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After 5 years, the boss finally makes a move on his assistant.

"Killer, as in killing us all," Wolverine mockingly responded. "No Porcupine. Considering that blaring racket Rogue is listening to, Cyclops is doing ok."

"Hey come on guys, lay off Rogue," Jean said, breaking up the gang up on our young Goth. "She's listening to her headphones, just leave her be."

The entire group fell silent and stopped their teasing of Rogue. Jean looked back at Rogue and gave her a wink. Completely oblivious to the entire event, Rogue was taken off guard by the gesture.

What the hell was that about? She thought.

Rogue wasn't the only one taken by Jean's actions. Across the row, Kitty sat dumfounded.

Jean... of all the people to be stick up on Rogue, I'd never pick her. Jeez, if I had any doubts before, I'm confident now, they had sex! Kitty looked over at Jean, who was sitting very elegantly. Her legs were crossed, hands in her lap; all in all she had her normal smug, preppy attitude about her. Kitty then looked back at Rogue, the southern Goth, slouched down in the X-Jet seats. Nearly everything she stood for was the complete opposite of Jean. So what in the world could have made them hook up?
"Five minutes to landing, look sharp everybody," Wolverine loudly ordered. "Hey Stripes!! Take off those damn things."


The team disembarked from the X-Jet, their personal transport jet. Cyclops managed to land the large aircraft just on the outskirts of a large, dense forest. The team surveyed their immediate snow-covered surroundings before regrouping.

"Ok, we're gonna break up into three teams," Wolverine declared. "Nigthcrawler, Spyke, you're with me. Cyclops and Jean, you're together, and Rogue and Kitty, you're the last team."

"Looks like it's you and me babes," Kitty said, wrapping her arm around Rogue's shoulder.

"Hooray," Rogue sarcastically responded.

"Ok--according to the Professor X, the neo-mutant is somewhere in these woods. Fan out and call if you make contact."

As each respective team went their separate ways, Rogue and Kitty casually walked through the dense Vermont forest. While Rogue was very alert, keeping an eye out for any sign of human life, Kitty slowly trailed behind, head hanging, staring down at the snow.

"Hey come on Kitty, the sooner we find this mutant, the sooner we can go home."

"Why doesn't anybody call me by my codename?" Kitty questioned looking up at Rogue.

"Maybe because Shadowcat is a corny name," Rogue mockingly jabbed, walking back towards her roommate. "So what's wrong with you? You seemed bummed."

"No I'm fine... " Kitty said, trailing off. "I've just been thinking about something. You and Jean?"

Rogue's face suddenly filled with fear and her eyes widened.

"Yeah? What about me and 'Ms Perfect'?"

"Well recently something's have got me thinking and... "


"... hey what was that?" Kitty quickly turned around, hearing the strange noise. Rogue also responded and walked towards a large area of brush.

"I could have sworn I heard something," Kitty said, looking over Rogue's shoulder.

"Yeah, ah heard it too." She leaned in towards the brush and gave a good long look. "Guess it was nothing," she said, turning around.

"So anyway, like I was saying," Kitty started back up. "You and Jean... wait, ::SNIFF:: ::SNIFF::, you smell that?"

Rogue took a couple whiffs of the air.

"Yeah. Ah wonder what it is."

"It's gas, mes cheres." A Cajun voice answered.

Rogue and Kitty both turned around as an explosion of gas sprayed around their bodies. Neither had time to react, much less escape. Their muscles went stiff and both toppled over into the snow. As a heavy drowsiness overtook Rogue, the last thing she saw was a tall man in a trench coat with a devilish, wicked grin.

"Goodnight girls," Gambit said, kneeling down next to the unconscious Rogue. He brushed her brown and white hair from her face. "And you, chere, rest well. After I'm done with you, you'll need it."


Kitty moaned as she awoke, her head throbbing.

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