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Romance gained and lost and gained.


Barbara was in love with the red PVC raincoat it made her feel so good with the shiny material fully enveloping her, she smoothed her hands over her breasts and bottom and pulled the collar up as close as it could around her neck. Tara sensed that Barbara was turned on by the raincoat and nuzzled her face into her neck and whispered.

"You look fantastic in my raincoat and I can see you are enjoying the sensations it brings to you, I think we need to do some more shopping but this time to a special shop up in Kew that has some very attractive rainwear."

Barbara responded with, "Tara, my mind is in a whirl, we have only known each other for a couple of hours and here I am wearing your raincoat with my arms around you and feeling extremely horny, I don't know what is happening, I do like the idea of having my own coat just like this one but didn't you say you bought it in Holland?"

"Yes I did, but this shop I know has coats and dresses that are very nice and I think you will like them, and also I have been thinking of something for myself as well."

Barbara reluctantly divested herself of the raincoat as Tara made some lunch and after a coffee to finish off with they drove down to Kew and the fetish shop that Tara had talked about. Barbara was amazed at the array of PVC and latex garments from bras and panties to full cat suits and everything in between. Tara directed Barbara to the rainwear section where there were a dozen or so different styles and colours of raincoats along with several latex capes, mostly in either black or blue and one red one.

Barbara felt both the PVC and latex materials and loved them both; she pressed the latex against her cheeks and on her arm and felt the coolness of the rubber.

"What do you think Tara, the PVC or the latex? I can't make up my mind."

"Well Barbara I have three other PVC raincoats as well as this red one back at home so I would be happy to let you borrow one for a while so maybe if you get the latex cape we can split the charge and share it together - the blue one looks nice and it has a full length zip all the way down the front, I'd love to see you in it, try it on for me."

So Barbara removed her gabardine coat and pulled on the blue cape, zipped it all the way up and pulled the hood over her head. She became horny once again wrapped in the latex with Tara in her red PVC raincoat smoothing it down over Barbara's body and knew that this was for her. Looking at the price she could see why Tara offered to pay half as it was really expensive, more that anything she had spent on herself previously.

Back at Tara's home she led Barbara upstairs to her bedroom took her in her arms and kissed her gently on the lips as she undid the buttons on her gabardine raincoat, it fell to the floor as she worked on Barbara's blouse top buttons. Barbara was stunned; she just stood there and let Tara take off all her clothes until she was down to her bra and panties.

"You have a beautiful figure Barbara; I can see you work out to keep it like that, now if you would do me the honours of helping me off with my gear."

Barbara started with the top button of Tara's red raincoat and worked her way down to the belt where she loosened and allowed it to fall to the floor. With the remainder of the buttons undone she eased the coat from her shoulders and took it from her. Barbara gathered the raincoat in her arms and brought it to her face taking in the PVC aroma and the scent still lingering from Tara, she buried her face deep into the material and pulled it around her body feeling its coolness on her skin. She loved the feeling of Tara's coat around her and asked if she may put it on again.

"Of course you may Barbara, but let us both divest all our clothes so we can enjoy it all the more."

Tara lifted her arms above her head to allow her top to be eased off, revealing a beautiful burgundy bra made from medium weight lace with lots of detail holding in place a firm set of breasts high on her chest.

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