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They play hide and seek.

"Yes, certainly, Billy." Julie quickly stepped around him into the bathroom with its heavy mist settling down upon Billy's dirty shoes and shorts, resting in a heap on the wet tile beside her stack of neatly folded towels. She selected a big, fluffy one, and turned to hand it to him, but he was now much closer to her, facing her, leaning in toward her, placing his strong hands on her shoulders, pulling her to him, his mouth upon hers, hungrily. She pushed him away. "No! Billy, no! You mustn't do that." Julie put herself at once into the open space of the bedroom.

"I'm sorry, Miss Walker, but...I can't help it." He advanced toward her, and she matched his steps in backward retreat. "You're all I think about. I can't think." Billy's tone rose with her. "I can't eat. It's just you I want."

"You must learn to control yourself, Mr. Sullivan," Julie advised as she stepped back against the foot of her bed. "You must remember that I am your teacher, and you are my student. That is all. That's all it ever could be."

Billy covered the last distance between them. "I can't help it. I don't care about anything else. I just want bad." He grabbed her once more and forced his kiss upon her gasping mouth, causing her to fall backwards onto the bed, he with her, atop her, all without relinquishing his claim to her sweet mouth. The teacher could but whimper as he shoved his tongue deeper within her mouth, stirring her own tongue as he would, his fast fingers combing through her soft, blonde bangs. The weight of him bore down on her, sinking into position as her thighs parted in betrayal to admit him. When his hands ran over the rise of her breasts, she pushed against his shoulders once more, but it was a futile resistance, all the more evident once Billy's thumbs had hooked under the hem of her tank top and swiftly peeled both shirts up and over her breasts, her head, until he gathered them in a twisted bunch at her wrists, holding them stretched up above her head.

"Oh my God! Billy! What are you doing?!"

Billy wasn't expecting the treasure he uncovered, Miss Walker's closely guarded secret: She was blessed with the most perfect cream balloons and berry rockets that were heaven bound to just float away. "Gawwddamm!" Billy exclaimed. "Those are the biggest, prettiest titties I've even seen!" With that he dove in, filling his ravenous mouth on one, the other sport to his imperial hand.

"No, Billy.! Please don't, Billy," Julie continued her soft protests as the student pushed his face in between her firm brace, rooting as a hog, licking, chewing, oh, but when he took to biting her worried nipples, sucking and tugging them hard with his rough mouth to demand new lengths in erection, their greatest electrical capacitance, Julie feared they would burst in his greedy mouth. "Billy, NO! Oh my God...Billy!" What frightened her most was the way her own body was working against her defenses, responding to him. No, he is forcing me to respond. She pushed harder against his broad shoulders, weakly punching them as well.

Billy moved his position upward upon her, taking her in another captive kiss, his tongue plunging as far into her mouth as he could stretch it, moving in and out, slowly, gently, roughly.

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