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She who loves to be dared goes further than she thought.

She was grinding and humping and all I had to do was hold on to her so I could try to control her hips so she didn't break my cock off.

She stiffened up, put her head back and screamed out "Oh my God, I am cumming so good" her juice squirted out all over us and I was soaked from my chest to me knees. I filled her with my cream and she shuddered when she realized I had cum in her. I don't think I ever saw anyone cum so hard, she didn't pass out but just fell forward and lay on my chest. Her legs were still flexed under her and I knew if she didn't move she would cramp up so as much as I wanted to stay captured in her pussy I made her move and straighten her legs.

We rested in each other's arms feeling the warmth and calm of the little death. She woke up enough to look at me and she was beautiful in the afterglow of orgasm. I knew that I had given her something special and I hoped in the future she would find a husband that could do the same thing for her.

Dinner was a simple affair and we dressed in the minimum of clothes. Carol just put on one of my long t shirts and I could see her stiff nipples and when she bent over or reached for something her ass and pussy were exposed. We had a steak with the usual fixings and shared a bottle of wine. I thought if she was old enough to make love then she could have a glass of wine or two.

Carol expressed her joy about our first real union. Her face glowed as she described what she felt, the extreme feeling that she had to pee as she had her orgasm. She said it was so much stronger than when she masturbated and she didn't know she was a squirter. I told her that I had heard of women squirting but had never seen it until I moved here to the valley, it seems that almost everyone around here squirts and the ones that haven't probably just were afraid to let it go.

Carol was moving closer as we talked and finally she was sitting on my lap. Her ass was squirming around on my cock and I was getting hard for the third time today. Her lips met mine and her tongue searched for mine. We tongue dueled and I was sure she could feel my cock poking her under her bottom. I turned her around so she faced away from me and reaching under her shirt I massaged her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.
She reached down and spread her pussy lips and pushed two fingers in her cunt while the fingers on her other hand strummed her clit. Her breathing was ragged and she pressed back against me. My cock was in the crack of her ass and juice from her pussy was lubricating me and I was being masturbated by her ass crack. I was kissing her neck and behind her ears and nibbled on her ear lobes and it was having the desired effect. I knew she was going to cum and I wanted to let her do whatever she wanted to do without any reservations.

Carol was starting to stiffen again and her pussy was a swamp, juices running out of her like a stream coating my cock as it rubbed up and down between the cheeks of her ass. I only had anal sex once in my life and didn't expect it or push it with anyone around here but I thought that Carol might want to experience it at some point. I was not a fan of it but I knew it was becoming more popular among the younger generation. I guess they figured it was the best form of birth control although it wasn't safe sex.

I could feel Carol spasm a little every time the head of my cock brushed past her tight rosebud. I think she was considering it but I wanted to save that for another day if it was something she wanted to do. I knew it would be better if she did some preparations beforehand.

Suddenly Carol sat up and reached down and stuffed my cock in her pussy.

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