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A dinner; puppy play; changes in her life.

I'd never stuck fingers in a pussy before, but she urged me along, so I stuck three in as started exploring it and tickling the inside finding the clitoris, she pointed at it, and I wasted no time fondling and rubbing it picking up the face as she bobbed faster, I came fairly quickly, I'd never had this done to me by a woman of such quality, and from then on, I was just on cloud nine, trying things I'd never done before. The moans erupting from her mouth every so often were pleasured and made the sweetest sound, nothing like you've ever heard anywhere. Eventually she told me she was going to cum, so when I asked what to do when told me to eat flesh from her pussy, lubricate them for later, I did as I was instructed and soon She was on all fours with me lying underneath, she working on my cock and I on her cunt. She came as I bit into her, and the taste was enough to make me cum and then pass out, from some of the best sex in my life.

Lita was in the shower by the time I recovered from my sleep. I couldn't resist leaving her again, and needed to feel her. Still naked I slipped into the shower and started to help her clean herself by licking her clean from the underside. Looking up at her voluptuous breasts from her underside and tasting her diluted Pussy I couldn't resist but get a hard on and stick my cock back into her. She screamed when she realised we were about to get at it again, and slid down the wall ready to take whatever I could throw at her. Licking her clitoris I yanked her hair and forced her onto my Belly. She started bobbing her head on my purple head whilst I continued licking her clitoris and tasting and smelling her Pussy. It wasn't long before I came right down her throat whilst she came in my mouth. I asked her if she was on birth control cause I was gonna stick it to her, and I did. Yanking a towel off the rail I threw it around her and hauled her up against the wall. Standing about 10 cm apart I dragged her right onto me rough as anything and began to bite her tongue and make her bob on my cock. Turning the water off I put her legs around my waist so the all she could do was feel my cock and kiss me, and I her. I then used all my might to throw us into the bathroom wall with force so our bodies adjusted and she could remain raised. This pain was enough to make her almost pass out, and she began to scratch my skin raw whist I picked her up and made her scratch harder and faster as I held her in my hands and made her move up and down the wall across the uncomfortable tiles. She bobbed on my cock whilst I filled up her pussy and took one hand to fondle her breasts and kiss them with hunger and with the other hand I rubbed her clit. The pleasure of this and the pain of the wall made her cum on me, which was just what I needed to get out the final spurts of what I had in me. Sex always wears me out so we slipped down the walls together, I feverishly kissed her mouth and breasts following her everywhere whilst she looked for some wine she always kept with her. She eventually told me she'd "fucking left it at the hotel"

"But," she said, "you've been a very naughty boy and naught boys need to be put to bed!" I took my head out of her breasts and started to kiss her ass, and told her, "If naughty boys aren't tucked in they might escape" to which she replied with a moan and, "Mummy's gonna take care of you all night long...." "Fuck this I thought", I want her and I want her now. "This naught boy wants to play some more." "There's a time and place for everything." she replied, "I just need to make a phone call..."

An hour later I was virtually asleep in her arms in a Cab, despite the heavy New York traffic and those blasted loud honking New York yellow cabs.

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