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Jane moves forward in seducing her neighbor.

me on then you fucking bastards! Who's next?'

Tasha didn't see the guard creep up behind her. She did feel a sharp pain as he struck her head with a heavy baton, then she felt nothing as everything slowly turned red, then black. She was out cold.

Tasha had no recollection of being kicked by the furious have-a-go-hero, or of the police arriving and carrying her away in the back of a van.

Lex could do nothing but stand and watch. 'Shit, Tom's gonna be pissed!' he thought.

Just then Lex felt someone prod his back. He heard a woman's voice behind him whisper, 'what's your name?'

Lex replied, 'not now dear, I'm a bit busy.'

The woman continued, 'I am not what you think I am. I believe that you and that woman have a special bond, and that you would help her if you could.'

Lex turned around and said, 'It's you!' It was the tall Chinese woman that had been staring at him during his argument with Tasha.

'My name is Mia. I have been watching you and the woman. I think I can trust you. I am a Woman Against Rape activist, and I can tell you that your friend is in grave danger.'

'What can I do?' asked Lex in a sober tone.

'I will give you a lift to the prison. There, you must demand to see your partner. They will allow you to see her if you tell them that she had promised you sex. Once you meet her, tell her that she will be rescued this evening at 11pm. Tell her to stay clear of the back cell wall at exactly 11pm and to protect herself as well as she can. We will blast her out of there and take her to a safe house.

'My name is Lex. My partner's name is Tasha. What else do you want me to do?'

'All you have to do is find out what cell number she is in, and leave the rest to the Movement.' Mia's voice was quiet, yet clear.

'Will I be able to come with you?'

Mia shook her head, 'no men allowed. When you see Tasha, it will be for the last time. After that she will be one of us. It would be best for you to forget her.'

'How large is the Movement?'

'We get stronger in number by the day. Every activist has one true purpose; seek out and recruit new activists. One day our number will be large enough to overthrow our oppressors.'

Mia grabbed Lex's hand and made for the underground exit.

A guard stared at the couple near the exit. Mia stopped and turned giggling to face Lex. She embraced him and whispered, 'grab my ass now!'


'You heard me, do it, now! That guard has been watching me. I think he suspects something.'

He stretched his hands around her figure and took hold of her firm buttocks.

Mia shook her head, 'No, under my skirt, you must make this look real, otherwise you will blow my cover. Hitch up my skirt and play with by ass.'

Lex took a deep breath and lifted her skirt, giving the guard a bird's eye view of her shapely ass. He caressed her cheeks, and let a finger slide under her crotch and it didn't stop until his finger tucked under her tiny thong and he was fingering her clit.

He stared at Mia. Her eyes were wide open and she swallowed. Lex whispered, 'is this okay?'

Mia gasped, 'I didn't mean for you to touch me there!'

Lex could feel the affect of his rubbing. She was already wet to the touch. 'Should I move my finger away from there?'

She shook her head and closed her eyes. She gasped, 'no, don't stop. I had forgotten how good it felt to have a man touch me there.' She shuddered at his touch.

Lex let his finger slip into her wet opening, making Mia gasp again. Her embrace tightened around him, 'That feels so good, Lex, please don't stop.'

The guard approached them, and tapped Lex on the shoulder. 'Mister, you're blocking the exit, please take your woman over to that seat.'

Lex slowly took his finger out of her soaking pussy, all the time staring into the oriental girl's big brown eyes. Her eyes were fixed on his as she felt him slowly remove his long digit.

She took hold of his playful hand, extended the finger that he had been using, and sucked on it while leading him over to the seating area.

As they got to the seat he asked, 'what about Tasha?'

'We have plenty of time for

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