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Lydia confronts her mother about her drunken, whoring ways.

Immediately I moaned. I'm not one to masturbate under normal circumstances, so if I don't have a boyfriend usually nothing goes inside me. It felt so nice to be filled up that I slid a third finger in, moaning once again at the way my pussy stretched.

I realized my eyes were closed and I opened them, returning my gaze the the billboard while I fucked myself with my hand. I had never been with two men at once but it was a huge fantasy of mine and I allowed myself to get lost in it now, imagining the men on the billboard running their hands all over my bare body, massaging my tits and teasing my pussy. Eventually I'd get so turned on I'd beg them to fuck me and they wouldn't be able to resist. They'd take turns pounding me while I jerked the other one off, or maybe I'd ask them to try and enter me at the same time if I thought I could handle it. I wouldn't let them cum in me, of course, but maybe I'd want them to do it on my chest, all over my tits.

I was writhing with pleasure now, all thoughts of the traffic jam or work forgotten. My pussy was pulsing and I could feel an orgasm coming on any second. I realized my eyes were closed again and snapped them open. I was facing front again instead of looking at the billboard. It took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. Then, suddenly, I almost passed out.

I realized I was locked eyes with the guy in the car in front of me, in his side view mirror. He must have finished his phone call and noticed me moaning and writhing behind him. My free hand had traveled up my shirt to my breasts and my shirt itself had traveled halfway up my torso. I couldn't believe someone had just witnessed me masturbate, and that I had no idea how long he'd been watching.

I was frozen. Meanwhile for his part, he was grinning without a trace of sheepishness, clearly enjoying the show and not caring if I knew it. I knew I needed to pull my shirt down and pull my fingers out of myself and pretend none of this had happened. But I couldn't. I found my pussy growing wetter at the lecherous gaze of this older man, and when I continued sitting frozen, he began to look confused. I realized I didn't want him to look away and knew then that I was enjoying his attention. That probably made me disgusting but clearly I was past caring now.

Having made my decision, I went all out and slipped the shades off, revealing my face to him, and began resuming my finger fucking. I moaned and writhed, maybe exaggerating a bit, but he couldn't hear me after all. He seemed to be getting very turned on regardless, as was I. I'd never had an audience before but I definitely liked it.

Knowing he could see my chest over the steering wheel, I slipped my shirt up over my breasts, glad that I had picked a sexy, lacy bra that morning. His eyes popped for a second, then they squinted and his face started to go slack and I realized what he was doing. I should have been revolted but I couldn't help feeling flattered and turned on and I increased the speed of my fingers pounding my little pussy. A small moan escaped my lips and I allowed my eyes to roll back in my head for a moment, knowing he'd like that move. When I opened my eyes again I found that I was right and he had his head back and his eyes closed in pleasure. He opened them after a few seconds and met my gaze again but he seemed to be struggling to keep them open. I loved that I was turning him on so much.

Wanting to push him over the edge, I pulled my shirt over my head, then unhooked my bra and let it fall off my shoulders.

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