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Dealing with the aftermath of his wife's death.

In fact, it all got her quite damp, which only made her feel the hot and cold breezes even more acutely.

"Why," she silently asked herself with furrowed brows, "is this humiliating outfit making me so damn horny?"

She felt gazes from Hiro and Kazutoshi tracking her movements. Each time she had to turn her back to them she clasped her hands behind her bottom, trying to cover the gapping slit. Still, the caresses of her satin stockings grew increasingly pleasurable. By the middle of the hour, Elise's nipples jutted out through her dress so prominently that she felt compelled to cross her arms in front to conceal them. But this left her exposed again from behind. Then Doctor Yamamoto had her lean over a countertop to look through a microscope. The room fell silent behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Kazutoshi holding his iphone aloft, aimed in her direction.

"Dammit!" she thought, straightening up without having really studied what was under the scope. Doctor Yamamoto positioned a second slide under the scope and tugged Elise's arm forward onto the device's focusing wheels. Unable to communicate her discomfort, Elise had no choice but to remove her hands from behind her dress bend over again. She crossed her legs at the ankle, hoping this might somehow lessen her exposure, but she doubted that it helped at all. She tried to ignore her awkward plight and instead focused on the wiggling cells on the microscope slide.

Kazutoshi's phone was still filming her when she straightened back up several moments later. He put it away only after Doctor Yamamoto turned around and began walking in his direction. When Elise followed the doctor, she noticed the satin tops of her stockings dragging even more heavily against her outer labia. They were soaked. With every step, the wet satin bands skidded back and forth across her waxed skin like a pair of tongues.

When Doctor Yamamoto finally escorted her to the top of the staircase at the end of the hour, he smiled broadly and patted her lower back before gesturing for her to descend. His touch sent a nervous tremor through her.

Elise carefully tip-toed back down to the first floor. She felt so aroused by then that she decided to take a detour into the restroom.

Inside the bathroom were three toilet stalls, all empty. She chose the one farthest from the entrance, stepped inside and latched the little half-door behind her. Before she had a chance to lose her courage, she yanked her dress up to her waist, propped one stiletto-clad foot up on the back of the toilet and started to masturbate.

As a sexual creature, Elise liked to think she made up for her lack of size with quality. She had out-orgasmed every guy she had ever slept with, often ten-to-one. Hidden beneath the 'cute gymnast' exterior that she consciously presented to the world was a secret: she LOVED her pussy. Even when she had had steady boyfriends in the past, masturbation remained a daily part of her life. Elise rationalized that something so nice couldn't possibly be wrong. It felt good. It felt healthy. And if nobody was looking, then it was nobody's business.

Elise braced herself against the wall of the narrow stall and began circling her exposed clit with two fingers. Then she dipped those fingers between the slippery folds of her inner labia, confirming how wet she was.

During the last few days, living on the couch at her friend's fianc__e's apartment, she had not felt comfortable doing this. Today's flashing incident in Doctor Peters' office, walking around with no underwear on, those geeky guys looking up the back of her dress and then the damn satin stocking-tops... it had all made her so desperately horny that she felt she deserved a release.

Elise rubbed her clit faster and faster, conscious that at any moment someone might walk into the restroom.

She brought her left hand into play as well, holding her now-swollen labia wide open so she could thrust her fingers deep inside while bounc

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