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Two co-workers learn about more than just their company.

But I will state that Succubi are not all that evil or demony. Just... very perverse and rather alien."

"Yeah, okay, they aren't too bad as a race, really." Ashyr conceded. "The one I knew didn't seem malevolent to me. Anyway, like I said, R.I.S.A. isn't just a voice anymore. She has a humanoid form. That I had sex with. Or, more accurately, she had sex with me. Wasn't much I could do but lie there and be overwhelmed." Ashyr grinned broadly at the memory. "We needed to power her up to make her portable when you and Selene were doing ritual stuff. It was amazing; I strongly recommend it." The last part was directed at both Caleldir and Selene.

"I'll pass." Selene said firmly. Her plate was already clean, and she was pretty satisfied. The pregnant drow was already feeling like she never quite had enough food even this early. "I have more important things to use my energy for." The younger drow explained primly.

While Caleldir was not completely put out, he did seem rather disturbed. So it was likely for the best that R.I.S.A. was not here right now, or the delicate nerve that was her feelings towards her last living programmer would likely be exposed something fierce right now. "I knew that she could manifest a hologram, a lovely, purple figure, as I recall. Artfully sensual. But said hologram was non interactive, at least in a physical sense. And five inches tall." He sighed. "I think I am with Selene on this one, although for different reasons. I could spare the energy, but I really do not want to go around banging every woman I know."

Selene waited in passive contemplation for the other two to finish eating. There was still quite a bit on her mind, judging by the far-away look in her crimson eyes. She had materialized clothing before she came over to eat. It was similar to the outfit she wore while on the Gene Forge table: far more exposed skin than strictly necessary. The mage didn't even realize she'd done it. At least her subconscious knew what her cousin was going to pursue unless something very distracting happened.

It was clear where that subject had put Ashyr's mind. Under the table her foot came up to brush against Caleldir's. It did not remain there, of course. Slowly it began a caressing journey up his leg. The ranger wasn't quite done with her food, however. The explanation forced her to not eat as quickly as she would have liked. So she finished the rest of her plate as if absolutely nothing was happening under the table - though there may have been a mischievous glint in her eyes as she did so.

Caleldir looked over at Ashyr, his expression deadpan. "Why, Ms. Duskhaven, I believe you are trying to seduce me."

Ashyr blinked up at Caleldir, an artfully innocent look on her face. "One of us is trying to seduce you? Strange. I don't see anything." She shifted back in her seat just enough for her foot to move just a couple inches higher on his leg. Aside from that, she still played at eating the crumbs on her plate.

The younger drow did not have to play at confusion - at least not for the brief moment where she took in her surroundings. She hadn't been paying attention enough to notice where her cousin's leg was going. A look of understanding crossed her face when she looked over toward Ashyr to see her leg surreptitiously extended. That look of understanding quickly melted into a slow, expectant grin. Her consciousness quickly caught up to feelings and desires of the rest of the room. She stood, and walked the couple of steps it took to stand behind Caleldir's chair.

If Caleldir had had a slightly more bubbly personality, he would have giggled at the way that Ashyr pretended to be soooo interested in the last remains of food on her plate. As it was, he managed to keep a serious face. Barely managed, but managed. "I do not see anything either." He agreed with her. "Perhaps I was mistaken."

"I don't see either of us trying to seduce him either.

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