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He woke up with a start, looking at the clock he had dozed off for nearly an hour. He went into the kitchen and looked out, Sherry was bent over pulling on a fairly large limb.

It hit him that bent over like that a good six inch long strip between the cheeks of her ass showed clearly.

Plus since she was bending over, the halter top had fallen away some and the bottom half of her tits showed.

Swinging back and forth as she jerked on the limb trying to get it loose.

Damn! Now that was hot! He stood there watching her out the kitchen window for a long time. Then he went into the living room, got his 40 power field glasses.

With those he could see a lot more, damn was a lot of the crack of her fanny showing. He even got a couple of very brief nipple shots when she bent over even further.

Finally he went into the kitchen and made some iced tea, opened the back door and invited her in for a break. It was hot as hell outside, she accepted gratefully.

Dale turned on the swamp cooler, she stepped up to it and tugged the halter top away from her breasts, flapping it to cool off. He could see that she was soaked in sweat.

Sherry turned, saw where he was looking. She looked down at herself, her big nipples showed clearly through the damp cloth. She looked back up at Dale, then she smiled.

Dale felt himself blush mildly at having been caught peeking at her.

They sat and talked for about 30 minutes, then she said she had better get back to work and off she went. Dale went and got his canvas chair, sat out there and watched her work. Sherry kept glancing back and smiling, she made no effort to pull her shorts back up.

They kept getting lower and lower, and there was no sign of panties under there at all.

Finally as she was tugging on another large branch, he couldn't stand it any more, so he got up and went up the hillside to give her a hand.

Standing right next to her like that, with the back of her shorts now way down, he could see a tuft of black hairs in the crack of her ass.

Now he was sure she shaved the front some but not all of it.

One more inch and he thought he would be able to see her butt hole, maybe even part of her...pussy?

The branch came right loose when he reached down to tug on it with her.

"Thanks!" She told him with a huge smile.

Dale went back to his chair, sitting and watching her the rest of the afternoon.

She thanked him when he paid her for the seven hours she had spent on the brush. He was happy because she was doing a good job, and also happy because she was fun to watch.

"I will be back tomorrow, one more day should finish it up." She told him. Dale was hoping so anyway, all he had left was just $80.00.

At the same time he was wishing she could work for him every day.

The next morning, Sherry arrived exactly at 9 in the morning. This time she had on a tank top style T-shirt, her heavy breasts made round bulges in the cloth. She also wore what he thought were denim shorts, but wore those much higher than the shorts the day before.

There was not likely to be any ass crack display wearing those, he thought.

Oh, well. He went inside and turned on the TV.

About an hour later she knocked on the door.

"Do you have some lotion? My legs got scratched up some yesterday." Dale looked down, she sure was scratched up.

"Come on in." He led her into the living room, got her sat down. In his medicine cabinet he had a tube of ointment he put on cuts and things like that, he brought that out and handed it to her.

"Thanks!" She smiled as he went to his chair. She began to apply some to her legs, he could see her ankles were scratched up pretty good.

"Maybe you should wear long pants." He told her.

"I would but I don't own any, I usually just wear shorts or a skirt when I work. I didn't even think about this part."

Then she swung one leg up and set her ankle on her knee.

That was when Dale realized those were not shorts! There was no doubt about it at all, she was rubbing the upper portion of her leg, acting like she h

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