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Nobody saw this coming, especially Shari...

They had spoken to a few friends, coming up with a mutual friend of theirs that happened to be another submissive from their community. With the understanding that he was just the sperm donor, Mathew still signed an agreement with Leslie and Dina to make everything legal. He was only to play part as the donor and had no rights to the baby that would be born.

The first time Dina didn't end up pregnant, so Leslie and Dina sat to talk about how long they would keep trying to have a baby naturally. Also what they could do to make the next experience better. After they came to a solution plans where made to surprise Mathew on their up coming fourth year anniversary.

It was all set up for when Mathew arrived the fire was burning and candles lit to create a warm relaxed feeling. The music was turned on and a nice home cooked dinner ready for when Mat arrived. After dinner Dina and Leslie lead Mathew into the bedroom and closed the door. It was then that the attentions of the two ladies was made clear.

There was one toy out, that was a riding crop. Slowly Dina makes her way to the bed, slipping out of her clothing. Leaving a small trail of a shirt and her skirt on the floor. Climbing on the bed her legs parted slightly to let both Leslie and Mathew get a glimpse of her back side. Dina looked back at them both and smiled. Leslie leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"Undress and watch. I will instruct you when to join. Otherwise you are not allowed to touch yourself."

His eyes never left Dina as the smile became wider. Though with a nod he murdered out a "yes Ma'am." Then followed the instructions and moved closer to get a better view. As Leslie made her way to Dina picking up the riding crop.

Hands slowly slid along Dina's slender bare frame, up to the nape of her neck. As fingers curled tight into the dark red strands a low purr parted Leslie's lips. Whispering low, though all could hear.

"Ready my sweet pet."

Before anything could be said the crop was drawn back and the loud pop echo's with the beat of the current song. Leslie moved from one cheek to the next, making Dina moan low. As the crop touched the inside of Dina's legs, her legs parted more. Giving short little pops to her clit and pussy as she looks back to Mathew.

Crooking her finger Leslie motions for Mathew to kneel at the side of the bed right behind Dina. Without a word he obeyed, getting a better view and the sweet hot scent of Dina had already entered his senses. Watching as every pop landed between Dina's legs he licks his lips.

With a wicked little grin Leslie placed the crop down a moment. Curling her fingers into Mathew's hair she pulled him up and pushed his mouth right against Dina's wet pussy. Speaking low as she picked up the crop again.

"You best lick her good otherwise you will pay if she doesn't cum. You have five minutes."

Knowing enough that Dina wouldn't cum until Leslie told her too. She watched as he licks up and down over Dina's wanting lips. Dipping as deep as his tongue would go and moaning. Dina thrusts her hips up against his tongue echoing his moan.

As five minutes came to pass, Leslie grins and grabs up her crop in one hand. Curls her fingers in Mathew's hair with the other, pulling his mouth away from Dina's dripping lips. Pulling carefully, though clear to make her point, Mathew stood up. As he did, Leslie spoke low to instruct him into his punishment. Each time the crop touched his ass, he was to thrust forward then back. The only thing was, was his hard cock would be in Dina.

Mathew positioned himself, slipping just the head of his member into Dina's wet folds. Then in a slow rhythm Leslie started to pop the end of the crop against each of his cheeks. Each time he would thrust forward and back, following the stinging pain that was brought with the slap of the crop. As the rhythm became faster, sweat started to roll from his brow, dripping down onto Dina. Her moans filling the room slowly getting louder as she got closer to cumming.

Leslie whispers

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