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My collection takes on a new twist.

" She let another hiss out in response.

"Listen," I said irritably, "keep that up and I'll think that this is your idea of foreplay."

"I beg your pardon!" The snake hissed in an offended tone, "Just what kind of goddess do you take me for!"

"I'm just saying," I said as I turned my snout back to look at her beady snake eyes, "you seem rather well versed...with that tongue of yours."

"Oh, you!" Kebechet giggled, turning her reptilian head slightly. I didn't know snakes could blush. She hissed seductively, "I was inspired by your appreciation."


"When you were looking at me on the wall..."

"I see..." my mind started to think back to my initial investigation of her cartouche.

"Oh my my," I heard Kebechet hiss softly. I knew that my mind should be on this life and death struggle, but my brain had stalled on the image of her stone carved love zone. Without wanting it to, I knew that my penis was beginning to peek out of its fur lined sheath. Damn, I thought to myself as I felt my whole body quiver, the concentration needed to retain the mongoose form was broken; I reverted back to my human form. Double damn, I was without fangs or claws and the quickness of a mongoose and now my nuts were hanging over the mouth of a giant Egyptian asp. To top it off, I was getting hard. This, I decided, would have been a good time to think about baseball instead.

I heard Kebechet hiss that sounded much like a giggle.

I waited for her poisonous fangs to sink deep into my thighs, payment for my foolishness and to end my life. But the reptilian skin below me shimmered for a moment; the copper scales I was staring at to brace for death faded and left a clean shaven pubic mound in its place.

I bent my head down and looked at; Kebechet stuck her tongue out, it had still a little of it's serpentine form- it was forked. She had obviously been well educated in how to use her tongue as she deftly stiffened it and stuck on of the tips on my urethra and swirled it while the other tip gently rubbed itself along the side of my tip. I moaned involuntarily. She lifted her head and I gasped as the heat of her mouth made me shiver with pleasure. She swallowed my tip, surrounding it with her moist lips, not letting her tongue stop its tickling and held me fast. She lifted her hand and started to stroke my cock from its base to where her mouth had become a much more pleasurable foreskin than my own. I watched with fascination as her apple sized breasts kept in rhythm with her hand. I wanted to lick her until she came but I could do nothing but try to keep from forgetting how to stay on my hands and knees above her without collapsing.

Kebechet got her first taste of my excitement and removed her mouth from my tip, allowing her hand to stroke the entirety of my shaft and her two sinewy strands of her tongue began to lick my sac. I nuzzled her fold open to find her clit already swollen, and I lustily began to circle my tongue around it. She thrust her hips up and started to grind the tip of her clit on my top lip. I gave it a playful nip and let my tongue go down her velvety sex slide. I began to plunge my tongue into her vagina in time with her strokes on my cock.

Kebechet took one of my balls into her mouth and rolled it around, her hand keeping a slow steady pace on my cock; I stole a quick peek and watch as a droplet of my pre cum fell onto her golden delicious sized right breast. I resisted the urge to take her hard nipple into my mouth and placed two of my fingers in her vagina as my tongue went back to tangoing with her clit. I felt her other hand massaging my ass cheeks, rubbing left to right, right to left. Kebechet tenderly took my other ball into her hot wet mouth tenderly letting the other one slip out the other side. The outside air hitting my moistened ball made me jerk involuntarily; I quickened my tempo with my fingers in her juicy pussy.

I heard her giggle as she ran her tongue up and down my scrotum and then sucked her little finger.

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