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Then he pulled himself around and kicked his legs under the platform. All clear. Now move out. He squeezed the pole with his legs. There was momentary discomfort as the metal pushed against his recently trimmed commando crotch. Ooh, I'd almost forgotten that. But that feels kind of hot. Dammit, focus on the mission. Move out!

With a heave of his biceps, he bought his body back up, awkwardly swinging one leg and then the other. He headed back across the swinging bridge -- again, no noise -- and before he could second-guess himself, ran off the open edge where the climbing wall came up. Drop and roll. His feet hit the ground, hard, but he was already collapsing into a crouch. His momentum carried him forwards, and he brought his shoulder to the ground. He rolled over, found his feet, and stood back up. They won't be catching me any time soon!

The spell was broken when he realized his headphones had become unplugged. He stopped for a seocn to plug them back in to his phone in his pocket. The mission's not over. Work the rest of that body too. He went to the monkey bars and grabbed the first one. He swung for the next one, but found it hard to reach without his grip breaking. Focus. Find your rhythm. He gipped the bad with both hands, then swung forwards and back. On the next forward swing, he grabbed the next bar with his right hand, pulling and quickly following with his left. He was lucky his headphones had stayed on through all of this. He made his way along the rest of the monkey bars. His muscles were sore. A drill sergeant voice came into his head: You're not done yet! Gimme ten pull-ups and move on out! He stood up, took a deep breath, and started pounding out pull-ups. His arms burned. One...Two...Three.......Four. Fuck this hurts.

Five. Six! Seven. Ow shit I don't think I can do this. ...seven. Come on. Eight. Nine! .... One more ...ten.

His arms hurt like hell, but he'd done it. He smiled. Good work. But this isn't over yet. He still had about 3 km to go on his route.

He ran on towards the woods. There was a patch of grass over to one side. As he ran, he saw a figure out of the corner of his eye.

A girl was standing there, stretching. She was doing lunges, leaning forward on one leg. Damn, she's hot! Her yoga pants gave a nice view of her ass. She was wearing a purple athletic shirt and

He kept running, propelled by a burning shame at his public acts of weirdness. Shit, did she see me? God, this is so embarrassing.

As he came closer, she waved at him. Not really a friendly wave, more an awkward wave. The kind between strangers recognizing that you don't know each other, but have a mutual bond because you're both working out. He returned the wave, awkwardly. His body was still moving, even if his brain wasn't. I've made such a fool of myself. And I'm not even wearing underwear. Does she know? What if she knows?

He ran by and she smiled at him before continuing with her stretches. She bent over into a downward dog pose. He had a great view of her yoga pants hugging her round, firm ass. Must... resist... temptation... to... stare.

He ran on, propelled by self-conscious arousal. He was making great speed, putting the awkward flirtation behind him. Was she even flirting? He always found it so hard to tell.

He couldn't get his mind off her. He kept going back to the image of her bending over, ass in the air. National Nude Day. She could be nude too. He imagined the inviting smooth curves of her ass cheeks, without the yoga pants. He imagined coming up behind her and squeezing it. Then she moans and I run my hand down to her dripping wet pussy and tease her. She grinds her smooth ass against me and I grab her breasts with both hands. I squeeze her nipples as she begs me to fuck her. She's bent over in front of me and I slowly ease my hard cock inside her. Then I fuck her wildly.

Well fuck.

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