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Joe and his step-daughter can't help themselves.

I told him I would make the copies and as I did I kept leaning over the photocopying machine so that my boobs would be pushed up and would spill out of my shirt. I kept running my hands on my stomach looking as sexy as I could there by the copier in an attempt to turn him on. We were the only ones in the photocopy room so I could be a little obvious about my intentions. He took notice of what I was doing and I could tell he was getting aroused, though he didn't say anything. I kept flirting with him as I sat on the photocopying machine and in a very teasing manner pulled him closer to me so that his face would only be an inch away from mine.

I then whispered in his ear, "You think I'm hot don't you?"

He looked at me in disbelief and smiled as he casually answered, "Sure, you are a very attractive girl."

I smiled at him and said, "So if you could do anything to me right now what would it be?"

"I don't know if I should tell you that..." he said hesitantly and he stared at me. I didn't answer but just looked at him straight in the eye and smiled and he said, "Ok, I would kiss you."

I giggled a bit and replied, "Well guess what? That is the only thing that is not allowed, but anything else you wish to do to me right now, you may...and I only have one request..." He looked at me like I was joking around and I continued, "That you cum on my face." I whispered in his ear. His smile was immediately exchanged for an expression of disbelief and lust as I said those words, seems every guy is turned on at the idea of cumming on a pretty girls face. "What?" I said, "I like getting nasty and feeling cum all over my pretty face. You don't have a problem doing that to me do you?" He didn't answer so I continued, "Hmph, Here you have this pretty girl offering to let you ejaculate all over her sexy little face, and you are thinking about not taking the offer?" He didn't do anything for a couple of seconds but I took charge and pulled my shirt over my head and off so that only my bra was left in place, I was determined to get some action that day, I had already gone so far... He pulled my body closer to his and he began massaging my breasts over my bra and then down through the top when he moved behind me and slid me off the machine so that I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my ass. He pulled my bra even lower and began licking my chest between my tits. He took it off and began sucking on my nipples and digging his head between my breasts to suck and fondle me as much as he could. Then he somewhat forcefully pulled my legs up so that I was almost lying down back on the machine again and pulled my pants down around my ankles.

I looked at him as he took them straight off and he pulled my panties to one side and put his head between my legs. He licked my thighs and then my clit slowly, teasing me every step of the way. I started moaning in pleasure and asked him to keep going faster and faster. I was aching to cum, and being in public made it even hotter! He began finger fucking me with two and then three of his fingers as he kept licking my clit like there was no tomorrow. It only took a couple of minutes until I felt my body ready to explode and I asked him to insert his entire hand in me. I guess he thought it was something of an odd request, but I was so turned on and wet that I wanted his whole hand in there fistfucking me. Slowly he inserted his full fist in my pussy one finger at a time and began thrusting it in and out of my body until I felt my orgasm take me over. I was in extreme pleasure and pain at the same time, right there in the photocopy room!

I pushed his head away from my clit and sooo slowly let his hand out of my soaked pussy.

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