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By this time, Victoria and Melissa had already changed into their swimwear. Both girls were wearing g-string style bikini bottoms which showed off their firm teenage asses, which were kept in great shape by their netball training. The suits they wore were totally unlined and their hard nipples could be clearly seen. Equally outlined was the shape of their vulva as their g-strings were a nice crotch-hugging fit.

A few metres away was a trio of boys from NTU who had been observing the two girls stripping into their tiny bikinis. They now held their breath as the hottest of the three was about to change into the most minsicule excuse for swimwear they had ever seen.

Linda was faced with a challenge. The nearest changing room was "miles" away and she could only have two articles of clothing on at one time. Other girls would have slipped on their bikini bottoms under their skirt before taking it off but Linda had some "restrictions".

Being quite used to (accidentally) bearing her beautiful tits, Linda shrugged and peeled off her thin yellow top, exposing her gorgeous firm young breasts to the eyes of the three boys. Her permanently excited nipples grew even stiffer as the cool sea breeze caressed her naked torso.

Linda struggled to put on her bikini top and took a couple of minutes, much to the delight and excitement of the three undergrads. When she finally got it on, it covered so little that it made her look even sexier than when she was totally topless.

Now Linda had to put on her bikini bottoms. She took a deep breath and quickly pulled down her skirt. Unfortunately for her, her denim skirt was so tight that she couldn't do a "quick one" and it instead turned into quite a hot striptease show with her slowly wriggling her hips to get her skirt off.

This of course left her smooth cunt exposed for a good minute before she could get her obscenely tiny micro bikini bottom up her legs and over her glistening pussy.

Soon the girls were happily playing and running about in the sand playing with a frisbee and for 50 metres around, every eye was glued to their perfect bodies, bouncing and jiggling with schoolgirl charm.

Before long, the three boys joined Victoria, Melissa and Linda and introduced themselves. Benjamin, HM and Noon were all Business Studies undergrads and NTU and spent enough time in the gym and on the beach to "match" the three girls quite well.

About 15 minutes later, HM suggested that they go play in the water, as he was anxious to get the girls' suits wet and clingy.

Everyone agreed and soon they were splashing about in the water. Unknown to Linda, the suit that her friends bought her became transparent when wet and soon she was as good as naked from top to toe as the 6 young people frolicked in the water.

As usual, the ringleader Melissa suggested that they pair up and have a waterfight with the girls perched on the boys' shoulders, the winning pair getting to decide the forfeit.

Melissa partnered up with Benjamin and Victoria paired up with HM, leaving Linda to mount up on Noon's shoulders.

Noon's erection grew painfully big as Linda climbed aboard and her hot pussy lips pressed up against the back of his neck.

The girls were soon enthusiastically clawing away at each other, each trying their best to pull of each other's bikini top with great success. The boys were driven almost crazy by the sights of breasts popping out of bikinis and three hot girls fondling each others bodies.

The boys also struggled to hold on to the slippery smooth legs of their partners and had a great time groping the girls whenever they could under the pretext of supporting them or helping them up.

The water fight ended up with Melissa and Benjamin winning 4 rounds to the Victoria and Linda's 2 each.

After a brief consultation, Mel and Ben pronounced the terms of the forfeit:

Ben gave a theathrical drumroll and Melissa stated in her best gameshow host voice: "The losers must massage suntan lotion onto every part of their partners' bodies, and I mean EVERYYY par

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