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Passion rekindled in a Limo

It's up to you, but, I don't mind giving the guy a hand job, when we're done."

"I understand." I said, realizing Sara was into this more than I thought. "Maybe that's something I should do so he knows I forgive him."

"No problem." Sara laughed. "But, I don't mind doing it if you don't want to. That's my favorite part..... watching them go from sniffling and crying to cuming!"

We talked for a new more minutes and I made sure we understood each other. She was going to spank him hard enough to make him cry, what ever that meant. She'd provide some mild embarrassment and humiliation, but wouldn't be mean, and I'd be the one to make him feel better when it was over.

"Oh!" She said, inquisitively, "when do you want to do this?"

"Sara," I answered, "I know you're not going to believe this, but, is there a chance we could do it in, let's see......." I looked at my watch carefully, "an hour from now? At my place?"

Fortunately for me, she was free and more than willing to come over and do it. I told her this person and I would be at my house, waiting for her in an hour. Before we hung up, she suggested I have a box of tissues handy and some soothing, aloe ointment. "It's gonna sting his ass like hell, Sally." She told me, "some aloe will work wonders after it's over. And Sally, one more thing..." Sara added, "I was serious when I said he'd be crying like a baby. If you can't handle seeing this guy cry like that, I suggest you rethink about what you're doing. If he goes through with it, he'll be in total shambles when it's all over. He'll need someone to console him and stay with him for a while, too."

I assured her as long as he wasn't physically hurt, bruised or beaten, I'd be okay with the crying, and I reiterated the fact that he knew he deserved to be punished for what he did. I assured her I'd see to his needs after the spanking, too. Then, I mentioned to Sara that he didn't have any idea he was going to be spanked yet.

"Are you going to tell him before I get there?" Sara inquired.

"I probably will." I answered. "I'd hate for you to come all the way over here for nothing. If he backs out, at least I'll have time to call you."

"That works for me." Sara replied, then she said, "Sally, forgive me for a minute, but, let me throw something out at you just to consider for the future."

Sara said that even though I'd told her the person to be spanked wasn't my lover or boyfriend, she detected there was some connection.... some fondness between him and I. "You obviously care about whomever this is," Sara said, "and you're obviously turned on about his panty fetish and seeing him exposed to me."

"There's a group of women that get together about once a month." Sara went on to say. "It's kind of a club for women that are into CFNM. One of them brings their husband or boyfriend each time we meet and, well..... we make the men do things. About half the men have panty fetishes, and we have a little ritual we make go through. If you think you might be interested in something that, just let me know."

"What's CFNM?" I asked.

"It means Clothed Female - Nude Male." Sara answered. "It's where the men get naked in front of a group of women. We tease them, touch them and make them do things. Sally, I look forward to it every time we meet. It's safe and a lot of fun. The men like it, too, and we always give them a chance to cum. I'm only mentioning this because you've said some things that make me think you might enjoy it. Just think about it."

"Wow." I said into the phone. "People really do that?" I asked.

"Oh, yes." Sara replied. "You'd be surprised at the cross section of women who come. And, all different kinds of dicks, Sally. You can touch them all, too. Sometimes you can do more. There's only one man there at a time, and he gets teased and touched by everyone. No one judges you there, Sally. Everyone that comes, all the women I mean, they all enjoy it and they bring their men to be enjoyed by everyone."

As Sara told me about it, I visualized taking my brother there and handing h

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