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Female-dominated seduction of a man.


"Wow Jay, I'm not so sure if the situation was reversed I would be so understanding, but thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I don't feel I was thinking about you when I did all those things."

"That's not the point, I didn't say you were required to always think of me when acting on your slut tendencies, what I asked was for you to come to me before you acted on those tendencies; I said your actions were to always be to please me. And I agreed I encouraged you to be a slut and that is what you did; so how can I feel you did something wrong when you only did what I encouraged you to do."

"You're really giving me a lot of leeway by saying that; I guess all that is left for me to say is thank you."

"I guess I am, but you are still learning; I recognize this is new for you, new for both of us. In the future I may not be so understanding, remember that."

"I will Jay; and thank you."

"Your second point, that you are only allowed to be a slut per my request; I have already partially addressed that when I stated we agreed I am not only ok with you being the slut you are, I want you to feel free to be yourself. We've already agreed I encourage you to be a slut."

"Again, that is stretching what I think you actually meant."

"Yes it is, but the truth is, you did not do anything I didn't agree I am encouraging you to do. Now, your third point; where you said if you felt you were starting to lose control to your urges you promised you would come to me."

"Yes Jay, I did. I promised anytime I felt my urges were taking control I would come to you. I would only act on those urges per your request, with your permission; and I don't remember doing that."

"Barbie, actually you did do all of what you just mentioned."

"I did?"

"Yes, again it is loosely translating what I said. Do you remember what you whispered in my ear before you went with Jim over to the crowd around the table?"

"Yes, vaguely; I think I said something about the slut wanting to come out and play."

"Right; and do you remember what I said?"

"Mm, not exactly."

"I said 'so let her play'. So, as for you coming to me when you felt your urges taking control, when you told me 'the slut wants to come out and play', you did what I had asked you to do."

"Seriously, you're giving me credit for coming to you when I felt I was losing control to my urges by simply saying 'the slut wants to come out and play'?"

"Yes, how else is there to interpret it? You told me what you were feeling and I could have said no, but I didn't did I. Just the opposite, I basically gave you permission to act on your urges, I said it was ok for the slut in you to play."

"I never thought those few words had such a huge impact on what I did and what you were actually saying. I didn't see them that way; and again, I am not so sure I would have given those few words so much meaning had the roles been reversed."

"Honestly, when I gave the slut permission to play, I never expected it would go as far as it did; but without stating any limits there was pretty much no restrictions on what you could or could not do."

"So, you're saying I did too much and you regret not putting limits on what I could do?"

"No, not really, I said I never expected things to go as far as they did, not that I had regrets; and I am saying perhaps had I known what could happen I would have added some boundaries. Let me ask you a question; do you regret anything you did?"

"Yes, a little, not so much because of what I did, more so because I was afraid I had hurt you, I was afraid I had hurt our relationship. I admit, what I did was pretty extreme; but when I was doing those things it was what the slut in me wanted to do. It was actually a fantasy I have had when the slut in me takes over; I had always wondered what it would be like to be part of a group scene, where I am a slut with multiple men I didn't know."


"Exactly? What does that mean?"

"I am saying that is exactly what it was,

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