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In my mind the ChEng's expert tongue was licking my slit from bow too stern and my legs were already twitching.

I let out a moan and slumped forwards, covering my discarded ship-suit in more than enough liquids to keep the laundry bots in work.

After a few minutes I controlled my panting, and managed to drag myself up from the damp floor, kicking the wet ship-suit to the corner where it would be sucked into the laundry suit I allowed myself a wicked little smile.

Even with everything going to shit I'd managed to cum harder than I had in ages. With a lustful shudder I remembered the fantasy that had played out in my mind complete with Gaia saying in an agitated voice, "Captain, the fluids you are producing are not conducive to peak computer core functionality.

Please refrain from dripping into my control terminal," with another delighted shudder I stepped over the damp spot on the floor of my cabin and into the small bathroom. My skin was so flushed the cold water felt amazing.

Admittedly I had forgotten that with Gaia offline there was no way to keep the water warm or hot so it would be cold showers until her systems were all working correctly.

If I only had showers after intense orgasms like the one I had just had, I didn't think it would be an issue. With that in mind I decided to try for another.

I mean... what else was there to do on a cold ship with no power. The ChEng? I think that would take some work and the ramifications if he rebuffed me and we made it back to SPAN controlled space could be disastrous. Plus, I wasn't exactly suffering, at 36 I was well trained in the art of 'self-service love'. With a consented sigh I leant back against the shower wall and went to work, enjoying the feeling of the cold water splashing across my hard nipples and breasts and flowing down towards the supernova between my legs.

I woke from a light doze as everything around me went crazy. Instantly I could feel that the AD had gone offline. I stood up from me nap chair beside the huge drive and rested one of my large calloused hand against it.

I could feel it ticking and the heat was still there, but the warp coils had stopped spinning around each other. Looking around I couldn't see any of my Engineering staff. Tapping my collar mic, "Engineering crew this is the ChEng, respond," nothing.

"Again, this is the ChEng, respond," still nothing. Doing away with the mic I looked up at the ceiling.

"Gaia my dear, where is the Engineering crew?" I asked the room. There was a long pause which shouldn't happen, Gaia or more correctly, the Artificial Intelligence that oversaw ever part of Gaia's Wrath, the newest and most advanced star ship in the Space Protectorate of Allied Nations, or SPAN for short.

There was a burst of static and just before I tried again, "I'm sorry ChEng, the only member of the Engineering crew on-board is yourself. The rest of the crew, the entire crew, minus one other has left on the escape pods," Gaia responded.

My jaw must have hit the floor, rebounded, then hit the floor again before I asked another question, "Gaia, what is the status of the ship?" Again the long pause, without waiting I started heading towards the spine of the ship, making my way to the central computer core. Finally, and after another burst of static, "Apollo Drive offline. Artificial gravity offline in 83% of the ship. Lighting fluctuating. External sensors offline.

Life Support at minimum tolerance levels and dropping. All escape pods away. 2 crew members on-board," Gaia replied.

Starting to jog I continued, "Who is the other crew member?" I asked. Again the long pause, again the static. "Other crew member is Captain Helena Coltrane. Internal sensors suggest she is in her quarters," Gain responded. Groaning I muttered,

"Of all the people left I have the captain on her first real assignment. At least she was worth looking at." Jogging up Green 3 then transferring too Yellow 4 I opened the secure door to the computer core and instantly felt the scorching heat.

Stripping off my protective outer layer un

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