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She runs into him again.

I know where he lives, and works. Perhaps I can be simplistic and visit him at his office. I can be sexy. I will dress my best and see what happens.

So with my "plan" in place I went over to his office just after lunch time.

I went to the front desk and asked for him, and as I knew he would, he did tell the receptionist to send me up. I have never been to this office before but he was waiting as I stepped off the elevator. He motioned me into his office and closed the door.

His office was much nicer that at his last job. He had a couch and a pair of chairs as well as a small conference table.

I walked over and sat on the couch. I made a point of taking off my blazer revealing a tight lace blouse that displayed my well shaped and sized breasts for him to see. My new lacy bra clearly showed my large, dark, hard nipples. I could tell he was looking. He had seen those breasts naked many, many times.

I crossed my legs, which allowed my skirt to hike up showing him that I had no hose and no panties on.

I think his eyes fell out of his head. I could see that the bulge in his pants was getting bigger, moving before my eyes. I did not think that I would get this kind of reaction.

"I had to see you" I said. "I know we can't go back, but I still miss what we had, our life together."

He did not say anything. He subtly adjusted his junk to a more comfortable position.

"We really need to talk, why not come and sit next to me." I said softly. I was not sure what his reaction would be. "I won't bite, I promise."

He thought for a moment and then came over and sat next to me. His erection was fully evident now. As large as I remembered. He sat close but not touching me, and turned a little so he was nearly facing me.

He still has not said anything. "What did you want to talk about?" he finally said.

"Us" I said.

"There is no longer an us."

I moved close to him and laid my hand on his knee, stroking his leg. "I know, but you are all I think of, and you did say that after the divorce we would still be friends."

My hands grew bolder, stroking his thigh, he squirmed, I unbuttoned a few buttons of my blouse as if I was hot (kind of stupid seeing as though the blouse barely had any substance to it) showing even more cleavage.

I was surprised when I leaned over to kiss him, he did not move, and did kiss me back, God I was glad that his office door did not have a window in it, like mine did. I was practically in his lap, my hands grasping his cock through his pants.

He was holding me, kissing me. David pushed me back on the couch and put his hand under my skirt and found my wet slit. His hand slid in between my lips like they always had, and finger pushing into the wetness. I gasped at that. He was so good and I missed it so much.

I could not reach it but could hear his zipper going down and feel his movement toward me. And then his dick was in my hand. Large and thick and pulsing.

I can't believe it, I am on his couch in his office about to get boinked by my ex!

He leaned over me and kissed me, deeply. And then he smoothly kissed my neck and down my chest, opening my blouse as he went. Cupping my breasts, and tweaking the nipples he continued down until he gently pushed my knees apart and buried his face in my crotch.

I could not help but moan in pleasure. He slurped and tickled and I felt like I was in heaven! He reached around and held on to my bottom his fingers in the crack of my ass, teasing my bottom hole. I wanted to scream, but not here in the office.

When he deemed my wet enough he moved up to position himself at the entrance to my honey hole, and slid in. I had not been filled so well in so long. I had only been with him and one other in the last 25 years. I am not sure that there is any better!

He shifted slightly to get a better angle and began to pound into me. It has been a long time since I have had sex on a couch, and never in someone's office.

It felt wonderful, the old

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