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Ann and Neil's long day ends with a long night.

The other a lighten woven style completely covered in very small metal circular studs. Folding them twice in half, greatly increasing their widths and shortening their lengths.

"Are you ready boy?"

"Yes." His voice cracking with emotion, pleasure.

"Very good boy."

Starting at the top of his left ass cheek, I spank him hard with my hand. Moving to the right side, red covering both ass cheeks to my liking. Radio up, I watch more than hear his jerking. Grabbing the thick leather belt, I spank him hard on his upper back left thigh. He screams loudly, body almost crumpling in to itself.

I laugh a bit. "I am just getting started, get up now."

He struggles to get back up on his hands and knees, thigh screaming from my recent lash.

Going back to the kitchen I grab the bowl with now frigid water and ice cubes. I set it in the middle of his back. He arched in response to the freezing bowl on his hot body.

"I suggest you not move boy, you spill this bowl you will be punished instead of pleasured. You Understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

His body was shivering worse now. Condensation rolling down his skin as the ice melted above his hot flesh. Groans racking his body as another drop rolled.

Belt in hand, I go behind him once more. Focusing on his ass I swing several times. Lining his ass from top to bottom. The bowl of ice jiggling more violent the lower I got. Belt licking his tender underside of his ass cheek, he bucks. Water splashes over him. He whimpers loudly. Frigid water dripping down his burning red ass.

"What did I tell you? Now you will see why I said so."

Not waiting for an answer, I strike again on his now wet skin. Water aiding in the sting, blood blister rushing to the top quickly. He jerks hard with contact and splashes more. Skin soaked fully with the cool water, I remove the cold ceramic placing it to the side.

"Now you will regret your inability to control yourself. The water will aid my belt, the leather will soak up the moisture and grow very heavy. I pity you now bitch."

I hit the same angry mark again and again with the water laden leather. He screams, moans, whimpers. Five strokes in all, very precisely over the same lash. Body jerking hard, I let him settle.

"How did that feel?"

"Great Mistress."

"Would you like some more you worthless pain slut?"


Looking down at his ass, the red mark is very dark. Purple shades are already showing, blood just mere layers from the top of the skin. Knowing the belt will leave too many deep marks, I trade for the lighter woven one. The studs are rounded and small, but the belt itself had a lot less weight.

Straightening the folds, tightening the creasing to help it stay together. I reach out and gently rub his bruised ass. Fingers lightly touching the heated skin. I hear him moan when my full palm brushes over the lash marks and hand prints. Gasps when I squeeze the area hard, digging my nails into his flesh slightly. Very careful not to break the already fragile skin.

Getting up, climbing on top of him. I settle fully on him, my pussy wet and hot on his still cool back. Bending down I whisper in his ear how pleased I am with him. How much he has turned me on. I ask if he can feel the wetness he has created.

"Oh yes, Mistress. Thank you for letting me feel it."

I squirm on his back, sliding in my own wetness on his skin heating it up. Hearing his grunts of pleasure flooded my pussy further. Turning around on him, I bend over with the belt in hand. Leaning down, taking the top of the belt on one hand. Pulling the bottom down hard releasing the top, in essence sling shotting the metal laden belt across his top upper thigh. Repeating this down one full thigh stopping at the knee crease. His body jerking and bucking hard underneath me, exciting me further. Wasting no time I continue my ministrations down the other. His body was shuddering hard now.

Rising off of him, I move to stand in front of him.

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