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Loving The Enemy.

So far, there have been no accidents."

"Fine, we will look for the two of you around noon, and will have some lunch ready when you arrive."

While Emma was talking to Amy, I crawled into bed and pinched several impertinent nipples. Which got me growls and kisses.

"You are so bad, Alec, I don't why we let you sleep with us, anyway."

The source of that comment promptly got me on top of her, with something hard nudging between her legs. She flipped us over and slid herself down enough to avoid penetration.

"You're naughty. I'm all clean and you are not getting in there tonight. Try one of these other pussies if you are terribly needy!"

I hugged my mom and snuggled down for a good night's sleep. I liked Emma's rule that everyone in her bed had to be naked. Nothing like a warm body to cuddle with.

The morning sun was shining on the four of us when I opened my eyes. Standing at the foot of the bed with coffee and juice was Emily, smiling at me. She put her finger to her lips to keep me from waking the others and nodded in the direction of the table out on the veranda. I slipped carefully out, but not before a voice behind me said, "Nice ass."

Emily was more interested in my front, where something was hard and erect. She giggled and grabbed me. I hugged her around the shoulders and said, "Have we been introduced?" which produced more giggles.

"You promised me we could get to know each other very well." She followed me to the bathroom, stroking and squeezing. As I tried to get to the toilet, she hiked up her dress and thrust me between her legs, humping me.

"If you don't let me go, you are going to get pee all over you."

"Maybe that would be nice. My girlfriend Sarah says she got in the shower with Mark and made him pee all over her. She said it was warm and nice."

I finally got to empty my bladder, hanging on to her waist and saying, "There are lots of kinky sex games. Some women like to be tied up and peed on."

I had an instant idea and said, "Get out of your clothes and let's consult the other women."

As usual, getting out of her clothes meant dropping the dress on the floor. Emily was gloriously bare underneath. Her tight body and modest curves turned me on. I picked her up and walked back to the big bed, announcing, "This nymphet attacked me in the bathroom and wants to know when she gets to have what you have."

Emma sat up and opened the covers next to her, indicating a location for Emily. I dumped the warm body in the hole and stood back. I was still hard and noticed eyes were on my cock and not on Emily.

She giggled again and said, "Look, he's all ready."

Anna, who was on one side of Emily said dismissively, "He is hard most of the time. Nothing unusual." Then she turned and began kissing and nipping and tickling. Soon, all four of them were a wriggling mass of hands and laughter. I jumped on top and began bestowing kisses.

Emma finally said, "Emily, there is a little ceremony that we women have when Alec finds a new partner. Would you like to have that happen this afternoon?"

Emily's eyes lit up and then she suddenly looked stricken. 'Oh gosh, we have graduation practice at 4 and Mom will never let me miss that! Can we wait one day, only one day more?" Her voice was full of anxiety.

Anna hugged her and calmly said, "Young lady, maybe it's not the end of the world to wait twenty-four hours more."

Everyone smiled, even Emily, and we all got up. I said, "Hey, that was a good decision, we've got Amy and Roscoe coming today and that could get complicated."

Emma looked at me, wheels turning, and said, smiling, "Yes, there may be some challenges with our new lawyer adjusting to the Clinton clan."

Emily said, "Who is Roscoe?"

Beth responded with a glint in her eye, "He's coming with Amy to provide protection."


Anna added, "I understand he is large and ferocious and eats eighteen year old girls for breakfast."

We were standing in the kitchen in a circle around the island.

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