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His shaved universe finally expands for her.

The way she swishes and sways her bare bottom is very immodest, improper and suggestive."

Having added to my embarrassment, Stefania gave me the barest few moments to moan and then her imposing right hand began to inflict bitter pain on my innocent backside once again.

Another stinging swat and another and another, until I eventually lost count and my bottom felt as cooked as if I sat on a red-hot burner on a stove. I writhed and squirmed shamelessly as the pain grew more intense and I lost all sense of dignity and self-respect.

Being a corporal submissive doesn't mean I can't feel pain. For me, pain hurts just as much as it does for anybody else. A harsh spanking stings and scalds my backside just like it does the backsides of everyone else out there, the main difference with people like me is, the more intense the punishments inflicted, the more intense my sexual arousal becomes. It's like there's a switch in my brain that fervently stimulates my libido every time I'm spanked, strapped or whipped.

I still feel the pain, I even dread the pain somewhat, however, the intense waves of sexual desire that come with the pain are so compelling and potent that I'm willing to endure a great deal of sharp, bitter pain to experience them.
I cried out uncontrollably and my naked body thrashed about in a lewd and outrageous manner as the pain ripped through my frame and caused me to surrender control of my own actions. Hot, wet tears welled up in my eyes and spilled down my face. My bottom hurt terribly, and I twisted and shuddered as Stefania kept inflicting more pain on my poor, abused backside.

When it was finally over, I was still sobbing and shuddering uncontrollably, and my punished hindquarters were throbbing in pain. Then, Stefania place a firm hand on the small of my back and said, "I could have taken blonde-girl back to my room and spanked her, however, spanking her in front of so many witnesses, this increases her feelings of embarrassment and humiliation."

My pussy throbbed as Stefania made reference to how public my humiliation was. The more people who witnessed my punishment, the more embarrassment I felt. However, as my feelings of shame and embarrassment grew, so did my feelings of sexual arousal.

"You can get up now, blonde-girl," Stefania said, and I staggered to my feet. Almost instantly, Scarlett was there, and she wrapped her arms around me and let me sob on her shoulder until my eyes ran out of tears.

Scarlett was a kind, compassionate soul. And even though I savored the dark, wicked thrill that came from being subjugated, humiliated, cruelly punished and stripped naked in front of strangers, I still felt a degree of succor and contentment in Scarlett's arms as she held me and tried to give me comfort and commiseration.

I know, I'm a study in contradictions and inconsistency.

Scarlett held me in her arms and tenderly wiped my tears away when I was done crying. She and I were both bondage models, so she knew what it was like to receive a harsh, stinging spanking and she felt a certain degree of empathy for what I had just been subjected to.

When I had at last got my sobbing under control, Scarlett released me from her heartfelt embrace and handed my coffee mug to me. My bottom was far too sore to sit at the breakfast table with the other women, however that didn't mean that I had to skip breakfast.

Understanding that my buttocks were too reddened and inflamed to sit down, Scarlett showed solidarity with me and ate standing up, just as I did.

"Okay, listen up," Kat said as the meal was winding down and people's bellies were mostly full, "April has an important announcement to make."

All eyes turned to my mistress. She smiled sweetly, basked in the attention and said, "A lot of you have been asking about Cheryl, so I've drawn up a schedule of sort for when each person gets to use her."

I felt my face flush hot with embarrassment at those w

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