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Jake gets more than he bargained for from Tanya and Sarah.

Nancy couldn't keep herself from moaning her approval loudly. Beginning to lose all restraint in this highly charged sexual situation, she found herself losing her remaining inhibitions, as her pussy throbbed wantonly. Misty was becoming more needful herself. She dove aggressively into Nancy's cleavage loudly slurping up the reservoir of cum by the tongueful.

Misty relished the attention she knew she was getting. She was sure to put on a show for her horny audience. She moved slowly and seductively being sure to stick out her perfect ass and arch her back when possible in effort to add to the already sexually charged atmosphere.

From time to time she raised her head from the soft tit feast and parted her lips and let her tongue slide out so that the fascinated observers could see the cum in her mouth before she swallowed it down.

"Mmmm Barry your cum tastes sooo good," Misty acknowledged.

Then Misty floated seductively down onto Nancy's stomach. She cheerfully lapped up the jizz that had landed there too. Her lips delved into Nancy's belly button and retrieved a blob of cum from the deep cleft. She slurped loudly and both girls giggled.

Misty moved lower. Her tongue rustled through Nancy's pubic thicket. Some jism had run down there, too. Nancy breathing increased, she was nearly exploding with anticipation.

Misty's hand moved between Nancy's thighs. Nancy's legs parted automatically. Her pussy moistened, craving penetration.

Misty ran her fingertip tracing her friend's labia, lightly, teasingly, her tongue stirred in her trimmed pubic bush. Misty inhaled deeply, savoring Nancy's musky aroma. Slowly she worked her tongue deep into the folds of Nancy's pussy.

Nancy arched and recoiled. She was going wild with desire as her friend tongued her masterfully.

"Oh--oh--oh," Nancy moaned.

Misty slipped her middle finger up Nancy's slit, turning it around in the slippery hole, her thumb working on Nancy's clit. With her fingers still inside her friend's hot pussy, Misty maneuvered next to Nancy on the couch. Soon the two horny cheerleaders were engaged in a passionate kiss. As their tongues swapped, Nancy felt the need to return the favor of Misty's touches. She reached out and caressed Misty's left breast with her right hand. Misty's fingers continued to slide in and out of Nancy's pussy. Nancy pulled hard on Misty's nipple. Misty looked lustfully at Nancy and cooed approvingly.

Misty, as if to encourage Nancy, began to slide three fingers up Nancy's tight cunt while continuing to work her rigid clit with her thumb. Misty was kneeling across Nancy, her stiff nipples scraping against Nancy's breasts. Misty again kissed her way down Nancy's body.

Barry had been watching the action intently. With the help of the girl's lesbian show, his cock was becoming rock hard again. He glanced over at Jim who was pumping his limp cock furiously. Barry leaned down closer, his chin resting on Nancy's shoulder, as he took in the action. Misty smiled at him, her own chin in Nancy's crotch. Misty reached behind Nancy and grabbed Barry's pole. She stroked it firmly, as Nancy held the back of Misty's head to her loins.

"Oooh look at his hard cock... take it in your mouth Nancy!" Misty suggested. She took a firm grip on the base of Barry's cock and guided it towards her sexy friends face. "Ooooh!" Nancy whimpered with a smile. She was fascinated at the sight of his cock so close up.

"Come on Nanc, I want to watch you suck him."

Nancy didn't object. In the past, Nancy would never have allowed anyone to watch when she was being intimate, but she had inhaled far too much of the incense to care. Nancy was well beyond the ability to oppose her erotic cravings.

She gave a quick glance at Barry before licking the bulbous head of his engorged member.

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