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Embarking on a new career.

I breathed in deep and could smell her scent.

"Are you ready for this Tiger?" she said?

"Yes!" I said.

"Are you 100% sure honey?" she asked again

"Yes, I'm 100% sure" I told her.

With that she started crawling backwards and brushed her pussy against my face roughly. But she kept going backwards. In a second more she backed off the bed and before I know it, her face was down next to mind again.

"Ok tiger!" she said with a smile. She then gave me a kiss on the lips that lasted less than a second. "You asked for it!" She then stood up behind me and spread her legs. She then walked up over my head and lower herself on my face. As she did I could smell her pussy that had been trapped behind those panties all day long. As she made contact with my face, I felt the material make contact with my mouth. The material was different now than it had been this morning. This morning was clean and dry, but now the material had a different texture having spent all day pressed up against a pussy soaking up her wetness that escaped her. It was so much better than this morning. As I opened my mouth to accepted all the material I could, I started to hum. Softly at first. As at first she made no movement. As my humming got deeper and louder, she start to shutter.

"Oh honey!" she said. "Oh honey! That's going to do it! Oh my." she started to giggle like I was tickling her. She started shaking her hips back and forth. I reached up and grabbed her hips. I know she said no touching this morning, but I was thinking she likely meant no touching of sexual parts. After I grabbed her hips she studied herself. I kept up my humming.

"Here, here, here, here it comes." she said quickly "I'm going to pee!" And with that, I felt warm wetness flood her panties and then my humming mouth. It was wonderful. It was warm and a bit salty and a bit sweet. Above all I was surprised by how warm it was. I tried to capture it all in my mouth, but it was leaking out of both side of her panties and down her legs also. It was in my mouth, on my face, my nose, the sides of my face and some on my shirt as well as likely on the towels that were now doing their job on the floor. Her flow was slow at first, but after the first two seconds or so, it was like the floodgates opened and a torrent of pee rushed out. But two seconds after the flow really got going, she stopped it. Was that it? If that's all I was going to get, then okay. I would of liked more, but it was incredible to be that close to her pussy and actually tasting her pee in my mouth. She bent down to my face with her face.

"Honey!" she said. "That was crazy. Did you get enough?"

"No," I said with a smile and a lust in my voice. "Do you have any more?"

"Oh honey, I have tons more." she said and smiled down at me. She then stood up and pulled off my t-shirt. She then quickly removed her wet panties. For a second I was hoping she would give them to me for closer inspection, but oh well, perhaps another time as she discarded them on top of one of the towels. She then turned around, got back on the bed and sat on my chest with her legs spread. She reached down with one of her hands, and parted her lips.

"Do you like this view honey," she asked as she gave more one of the most raw views of a pussy I had ever seen in my life. Are very healthy large lips where being pulled apart revealing the insides of her pussy. She was likely aroused as the lower half of her vagina was gaping a bit. I could also see her pee hole pointing right at me in a ready to launch position.

She smiled at me and then looked down at her self to dry to get a peek of what she was showing me.

"Oh wow," she said with a half giggle. "Not much left to the imagination."

"That is one incredible view." I said staring right up her pussy and then up at her eyes. As I eyes met, a spurt of pee flew out of her and landed on my chest and lower neck.

"Gotcha!" she said with a quick playful laugh as she stopped the flow as quickly as she started it.

"Nice squirt!" I told h

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