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She waved to me as I got out of the car, "welcome home sweety, I made dinner for you and Caitlyn, come get cleaned up."

I walked up to the door and wrapped my arms around her. She planted a soft kiss on my forehead and than a passionate one on my lips. She patted me gently on the behind, "scoot...get ready, hon." I chuckled as I nearly ran into the bedroom. Everything I needed for the night was set out on the bed. When I stepped into the bathroom I was stunned. It had been expanded and remodeled in the short time I was at work. The tiny bathtub was now a substantial jacuzzi and I imagined me, mother, Tama and Caitlyn could fit inside if we squeezed together, which was likely to happen.

As I showered in the spacious tub I heard the door open and the scent of spicy Mexican food wafted into the bathroom. I turned around to see Tama in her nude glory staring at me. "Mother said me first." I said, grinning.

She remained expressionless as she waltzed into the bathtub, lifted me up and out of the water to bathe herself. "Hey, you heard me."

Her ignorance was deafening as she hummed to herself and continued scrubbing herself in the hot water. I stamped my foot down. "Tama!"

She turned to me grinning. Her eyes were glowing like those of Merathera's. "Tama doesn't mind that I spend some time with you. She's in here with me, don't worry."

I tried to stutter a response but she silenced me with a kiss and pulled me under the hammering water of the shower. She washed my body sensually with her muscular arms, making sure to tease me in subtle ways yet remain in control. Any time I tried to advance she would force my hands away and change her strategy. My cock was rigid during the entire ordeal. Before I knew it she cut the water off and turned to me grinning. Her eyes had returned to normal. She got out of the tub and dried herself while I looked on. She turned to me with a gleam in her eyes, "mother's waiting."

Groaning I stepped from the tub, careful not to hit my still raging cock. I could swear it was even bigger and more sensitive than before. When I entered the living room on route to the bedroom I saw Caitlyn and Ellora chatting with mother. I tiptoed to the bedroom and got dressed with the clothes that were laid out for me. A simple button down shirt and slacks. "Sweetheart, are you ready? Caitlyn's here to see you."

I chuckled inwardly and finished up quickly. When I made it into the kitchen I saw the entire group were sitting and engrossed in a conversation. Caitlyn, her mother Ellora and Tama were there. Mother was making the finishing touches to dinner and occasionally chimed in on the conversation. "What's everyone talking about?" I asked as I sat down at the only empty seat.

Caitlyn smiled at me, making my heart melt. She was dressed up nice in one of her sexy black dresses and had her luxurious brown hair tied up, revealing the curvature of her smooth elegant neck, "we're talking about you."

Mother began to fix the plates as we talked about our days. Caitlyn told me how she was protected by a guardian while she was at work so I steered the conversation in that direction. "So, you've got a guardian now too, Cat?"

She rolled her eyes, "well, yea, but not like Tama. She just watches me when I'm away. I guess while I'm here Tama watches out for me."

I looked over to Tama and she simply nodded and smiled, "I won't share you with anyone else if that's what you're thinking."

I found myself chuckling, "well, what about tonight? You have no problem with me hanging out with my girlfriend."

Before she could respond mother set down plates of chicken quesadillas and salsa.

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