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Becoming more familiar.

"Fucking gag on my big cock!"

Lucia squealed and tried to feebly slap at Adam's legs, but he seemed to take her motions and muffled screams as signs of encouragement, and sped up his thrusts - his own chest now heaving with exertion. His balls began to slap higher and higher on her chin as they tightened and he approached his fourth orgasm in a row. Lucia, despite her discomfort and anger, was none-the-less somewhat in awe of his virility as he began to pump jet after jet of cum directly down her throat without a word of warning. He gasped for air, and hugged her head tightly to his stomach as he spent himself inside her, staying perfectly still until his orgasm faded.

When he let go, Lucia came up gasping, dizzy and disoriented from lack of air. He gave a sharp tug on her hair, and pulled her forward, causing Lucia to crawl towards him. Grabbing her by the armpits with his strong hands, Adam pulled her from the car bodily, and placed her woozily onto her feet. Lucia shivered as the night air seeped into her sweat and saliva-soaked skin.

"I think its time to unwrap my present." Adam said in a tone that suggested he wasn't open to reasoned debate.

Before Lucia could formulate any attempt at dissuasion, she felt Adam's hands grasp her dress in the front, on either side of her amply-displayed cleavage. She gasped in surprise as she heard a loud rending sound, and felt the flimsy material of her dress part and pull away across first her chest, then stomach, and finally between her legs as Adam ripped her dress off her like a 1980's wrestler. In shock, she tried to cover herself as her dress fell away onto the gravel of the road's shoulder. As she attempted to cover her breasts and pussy, she was intercepted by Adam's hands. Grabbing her wrists, he placed her hands at her sides and held them there while he inspected her up and down.

"Fuck you'll do nicely slut. You're going to make a fantastic plaything for the next few months until I get tired of you."

Lucia's gaze dropped in submission and humiliation with the knowledge that she was, for the time being, powerless to counter his statements. As her gaze drifted down, she found herself staring at his once-again impossibly-hard dick between his legs.

"I fucking like what I see." he said, "And this time I'm going to really make it mine."

Lucia yelped as Adam grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees on the hard pavement in front of him. Grasping her chin in one hand and hair in the other, he tilted her head up so that she was looking into his eyes.

"Suck on my balls, bitch." he commanded.

Lucia had little choice but to comply as he pulled her head in, and buried it into his scrotum. Lucia mouthed his balls, drawing them gently into her mouth one at a time, and licking them all over. Adam, meanwhile, amused himself by slapping the heavy and fat head of his cock against her forehead, alternating between slapping and stroking himself. Amazingly, he was one hundred percent hard yet again, a feat that caused a shiver of arousal to run down Lucia's spine. She moaned softly as she suckled his balls, and Adam responded by rubbing his sticky cock shaft across her forehead, back and forth like a windshield wiper.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet, wet mouth like a pussy." Adam blurted suddenly. "Fuck yes I am you insatiable slut."

Pushing forward with his hips, Adam drove his cock and balls into Lucia's face hard, the pressure knocking her back onto her bare butt on the gritty pavement behind her. She reached back with her hands to catch herself, but quickly found herself being pushed flat on her back on the side of the road, parallel to the traffic lines. Adam straddled her chest, slapping his long dick up and down on her tits and rubbing his head on her nipples while Lucia watched.

"Push your tits together for me slut." Adam ordered. "I want to fuck them."

Lucia reached up one hand on either side of her ample breasts and pressed them together to f

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