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Does Norman know what he's getting into?

She landed the big fish and placed it in her creel. Then just set her pole to the side, done fishing for now, Karen sat on top of her boulder watching and talking to Ed.

Through the lens in my camera I could tell Ed had a hard on, he kept adjusting his pants trying to make it comfortable. As he fished, he tried to ignore Karen and her bare breasts. I thought he was doing well until Karen stood up, unbuttoned her shorts, and dropped them to her feet. Now she had Ed's full attention and mine, she stood posing for him; her full figure was classic 50's nude beauty. She is not one of the skinny girls on the covers of the magazines today, but a busty with wide hips and a narrow waist, she is all woman.

His fishing was over; Ed simply stopped casting and stared, frozen in place. Moving towards him, Karen worked her way across the rocks, he did not move until she reached him. Then his hands went to the breasts he loved, as her hands undid his pants dropping them around his ankles.

Suddenly I realized she had left her clothing on the rock twenty or so yards from where she was now. My evil mind went to work on playing a trick on these two. I was able to sneak back into the forest and around the two lovers; Karen was fucking Ed with her tits, the head of his dick sliding in and out and into her mouth as I snuck towards the pile of boulders where her clothing lay. As I reached the spot where her clothes were, I could see Ed ramming his penis into Karen from behind, doggy style, they were facing away from me so I grabbed her stuff and took a couple more photos snuck back away from the river the way I came in, and then headed for camp. Karen had said in the past "clothes are for wimps; I would prefer to walk around naked." She was about to get her chance.

It was just after noon when I got back to camp and Lance was already back from town, "Beer?" he asked as I walked up putting Karen's clothes on the table.


He handed me my beer and walked over to the table, "Aren't these Karen's?"

"She wasn't wearing them," I grinned, "so I brought them back to camp for her."

"You are an evil man Mitchell Williams," he chuckled.

"Couldn't get to Ed's, so it might be interesting to see who is wearing what when they get back." The words were no more than out of my mouth when we heard, and then saw an old Willys Jeep coming down the road to our camp. "Wonder who that could be?"

Meanwhile back at the river, Ed and Karen went swimming to clean up, (according to Karen); they soaked a bit then headed towards their respective clothes piles.

"What the... SHIT!" Karen yelled.

"You ok?" Ed turned to see what the fuss was about.

"My fucking clothes are gone!"


"MY FUCKING CLOTHES ARE GONE!" Karen was moving around the rock looking to see if the had fallen somewhere or were drug off. "All that's left are my shoes and my fishing gear, MITCHELL, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

Ed came over where she was standing bare assed looking towards the woods, "I can give you my shirt? Or pants or something," he was having a hard time not laughing. "But I like how your dressed now," he chuckled.

She threw him a look that would have killed a lesser man, "NO, by God if he thinks this is funny then I'll just show his ass." Karen grabbed her gear, slipped the crocs on her feet and headed for the trail. Ed scrambled back, grabbed his gear, and followed her up the trail, she was storming in the direction of camp and he was struggling to keep within twenty yards of her, far enough to avoid her wrath, yet still enjoy the view. The twenty-minute walk gave her time to cool down and start enjoying the freedom of hiking nude. The air across her breasts and her privates was exciting and by the time, she got near camp she was giggling to herself about the whole thing.

The jeep rolled to a stop just across from our camp and Lance and I went to meet them, two older gentlemen had the jeep loaded with plenty of fishing gear.

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