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A pirate with a death mark discovers a genie.

"I had him engrave the flowers that go into the flower wine you-"

Draeseth cut her off with an urgent kiss backing her toward the sofa. It made her lip sting and burn but she returned it, dropping the box and touching his face. Pushing her down on her back on the sofa, he pinned her and kissed her neck hungrily. "This is a wedding gift, woman. A gift from a new wife to her husband on their wedding night. It cuts the bonds that bind her to her family and joins them together as one."

"I didn't know that. I just wanted to give you something to show you that I was thinking of you, something you would like."

"I like it." He was breathlessly biting and kissing her neck and down to the edge of her bodice. "I will use it for its purpose. You are mine Isonei." The knife was held flat against her arm in his grip.

"Maybe put the knife down while you kiss me?" Isonei teased him gently. "I remember how excited you get, my flower wine."

He laughed, burying his face in her bodice. "I'm holding it so that I don't tear your dress off and spend the rest of the time I'm forced to be in Ara begging you to milk my cock with your perfect cunny." The blush on his face as he looked up at her made her grin and try to bend to kiss him.

"I love that you blush, and that you sound like you've been practicing saying that."

"Woman. Tease me anymore and I'll be hilt deep in you before you're ready for me."

The feeling of eagerness for him was there, and the nervousness was gone. Her face flushed as she murmured, "Put the knife down. It's been too long and I want you, I want to taste you and feel you, my flower wine."

"You... Woman." The knife hit the floor and the skirt of her gown was being pushed up eagerly. Draeseth's hand pressed to the thin piece of fabric covering her already wet and very willing sex. "Desire." He growled as he began to rub against it.

"For you, for you, my flower wine." Her fervent whisper as she tilted her hips brought a low growling groan from him and he tore the fabric away with a violent jerk. "Draeseth!"

"Mine. You are mine." His fingers traced over and around her sensitive nub before slipping inside her. Pulling his hand back, he licked his fingers with a groan and began to open his black pants. "I can't wait."

"I don't want you to." Sitting up, Isonei helped him pull his impressive member free, stroking it and lightly running her thumb over the thick dark head. "Have you gotten larger?"

"Woman." Draeseth was pulling her up onto his lap as he leaned, sitting back on the sofa.

As she was easing herself down onto him, he was pulling at the fasteners of her gown. "Always so impatient." She teased softly and his face split into a grin as he lifted his hips trying to push deeper.

"I have waited months. Months to have my Isonei wrapped around me." The fasteners gave and he pulled her bodice down. After helping him free her arms, she let him push her silver chemise up, caressing her pale blue skin beneath it. "Months to touch..."

Pulling the chemise off over her head, Isonei rolled her hips taking him deeper and using her thighs to move herself up and down his shaft. He was already throbbing inside her. "Too long." She moaned out.

Bearing down as she pressed her hands into his doublet, his hands were now gripping her hips under the folds of the ruined dress and setting the rhythm. She could feel her face flushed with the heat of desire. The feeling of him opening and stretching her tight around him was such an exquisite feeling all she wanted to do was enjoy it for as long as he could last.

"Your hand. Woman. I've dreamt." He closed his eyes stilling her hips. "Isonei."

"I don't know if you can last that long, this is enough for now, my flower wine. The way you feel..." She kissed his throat above the edge of his doublet.


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