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Rocio and Isabelle celebrate in the car.

Of course I needed more. I cleaned my self up a little and washed my hands and took my knickers out of my bag.

Concealing them in my hand, I walked shyly to our table. I sat down and, holding his hand in mine, gave him my g-string. He loved it whenever I did this. The mere thought of me in a dress with no underwear always bought him to attention. He just loved the idea that someone might 'accidentally' catch a glimpse of what was underneath and see what he was going home with. Not only that, but it gave him access to tease me however he chose - and he excelled in teasing me in public. The look on his face was sheer joy.

He was eating his meal with new cutlery when I arrived. I could tell that his mind was racing as to what to do with this new information. Then that sheepish grin that tells me I am in for a good time. He places his had on my leg and I realize that he is still holding his fork. I feel its sharp prongs scratch up my leg, to my inner thigh, to my outer thigh and up my hip until my dress is no longer covering that leg. It is still quite dark and I am enjoying this way too much to stop anyway. I open my legs a little, and he places the fork's handle on my mound. He looks at me for approval and before I can say anything, he moves it up and down just the way I like it. He circles my clitoris and then suddenly pushes it in. The hard, cold, patterned steel goes in without resistance. I gasp in total surprise and sheer pleasure as he leaves it there, wedged between my clitoris and the seat that now has a noticeable wet spot. He takes my fork and starts eating his dinner, leaving me to wonder what I should do. After a few mouthfuls, he puts my fork down, and takes hold of the fork that is embedded within me. He moves it in and out, in circles and up and down, slowly at first just to get the feel of our new 'toy'. Then it gets faster and more erratic and I just can't seem to catch my breath as the pattern rubs insistently through my lips. I moan and close my eyes, feeling lightheaded. I am snapped out of my high by the voice of the waitress as she asks if we would like another drink. I am flushed and sweating and I lower my eyes in embarrassment. He answers with a charming smile that 'some water for the lady would be nice'. He loves to watch me try to control myself as much as he likes to see me lose control. He pulls the fork out and replaces it with his finger, just for a second. He lifts his hand and places his finger into his mouth and with a wink, tells me that he cant wait for dessert.

When we got back to the cabin, we sat outside on the garden swing listening to the crickets and relishing in the general feeling of peacefulness. We didn't really need to talk all that much, we were just enjoying each other's company.

He turned to me, and with tears in his eyes; he said, "I love you". He kissed me, softly at first, feather touches that barely touched my lips; his tongue tracing the outline of the mouth he knows so well with perfect accuracy. He turns my head and moves over my cheek, just under my ear, which has always been so sensitive. He lightly breathes into my ear as he kisses my neck, causing me to sigh. He traces his finger from his mouth, down my arm and squeezes my hand, then back up and over my collarbone, between my breasts and to my inner thighs. He stands me up and leads me to the double chaise in the middle of the courtyard, lies me down on my back and walks towards my feet, all the while not taking his hand away from my skin. He gives me a quick but effective foot massage that combines both his hands and his mouth. Taking my toes in one by one, each time sending tickles up my legs. He aims to fully relax me and it works.

My massage progresses up both legs simultaneously and stops just before the sacred place where they meet.

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