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I'm surprised at the skill of my next wish brings.

She gasped "Yes, oh that feels perfect, like you are filling me completely!"

I thrust in and out as far as I could in both directions and Chrissy cried "Yes, I'm cumming, cum with me!" I could feel the pressure building and increased the pace of my thrusts, Chrissy was so wet there was no resistance, only the pressure of tightening muscles as she reached her orgasm, and with a last thrust my seed erupted inside her and it seemed like I would cum forever.

Chrissy twisted over again and said "My God, that was fantastic! We must have been making love for half an hour or more...Has Mum ever done that with you?"

It should have seemed a little weird discussing Lorraine's and my sex life with her daughter, but all things considered it felt quite an ordinary thing to do. "Mmm, quite often on a Sunday morning, if we don't have to get up for anything. On Saturdays we usually either have a quicky before we get up or we get it on in the shower. Sometimes both!"

Lorraine was gone for sometime and I was considering getting up to look for her when she appeared with a tray. She put it down on her bedside cabinet and picked up a pack of cigarettes, took one out, lit it and passed it to Chrissy who said "Thanks Mum, I thought you had started again then!"

"No, I just thought you might want one of have finished haven't you?" We were still in the same position, it was very comfortable, though I had slipped from inside Chrissy a long time before.

Chrissy laughed and said "Ages ago, but we did go at it for along time. It was wonderful."

"Mmm, I know, one of our favourite positions if we don't have to be anywhere." To me she said "Isn't it Alex, darling?"

"Definitely." I replied.

Lorraine brought a mug round to me and put it on the bedside cabinet, then she bent and kissed me deeply, pushing her tongue into my mouth, entwining it with mine. She rubbed her hand over my chest and gently pinched my nipples.

Chrissy was watching and said "Oh that's nice, carry on Mum, that is definitely having the desired effect."

With the attention I was getting from Lorraine I was starting to become erect again and because Chrissy and I were had not changed positions my stiffening glans was pushing at her still slick labia. I reached for Lorraine's breasts as they hung down from her bending over me and her nipples were already hard to my touch.

The fact that Lorraine was so aroused caused my shaft to stiffen rapidly and I entered Chrissy again, who simply said "Oh!" then "Mmm, that's nice, but it's not for me." She moved away, reaching for the ash tray on the tray beside her then turning over to face Lorraine and me.

I rolled over onto my back and Lorraine straddled me and lowered herself onto my glans then she bore down to take as much of me inside her as she could. She was very wet and obviously had been aroused for some time. She said "I needed that so much that I ached. If you weren't ready yet I would have been climbing the walls!"

Lorraine started to ride me and Chrissy lay smoking and watching us with eyes like saucers and her engorged nipples protruding like ripe raspberries, obviously very aroused. I took my left hand from Lorraine's nipple and reached out to Chrissy's breasts to squeeze and pinch both of her nipples in turn and she groaned in appreciation. Lorraine was alternating her gaze between her breasts and Chrissy's, watching what I was doing and moaning softly.

Chrissy took a long pull on her cigarette and stubbed it out as she blew a long plume of smoke into the air. She said in a voice deep with lust "Mum, I know you're busy, but you didn't bring the vibrator upstairs with you, did you?"

Lorraine didn't answer straight away, as if she had to collect her thoughts, then she said "Sorry darling, it's downstairs and the batteries are flat. It was in the dining room when I cleared up a bit this morning, and I was thinking of you two enjoying yourselves up here, one thing led to another while I was making tea..."

"Never mind, fingers it is then.

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