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Paula, Geneen, & Mark reenact the first time


"Do you mean you're still a virgin John?" His sister asked.

"Well seeing mom has just let the cat out the bag, yes I am still a virgin." He said as his face flushed beat red with embarrassment.

"Wow mom that means you will get to deflower your own son." Jane beamed.

Sue saw John fumbling to open the condom packet and reached over and took it from his trembling hands. His mom tore open the packet with her teeth and popped the condom into her mouth; she took her sons ridged cock into her mouth and used her tongue to roll the condom down his shaft as his cock sank into her throat again and then pulled her mouth back off his prick.

She stood up and signaled for John to sit in the big arm chair and then she straddled him. Once she was hovering over his engorged manhood she took him in her hand and guided him to the entrance of her sopping cunt . As they kissed each other on the lips Sue began rub his condom covered cock over her wet pussy until the condom was covered enough with her juices and then lowered herself on to his cock.

Finally, the head of his cock was just inside her opening. Very slowly she lowered herself onto his hard-on more and more until it was deep inside her hot cunt, and John was completely in her pussy. Sue bent forward with her mouth opened wide at the sheer size of her son's cock. Sue raised herself a little until only the head of his cock was still inside her then she bore down on him again slowly. They were now both moaning as John bent forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and he began to suck.

Meanwhile Jane was sitting there watching on as her mom began to ride her brother's cock. Her hands were massaging her large orbs as Sue began her assault on her son's cock; bobbing up and down faster as she got more aroused by her son fucking her in and out of her love channel as their moans became louder and louder.

As his cock penetrated her cunt faster and faster provoking yet more and more moans and screams, shocks went through her body caused by him sucking on her nipples as he massaged the teats with his mouth and tongue. There was no place in her pussy that wasn't being touched by his monster of a dick. She felt her climax building as she fucked faster and deeper up and down on his giant member.

John was also feeling his cum starting to boil in his balls as he began moaning on her left nipple, which began to send his mom nearer and nearer her orgasm. As he looked over at his sister who was now lifting herself off the sofa and moving towards them. As she stood beside them she lifted her leg up onto the low arm of the chair so that John could slide his fingers into her now sopping cunt as she held on to her mom for support.

"Perhaps it would be better if we joined you on the sofa." John said between breaths.

As Sue saw her son's fingers thrust up into her daughter's pregnant cunt she knew it wouldn't be long before her orgasm ripped through her.

"Oh fuck yes, I am almost there. Keep fucking her cunt with your fingers John!" She hissed as her orgasm was imminent.

A few more deep thrusts and Sue began to go rigid and began to arch her back as her orgasm ripped through her. Seeing this and feeling John's fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt Jane too began to have her orgasm as she held on tight to her mom. John could hold on no longer and began to spurt into the condom as he shot load after load into it.

Moments later as they bathed in the afterglow they decided to move over to the sofa for the sake of Jane's safety.

John had to admit to himself that this felt much better than masturbating while thinking about fucking his mom. As they lay there on the sofa with John in the middle Sue took the condom off John's cock carefully and took it to her lips and drank half of its contents then passed it to Jane who drank the rest of John's cum.

This made John's cock begin to lurch back into life as a jolt of electricity ran through as he watched his mom and sister drink

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