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Thoughts and lessons learned from Elfin Descent.

I lift her up and kiss her deeply, whispering for her to pull the blanket from the pack on my back. She reaches over my shoulder and finds the desired item. I lay her down and yank the dress all the way over her head and gaze down at her smooth and delicious skin. I spot her sheer bra and rip it from her body, getting it out of the way. I lowered my head to the beautiful mound and take as much of her breast as i can, licking and sucking like it's my last meal.

Her hands push my face in to her breast, as her moans get louder and louder. I move away and rip her pants off, no longer capable of tolerating things that get in the way. My mouth dives down and finds her wet, angelic-tasting mound. My tongue strokes in and out of her fast, every drop of her nectar being sucked up. i place her legs on my shoulders and bury my face in her pussy, wanting to have even more of her juice.

I stop once more and shed my clothes, aligning my hard cock with her engorged heaven. I smile and shove my entire length in her, making her gasp. I capture her breasts with mouth and hand, not letting up on the pleasing sensations she is receiving. I slam in to her harder and harder, taking her like a whore, just like she likes it.

Nothing could stop us as we slam harder and harder against each other, like wild animals in heat. Her walls start to contract around me as I Slam in to her once more, pushing us a small distance across the ground. My seed fills her as she screams in orgasm. Our breathing slowly returns to normal as we calm down. We hear clapping and look to our right, spotting a couple looking at us.

They cheer our love making and say goodbye. We smile and laugh. We get dressed again and head home, thinking of possibilities of more *entertainment* for later. Time for dinner, what could happen now? I change in to a t-shirt and some sweatpants and head downstairs to finish anything I haven't before dinner.

A little while later, my wife calls me back up from the basment and tells me to close my eyes when I get back up. I do as she asks. She pulls me towards a room, telling me not to open my eyes. I comply to her wishes and wonder what this sexy vixen has planned for us tonight.....

I sit in the chair she has pushed under me and wait for her orders. I smile as she lightly kisses me and whispers for me to open my eyes now. I open them and to my surprise, she is naked on top of the table, lust filling her eyes. She puts her hands behind my head and bring my mouth towards her enflamed heaven, telling me to eat.

I happily oblige, attacking her pussy viciously with teeth and tongue, loving this. I love eating pussy. LOVE it. i push her legs apart, opening her completely to my questing tongue and teeth. Her hands push me further in to her, wanting to be completley devoured. I lift her lower body up and renew my attack on her. Her juices travel from her body in to my mouth, enticing me even more. I swallow and suck up all of her juices, as much as I can.

Her screams become louder and faster, signalling her multiple orgasms wreaking havoc on her. I slow down and eventually stop, letting her recover. I kiss her, sharing some of her juices with her. I hug her close and stroke her back, content. This is only the beginning of this evening, what else has she planned for us? I'll just have to wait and see......

She pulls away and glides across the room, shaking her butt a little, trying to turn me back on again. I smile and follow her, moving closer behind her. She suddenly turns and pulls me forward and pushes me against the wall and takes my lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Her hand snakes its way in to my boxers, finding me hard and ready for her. She smiles and rips a big hole in them and puts her hands on my shoulders and wraps her legs around me. She positions me and slams herself down on me, taking my entire length in.

She gasps and grinds herself hard against me, going faster and faster, wanting to bring us off quickly.

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