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A lucky meeting with Lindsay Lohan.

Once in the bedroom, he sat down on the bed and I automatically knelt on the floor and began to unlace and remove his work boots, one by one. Once I was finished, I laid my head in his lap and attempted to wait patiently for him to begin speaking.

"Slave, I think it's time we put your limits to the test." he said, finally.

"What do you mean Master?"

"I mean, it's time for me to find out how much you can really take. Plus, you have seemed to think being away from home has given you a free pass to misbehave and that is unacceptable."

I opened my mouth to protest, but then recalled all of the catty comments and smartass remarks that I had felt brave enough to make when there were so many miles separating us. I snapped my mouth closed and peered up at him from beneath my lashes, waiting for him to continue. He moved my head from his lap and stood up.

"On the bed now, slut."

To my detriment, I hesitated. He yanked me up and threw me on the bed. Master then proceeded to tie me spread eagle to the bed while I whimpered and squirmed.

"You're going to wish that you had done what I said when I said it." He said ominously.

He rummaged in our toy box and produced a medium sized pink vibrator. He approached me and turned it on to its highest setting before touching it ever so gently to my left nipple. I moaned out loud and he yanked it away.

"No matter what I do, you are NOT allowed to orgasm until I say so, ok?"

"Yes Master." I replied meekly.

He once again brought the vibrator to my now very erect nipples and played with them until I could feel my juices flowing heavily from my pussy. He then moved down and circled my clit with the tip of the vibrator which had me moaning and thrashing as much as my bonds would allow. He brought me right to the brink of orgasm and then suddenly stopped, and spanked my soaking pussy hard with his hand. I arched my hips craving his cock so badly that it was all I could think about. He grabbed the blindfold from the nightstand and placed it over my eyes, something he knew would drive me crazy. After a minute, I felt the vibrator on my clit again, and I moaned helplessly, clenching my teeth and using everything I had to keep from climaxing. He began to slide the toy in and out of my wet, slippery hole, and I just knew I was about to lose it altogether when he stopped, with the vibrator still completely inside of me.

"Ok, whore. I'll be back in a little while. Remember what I said. No cumming."

"Yes Master." I said from between gritted teeth.

I had never wanted so badly to both beat his skull in with a baseball bat and have him fuck me senseless before.

"Mmmm, you make such a pretty picture all tied up, Bitch, but I think some things are missing. I'll have to correct that before I go."

I could only guess at what he meant, and I had a feeling that I really didn't want to know. Before I got give it another thought, I felt something clamp down hard on my right nipple and I barely suppressed a scream. The other nipple was given the same treatment, and I felt a couple of tears wet my blindfold.

"Arch your hips."

Despite my reservations, I obeyed and felt lube being spread on my tightest hole and my heart began to pound very fast. I felt a finger, then two, stretching my asshole before something else bigger replaced them and stayed there. It hurt, and I whimpered and squirmed and tried to avoid putting my ass back on the mattress, but Master pushed my hips down and I had no choice.I heard his footsteps as he left the room and I squirmed against my bonds. The vibrator hummed away in my pussy and I had no choice but to lie there helplessly, and try not to focus on how wet I was or how badly my body demanded release.

Even the plug stretching my asshole was adding to my arousal.

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