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One other creature stood behind the others, it was much like a Centaur of legend, instead of equine, however this creature had the bottom-half and tail of a scorpion. Whatever that creature was, it was clearly in charge.

"why have you come here?" it asked in the Elven tongue. Through their collective mindlink set up by Arantash, Nara was able to translate for the party.

"It asked us, 'Why have you come here?'"

Arantash propped his weapon against the wall and held his hands out, attempting to show the creature and his dark-skinned Elf allies he meant no harm. He replied in the common tongue, hoping that the creature could understand, "We have come to find the artifact the Giants laid to rest here eons ago. We wish to bring it back to Khorvaire -- to Sharn in Breland, or Aundair's Arcane College! We must learn from these relics of history, lest we repeat what happened centuries ago!"

"What lays behind that gate is a mystery to you?" one of the creature's allies asked, showing they did understand the common language of Galifar. "How can you not know? It is hardly just an artifact. They say it is lock, key and portal combined into one supremely powerful orb. The Orb of Kythri, the Churning Chaos."

In his excitement, Bombadur spoke with his mouth, not his mind, "This is one of the Moonorbs? Only three of the thirteen have ever been found. Surely, Kol Korran smiles upon us today! Quickly, give miss Scriush her reagents and get that vault open!"

A crossbow bolt whistled through the air, striking Bombadur in the shoulder. He reeled back and fell to the ground upon the bolts impact; a wave of weariness flooded his senses as the poison began flowing through his veins. These were obviously no ordinary bolts; these strange elves and their scorpion-bodied ally must have created these magically.

As he could feel his anger welling up inside, he also felt a surge of energy. He grit his teeth and pulled the bolt from his shoulder. "Big mistake, little man." As quickly his feet could take him, he sprinted down the hallway. Two more bolts struck him as he ran but he was unfazed. Bombadur screamed slamming his Urgrosh into the side of one of the dark-skinned Elf's face, killing him instantly. The poison was still coursing through his veins, but all Bombadur could feel was the rage built up inside. These strange Elves might have started it, but he was going to finish the fight. A quick follow up to his first attack felled another of the Elves, slicing a deep gouge in his shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Only Luci heard Arantash's last request as he closed their minds in case the creature had any psychic abilities of its own. "Luci, can you take the other two archers?"

"Yes, you and Nara, subdue that... that... whatever in Khyber it is!" she replied. She tossed a bottle on the ground and smoke began filling the room. It was a flask Nara had prepared for the ranger earlier should trouble arise. Luci was aware the Elves keen eyes could see through the darkness better than their own, but looking through smoke would be another matter. She already knew where the Elves were, and they would have to guess where she was going, even if they managed to clear the smoke from the room, she would still have the upper hand. So would Bombadur, assuming he even noticed the smoke through his rage.

Arantash scanned the area with his thoughts, it seemed the strange creature had some psionic abilities of its own because he could not sense its approach.

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