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She finds lust on the Great Barrier Reef.

Running in snow ... big mistake. In her eagerness to get out of there and back to her dorm, she slipped and fell right on her backside. Miss Clumsy strikes again ... and she was meant to be a dancer for God's sake! The book went flying in the air and flapped open. She rolled over onto all fours when in the corner of her eye, she saw a little scrap of paper dance through the air. It must have been tucked between the pages, she thought. It landed softly on the snow and she handled it, where it read,

'Cute brunette,

That was really fun. Campus bar, 7o'clock tonight. Be there. Don't be late. Hope you like the reading.

Taylor xxx'


Taylor smiled looking at the photo, chuckling of the memory of how nervous and shy her Amy had been that day, that first day. And though she had turned her into a filthy whore now, who would drop to her knees and eat her at a moment's notice, she still retained that nervous submissive streak. It was why she loved her so much.

Karen looked at her mom hesitantly, not sure of her reaction. Her face had briefly clouded over her rage, a rage that was familiar throughout her childhood. Mom Taylor was the strict parent, the discipliner. Mom Amy was the pushover. When she was a little girl, if she wanted something she'd always go to Amy who'd normally cave into her daughter's demands. Taylor would normally come in and over-rule her however, with a face like thunder. She thought she recognised that face when it smashed, but as she looked at it fondly, a softness replaced the hard anger. She sniffed a little, nose running and this snapped Taylor back to life. She opened her arms out wide and pulled her daughter into a hug.

'Oh my sweet little Karen, what's wrong?'

Karen tried to hold it together but then her lip started to wobble and she couldn't hold it in any more. She let out a wail so loud, Amy could hear it in the shower, it probably woke the neighbours. Amy sighed as she scrubbed herself down. She hated to hear her daughter so upset. She would get out there as soon as she had showered. But then ...

A dark voice in her head told her that Taylor could probably handle it. She was a better mom than she ever had been, knowing when to listen and when to discipline. Karen just bossed herself around like she wasn't there .... Like mother, like daughter then. She could handle the crying for a few more minutes. Switching the shower onto maximum, she let the hot water cascade down her naked body. Her ass was still sore and burning, Taylor had really not let up. But she knew best not to challenge her Mistress. She never wanted to anyway. She poured out some shower lotion on her hand and massaged her sphincter, gently rubbing and soothing it but unmistakeably an erotic thrill was still bubbling under the surface. She had just been interrupted before even orgasming, after all. Her nipples were still poking out, that sexual rush that had been coursing through her body minute ago was only just subsiding. She could feel them, pointing out into her hand as she washed her breast. They had never been particularly big, a B-cup all her life, but at 39 years old, they were starting to sag a little.

This didn't bother her that much. She was getting older. Life happens. Life had happened. But she knew she had someone who loved her and cared for her and didn't care what she looked like. Sure, she missed her once toned and exceptionally fit body, back when she used to be a dancer ... but that that was eighteen years ago, before she'd had Karen.

*** December, 21, 1995 ... a little later that day ***

Amy stood before the mirror, poised on her right toe, trying to lift her leg up as straight as possible.

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