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Desire leads to a night of passion, where will it end?

So seeing her breasts would be impossible. The towel was covering her bottom and bra was still on. I went closer. Her skin was fair and smooth.

"Mam, shall I start?"

"Hmm... yes," she replied as her head lay on the light pillow.

And so I took the massage oil and started rubbing it over her back, starting from her shoulder blades in small circles with a light pressure. I removed her bra straps and felt her flinch slightly. I understood that she was not used to this. So I decided to give her the best first time ever, by applying the special techniques. I smoothly rubbed her neck and went along her spine down to the towel. I could feel her skin hairs reacting to the massage. The technique was working well.

My guru asked me not to apply it on everyone, the main reason that each of the massage movements leads to the next one finally leading to a really explosive orgasm for the female. Each of them is addictive and improves her response to your pressure. It's even possible to dominate them.

But I did not have any plans of domination and decided to give her the best experience possible. I repeated the strokes as I had learned. " really seem to be good at this. I am beginning to like this."

"Mam, this is just the trailer. The movie is yet to start." I wanted to say, but decided not to. Let that be a surprise to her.

"What's your name?" she enquired.

"Mani Kumar... people call me MK."

"You are Indian?"

"Yes Mam."

"Why have you come all the way here to take up this profession?"

"I love massaging people and this is the best hotel in Hawaii. So I decided to enjoy the environment here and do my work professionally and happily."

"You are really doing a good job, MK," she said, smiling.

I continued again very slowly from the top, applying pressure on each cell of her skin through proper movements as taught by my guru. I was sure she was getting aroused. The day of my dreams had finally arrived.

I finished the top part and went on to the arms to finish off the back massage and proceed further through the techniques.

"Mam, shall I rub your hands now to complete the back massage?"

"Yes..." I turned back as she removed the apron from her arms.

I picked up some oil in my hands and turned around, man, that's awesome. I had a corner view of her breasts. It was pressed on the bed tightly. It looked juicy enough, though it was just a quarter view of the whole.

It was a hard effort, but somehow I restricted myself to the hands massaging it from the arm pits to the finger tips in a constant squeezing motion. After a few strokes, I continued to her hands. Hands are the most stressed portion of the body by the amount of work we do, but hers felt soft and supple. I proceeded pulling each of her fingers and massaged it. There was a significant reaction for that as I heard her moan for the first time. I received my first reward.

"You have amazing hands, MK."

"You do have an amazing body, Mam."

I instantly regretted saying that, but she did not react to it. I finished off with her other arm. Now I needed to continue to her bottom. She wouldn't object if I just continued, as it is really tough to stop at this point. But permission would be necessary.

"Mam is this enough, or shall I proceed to your bottom?"

"Mm ...yes sure do proceed..." was her reply and was followed by a moan.

That was more than enough. But I did not hurry, I started with her foot. I rubbed the bottom of her feet softly and moved up her ankle to her calf muscles. The layer of oil was sparkling, her skin looked better than gold and diamonds.

I pushed the towel that lay on her buttocks to the top.

"Wow...What a beauty!" I thought to myself, but did not show any reaction. Control was part of my profession, but it was indeed tough in her case.

Her buttocks were mounted on her body like jellies, fluffy but firm.

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