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Dr. Lowenstein has a new patient.

As I was scrolling down the menu, I saw a category that said "adult" and clicked on it, having no clue what was behind it. So imagine my surprise when up popped what were clearly X-rated movies. I had seen these types of movies before, but not often. Worried that Jane was about to return, and a bit embarrassed that she would see what I was looking at, I was about to click away when I heard her voice.

"Oh, those look interesting," she said. "Have you ever seen one?"

When I turned to look at her, I saw that she had changed out of her clothes and was wearing one of those lush white robes that hotels have. She was also holding a bottle of brandy with a couple of glasses. I couldn't even squeak out an answer to her question.

"I hope you don't mind that I got a little comfortable," she said. "I've been in those jeans all day and just needed to get out of them."

I could feel my dick start to grow a bit. Just that chubby feeling when the blood first starts towards it. "Where was this heading," I thought to myself. Honestly, I was a bit nervous. Obviously I had been with women before, but only young women closer to my age. To be in the same room as this mature, voluptuous woman who was just wearing a robe and who knows what underneath, well, it was a new feeling for sure.

"No problem," I replied to her. Hoping it would help calm my nerves, I added, "are you going to pour a glass of that brandy for us?"

"That was my plan," she laughed. "Nothing like a little brandy to cap off the evening."

Meanwhile, in all my nervousness, I had accidentally clicked on the preview button for the movie that had been on the screen, which was called "Backdoor Brides 2." Hell, I didn't even know there was a "Backdoor Brides 1." As Jane poured the brandy, a preview started playing on the screen. Jane sat down on the couch next to me and handed me a glass of brandy, just as a woman on screen was swallowing a guy's large cock.

"Hmmmm," she laughed, "that looks a bit difficult, given the size, doesn't it?"

The preview kept playing, showing all kinds of sex, including anal sex, and I'm sure my mouth was wide open in shock as it went on for what seemed like minutes.

Before I could even respond, she had grabbed the remote out of my hand and said, "Let's watch it, shall we? I've never seen a movie like this and always wondered what they were like."

As she clicked on the order button, I took a big sip of my brandy and hoped that I wouldn't cum in my pants. I was absolutely embarrassed having this on the screen while a woman who I knew as a child was sitting next to a robe. She could be naked underneath the robe, for all I knew. My cock had grown to full size just from the preview, so I tried to casually adjust how I was sitting to make it seem not so apparent. The credits started rolling and within three minutes a threesome was unfolding on screen. Two guys and a blonde were outside in a rural area, and the action quickly progressed through pussy licking, cock sucking, and fucking. Holy shit, this was the most insane moment in my life!

We both sat quietly, sipping our brandy as we watched. As one of the two guys started fucking the woman in the ass, I glanced over at Jane, who I could tell was breathing a bit differently and squirming a bit on the couch. Just a subtle movement, but it was definitely there. I was hard as I've ever been, and was getting a bit uncomfortable, but was terrified of moving out of fear that I'd just shoot off just from the friction.

Jane guzzled the rest of her brandy, set the glass down, and then said something I never in my dreams expected to hear when our evening first started.

"Steve, there's no point in being coy here," she whispered huskily as she undid the belt holding her robe together. "Have you ever eaten a woman's pussy?"

Jane had completely undone her robe and was now leaning back with her legs spread wide open.

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