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We both love Eric like he was our brother, and in many ways he is. Eric helped both of us whip a prescription drug habit, as only a brother would do. He loved us into breaking the habit."

Eric explained, "Michelle was badly wounded while serving in Afghanistan and was on pain killers much longer than she should have been. She was hooked when she came home and was really bad off when I first met her. Her partner, Gabby, was injured in a car accident and ended up being hooked on Vicodin and OxyContin."

Michelle added, "I met Gabby in a drug treatment center and we hit it off. But, it was only after Eric took me under his wing, that we made real progress toward recovery. We had some very rough days and nights and Eric was here for us every minute. He held me for hours as I shook with chills, cramps, and pain; I wanted to just die but he willed me to live."

"She was a wreck but she whipped it. We didn't leave this condo until all the withdrawal symptoms were gone. It took eight days."

Michelle reached across the table and took Eric's hand. "Layla, he will forever be my hero. Gabby had almost as bad a time of it as I did and Eric saved her life like he did mine. We love him dearly. You have a precious man who obviously loves you."

Tears ran down both Layla's and Michelle's cheeks. They stood and hugged each other for several moments.




Eric and Layla went to bed early since he had to be at work by 6:00am. Their lovemaking was very tender but passionate. They totally yielded themselves to each other. She felt an amazing fullness and warmth as he entered her, much more than she remembered. Her heartbeat raced as his strokes eased in and out. When the pace quickened and his spurts followed, she gazed into his eyes and would have followed him to the ends of the earth. She was totally his, in every way. When the orgasmic lightning flashed through her loins Layla was sated and quickly fell asleep.

She awakened to the sound of Eric flushing the toilet. Layla slipped on her robe and walked to the bathroom as he was stepping into the shower. They smiled and briefly kissed before she peed and brushed her teeth. By the time he was dressed, the coffee was hot and a BLT sandwich was ready for his breakfast.

Eric came to the kitchen and kissed her again. They held each other for a moment before he said, "I love you" for the very first time.

Layla was elated. She pulled back, smiled and said "I love you, Eric, with all my heart." They kissed again.

Eric said, "After I get off, I need to run some errands and go by the condo so it will probably be time to go to dinner when I get here."

"I'm going up early to get Amy. Call if anything changes and we'll plan to be here when you come."

"How about dinner at the Union City Grille?" Eric asked.

"That'd be great. I've not been there in over a year."

"The owner came by the station last week and gave us a stack of gift certificates. One of our units treated his son who had been hit by a car in a parking lot. He was very grateful and said that the son is going to make a full recovery."

"Do things like that happen often?"

"Kids being hit by cars?"

"No, silly. People giving gifts to the paramedics and firefighters."

"It does happen. People are very appreciative of our efforts. Many times it's cookies, cakes or pies."

"I'll have to bake my mom's lasagna for your guys. I appreciate your efforts also." They both grinned.

"I love tasty Italian dishes, especially when they're yours."

Layla giggled at the obvious double entendre. "Be safe and go save lives."



Layla arrived at the Belton's house later that morning.

Kathy greeted her at the door. "Great to see you again, Layla. Amy is so excited about you coming."

"I'm excited to spend some time with her."

Amy came running into the foyer and hugged Layla around her hips. Layla dropped to her knees and gave her a tender hug and kiss.

"Mommy, I'm ready."

"Is Miss Annie coming?"

"No, she wants to rest this weekend."

Layla grinned.

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