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Jennifer's office life is about to be turned upside down.

My buddy drops his hand onto the skin of her upper thigh and rubs her leg inching closer to her pussy waiting for a reaction from me. When he doesn't receive a reaction he also begins to circle Nicka's clit while I plunge my fingers in and out of her.

Both our fingers are coated with Nicka's juices. Her juices run down the crack of her ass and onto the bench we are sitting on. Nicka is so out of it she can't keep her eyes opened.

Her friends are laughing hysterically and downing their drinks oblivious to Nicka ravishment at the opposite end of the table.

My buddy was so excited that I moved my hand so that he could stick a finger and then two into Nicka's tight pussy all the way up to his knuckles. After a few minutes of him forcefully finger fucking my wife, the table started rattling.

I don't want Nicka's co-workers to witness what is happening to Nicka so I tell the group we need to leave. They all look at my passed out wife and agree I need to take her home right away.

I shake Nicka hard enough so that she wakes up and kisses her friends goodnight and then immediately falls into me closing her eyes.

My buddy and I shake all of the women's hands with the hands that were inside of Nicka only moments ago.

Nicka's sticky moisture transfers onto all of their beautiful manicured fingers. They sit back down begin chatting and laughing loudly again while lifting their drinks to their lips. As they did so, Nicka's juices wet their noses and lips.

Enjoy my wife I thought to myself.

Outside the bar we are carrying Nicka to my truck. I get in on the drivers side and my buddy lifts Nicka up on the passenger side and slides her into the cab.

Her skirt hikes up to her hips and Nicka's naked ass is only inches from his face. He darts his tongue into the folds of her pussy while slurping up Nicka's juices. He then slides Nicka over the seat towards me.

Inside the cab, I rest Nicka's head on my lap. I unzip my pants because I can't drive with my hard on and repositioned my wife so that my dick rests on her sleeping face separating her lips.

My buddy picks up where he left off. Three fingers now driving slowly and deeply inside of her while she is out cold. Squishing sounds echoing in the cab. I turnoff the radio and clearly hear Nicka's pussy being fingered by my buddy.

It was so fucking hot!

My cock twitches on her face while I drive us home. The smell of her juices fills the cab of the truck intensifying the intoxicating lust. My buddy puts his thumb in his mouth getting it slick and then slides it right up and in Nick's tight puckered little sphincter. He drives his fingers deeply and repeatedly inside Nicka's pussy and asshole.

"Pull over man I can't take it anymore," said my buddy.

I find an old dirt road that was pitch black and pull off onto it.

When we stop, my buddy opens the door and stands on the truck step and slides my Nicka's tight little ass to him as he impales his solid staff right up inside Nicka's dripping gash.

Nicka sleeps peacefully.

Although he is taking my sweet wife, my Nicka, he treats her like a whore. Pounding relentlessly into her petite frame. Her sleeping body rocking.

I unbutton her blouse and remove her bra and begin tweaking and pinching her beautiful nipples.

I slide my cock into her mouth while rocking my hips sliding my dick in and out of her.

Even though it wasn't one of her mind blowing blowjobs, the sight of her molestation is too much for me and I blow my load down her throat.

Thick ribbons of pearl cords ooze out of her mouth and down the flawless skin of her cheek.

I continue to mercilessly tweak her nipples. The pain makes Nicka whimper and cry out. Tears flow down her face but she is too out of it to understand what is being done to her.

I smell the froth being worked up by my buddy's pounding into Nicka's pussy. I hear the smacking of his body slamming into her.

His pace quickens.

My buddy is growling loudly.

Fucking harder.

Calling Nicka the best piece of ass of his life.

Roaring and slammin

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