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He goes on a second date.



"Mom, it's really hurting me this morning" said Teddy, in a voice that didn't quite seem to be his own. It was notably deeper and more guttural. His mother did not seem to notice, as her concern for her son elevated.

"Is there anything I can do to help? How about if I go to your bathroom and begin drawing a bath so that we can start your morning treatment?" asked the young mother, as she suddenly felt that all too common hazy dreamlike confusion begin to steal over her again.

"Can you do that in just a little bit mom? Would you mind just rubbing it for me just a little bit first to see if you can make the pain go away?" asked Teddy, innocently.

Tammy continued staring at her son's erection even as she was falling deeper and deeper into that confused funk. Only her very strong and primal mother instincts were coming through at this moment, so she could think of no reason not to try to help her son.

She wanted to do anything she could to help him, as it registered in her confused mind that he was in great discomfort from the bite he had suffered. Still, the idea of rubbing the impressive erection that was staring her in the face caused the young mother to hesitate. Would it be wrong for her to rub her son's formative penis? Would she be violating some kind of taboo? She felt a doubtful confusion steal over her.

"It really hurts mom" insisted Teddy, in that somewhat foreign voice that Tammy still did not pick up on.

The confusion that had descended on Tammy seemed to intensify. She felt his admonitions to her having a very strong draw, one that she seemed nearly powerless to resist. This, coupled with her very strong maternal instinct settled the matter for her.

The young blond mother climbed into the bed beside her nearly naked son, still staring intently at his throbbing member. The fact that his mother continued to be entranced by his cock was not lost on Teddy. He found the dawning understanding of this extremely erotic.

"Maybe if you could use some of that lotion on my night stand?" suggested the aroused teenager, hoping his mother wouldn't detect the urgency in his voice.

If she did, she never let on. Indeed, Tammy had the very strong feeling that this whole situation was nothing more than a dream. Her mind was so influenced by some unknown external force that she hardly felt in control of her own actions at all. It was like she was running on auto pilot, and was exceptionally prone to outside suggestion.

As she leaned forward to reach for the hand lotion on the stand next to Teddy's bed, the top of her loose sun dress fell away a bit, revealing the tops of her ample breasts that were scarcely contained by the her tiny white bra. Teddy stared straight down his mother's top, watching her breasts dangling in front of him as she leaned over him to get the lotion. The beast that was within Teddy felt a growing sexual hunger rising within it.

Completely unaware that her son was having these thoughts, the young mother grabbed the small clear plastic bottle, popped open the lid, and turned it upside down simultaneously aiming it directly over her sons erection, and squeezing slightly. The clear, sweet smelling liquid began pouring out of the extended bottle in an overabundance as the lubricating lotion made contact with, and began running down all over the teen's massive hard-on. Tammy found the sight completely fascinating.

Teddy immediately felt the cool sensation of the lotion as it made contact with and began rolling down his cock. Though it felt cool to the touch, his mother immediately placed the lotion on the table, and grasped the head of his cock with a firm right hand and began rubbing the lubrication all up and down her son's cock. From the plump, round head, all the way down to his massive balls. Getting into a rhythm, Tammy settled in, and lay directly next to her son, completely enthralled by the sight before her.
Both mother and son lay side by side on Teddy's bed staring at his mother's hand as it repeatedly s

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