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The cuckolding continues but for who?

Bill followed her. "You know honey if it has anything to do with the bedroom, I'm going to love it!" he told her once they were behind the closed door.

She went over to her dresser where she'd hidden the purchases from Strike a Pose. "I hope so. I know we've talked about doing stuff like this, but well I've always been apprehensive, and you've always been so patient, but today I - well I threw caution to the wind and bought these," she said, spinning around and showing him her new toys.

Bill's smile was the only answer she needed. "This is part of my present?" he asked, closing the distance between them.

"Yes," she answered, her throat suddenly dry.

He took the rabbit vibe and flicked it on. Immediately it hummed to life. The clear sides showed the rows of plastic pearl beads rotating around each other. Another button was pressed and the little rabbit fussed to the silicone cock pulsated. He pushed the button again and the bunny vibrated more, the third press had the little critter shaking so hard it almost blurred. "Oh I have a feeling I'm going to love the other half of this present."

She felt his fingers brush her palm as he picked up the small bullet vibe with the tail and its remote. He turned off the cock and rabbit combo, handed it back to her and toyed with the other purchase. One side of his mouth rose in a smirk. "Whatever possessed you to do this?" he asked.

When he looked up at her, she simply shrugged her shoulders and licked her lips nervously. "I wanted to try something different. I know you've suggested stuff like this before and I was always against it, but - well - I don't want us ending up like those other people, the ones that walk out of a marriage or a relationship, because of sex. It's sex, there has to be compromises and I figured..."

Bill swallowed up her words. His mouth covered her lips; his tongue pushed through the weak barrier of skin and traced the edges of her teeth. Kara sighed and returned the caress. The toys were clenched between them. When they pulled apart, both were breathless. "Will dinner keep if it sits on the table and the counter for a while?" Bill asked, as he tossed the remote and bullet onto the bed.

Kara held the dual pleasure toy in her hand. "Yeah, for a couple hours at least."

"Good," Bill told her, before taking the toy from her hand and tossing it to the bed. It landed beside the other one. He brought her to him, nuzzled her neck, and slid his lips up to her ear. She felt his warm breath against her skin, whimpered when he tugged on her right lobe with his teeth, and traced the contour of her ear with the tip of his tongue. "Did you buy any other toys?"

She swallowed the lump in her throat. "I did - it's in the top drawer. It's just a dildo. It doesn't do anything, just slides in and out," she took a deep breath as he left tiny kisses along her jaw, over her cheeks, and against the brows of her eyes, "it isn't as special as these," she told him. Her knees buckled slightly from the onslaught of his tender ministration.

"Then for now we'll leave it alone; I think what you have right now is more than enough for us to play with. As hard as I am - fuck - I don't know if we'll even use both."

Kara moaned and whispered, "Okay."

Bill's hands moved to the buttons of her shirt; she felt each one being slowly slid out of its hole. The tips of his fingers brushed her skin. It grew more pink and the freckles became lost in the hue. Her hands were not idle. Kara pulled his shirt from the waist band of his slacks, released his belt and opened his pants. His lips captured hers and their tongues once again battled with each other; a slow moving dance of wet muscles coiling around its partner brought a crimson flush to her cheeks. "I've missed you," Bill whispered, as his hands eased up to push her blouse down.

It slipped easily from her arms, down her back and dropped silently to the floor.

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