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Oversexed virgin sees what she's missing.

He knees her legs apart, shoves the skirt over her hips, and rips his fingers into the crotch of her pantyhose, splitting them apart. She wears no panties, and He spits on her ass crack, rubbing it in thoroughly, though not penetrating her with his fingers.

"I hear you haven't been listening," He says. "I had to travel a long way to remind you of our lessons."

She can see the tears dripping down to the floor; it's humiliating, debasing, and she can hear her screen self murmuring, "Give me your cunt, I want to taste your hot cunt," and more slurping, splashing, licking.

His hand lands on her ass with a loud smack, making both Angie and Roy jump, and it lands again and again with a terrible crack, until He has one hand on her elbow, raising her arm and placing her hand on her smooth cheek, spreading her open, so He's slapping the small pink bud directly, harder and harder, until she's gasping for breath, tears streaming from her eyes.

"She's had two at once, Roy," He's saying, "Make her as tight as you want. She'll take it, and she'll cum. Hard." He stops spanking her and she's breathing hard ("Keep it spread, Angie.") And then He's in front of her, gripping her by the hair, forcing His cock down her throat, two, three more times, and then He's behind her, his cock almost perpendicular with the floor, so when he spears into her, it goes in all the way to the balls, splitting her in two, making her scream. He holds it there, deep, until she's quiet, then says softly, "Say it."

She whimpers, her arm trembling, and he slaps her ass, making her clench around his hot invasion. "Fuck me," she whispers. "Fuck my ass."

The girl on the screen is saying the same, and when she turns her head she sees her screen self spearing her tongue into the girl's tight asshole, rimming her, dipping her tongue into her pussy, transferring the juices to the tight crack, tongue fucking her asshole. Her own asshole is screaming with his brutal fucking, the skin red and raw. He uses her hand to spread it wider, making it hurt, and she's gasping for breath, watching Roy masturbate himself as he watches her anal rape.

"More," he hisses, and she parrots "Fuck my asshole, make it hurt, fuck my ass, shove that cock up my ass."

He licks His fingers and reaches down to pinch her clit, and He's got something on there, Tabasco or chili, and her clit burns and swells, her pussy suddenly gushing, and He shoves his hand inside her, then shows Roy, saying, "See the juice? She just loves the fight. But not as much as she loves anal. You've got an anal whore, hasn't he, Angie? You're an anal whore. Tell Roy you want him to fuck your ass."

She can barely breathe for the pain in her ass, the throbbing in her cunt, and He's pinching her clit again, bringing her close to a brink she can't fathom, and it's all she can do to promise to let Roy fuck her asshole every night if that's what he wants. He rams his cock home once, twice, and then He's cumming, she can feel him spewing his seed deep in her belly, and He pulls out and wipes himself between her legs, not letting her cum. He turns her onto her back on the couch, pushes her knees up to her chest, and shows Roy her swollen red pussy.

"See?" He says, and Roy nods, speechless. And then He spanks her pussy, makes her jump, the palm of his hand hitting her clit, and he shoves two of her fingers into her cunt, sloshes them around, then feeds them to her, so she's finger fucking her own mouth as he leans over and sucks her clit into his mouth, sucking so hard she comes instantly, bucking and writhing on the couch. When her orgasm is over He doesn't stop sucking, just licks and swirls, almost tenderly, until it's building again, coming faster and faster, until He spanks her clit and she screams, short sparks of an orgasm, flickering on and off until she can hardly breathe.

"Choose something," He's muttering, and she opens her eyes, sees His face, knows exactly what He means.

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