowjob. She twisted slightly, and I was barely able to register the sounds of some movement, scraping, and then something that sounded mechanical.

The warm, wet vacuum of her mouth disappeared from enveloping my dick, to be almost instantly replaced

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