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Next he placed a white leather waist belt with matching cuffs adorned with red leather roses. Finally, as she was getting her thoughts together she watched in horror as he attached the matching ankle restraints. When she finally got the energy and will to fight she tried to kick her capture but fell quickly to the floor as the chain attached between her ankles drew taunt.

After she had hit the floor, she realized that there were small chains attached from her waist to her wrists and another between her ankles.

On her hands and knees, she looked up at her capture. He was bent at the knees holding a cup of coffee.

"Welcome Fatima" Steve spoke.

"I am sure you are dazed and confused. Yes, I know your name is Fatima El Hassan, and your father is Ali Ben Hassan, the wealthy shipbuilder and horse racing owner. You are 19 years old, and a freshman at Delton College, where you are awaiting a spot at Yale. You have 5 sisters and 3 brothers, Oh and let's not forget the 2 stepmothers your father has collected. Oh yes, I've met your father and hi number 3 wife. I take it your mother is still in the Emirates, or where ever the fuck you're from. As I see it, you come from a culture of an eye for an eye, and cut off a thief's hands if he steals. Well honey you stole something from me, and you are going to take her place. "

Steve could see from her eyes that she was clueless on the circumstances of the following days. So he told her of the accident, and how he put her in the trunk, and then crashed her car into the canal. How he called in a possible car accident and the police found both cars but only one body. Of the search that still was going on looking for her body but with the heavy rains and a alligator infested canal that after 24 hours the police had deemed her either eaten or drowned because even with the police dogs and her father's vast resources, the rain had washed away all trace of her. How ashamed her father was when the police found the half empty whiskey bottle.

"So in the Muslim tradition, of the conquering king, you are now MY SLAVE to do with as I choose"

Hearing all this was too much for Fatima and she started to cry uncontrollably. Minutes went by when Fatima started to get a grip of herself. When she had calmed down, Steve unclipped the bit in her mouth, and put the cup of coffee to her lips. She drank slowly, and when she was done he re-clipped the bit.

"Now, let's get you cleaned up" Steve said as he pulled on the leash. She awkwardly followed him to a bathroom where he pulled her up and ripped her panty off abruptly. It hurt and she tried to scream but only a muffled sound came from the bit. He then placed her on the toilet ad immediately, her bowels opened and she almost shit and pissed at the same time. When she was done he pulled her into the shower and started the water. The water was warm on her back, and she soon began to relax. Before too long, she felt a sharp point on her back, and discovered that Steve was cutting off her clothes. She attempted to move but he simple pushed her against the shower wall with his foot.

Soon she was nude. Next, Steve attached her leash to the shower head, and began to wash her. Fatima squirmed as he ran the clothes over her naked body.

As Steve was washing her, he noticed several things. Unlike Wendy, Fatima's skin was like butter and her nipples were dark and large cones with barely a nipple. Her breast were round and perky where as Wendy's were larger but sagged. Fatima's pussy hair was trimmed in a strip, and her pussy lips didn't show like Wendy's. Her pussy looked like a clam shell.

When he was done he dried her off and walked her back to the basement, where attached her to the water heater. He cleaned up her mess in the closet, and made her some toast. After she had eaten her toast, he reattached her to the closet, and closed the door.

Fatima was startled when the door open and her capture unhooked her and led her to the center of the basement.

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