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Sara proposes to Felicity.

Donella tried to sit up, her head spun, and she felt like she was going to be sick. A dull throb started in her skull and her vision started to black out. She limped to Donella's side and put a surprisingly strong arm around her. She might have seemed old but she possessed more than enough strength to hold up Donella's weight. She propped her up against the headboard when it was obvious that Donella wasn't going lie back down.

"I will send for Master Dominic, I will see if he can calm you down because if you don't rest you wont heal," and even as she reprimanded, Donella felt safe in just hearing that name--Master Dominic.

She never even left the room, but in a moment, Dominic walked through the door. She must have summoned him telepathically because they looked at each other for a moment, and then he smiled.

"It's OK Brietta, I will take care of her." Dominic told the elderly nurse and then with a slight bow she left the room. He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Just having him in the room made Donella calmer. He reached out and stroked her hair back from her face. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Weak. Why am I so weak?"

"Because you are in transition now, you are on your way to becoming one of us and it will take time before your body adjusts to the new gift I have given you. You will soon be immortal, like all of us here, but right now, you are not. You are fragile and you need to be taken care of, soon though you will be impervious to disease or old age." Then he brushed his hand against her neck and touched a very sore spot there. He felt her wince underneath his touch. "You see, now you have to let your body heal. However, I can make it better for you.

"Tell me, my love, what is your name?"

"Donella." She replied.

"A beautiful name," He said in a contemplative whisper.

He put his finger in his mouth and pierced a hole in the tip of it with his front teeth. When he pulled his hand out from his mouth Donella could see a drop of blood forming, and her stomach quickened at the sight. It was almost a feeling between hunger and desire. She opened her mouth to accept his bloody finger and suckled on it like a newborn babe. She realized that his blood was the same nectar from the pewter cup and she felt herself grow stronger the more she drank. Then he pulled his hand away and he placed it against the wound in her neck. As soon as the blood touched her flesh, she felt a sizzling sensation like when hydrogen peroxide is put on a cut, then the pain was gone and her neck was fully healed.

"If I remember correctly," he said with a small smile, "You weren't only bit on the neck," Then he pulled the covers off her body and saw that she was lying there totally naked, "I believe that lovely fair-haired Claire also bit you somewhere else."

Since Donella's legs still felt weak, he gently pulled them apart revealing her most secret spot. At the movement of her legs, Donella felt a sharp stabbing pain grow up from the folds of her sex. Dominic scooped her up into his arms and laid her sideways on the bed. Her body felt like a dried husk and she had no more control over her limp muscles than a rag doll, yet having him manipulate her body felt so relaxing.

Donella had put her complete trust in him and it felt so good to relinquish control to this dominating man.

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